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Keep it Short like the Cat in the Hat

Keep it Short like the Cat in the HatKeep it Short like the Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss

Stephan Joubert pulled another rabbit from his hat when he advised the readers of his site to 
“Hou dit Kort”
  (Keep it Short). To Rabbit from the hatillustrate he refers to Dr Seuss’ book “The Cat in the Hat” which consists of only 223 words (some say it is 225 words).

As usual Joubert then tries his level best to apply a mundane marvel, in this case Dr Seuss’ short version literary prowess, to the Bible when he states that “Many words must convince others; even God too. No one less than Jesus taught us that many words do not impress God. In Matthew 6 we hear that God is not fascinated with a mass of words when we pray. He knows exactly what we need. Therefore, we don’t need to overpower Him with impressive words.”

Jesus said nothing of the sort. He did not warn us against lengthy prayers as such in Matthew 6 but against praying in public places to impress people with a vain repetition of words. This is what he said: