Category: Holiness Movement

The Holiness movement involves a set of beliefs and practices which emerged from 19th-century Methodism. A number of Evangelical Christian denominations, parachurch organizations, and movements emphasize those beliefs as central doctrine. The movement is Wesleyan-Arminian in theology, and is defined by its emphasis on John Wesley's doctrine of a second work of grace leading to Christian perfection.

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Prof Johan Malan – A Gospel of Works – Second Work of Grace (Part 5)

4) Prof Johan Malan believes in the false teaching of a ‘Second Work of Grace’ Prof Malan says: “7. The foolishness of a carnal lifestyle Many Christians act foolishly by neglecting to seek after the second work of grace of being...

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Prof Johan Malan – A Gospel of Works – The Error of Partial Rapture (Part 4)

4) Prof Johan Malan believes in a Partial Rapture Prof Malan states: “7. It separates true and nominal Christians Apart from the division that the rapture will effect between the saved and unsaved people in the world, it will also separate...