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Trinity 108

Understanding the Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

Understanding the Trinity is actually very easy and I will explain it to you today.  I will also explain the false teachings out there on what the Trinity is not, so you can understand what you are possibly believing in...

Mosaiek Church3 5

Has God Abandoned the Mosaïek Church?

Introduction I would prefer to think that God has not abandoned the Mosaïek Church in Fairland, Johannesburg. In fact, I pray with all my heart that He has not abandoned them (Hebrews 10:31). However, a Berean search of the Scriptures...

Leon-du-Preez-and-Goddess-of-Sophia-Impartation 23

Leon du Preez and Goddess Sophia

Prophet Leon du Preez and the Goddess Sophia of Wisdom As the Christian church falls head over heels into apostasy, self appointed Prophet Leon du Preez and his Encounter Christian Church have a new member: the Goddess Sophia (or “Wisdom”)...

The Base Church Collage2 3

The Evil of Scripture-Based Deception – Part 1

Introduction Deception of any kind is one of the most despicable and evil things a person can inflict on another. It cannot be anything less than despicable and evil because it is based on lies, deceit, dishonesty, and knavery of...

uncle-angus-buchan-what-to-expect-from-its-time-pretoria 25

Angus Buchan: God’s Divine Numerologist

Angus Buchan – In the spate of just a few months, several major religious events have already or are going to be staged throughout the world where some of the biggest heavyweights in religious and political circles will flex their...

John Maxwell 10

John Maxwell – What Does He Believe and Teach?

Comment sent in by Robbie who just watched a video produced by John Maxwell. His laws, qualities and principles are used in churches and in the corporate world. John Maxwell (born 1947) is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books,...

Paul Benson – Bucket Full of Holes 0

Paul Benson – A Bottomless Bucket (Part 7)

Part 6 of this series ends with a brief discussion of Paul Benson’s view on the non-participative role of the Holy Spirit in the Rapture. It is necessary to expand on the Holy Spirit’s alleged uninvolvement in the Rapture, because...