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Jacob PraschDTW exposed Jacob Prasch from Moriel Ministries here:   Jacob Prasch – Twisting Scripture the Midrash Way.   Not long after the article was published, Jacob Prasch unfortunately graced us with his presence and commented on the blog.  Jacob Prasch had nothing nice to say;  it was so bad that he even emailed us and told us there was No Euphemism for a Liar and then continued to insult, ridicule, demonize, and slander us.

Someone did a summary count of all the nasty, vile things he said.  I went and did a full recount of what Jacob Prasch actually said in the comments section – shockingly this only includes 4 comments and 2 emails and excludes a comment of Jacob Prasch’s I deleted.

The list is as follows:

  • 20 times liar
  • 1 times slanderer
  • 1 times thug
  • 2 times pathological liar
  • 1 times disgusting liar
  • 1 times religious liar
  • 1 times religious fruitcake
  • 1 times ministers of Satan
  • 1 times demonized liar
  • 1 times filthy demon inspired liar
  • 1 times stupid woman
  • 1 times crackpot
  • 1 times inspired by demons
  • 3 times slanderer
  • 1 times fraud
  • 1 times narcissistic
  • 1 times charlatan
  • 8 times demonic
  • 1 times slandering witch
  • 1 times slandering witch motivated by demons
  • 1 times wicked daughter of darkness
  • 1 times demons from whom she unknowingly takes her orders.
  • 1 times babbling religious crackpot
  • 1 times cheap mouthed hooligan
  • 1 times ignorant
  • 1 times spiritually deluded buffoon
  • 1 times servant of demons
  • 1 times daughter of Jezebel
  • 3 times ignoramus
  • 2 times idiot
  • 2 times stupid/stupidity
  • 1 times lunatic
  • 1 times low life
  • 1 times perverted/perverse
  • 1 times poisoned spirit
  • 1 times diseased soul
  • 1 times low ranking volunteer soldier in Satan’s arm
  • 1 times service of your father the devil.
  • 1 times threatening on behalf  of God;  “The Lord however most certainly shall deal with you, I am quite assured. Vengeance is His and He will have it. He is sometimes slow, but never late !”

And then he has the audacity to sign off…

“In Christ
Jacob Prasch”

This is the reason I have been attacked, for exposing his doctrine (please read all comments):


What does the Bible say about his shocking behaviour:

1 Corinthians 5:11  “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”

What is a railer, or a reviler?

It means to express objections or criticisms in bitter, harsh, or abusive language.  To be verbally abusive.

re·vile (r align=-v align=l align=)

v.tr.   To assail with abusive language; vituperate.
v.intr.   To use abusive language.
Jacob Prasch  - Revile Definition

Jacob Prasch and his lack of euphemisms:

“I don’t like to revile, but it is just so hard to find a euphemism for a half literate ignoramus”
eu·phe·mism (y align= align=f align=-m align=z align= align=m)
n.  The act or an example of substituting a mild, indirect, or vague term for one considered harsh, blunt, or offensive.
Taken from: ephesians511blog.blogspot.com (this website no longer exists)
In another letter dated June, 21 2010, from Jacob Prasch.  Jacob makes the statement:
Jacob Prasch - euphemism

 width=This is not the first time Jacob has struggled to find a EUPHEMISM when calling people names.  See this email he sent to John Chingford with the subject title NO EUPHEMISM FOR A LIAR.  see the following comment: Jacob Prasch – Twisting Scripture the Midrash way – 2012/11/28 at 8:56 am
Another email snapshot from ephesians511blog.blogspot.com
Jacob Prasch - Moriel Ministries
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Thank you for “completing” my partial list. The list I compiled only included ONE e-mail and insults that were DIRECTLY aimed at you, Deborah.
I didn’t include those directed to other people, including myself.


I have a letter from Jacob regarding this which I’ll share after explaining.

I am strongly with you on the matter of his unsound speech, not gentle one bit, always seeming to strive, no meekness in instructing, questioning people’s salvation and of course the reviling. He has the manner of the accuser of the brethren, but still no one holds him to account, they say they don’t really like it, but they haven’t seemed to understand they should not even be associated with such a man.

More than once I used that passage about not keeping company with a railer, but somehow it didn’t seem to matter.

We posted your article on a FB group. Jackie Alnor came in to ask who the article was written by. Then she said, “Anyone who has ever been associated with Calvary Chapel, that includes me, according to this article is a false believer.” She added, “ Anyone who is on the up-and-up will put their name to their work” and asked again who wrote it and told us if we didn’t know, not to spread slander.

She said the “The author shows his ignorance by confusing biblical usage of midrash with rabbinic midrash – only an uneducated person intentionally trying to confuse the issues would confuse the two.”

So I asked what Biblical midrash was, and who defined it. Chapter and verse please…

As you suggested, I asked a couple of the list of my questions I had posted on your prior article regarding Shadow of the beasts. BTW, I found more problematic things in that book.

Then, Jackie Alnor started posting upon post of Jacob Prasch’s explanation of Midrash, with his typical aggressive manipulations and suggestions that those who do not agree, are foolish virgins with oil-less lamps.

She said it was slanderous for you to connect Jacob to Lonnie Frisbee, a man she said

he’d never met, never endorsed, and has no connection to.

(Later Jacob would say the same.)

Jackie continued,

But I do understand proper discernment – and I know a snowjob when I see one. And you’ve helped spread the snowjob.

So after several lengthy posts with more of Jacob’s unkind and unsound diatribes towards those who didn’t take his word for the use of Midrash. Jackie said we were repeating such garbage, (by posting your article) and those who did were

not led by the Spirit of Truth.

I asked her some more questions, she asked me who I was quoting, and I told her it was my own wordds and questions. So she said she was “satisfied with Jacob’s response to the biblical understanding of midrashic interpretation…”

I told her I was never satisfied by any other man/woman’s understanding, if basically we could not back up what the supposed Biblical method was, without using extra-biblical sources, which Jacob is wont to do.

A few more questions I had were left unanswered, she said anonymous authors were not to be trusted, wanted know what doctrine had been messed, where had it caused false teaching, and that your reasoning by false, guilt-by-distant-association she said. This was

discernment gone wrong-not discernment at all, but tall tale telling.

Then Jackie told us that it was wickedness, and was becoming a time waster.

She came back the next day with this email she said was from Jacob Prasch

I emailed Jacob and showed him how this discussion progressed – or should I say regressed. Here’s the response I received:

I am both amused and at the same time sickened that this Holly Garcia woman and her colleagues complain about my reactions to demonstrable lies as lacking grace when they are actually openly lying. As anyone can read for themselves I paid tribute to my pre trib brethren in Shadow of The Beast. The false charge that I called them heretics is an obvious lie. People claiming to be Christians openly lie charging me with something I never said and do not believe and then complains about my reaction.

This John Chingford chap wrongly accuses me of being involved in Laussane and hits out at me for being friends with pre trib figured such Chuck Smith while at the same time I am falsely charged with calling pre trib people heretics. People can openly lie on this website but when you react you are the bad guy. It is all crazy.

Then because I oppose KJV only ism another liar says I hate the KJV. A person obviously ignorant of the fact that the term mid-rash is found multiple times (TWICE) in scripture confuses it with the later writings of the rabbis also called midrash and falsely asserts that this us what I believe. Midrash is simply the way the New Testament interprets the Old Testament and refutes liberal higher critical claims against biblical literalism.

I do not care that they do not know these things but they should not pretend they do much less lie and slander and then blame me for for reacting to such obvious lies.

I never even met Lonnie Frisbee, I warn against Talmudic Judaism, I disagreed with Chuck Smith consorting with Rick Warren, I never once called pre trib brethren heretics, and I do not hate the KJV. These sick and twisted figures just tell lie after lie and then say I am the bad guy for pointing out the lies. How can these sad people just go on lying while claiming to be Christians with one false statement after another and then complain about the reaction they provoke? I think they should read what Jesus said and the language He used when religious liars kept saying false things about Him in Matthew 23.

Either this fb woman can show the place where I supposedly called pre trib brethren heretics and false prophets or she is the slandering liar her words prove her to be.

One of us is lying. May the judgment of Christ fall speedily on the liar – it is either her or me. Let her show in this book or anyplace else where I ever once said such a terrible thing about our pre trib brethren.

In Jesus,


I have his book on kindle, and actually what you posted above was already on the thread, so he was lashing out about semantics, the word “heretic” vs. alluding to us as “false Christs and false prophets” that Jesus warned about.

So it was the “outrage” at the word heretic he never used…vs. acknowledging at all what he actually said. I couldn’t reconcile the pages on my Kindle because it has no page numbers, but I did find these statements and more in his book that are very troublesome.

You are right to call him a reviler, I knew I wasn’t a “slandering liar that Jacob said my words supposedly proved me to be”.

Again, I do pray he will humble himself if the Lord is willing, and remind him also that a servant of the Lord must not strive/quarrel (depending on his preference) and direct him to 2 Tim 2:23-26. Or back to listening to the gospel, or spending time with the Lord, his words are harsh, and unseemly, he has outbursts of wrath, he’s quick to speak words of anger. He didn’t like being reminded of sound speech that cannot be condemned so that your opponent might be ashamed… Instead, he continues to use unsound speech, and certainly not much grace.

After he wished Christ’s judgment on me, I did worry for him, and actually just prayed for the Lord’s mercy to him, and may the Lord soften his heart, and may he recognize his arrogant attitude and unkind speech, which is not tenderhearted, nor forgiving. He is not lowly and meek like Christ as we should strive for, and if feels someone is being dishonest or misrepresenting him, he only need to answer them with the right speech, love for other brethren, and without questioning everyone’s salvation who should happen to disagree with him.


If I was a Bible teacher (which I am not, only hypothetically) and someone considered me in the same camp at Pretorists I would take it that they were saying that I was a false teacher, especially if in the same sentence they referred to Jesus’ warning about false prophets.

Also, if that someone said that I was PERPETRATING
( to do or perform (something evil, criminal, or offensive); be guilty of; to commit (a blunder), impose (a hoax), etc.)

a DANGEROUS DECEPTIVE MYTH (which is a LIE) to believers I would certainly take it that I was being labeled a false teacher and a heretic EVEN IF I NEVER USED THE WORD.

What is so hard to understand about that? The words used which are a DIRECT QUOTE from Mr. Prasch’s book and mean exactly what has been said here. It is all a quibbling over the use of one word, as someone said, semantics.

It doesn’t matter that Mr. Prasch used benevolent words about those who teach pretrib as if they are best buds. You can’t have it both ways! If he truly believes pretrib is a DANGEROUS MYTH, he certainly has every right to state his convictions with no apologies or double speak.

No one has lied or slandered Mr. Prasch, but merely pointed out the inconsistency of his statements and gave an explanation of his words. That is what Bereans do. And in response Mr. Prasch consigns them to hell and calls them horrible names.

Mr. Prasch has every right to respond to the assertions, but in a civil and Christ-like manner. A servant of the Lord is to have a humble heart and be slow to anger. Civil discourse among Christians is beneficial as “iron sharpening iron”. A servant of the Lord cannot afford to have an ego because that is incompatible with the Holy Spirit.

I pray that somehow this can be reeled back in and that Mr. Prasch will realize that there are no enemies here, only truth seekers.
Certainly we all have our foibles, but we must determine to overcome the fleshly tendencies we all have.
When a person, whether they have stature or are nondescript, think they are above receiving correction that is dangerous ground.


Holly…have you by any chance looked into the Alnors? They are also part of the “corrupt tree” that is spewing out error; which can also be seen from Jackie’s comments, as she parrots Jacob Prasch. This “network” does not “think for themselves” as there is an agenda to be followed and promoted by them. Isn’t it interesting how all the “ministries” are talking about the very same subjects and “false teachers” at the same time? Hmmmmm…

Take a look:


(use of any site is informational only and not an endorsement of any person, group, “ministry” or philosophy)


Psalm 119:165

King James Version (KJV)

165 Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

John Chingford

Here is a rhetorical question: how many times has Jacob called us liars?

He seems to be an authority on lies. If anybody had the time or inclination to study all the things that Jacob has said about us they would notice that he (himself) has in fact launched a tirade of lies about us by simply throwing out unsubstantiated statements about us. Also his replies on those things we question him on (especially re ecumenism) are contradictory. I will address both.

I will give some examples about the things he has accused me of, on this blog and on mine. None of them are true and none of them substantiated! You will not find these true on this blog nor on mine. I am sure Deborah, Redeemed, William Saunders etc etc can add to this.

— “This provedn liar John Chingford is the same slanderer who lied against Tony Pearce”.

— “John Chingford did misquote both Tony Pearce It seems to be his modus operandi”

— “John Chingford has in the pat lied against everyone from Bob Mitchell to Tony Pearce, so I suppose it just my turn.”

— “You have a perverse mind Mr. Chingford. Trying to link me with people I always warned of such as Lonnie Frisbee”

— “his efforts to link me via Chuck Smith to Lonnie Frisbee and Kathryn Kuhlman”

— “As with many of his sort of cessationist Calvinists”

— “John Chingford apologised for his attempts to associate me with Laussane”.

I never sought to associate you with Lausanne! I simply raised the question if you were still associated with Lausanne and why, because Moriel was still showing links to Lausanne on their site – I apologized because I later discovered that these links were OLD web pages which had (inadvertantly) not been removed. See how Jacob twists things. Twisting is a form of lying.

What about Jacob’s claim that he is not ecumenical and preaches against it. Unlike Jacob I will enclose firm hard evidence (at the bottom of this comment) that Jacob is contradictory regarding his claim to be non ecumenical. We already have shown evidence that Jacob counts amongst his ongoing friends (although he claims to disagree with them) Chuck Missler and Chuck Smith. So what about his association and endorsement of Doug Harris (of Reachout Trust) who chairs debates on the NOW ecumenical Revelation TV and Calvin Smith.

Doug Harris in 2011 made an amazing comment pro ecumenical statement in answer to this question:

“Is it okay for a born again Christian to worship in a Catholic Church if it’s the only church local and no transport?”

The answer shocked many viewers.

Doug Harris answered: “Yes.”

Howard Conder: “Thank you.” The conversation continued

“I think it is this idea of feeling that we, as Protestants, we are all against Catholics; we are not. I’ve met many people that I’ve witnessed to, that they are Christians as we’ve talked and only afterwards they told me they are Catholics. We do have to be careful – does the Catholic Church sometimes do things that we would maybe feel are extra biblical and that? – Yes.

“I can understand why people have question marks, but in the end if it’s the only place around, if there’s no where else to go, maybe you should go and get fellowship there. In the end you really have to be led by the Holy Spirit: what we say isn’t God’s Word to you, we pass our opinions.

“If you are comfortable in the Holy Spirit doing that, fine. Be aware, there might be some things that you would totally disagree with from the biblical point of view but at the same time maybe you just need that fellowship and you need that encouragement, you need that place where you need to be with other people.” found on http://www.thefreepressonline.co.uk/news/1/2297.htm

So showing that Doug is ecumenical. Here is even more evidence by watching this video in early 2012, which has Doug Harris discussing ecumenism with Calvin Smith. Calvin Smith who writes on Moriel displays (on this video) that it is okay to share a platform with Catholics over a “common purpose”. He also stated that he admired the other “ecumenical” guest for the work she was doing. He made several other “ecumenical” satatements.


Then on 1st December 2012 (yesterday) we have this article on Moriel’s website:

“Moriel & Jacob Prasch request urgent prayer for Brother Doug Harris of REACHOUT Trust in the UK, an important apologetics ministry that evangelises cults. Doug , possibly the leading UK apologist, was taken to hospital in an emergency with a tumour near his liver. We pray it will be benign and that he will recover quickly.

[Edited by DTW 3/12/2012 – Moriel Ministries after posting this comment sneaky sneaky went and removed the information to the above prayer request. But never fear, we made a snapshot. See here: Moriel-PrayerRequest-DougHarris-ReachoutTrustUK]

Of course we must pray for Doug and I do not wish to attack him at this time but pray for his healing AND revelation that ecumenism (in any shape) is wrong, but the point here is that Jacob is endorsing the ecumenist Doug Harris as an important apologetics ministry.

[Edited by DTW: 15/12/2012 – Moriel releases a prayer request and states that WE said we don’t want Moriel to pray for Doug Harris. Unbelievable. All we we doing was pointing out the ECUMENICAL TIES between Jacob Prasch and Doug Harris (in the prayer requests) – we even states above, “Of course we must pray for Doug and I do not wish to attack him at this time but pray for his healing AND revelation that ecumenism (in any shape) is wrong, but the point here is that Jacob is endorsing the ecumenist Doug Harris as an important apologetics ministry. But Jacob lies and states otherwise.

“We are reminded that Doug is a gifted apologist in anti cult ministry and is involved with various ministries including Reachout Trust and Christian Friends of Israel . While Moriel does not agree with Doug’s position with Revelation TV nor his views on Roman Catholicism, we do recognise him as a Christian who is an evangelist to those trapped in cults and he is a Christian supporter of Israel. We see this health crises as a time to put certain theological differences on the back burner for the time being and instead focus on prayer for Doug’s health and family in a Christ honouring Spirit of good will and good wishes. We take exception to those lunatic fringe and dishonest ultra fundamentalist websites critical of us and of others for requesting prayer for Doug. This is not a time for contempt but for compassion. It remains our sincere desire that in the grace of The Lord , Doug will come through this

See snapshot: JacobPrash-DougHarris-Catholicties

So they do not agree with his views on Roman Catholicism, but view him as a Christian. Hmmmm.


Thank you John. Clearly and rationally stated FACTS as per your usual style.

If memory serve correctly, didn’t JP/Moriel withdraw from Revelation TV because they were carrying a word/faith teacher? And isn’t Doug Harris deeply involved with Revelation TV with his program which often features debates?

Obviously Doug Harris has no clue as to what constitutes the uncompromised Biblical Gospel! So how can he be a respected apologist? One should apologize for touting him in that way because it would lead others to believe his LIES. Now, there are true LIES!! If JP wants to speak about LIES, then there is fertile ground for one of his tirades. We SHOULD be outraged over ecumenical LIES like that, shouldn’t we?

If one has a TV program, one has to attract a wide audience in order to stay on the air. Therein lies the problem with huge Christian groups whether it be a mega church or a mega international ministry, or a “Christian” TV or radio network – one has to be careful upon whose toes one treads. The Apostle Paul was totally sold out to the Lord and He did not compromise one iota. The ONLY one he was accountable to was the Lord God Almighty. He was a true servant of the Lord and an example we all should follow. If the truth offends,the problem is with the hearer, not the messenger. Of course we are to speak the truth in love and guided by the Holy Spirit, but even then, the truth WILL offend.

John Chingford

Following On from my last comment.

Above I showed what Doug Harris (the one Jacob endorses) said on Revelation TV as recorded on this link http://www.thefreepressonline.co.uk/news/1/2297.htm

Actually, we don’t need to look at that link because it has been verified on Doug’s site “Reachout Trust” FROM THE HORSES OWN MOUTH:

Here is a link direct to Reachout Trust where Doug explains himself. Actually he seems to be digging an even bigger hole exposing his ecumenical/Roman leanings even more.

Please read from the part that has this heading “TRANSCRIPT OF BROADCAST”.

Sorry Doug but you miss the point. You suggest that if born again believers live in an area where the only church is a Catholic one that they should go to that church because THEY NEED FELLOWSHIP with christians – better to fellowship with Catholics than to not have any fellowship.

REALLY???? I would say that it would be better to have NO fellowship that to fellowship with darkness. Remind yourself 2 Corinthians 6: 14-18

    “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial. What does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people.”
    “Therefore come out from them and be separate,says the Lord.
    Touch no unclean thing,and I will receive you.” “I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

You do not need to fellowship with Catholcs. If there is no other christian fellowship available, then God has promised that the Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth and you will experience the fellowship of the Holy Spirit who will be your teacher.

Basically, your comments show that you are effectively working for Rome by encouraging believers to go into the temple of demons. You are falling into the same error as Billy Graham and many others.

Myfanwy Brown

Debs you got the date wrong (above), your post was for today and you said>> Then on 1st December 2012 (yesterday) etc.

Myfanwy Brown

Ooooo sorry…. I misunderstood!


Hi Debs,
I was was referring to Jacob…!! Good lesson for all of us anyhow!!


Noooo…I’m saying that if we/Jacob say that he/us love the Word, the Law, he will not insult other if corrected!! i.e. be offended!!


Not your fault – I was just writing/commenting without thinking how others will interpret it!
God bless and get well soon!




Reading about Jacob Prasch and the comments and the stir and his consequent attention he has got on this blog…whether negative or dare I say even minutely positive, is what he wants…negative publicity is what he wants…that’s how newspapers in the world sell.
I cannot judge Jacob in this way but where it is clear and very obvious Jacob is full of arrogance and pride and needs to REPENT and change his attitude. He is just a sinful human-being like we all are and needs exactly the same realisation to humble himself. We must pray for Jacob…that he is convicted of this sin. Jacob forget about disgrace…we are all in the same boat but we can never be free until we are honest before God who knows all things in the heart.
The best thing is to ignore Jacob…this is something he does not want…pray for him and leave the rest up to God.He has already been exposed.


@ Michael:

With all due respect,if you saw all the pastors who promote Mr. Prasch’s teachings to their flocks and all the Christian leaders who promote him and all those who blindly follow him and those who are intimidated by him I think you would see it differently.

The Bible says we are to defend the faith and expose false teaching. Obviously DTW and LDW have hit a nerve. Perhaps enough has been done, but that remains to be seen. A passive approach is not the example set for us by the Apostle Paul.


There is nothing passive in the way approached this issue. The man is rude, vulgar, obscene and very unlikeable and has the audacity to pose as a representative of Christ. Even so this is a natural reaction and I certainly do not follow Paul…Christ is my only mentor. It appears to me that this man has many demons and torments and auguments will not bring him to repentance…there is only one who can. He is the One who said pray for them that despicably use you. There is a time and a season unto everything. You cannot reason with inflamed arrogance and pride. God must deal with him…that is if he is bonafide in his seeking of biblical truth.

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