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Blou Rokke – A Latter Rain Cult

Maria Fraser-Blou Rokkies

Maria Martha Fraser – Blou Rokke founder

Blou Rokke (Blou Rokkies) – The Latter Rain Mission of South Africa


The Blou Rokke religious cult had its beginnings in South Africa under the leadership of Maria Martha Fraser whom they call their founder. Their golden jubilee publication, Spade Reên Sending van S.A., 1927-1977 (hereafter SRS), tells on page 11 of “how a Holy Spirit Light (Spade Reên/Latter Rain) was poured out in December 1927 to Maria of the Blou Rokke and ten other Blou Rokke believers after a nine month period of prayer and fasting.” According to her the Lord revealed in this prophecy that “he would establish a work where all the gifts of the Holy Spirit would operate freely, a work after the Lord’s heart, where sin would not be able to persist.” (M. Fraser, Faith of Life, p.13) In one of many other revelations or visions she was shown the distinctive blue dress which gave rise to the nick name Blou Rokke / Blue Dresses. SRS also states that the difference between Latter Rain and other pentecostal movements is more in degree than in essence. (p.12)

The Blou Rokke aim to:

1. Comply with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring it to others and inspire them so that they can walk according to it.