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T.B. Joshua – Could not Prophesy Collapsed Building

T.B. Joshua – Could not Prophesy the Collapse of his Own Building T.B. Joshua can predict anything from earthquakes to soccer game scores, but some how missing this one, the collapse of a building in his SCOAN compound killing over 84...

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Nigeria – Christian Killing Field

It is shocking as to what is going on in Nigeria. Murder is wrong no matter who it is, the Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill”. (Exodus 20:13)  But please note that in this article Catholics are also referred to as Christians,...

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Jesus appears in Nigeria – AUGUST 2010

Christ’s apparition attracts thousands The following article which describes an apparition of Jesus that supposedly took place in a Catholic church in Nigeria recently – Jesus warned that “false appearances” would be taking place as one of the signs of the last days. (Matthew...