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Kobus van Rensburg – Lied about his healing – Multiple times!

Kobus van RensburgIt has come to my attention that Kobus van Rensburg has once again duped his followers into believing that has been healed, however this is far from the truth.

This is the story of Kobus van Rensburgs so called ‘miraculous’ healing.

Kobus was diagnosed with cancer AGAIN after he went into remission. The second time, Prophet Ed Traut prophesied over him and told him that the 2nd time won’t be as long and as bad as the first, wherein he died several times.  Kobus van Rensburg and his wife Annalise flew over to Germany for nearly 2 months where he received treatment at an institute referred to by Johnson Olowokere.  Kobus van Rensburg led his followers on to believe that he received NO treatment at all.   After he came back his body was clean of cancer, but during their time in Germany he was diagnosed with several diseases; like heavy metal poisoning and another, an allergic reaction to the cold.  In the last week of October 2011 he was AGAIN diagnosed with cancer – a 3rd time, this time in his brain and according to the doctors his first two times with cancer was a walk in a park and the chemo and treatments for brain cancer will be the worst he’s ever experienced….