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Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ

Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ.  This is disgusting and utterly blasphemous.  But then again what’s new in this evil world we live in.

The ultimate portrayal

Local banker offers $2.5m for recreation of Da Vinci’s most famous work

Aug 19, 2010 10:02 PM | By Andrea Nagel

Nelson Mandela - Last Supper

Figures are individuals who fought against inequality

Banker Mxolisi Mbetse has formally offered $2.5-million for a painting, Last Supper, depicting former president Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ.

Artist Dean Simon, appointed in 1988 as an official war artist, was commissioned to produce the piece by a Johannesburg businessman who wants to remain anonymous.

It is a contemporary version of, arguably, one of the most recognisable images in the world – Leonardo Da Vinci’s fresco, The Last Supper. The original 1498 fresco depicts Jesus and his disciples seated around a table on the eve of his betrayal by Judas.