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An open letter to Pastor Jannie Pelser about T.B. Joshua

An open letter to Pastor Jannie Pelser about T.B. Joshua Bill Randles answer to Ds. Jannie Pelser ‘…One of the most alarming aspects of Joshua’s ministry that I raised is Transubstantiation, the heretical teaching that Joshua has power to transform...

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Global Leadership Summit: Mega Synergy Energy Display (6-7 Oct 2017)

The Wikipedia Chosen Ones The Global Leadership Summit at the Mosaïek Teatro (6-7 Oct 2017) in Randburg, South Africa – I have often wondered how Jesus would have chosen his disciples had He lived on our sinful little planet in...

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The Mandorla Gods of the New World Order – Part 1

I attended a “Learning Experience” entitled “Summoned2Serve” presented by Leonard Sweet, Stephan Joubert, and Lindie Strydom (presenter of “Geloof, Hoop en Liefde” on KYKNET TV) in the Kerksondermure Auditorium in Pretoria on 1 October 2016. Among other things, Leonard Sweet spoke...

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Incarnational Spirituality

WHAT IS INCARNATIONAL SPIRITUALITY? Lesslie Newbigin offers one of the best definitions of incarnational spirituality. The following is an excerpt from “Assessing Missional Orientation: Observing Biblical Community, Incarnational Service, Bold and Humble Witness, and Reproduction of Disciples in The Light...

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Vermetele Woorde Teen God

Ons vriend, Stephan Joubert, skryf op 25 Mei 2015 op sy webblad “ekerk,” Die Vermetele Woorde van Stephan Joubert en sy Vriende teen God Inleiding Ter inleiding, wil ek die lesers graag eers daarop wys hoe valse leermeesters se vermetele...

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Who Is More Prone to False Teaching – a Black or a White man?

Is a black man or a white man more prone to false teaching? It is often said that black people are more predisposed to false teaching because their culture is steeped in wizardry, shamanism, sorcery and witchcraft. Can it be...

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T.B. Joshua – Could not Prophesy Collapsed Building

T.B. Joshua – Could not Prophesy the Collapse of his Own Building T.B. Joshua can predict anything from earthquakes to soccer game scores, but some how missing this one, the collapse of a building in his SCOAN compound killing over 84...

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Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

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Hipnose – Christelike Terapie of Duiwelse Okkultisme?

Hipnose – Christelike Terapie of Duiwelse Okkultisme? Christene wat beoog of van plan is om ‘n psigiater of ‘n sielkindige te besoek, sou beter doen om ‘n sangoma of ‘n toordorkter wat langs hulle ingetrek het, te besoek. Hier volg...

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Angus Buchan says, “Put your Doctrinal Differences Aside!”

Angus Buchan – In Dion Forster’s  book,  “An uncommon spiritual path – the quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity” , the editorial review of his book, provides says: “It would seem that for many Christians, and particularly for persons who have left the...


List of Authors and Books Not Recommended

List of Authors and Books Not Recommended: Contemplative Spirituality, Cultic, Emerging Church, Heretical, Homosexual, Lesbian, New Age, New Apostolic Reformation, Pro-Gay, Purpose Driven, Transgendered, and Word-Faith Authors and Books Advertised and Promoted within Online and Walk-in Christian Bookstores Worldwide Revised...