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We Do Not Play ‘Sloshed in the Spirit’ Anymore

CharismaMagazineLogo← the New Apostolic Reformation / Latter Rain / Manifest Sons of God (slowly but surely merging with the Emergent Church)  Magazine

When all these intoxications, slain in the spirit, convulsing, laying paralysed on the floor for hours, laughing, fire being called from the heavens, kicking people to be stomach to heal cancer, healing angels accompanying the pastor, pastor waving his arms calling down fire from heaven onto the congregation and the people would fall over, when these things were taking place, when there were fake healings, fake resurrections, pastors stories of being magically transported from one place to another, visions of supposed trips to heaven, filling pockets up with gold coins in heaven, communicating with others in heaven, etc.  When Lee Grady (Apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation and editor for Charisma Magazine (with founder being Stephen Strang) witnessed all of this, did not once during the duration of the Todd Bentley Lakeland Outpouring Revival say in any of his articles anywhere;