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John Piper Debates A.W. Tozer

John Piper

John Piper

John Piper debates A.W. Tozer in defence of TULIP

John Piper made nine videos in defense of TULIP and Calvinism which can be viewed on his site “Desiring God.” In response to the Calvinists’ unbiblical view of God’s sovereignty an ex-Calvinist, Leighton Flowers, Professor of Theology at Dallas Baptist University, Director of Youth Evangelism for Texas Baptists and a local teaching pastor, made this excellent audio. The music itself is not my cup of tea. However, it does not diminish the value of his message in anyway.  Leighton Flowers succeeds in his exposure of the hypocrisy of the Calvinistic view of God’s sovereignty.

Free Will Under Attack (Again?) – Part 1

Free Will-ismTo be (free will) or not to be (no free will), now that aint such a tough question after all, is it?

The question whether man has a free will to choose for or against God and decide for himself whether he wants to resist and reject or accept and receive the message of the cross of Christ as the only means for his salvation (1 Corinthians 1:18), has been a bone of contention for many centuries.

Calvinists in particular must of necessity and at all cost uphold their anti-free will doctrine because the slightest admission that God has endowed all men with the freedom of choice and the ability to choose between good and evil will immediately and permanently destroy Calvinism.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few eminent Calvinists at a debate between William Lane Craig and a so-called “Nuwe Hervormer” in Pretoria a few years ago, who are by far some of the most outspoken against free willism in South Africa today (They hate my guts for loving His Truth). Their extreme bludgeoning  ideas have incited them to associate free will with the beast in Revelation 13.