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THE SHACK – William Paul Young (Part 1)

The Shack


Why are so many people who claim to be Christians so gullible and so much in awe of the movie The Shack? Are they real Christians who are easily led astray by every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4:14) or are they Christians in name only who love to be entertained by tearjerker movies? (2 Timothy 3:1-8)

Assuming that a large number of those who have seen the movie and speak so highly of it are real Christians, would it adversely affect the meaning of Jesus’ words in John 10?


Heaven is For Real – This Story is Not

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real – This Story is Definitely Not

Today I will give a review of “Heaven is for Real – A little boys astounding story of his trip to heaven and back”.  I went to a local Christian book store called CUM Books stores here in South Africa to find hundreds of copies of this book stacked under the ‘Best Selling’ section.  I picked one up and thought to myself, “Satan’s smart, he is now using little kids to sell his story.”

To give a brief summary of the story, little Colton aged 4, complains of stomach pains and runs a high fever.  His parents, Todd and Sonja Burpo take him to a hospital where the doctor fails to diagnose the problem. The little boy is now deteriorating to such an extent that they remove him out of the hospital and take him to another one where he is diagnosed for a burst appendix.  Rushed into surgery, little Colton while on the surgery table experiences something many people never do.  He apparently goes to Heaven and meets Jesus.  After he is home he starts to recount his story to his parents, as best as a 4 year old can, of his trip to Heaven and back.

There have been many books written by many people on their supposed trips of Heaven where they meet a ‘Jesus’ type person. One being Choo Thomas’ “Heaven is so Real” and then Don Piper’s “90 Minutes in Heaven”, who just happens to endorse Heaven is For Real.  In the front of the book on the ‘Praise for Heaven is For Real’ pages, there are praises from 12 different people telling you why you should by this book, all reasoning as to why Colton’s story is just as good as that of the bible, and why you should “allow a little child to lead you.— Don Piper, Speaker and Author, 90 Minutes in Heaven