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Letter from Graham Power to DTW 0

Letter from Graham Power to DTW

Letter to DTW from Graham Power – 18/6/2015 DTW stated in another article that Graham Power was a Freemason. This has been retracted as per Graham Power‘s request, unless we want legal action taken against us.  Graham Power please read:  (1 Corinthians...

pope francis and graham power 8

Graham Power meets Pope Francis

Graham Power meets Pope Francis from the Roman Catholic Church Just recently Graham power went to meet Pope Francis to discuss how Christians can take a stand against corruption.  After Graham Power met with Pope Francis he then traveled to the...

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Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

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Open Letter to Graham Power regarding the Unashamedly Ethical Campaign

Mr Graham Power Chairman Unashamedly Ethical Campaign Dear Mr Power CLARITY REGARDING YOUR VISION AND UNASHAMEDLY ETHICAL CAMPAIGN I have read your “3 wave vision” to deal with “our common crisis” (i.e., “moral decay”) and desire to “stem the filthy...

Transformaton Africa 6

Graham Power & Angus Buchan – The Transformation of Africa

REVIVAL / TRANSFORMATION AFRICA This is an article that I had posted in June 2008.  I am reposting it, because it’s important to know what’s going on for those who don’t know.  I have updated it with some extra information (DTW...