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Rhema Bible Church – Hands of Compassion, Curses you!

Rhema Bible Church - Hands of Compassion

Rhema Bible Church – Hands of Compassion

I was sent an email by someone who showed me something rather shocking regarding Rhema Bible Church’s Hands of Compassion.

She said:  “I was looking at drug rehab centers and came across Rhema Bible Church’s Hands of Compassion website, a drug rehab center run by Pastor Alan and Pastor Xana McCauley.  Rhema Bible Church is run by Pastor Ray Mccauley.

As you scroll down the page you are introduced to Hands of Compassion.  People who would search for a rehab center are people with serious dependency issues, be it alcohol, drugs etc.  On the front page they have a prayer for addicts, a pray that is supposed to be a Christian prayer but when you read it carefully you will see that this is a prayer to another god.

The first lines of each paragraph of the prayer are curses that you would pray over yourself, and these curses are hidden in plain sight.   Notice the words in CAPITAL letters.”