Why would a Christian use a Menorah?

As Christians we believe by faith in Jesus Christ.  We do not need candle sticks to remind us who Jesus Christ is because we have the Holy Spirit abiding in us.  The Menorah is part of the Jewish faith – a Christian should not be entertaining symbols from other faiths.

What’s the difference between the 7-candle Menorah and the 9-candle Menorah?

7-branch Menorah:

Menorah -7CandlesGod said to Moses in Exodus 25:31-38:   31 “Make a lampstand of pure gold and hammer it out, base and shaft; its flowerlike cups, buds and blossoms shall be of one piece with it. 32 Six branches are to extend from the sides of the lampstand-three on one side and three on the other. 33 Three cups shaped like almond flowers with buds and blossoms are to be on one branch, three on the next branch, and the same for all six branches extending from the lampstand. 34 And on the lampstand there are to be four cups shaped like almond flowers with buds and blossoms. 35 One bud shall be under the first pair of branches extending from the lampstand, a second bud under the second pair, and a third bud under the third pair-six branches in all. 36 The buds and branches shall all be of one piece with the lampstand, hammered out of pure gold. 37 “Then make its seven lamps and set them up on it so that they light the space in front of it. 38 Its wick trimmers and trays are to be of pure gold.

9-branch Menorah:

The Talmud (Menahot 28b) states that it is prohibited to use a seven-branched menorah outside of the Temple. The Hanukkah menorah therefore has eight main branches, plus a ninth branch set apart as the shamash (servant) light which is used to kindle the other lights. This type of menorah is called a hanukiah in Modern Hebrew.   — Birnbaum, Philip (1975). A Book of Jewish Concepts. New York: Hebrew Publishing Company. pp. 366-367

The story of Hanukkah:

Hanukkah or Chanukah, also called The Feast of Lights or Feast of the Maccabees which is celebrated on the 20th December is a Jewish celebration that commemorates the re-dedication or cleansing of the Temple after the success of a Jewish military victory over the Greeks of Syria in about 166 BC.   It is said that the victorious Jews (Maccabees) could find very little oil to light their lamp, enough oil for only for a day. But miraculously, the oil lasted for eight days before they could find an alternative source of oil.

This so called miracle started a tradition of lighting eight candles on nine branched candle stick. Each day during Hanukkah one arm is lighted. The candle that is used to light all the arms is kept at the centre. For many it’s very much a children’s holiday, similar to Christmas with special food prepared, decorated bushes and wrapped gifts.  But Hanukkah is not a children’s holiday at all, in fact it’s story is tainted.

“History tells us that the original name for the festival was not the Feast of Lights but the Feast of Fire. [1] The story of the Maccabees and the Maccabean Revolt, was reportedly commissioned by the Maccabees themselves, and is found in the Apocrypha’s 1st & 2nd Maccabees, which are found in Catholic and some Protestant Bibles. However, those writings are not found in Jewish Bibles, but rather, the Maccabean Revolt is found referenced to in the extra-biblical writings of the Talmud.

From those and other historical sources such as Josephus’ Antiquities, we know that Antiochus or “Epiphanes”, outlawed the practice of Judaism prior to the second century BC. Idols and altars were established throughout Jerusalem where sacrifices were made to the various ‘gods’. In full rebellion to Almighty God, an idol was erected on the great Temple, with many historically believing it to be an image of Zeus. Jews who disobeyed the directive to burn their Torah scrolls and cease from practicing Judaism were murdered. Some suggest by about 167 BC, Mattathais Maccabees and his sons determined to stop the sacrilege of the Temple and proceeded to overthrow the Syrians. Judah Maccabees took the lead and the Jews recaptured the Temple. According to the various writings they rededicated the altar on the 25th of Kislev or November-December. The celebration for the dedication of the altar went on for eight days followed by the rededication of the Temple to God. [2] Many venerated Judah Maccabees as the awaited Messiah.

For many years, Hanukkah in essence symbolized the overthrow of pagan Gentile influence from Jewish spirituality, and the rededication to God and the Mosaic Law. However, history reveals that the wrath that was dealt out by the Maccabees did not end the path of disaster which Israel had been treading. Whether reading ‘gentile’ historical or Jewish resources, the end result was that the Maccabees or Hasmoneans as they are called, became power hungry and corrupt. What started out for many as a zealous spiritual endeavor based on wrath, became immersed in corruption, murder and destruction, and the eventual act of Jews killing Jews. The war and rebellion became a civil war. According to Josephus, in his Antiquities, within 65 years of the initial revolt, a challenge was put forth by a number of Pharisees towards one of the corrupt leaders of the Maccabees, one Alexander Janneus. His response was to quell the revolt by having the Jewish soldiers under his command crucify 800 of the Pharisees. He then ordered the throats of their children and wives cut, while they watched. While many celebrate Hanukkah and the Maccabees, what many do not realize is that the Maccabees themselves became a destructive force to Judaism.

The initial Revolt lasted about four years, from 167-163 BC. By 66 AD, the Zealots again revolted against their Gentile oppressors. Just as with the earlier Maccabees, again the revolt ended with Jews killing Jews, and many would agree that it changed the course of Jewish history forever. Many know that by 70 AD the Romans destroyed the Temple, burned Jerusalem, and slaughtered thousands of people. The last stronghold at Masada ended with the rebel Jews committing suicide. The surviving Jews were exiled from the land, until 1948.”

Hanukkah itself was added to Jewish celebrations by Pharisees and was not God ordained in the Scriptures.   www.seekgod.ca/legend.htm

The miracle of the oil burning for 8 days is just a legend, nothing more.

Why is the celebration of Hanukkah and the use of the 9-branch Menorah becoming so popular?

Universally the menorah symbolises the ideal of universal enlightenment. The seven or nine branches of the candle stand allude to the branches of human knowledge, represented by the six or eight lamps inclined in wards towards, and symbolically guided by, the light of God represented by the central lamp. The 7 or 9 branches are also symbolic of many faiths leading to one Universal Christ (reference to Jewish Mysticism (Chakras / Tree of Life / Kaballah) and the 7 colours of the rainbow)  The center candle is called ‘The Servant’ because this candle is used to lite the surrounding candles.  Because of this, this candle is supposed to symbolize Jesus who is a ‘servant’ and the light of the world.  But as Christians we know this is not Jesus Christ of the Bible. Notice how Jesus Christ is continuously reduced to the level of a servant, when He is in fact a KING seated at the right hand Father in heaven.

Menorah as the symbol for interfaith understating?

About the Centre for Interreligious Understanding CIU:    With more than 30 years of experience in interreligious affairs, the CIU is a trusted resource for insight, analysis and positive action. Through educational programs and policy leadership, the CIU brings people of all faiths together to learn about our history, our shared values and why we must live and work together toward a society of justice and peace.  By exploring the theological foundations and common goals of the world’s religions, the CIU fights religious stereotypes and intolerance to foster genuine understanding.

Education. The CIU educates theologians, academics and laity about interfaith issues among Christians, Jews and Muslims including sacred texts, Holocaust revisionism and the Middle East. The Vatican also invites CIU Director Rabbi Jack Bemporad to teach seminarians about Judaism and interreligious cooperation at the Angelicum University in Rome.

Insight. The CIU analyzes major theological developments through articles, conferences and speeches at leading institutions such as the United Nations, New York University and at temples, churches and mosques around the world.

Awareness. Through its historic Menorah Project, the CIU places Holocaust menorahs in major Catholic centers throughout the United States, bringing Christians and Jews together to remember the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust and raise awareness of anti-Semitism.

Recognition. Through its “Faith in Dialogue Award” the CIU recognizes extraordinary individuals who have fostered interreligious dialogue and understanding throughout the world.    www.faithindialogue.org/update/story.cfm?chnl=18&storyid=47


[1] http://www.hebrew-streams.org/works/judaism/hanukkah.html
[2] Ibid  
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Burning Lamp wrote:

“People who are Jewish find it more comfortable to attend a Messianic Fellowship so they can retain their culture. But is this really valid? When a Jew becomes a believer it is no different than anyone else.”

This is the key issue. It’s not valid, since Ephesians says that out of the two (Jew and Gentile), God made one new man. Inevitably I have personally found that “Messainic” ended up going under the law, and that was why they insisted on being on their own. We’re not to be under the law. We’re to be under grace.

BTW, Susan’s “urantia” links are from an occult group that rejects the Bible, Jesus, and the Gospel.


Messianic groups are Sabbatarian, worshipping on Saturday rather than Sunday. Of course some churches have Saturday night services and may meet on other various times of the week, but the difference here is that there is a LAW that Messiance fellowships observe Saturday as their day of worship.

They are not following the example of the early NT church that met on Sundays. The only time they went to synagogue on their day of meeting was to visit and share the Gospel.

There is certainly nothing wrong with helping Jewish people understand how Jesus Christ the Messiah is the FULFILLMENT of the Old Testament prophecies. But to retain the physical trappings is to retain the old as one is trying to put on the new is not helpful in learning to walk as a Christian.



I think it goes both ways. Modern christianity has so many pagan influences and there is alot “we” can learn from our Messianic Brothers & Sisters in the Lord. Really we should be continuing to keep the feasts, not ritualistically but for our understanding.. especially for these last days. Being under grace doesn’t mean we can break every one of the 10 Commandments at will. Jesus said the greatest commandments were to Love God and Love your neighbour….. for in these all the commandments are fulfilled…. He also said if we love Him we will keep His commandments…. Now there were 2 tablets on which the commandments were written on, the 1st 5 are to do with loving God and the 2nd set are to do with loving people. Some would even say that it symbolizes the 2 Covenants the 1st and the 2nd (Old and New as some would say).

There is nothing wrong with embracing Jewishness of our faith, however were do need to be mindful of Legalism, Tradition, Jewish Mystiscism, Sacred Namers, Gnostism and Paganism all of which are detailed in the Bible. If we allow the Holy Spirit to change us from within then the Lord will be faithful complete the good work He started in us. Its not by works we are saved it’s by grace and there is still some effort required by us…. Faith without works is dead…without Faith it’s impossible to please him… we still need oil for our lamps to shine. We should observe the Sabbath, not legalistic like the Pharisees or make an idol of it like the SDA’s (One would think that they are saved by the Sabbath and not Christ, God Bless them) But in doing the Will of the Father, doing Good, resting from work and it doesn’t stop us from worshiping on a Sunday.

The time will come when Sunday will be declared a Holi-day for all religions world wide… and thats not a good thing


Andre, Jesus the Messiah IS our Sabbath rest. There is no reason for Christians to observe the Sabbath. The following explains it well. The link does not imply blanket endorsement, just simply to give the source proper credit. http://www.gotquestions.org/Jesus-Sabbath.html

Jesus can be our Sabbath rest in part because He is “Lord of the Sabbath” (Matthew 12:8). As God incarnate, He decides the true meaning of the Sabbath because He created it, and He is our Sabbath rest in the flesh. When the Pharisees criticized Him for healing on the Sabbath, Jesus reminded them that even they, sinful as they were, would not hesitate to pull a sheep out of a pit on the Sabbath. Because He came to seek and save His sheep who would hear His voice (John 10:3,27) and enter into the Sabbath rest He provided by paying for their sins, He could break the Sabbath rules. He told the Pharisees that people are more important than sheep and the salvation He provided was more important than rules. By saying, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27), Jesus was restating the principle that the Sabbath rest was instituted to relieve man of his labors, just as He came to relieve us of our attempting to achieve salvation by our works. We no longer rest for only one day, but forever cease our laboring to attain God’s favor. Jesus is our rest from works now, just as He is the door to heaven, where we will rest in Him forever.

Hebrews 4 is the definitive passage regarding Jesus as our Sabbath rest. The writer to the Hebrews exhorts his readers to “enter in” to the Sabbath rest provided by Christ. After three chapters of telling them that Jesus is superior to the angels and that He is our Apostle and High Priest, he pleads with them to not harden their hearts against Him, as their fathers hardened their hearts against Jehovah in the wilderness. Because of their unbelief, God denied that generation access to the holy land, saying, “They shall not enter into My rest” (Hebrews 3:11). In the same way, the writer to the Hebrews begs them—and us—not to make the same mistake by rejecting God’s Sabbath rest in Jesus Christ. “There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his. Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience” (Hebrews 4:9-11).

There is no other Sabbath rest besides Jesus. He alone satisfies the requirements of the Law, and He alone provides the sacrifice that atones for sin. He is God’s plan for us to cease from the labor of our own works. We dare not reject this one-and-only Way of salvation (John 14:6). God’s reaction to those who choose to reject His plan is seen in Numbers 15. A man was found gathering sticks on the Sabbath day, in spite of God’s plain commandment to cease from all labor on the Sabbath. This transgression was a known and willful sin, done with unblushing boldness in broad daylight, in open defiance of the divine authority. “And Jehovah said to Moses, ‘The man shall surely be put to death’” (v. 35). So it will be to all who reject God’s provision for our Sabbath rest in Christ. “How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?” (Hebrews 2:3).


Sharon wrote:

Having a menorah at home or on our website, is not going to lead anyone down a path of idolatry. The menorah is a biblical item that God instructed in detail to be constructed for temple use. Now we do not have the temple and we know Yeshua is our light, for the millenial temple will no longer have a menorah, yet, to insinuate that a menorah is a symbol that will lead people to damnation is really speaking from a lack of understanding what is in the bible.

I would like to mention that the early brethren during the days Yeshua walked this earth, and even in the 1st century, had the menorah inscribed on their walls or synagogue walls. Please try to refrain from publishing views that can tend toward anti-semitism. I know some of you fear people getting caught up in new age beliefs, but the menorah is not one of those. I am a Christian and have a menorah at home, and no I am not one of John Hagee’s followers.

I came across this site looking for information about the menorah, and had found your response the most credible on this site…until you ended with, “…and no I am not one of John Hagee’s followers.” I am a married Christian mother of 2 grown boys and a member of Trinity United Methodist Church in my hometown. I absolutely love studying the word of God, especially Beth Moore Bible studies, and serving others….and even though I live 1000 miles from San Antonio, Texas, I follow John Hagee because he is the epitome of a true man of God. My husband and I went with his church, Cornerstone, to Israel just 3 months ago, and was amazed at how he structured the tour to ONLY take us where scripture can authenticate what we were seeing because he is ultra careful not to spread false biblical information as to cause anyone to stray or stumble. He believes 2 Timothy 3:16-17, that “All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, …” and is an avid supporter of Israel, and truly believes Genesis 12:3 where God states, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” He is not judgemental, as he calls sin, all sin, sin…and we all sin and are in need of the precious gift of mercy! Could you please explain your comment regarding Pastor Hagee?

Yes, while in Israel I bought a 7-branch Menorah…God, my God, designed the Menorah, and I agree with Sharon that it is not an idol but a symbol of my God, His detailed instructions to Moses to create a lamp for His Holy Temple, and His miracle of the one-day of oil lasting 8 days in the Temple! It stayed lit as a reminder that God’s presence was with them all the time…and I believe He is still with me ALL THE TIME. Remember Rev 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” God did not disappear when His son, my Messiah, Jesus Christ, entered the world, and His words and actions did not become obsolete. To say having a Menorah in the home is idolatry is just wrong, and I agree with Sharon again that you are spreading anti-semitism to say that it is. I can think of sooooo many things worse to have in your home, and if you are a Christian that desires a closer prayer life with the Lord, and want to have reminders of God’s unfailing love and protection in your home, the Menorah could be that reminder…and may even enhance your experience.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)


Sharon wrote:

I follow John Hagee because he is the epitome of a true man of God.

If Hagee were truly a man of God, he wouldn’t be doing things like this.

Apr 1 2007
Question: John Hagee says we should not witness to the Jewish people; God will take care of them. Is this biblical?

Response: Speaking at the last Pre-trib Seminar in Dallas, Hagee said he had never taught this. In fact, he has taught it a number of times. The Houston Chronicle (4/30/88, sec. 6, p. 1) quoted Hagee, “I’m not trying to convert the Jewish people to the Christian faith…trying to convert Jews is a waste of time.”

It only takes a few Bible verses to expose this serious heresy condemned by Paul in Galatians 1. The first Christians were all Jews. Peter preached the gospel on the day of Pentecost to Jews. The early Christians and apostles thought the gospel was only for Jews and preached “the word…unto the Jews only” (Acts:11:19). God had to give Peter a vision to get him to preach to Gentiles (Acts:10:9-16). In every town Paul entered, he first went into the synagogue, where he preached to the Jews, and only when they rejected the gospel did he turn to the Gentiles (Acts:9:20; 13:5, 14-46; 14:1; 17:2, etc.). Why did he always offer salvation to the Jews first? Because, as we are clearly told, “the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation…to the Jew first…” (Rom:1:16).




Sharon wrote:

Having a menorah at home or on our website, is not going to lead anyone down a path of idolatry. The menorah is a biblical item that God instructed in detail to be constructed for temple use. Now we do not have the temple and we know Yeshua is our light, for the millenial temple will no longer have a menorah, yet, to insinuate that a menorah is a symbol that will lead people to damnation is really speaking from a lack of understanding what is in the bible.

I would like to mention that the early brethren during the days Yeshua walked this earth, and even in the 1st century, had the menorah inscribed on their walls or synagogue walls. Please try to refrain from publishing views that can tend toward anti-semitism. I know some of you fear people getting caught up in new age beliefs, but the menorah is not one of those. I am a Christian and have a menorah at home, and no I am not one of John Hagee’s followers.

The Hanukkah Menorah is NOT Biblical! It is a perversion of the 7 branched Menorah that God commanded Moses to make. It is used alongside the hexagram which is a high symbol in satanism and witchcraft. It is most definitely pagan. I was once entangled in the Hebrew Roots Movement and it is laughable how they teach to avoid paganism yet embrace different forms of it.

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Thanks Erin for your comment.

Felicia Tsuane

James wrote:

Wow! What language I see.

For what it’s worth. I follow the Messiah of the scriptures, the “son of David”, the savior of the world. And He says that to ‘love Him’ means to obey Him (John 14). He followed the “instructions” given to His people by the Father through Moses, and since He is to be ‘our example’, and we are to ‘walk as He walked’, I’d say that you at least find out what He did, and follow in His footsteps.

It’s not abandoning the faith is salvation by grace, for no one was ever saved by obedience, but only through the sacrifice of our blessed Messiah. If Moses were to tell you to obey the commandments, which ones would you obey? If the Messiah were to tell you to obey the commandments, would those be any different? The faith that was once delivered to the saints is just that. The faith of the forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who obeyed the same “Torah” (instructions) handed down directly from the Father in heaven to guide His people in their behavior.

The Messiah never once spoke a word against anything that had already been written in the scriptures. In fact, in Acts 15 we read about the four prerequisites required of the PAGAN Gentiles before they can fellowship with believers and thus read from the writings of Moses in order to learn about righteousness by faith, which, by the way, is all over the ‘old testament’.

The ‘new testament’ is not new…it’s just TRUE. The Father never changes, He never lies, He never changes His mind…He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

At least learn what the Messiah did. How He lived His life. And then follow in His footsteps.

I pray for all of you who wish to have discernment. Amen.


Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Felicia Tsuane,

Abraham was saved 430 years before the Law was given, including the Law concerning the Menorah. Therefore Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were all justified by faith alone and NOT by keeping a law. And neither was their behavior sanctified by the Law. The Law was given later to serve as a “schoolmaster” to Christ and we are no longer under a schoolmaster. (Galatians 3:24-25). Like the Judaizers, you argue that we still need to observe and obey the Law and in doing so you have fallen from grace. (Galatians 5:4). You have a totally wrong idea of what faith is when you argue that “The Faith that was once delivered to the saints is just that. The faith of the forefathers, Abraham Isaac and Jacob, who obeyed the same “Torah” (instructions) handed down directly from the Father in heaven to guide His people in their behavior.” How could they have kept the Law when they were saved when it was given only 430 years after their salvation?

You said:

The ‘new testament’ is not new . . . it’s just TRUE. The Father never changes, He never lies, He never changes His mind…He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

At least learn what the Messiah did. How He lived His life. And then follow in His footsteps.

Which of the commandments in the Torah do you suggest we keep today – death by stoning, not wearing cloth made of two different materials etc.? If you want to keep one law you must keep them all because if you don’t, you have broken them all. I really think you should pray to God for some discernment. So there, you are breaking the Law every single day of your life in trying to observe one law. Are you in the Hebrew Roots movement? Sounds like it.


Stupid and disrespectful.

Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:


LOL. Stupid, but funny ;)


A comedian once said, “Without Jesus I’d be Jewish”. That’s why I consider Judaism to be the mother of Christianity. Jews and Christians must be at peace with one another, especially considering that, as “The People of the Book”, we have a common enemy. Let there be peace between Jews and Christians. And all of you atheists, there is no need to mock us, otherwise you encourage those who want to destroy us.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)


You can never be Jewish without Jesus because Jesus Himself was a Jew. Let’s rather say “Without Jesus you are lost for all eternity, whether you are a Jew or a Gentile.”


So………can a Catholic, Christian, Methodist, etc., have a Menorrah in their homes or not? :D I guess it’s up to us and the reason we want it. I choose to be closer to God. I choose to use different forms of prayer, symbolisms, meditation techniques, prayers……..ALL so I can be closer to my Creator. YES….YES….YES!!!! If anyone wants to do whatever they want or can to be closer to God, Yaweh, Jesus, whatever you call Him, than ….YES!!! Life is too short to worry about the rules of any one religion. They are all beautiful, meaningful, special, AND they lead us to the ONE who is our maker. Do ANYTHING that makes you happy as long as it is pleasing to GOD.

Amen? Shalom? Amen! Shalom!

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Hi Nita,

You may feel and think you are closer to god when you use things like a Menorah, different forms of prayer and meditation, symbolism and techniques but it is not the God of the Bible you are coming closer to. It is another god and his name is Satan whose main aim and purpose it is to destroy you. He is a murderer and a liar from the beginning (John 8:44) and the god of this world who has blinded your eyes lest you be saved (2 Corinthians 4:4). The God of the Bible on the other hand loves you so much that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to the world to pay a ransom for your sins on the cross, and so that you may not be closer to Him but actually IN Him. (Romans 8:1). He, Jesus Christ, is the ONLY ONE who can bring you to God the Father (John 14:6; John 10:9). Jesus Christ shed his blood for you on the cross so that you may enter into the presence of God (Hebrews 10:19).

Now, there are one of two things you can do. You can either believe what I have told you and respond to what I had said, and go on your knees pleading for the forgiveness of your sins (Acts 2:21) so that you may be saved. Or, you can reject what I had said and continue to think you are coming closer to god through things like a Menorah, different forms of prayer and meditation, symbolism and techniques and lose you soul for all eternity, and be cast AWAY from the presence of God and Jesus forevermore.

I sincerely hope and pray you choose to do the first because it is not Jesus’ will that you perish.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)


After reading all the comments, I have a ? or two. One, Hannakuh isn’t even a holy day in Judaism and is mostly celebrated so Jewish children can get gifts so as not to be left out at Christmas. Didn’t Jesus Christ come to give us life and life more abundantly? I worship Jesus Christ in truth and spirit. IF I have a mennorrah or tree, I don’t worship it anymore than I do my plants. Anything can be an idol. Your TV, computer, smart phone, husband or wife, literally anything. I don’t celebrate Christmas in any traditional sense but I do honor Him and His life and death each year. I like lights and candles. I like remembering my mom by sitting out her Hallmark ornaments like I do my other knick-knacks.

Using prayer rugs or shawls, meditation or other religions is extremely dangerous. Sure, their laws are beautiful. The 10 Commandments aren’t always “fun and games” but if you obey, your life will be better. Love others and we would have world peace. To me, celebrating a day is no different than reading a book or taking a walk. We’re too caught up in the things of this world by fretting over a candle or a tree when all we should be caring about is worshiping our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. He came to set us free, arguing over this is bondage. I think you’re all missing the point.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Brenda, I have one ? for you. Please tell us how you were saved.

Jewish Watchman

Just arrived but like what I currently see.

As a western born Israelite, who is tempted this way and that – have found all others are sinking sand. Sensual traps.

Completely rid of shawls, objects to rub, rituals etc ….and cling only to the Cross and an early version of the Holy Scriptures. Life is good. Praise the Lord.


Well Folks (I am a different Susan than the one above) As for me and the menorah! I lived in Israel as a Christian for 10 years, and while hanging out with my Jewish friends, I saw their festivities and reasons and stories of why the what and where. In that, I saw the fulfillment of Christ around every corner and for me it was beautiful to see the OT ways and the life of Jesus Christ! I love succot, I love Yom Kippor, I like the manorah. I like pessah, I like them all, I like the reading of the Torah every year and then dancing with the congregation at the end of the reading as a celebration, lifting up the Torah in praise. I like dancing in circles, singing, and kicking my legs out, arm in arm with others that love the same God that I do, however, I know that they do not know the truth, I see their love for the same exact God. I wish that we as Christians, would exhibit that Love and stand tall in our faith rather than not be open at our workplace (we would get fired…as I did) etc…We have something to learn from the Jewish faith, and yes, the nation, has its problems (like stealing land, putting children in prison etc..) but the faith is different. In the end, I took from the OT to incorporate it into my own life, because of my past experiences and have the joy of the Lord along with it. I do not light the menorah because other Christians do, or whatever, I do it because it gives that moment to say the blessing of prayer, look at the center candle, that I light the other with and give thanks to Jesus who has called me, saved my soul and protected me all this silly life! I don’t think that it matters to light a menorah or not. really. Like it does not matter if we eat bacon or are circumcised. Shalom

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Susan, I’m sure you have read these words from the lips of Jesus in the Bible.

” . . . for without me ye can do nothing.”

Yet you say, ” I see their love for the same exact God.” How can you say something like this when the Jews reject heir own Messiah who said “without me you can do nothing,” including to love God the Father? It’s impossible to love God without Jesus. Impossible. You need to repent of your wrong views.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Jewish Watchman

Hallelujah. May you grow in grace and in the wonderful knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Love the Menorabh represe tinb the 7 Spirit of YH. It is from YHWH culturd from above revealed to Moses,nothing to do with religion of men. Love Yeshua true Jesus, Y-H HalleluY-H


Shalom All.
I really enjoy the comments and views, but I need to say this as it has got me seeking the truth.
The menorah is what it is (read the Word Of God) you do not need to be a Jew of the ancient times to understand the truth of the Menorah. the Truth of everything lies hidden(for some) in the Holy Spirit. who will guide us in All the truth. the Holy Spirit is a Promise made by Jesus Christ who will, when He Arrived/Appeared (when you chose to accept Him in your life) will reveal the truth (about what?) ALL THINGS. and yes if you SEEK Him He will reveal unto you. remember not everything was recorded in the “Bible” (The Word Of God) Mysteries of what Jesus spoke and done after He rose He appeared unto the Disciples and others.
He spoke of many Mystery’s which was not be recorded or scribed, as there would not be enough space/Scrolls(if you will)in all the earth to record all of it. You see if you are hungry for Jesus Christ draw near to him and He will Draw near to You. All Truth lies in Him. All things where put out there seen and unseen By Him Through Him and For HIM. Jesus Said IT IS FINISHED/FURFILLED/COMPLETE/ (my view is this) I seek and Love Him with all my Heart therefore I am more concerned/Focused about Him, keeping focus on Him Worshipping Him allowing Him to Shine and work through me For His Pleasure and for HIS Glory. believe you me when I started doing this in my life a new creation in me began.(chosen generation) LAW and SIN from the beginning of Mans Appearance on Earth has no HOLD over me. I AM FREE IN CHRIST. (we all nations, tribes and tongues ought to come together and ONLY JUST WORSHIP HIM! yes WORSHIP HIM……not your teachings not you views not you opinions not you ways not you religion not your traditions not your forefathers way. UNITY IN GOD IS WORSHIPPING HIM UNCONDITINALLY.

Heb_4:16 Therefore, let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and we may find grace in time of need.
Heb_7:19 For the (Levitical) Law perfected nothing, but a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to YAHWEH.
Heb_10:22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, our hearts having been sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our body having been washed in pure water;
Jas_4:8 Draw near to YAHWEH, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners! And purify your hearts, double minded ones!


Peace be unto YOU




Shabbat Shalom to All

Jesus did not remove any of the fundamental Judaic laws from our responsibility to follow – he added the role of our hearts, actions meant nothing – all Apostles were Jewish – all initial converts were Jewish – Gentiles came later and that was when adherence to Judaic laws because a problem( they could never relate to this because it was never a part of their lives) – the 11 initially only attempted to convince the Jews to follow – know Mark tried to pull in Jews in Egypt, Peter Jews in Rome, and Thomas Jews in faraway Jews who had left during the various conquests of the Jewish homeland….

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