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Free Will 0

Free Will

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAINT’S GROWTH IN HOLINESS AND SANCTIFICATION – GOD ONLY OR GOD AND MAN? I have heard it said on numerous occasions on the internet that those who adhere to...

Does God HATE Sinners? 30

Does God Hate Sinners?

NEW: PLEASE READ THE ADDENDUM AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE In their zeal to defend God’s sovereignty many blogists have joined renowned Calvinists in their campaign against the so-called non-elect by emphatically declaring...


John MacArthur’s Unanswerable Questions?

John MacArthur’s Unanswerable Questions? This is probably the most profound and “spiritual” (and most hilarious) thing one of the most distinguished and high-profile preachers of our day has said this century. (Read here.) John...


Calvinism a Heretical Doctrine – That’s What the Bible Says!

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