Exposed: Latter Rain Movement

lion of judah - latter rain

lion of judah - latter rain movementWhat are the tell tale signs to know if your church is following Latter Rain / Manifest Sons of God teaching:

Here from is an explanation of what Latter Rain teaching is. Sounds very Christian, sounds even biblical, but it is far from it.

“The Latter-Rain is God’s great end-time ministry. The Latter-Rain is the Restoration of the Church and the Harvest of souls, the gathering together of His people to be God’s Kingdom on earth. The Latter-Rain is the promise given to us in the last days for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. The Latter-Rain blesses each of us with times of refreshing, it is for you and all who love peace to enter into now.

The foundation of the Latter-Rain Page is firm in the pursuit of truth, justice and mercy. Deliverance to the captive church from the traditional legalism and quenching of the Spirit is through pointing you to the love of God through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit…

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