London Olympic Games 2012 – Secret Logo, Illuminati Floodlights and Esoteric Mascots

Almost four years after the London 2012 Olympic Games Logo was launched to the public, Iran has threatened to boycott the Games and have made a formal compaint to the International Olympic Committee to have design changed.  They believe it is a pro-Israeli conspiracy as the logo when reshuffled spells ‘Zion’.  As there is an auspicious little dot in the middle of 20.12 that represents the dot on the i in ‘Zion’.

Little does Iran know that it’s not pro-Israeli but (pro-Illuminati Zionist) – two completely different things.

See video:

The Pyramid Shaped Floodlights

The design of the Olympic stadium is illuminated (pardon the pun) with pyramid shaped floodlights.  The pyramid is the main symbol for the Illuminate.  But to make it worse, they are not just pyramids, they include the pyramid with CAPSTONE and outline of an all-seeing eye is visible within the overall bulb pattern within the capston.  See video:  (please note I don’t endorse the song)

The Meaning of The Pyramid Capstone

The Egyptians did not crown “The Great Pyramid” with a capstone. The pyramid has been left unfinished for thousands of years. The back of every U.S. one dollar bill has an “incomplete” pyramid on it with the capstone floating and “unattached” above it.

The pyramid base represents mankind as incomplete and wanting.  The capstone represents the enlightened few, the Illuminati, who reign in power over the world and the masses. According to Biblical scripture, Satan is the god of this sinful world (2nd Corinthians 4:4), and deceeptively appears as an angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:13,14).  The Bible teaches that Satan was previously, Lucifer (light bearer), one of the archangels in Heaven.  Lucifer rebelled against God, demanding equality and was cast down to the earth.

Satan is said to be a master deceiver and liar, and always appears in a deceptive form. Many of today’s top U.S. politicians are occult members, attending Satanic ceremonies annually at the Bohemian Grove in California. The occult is rich in symbols. The general public is generally unaware of the symbolism in corporate logos and monuments that blatantly mock the woeful ignorance of society at large.

When the capstone is attached to the pyramid and “illuminated” at the 2012 London Olympics, it will be a crowning celebration of the New World Order one-world-government victory. It is a celebration of the completion of Luciferic ascension.

“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long – We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”    – David Rockefeller speaking at the UN, Sept. 14, 1994

The Great Pyramid of Giza represents the great New World Order: A One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economy, which awaits its ultimate leader and world King.  The New World Order has been in the planning stages for thousands of years. The Great Pyramid awaits its completion when the capstone is set in place during the 2012 London Olympics. Light enters the body through the eye and the all-seeing eye represents Lucifer. —


Wenlock and Mandeville

Then we have the two most bizarre looking mascots ever, both with ONE eye.  Wenlock and Mandeville they are called.  They were designed specifically for their appeal to children (what a joke) and supposedly with the digital age in mind.  Apparently these 2 characters have caused much controversy and confusion since their launch.  Well they would cause controversy because their design is acually based on an OCCULT SYMBOL called a hieroglyphic ‘Monad’

The Monas Hieroglyphica (or Hieroglyphic Monad) is an esoteric symbol originally proposed by a Athanasius Kircher and expanded upon by John Dee, an Elizabethan Magus and Court Astrologer of Queen Elizabeth I of England.  This 16th century mystical symbol is the emblem for Azoth or the Philosopher’s Stone – the aim of alchemy.

Summary of the Monad:  “The Sun and the Moon of this Monad desire that the Elements in which the tenth proportion will flower, shall be separated, and this is done by the application of Fire.” 


Wenlock is male and has a little W at the top of his head and Mandeville is female with an M at the top of her head.  Now you ask, what are the letters W and M got to do with anything?  Well again the occult comes into action.

The Esoterics of the Letters M and W:

In the occult as the Sun is Male and Luna (Earth) is Female, and as Sun “sends forth seeds” and impregnates the Earth, which then grows the ‘myriads of thoughts’ from these “seeds of the Sun”.  Because of this occultists infer that M is the Male and W is the Woman.

M and W also have numbers associated with them and it’s gets very complicated, and I wont go into it, but let me tell you, it’s not good.

There seems to be occult imagery all over London, rainbows, and black and white freemasony squares that Menlock and Mandeville make the children in London walk over in the streets.  Also the characters making kids do salutes that look very similar to a Hitler type hand salute.


– I have no idea what is going to go down during these London 2012 Olympic Games, but what ever it is, it’s going to be very very evil.


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Paul (Continue in His Word)

When I look at this song GOOD CHRISTIAN MEN, REJOICE, which is a Christ-Mass song, being used by Satan to usher in the AC, I WONDER why Bible-Believing Christian churches ever follow the world and apostate Rome in celebrating this evil-pagan day. You may call it Nativity or whatever you want, but the world knows it is Christ-Mass.
In the parable given by Jesus in Matt 13:33, was He not saying that in the last days, the entire christendom will be leavened with the leaven of Rome?

Mat 13:33 Another parable spake he unto them; The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
A Church that follows Rome to celebrates “Nativity” today, will be back into Rome’s fold within a hundred years (if the rapture doesn’t occur before)
And I will say the same thing about Easter, whether you re-baptize it “Resurrection Sunday” or not. (I thought that for us true Bible-Believing Christian, every Lord’s Day was Resurrection Sunday. Isn’t it)

Why for the life of me don’t we simply stick to what is in the Scripture?
My family and I now attend a Fundamentalist Independent Baptist church. It is probably the only place in town which still practices Biblical Christianity. I mean, to the best of my knowledge, all the other places are wholly leavened. Yet, it appears, come December, our church will follow Rome in “celebrating” Christ-Mass. It saddens me so much. But where else can I go? I see the writing on the wall: That little leaven will end up leavening the whole lump. But I cannot stay at home with my family. Surely there is no perfect church. In many places they don’t have anything close to what we have. Nevertheless, I am very sad, and I beseech my Lord to not tarry.

Myfanwy Brown

Debs, about that video above that I mentioned to you, the small one below right of the pink ZION logo…the woman narrator says Zionists are Christian and Jewish ‘fanatics’, and people in the background say ‘boooo’…lol

Wow, I don’t know how, but I missed that baby and them singing the hymn..and I watched the whole Olymoics ceremony!!

John, I am going to check that video out, also now so I can see the baby, urgh!

That other video posted sounds like the same woman narrator that I was referring to, and yes,. she is saying we are in the tribulation.

Myfanwy Brown

Those bright blue moth things were called ‘doves of peace’..yeah yeah! I did notice that one was elevated to the top middle of the stadium and sort of hovered there, creepy!

John Chingford

I gave a link to an amateur viewing of the sun worship/UFO during abide with me above on It didn’t stay online long. Youtube have already removed it saying “this video contains content from International Olympic Committee, who has blocked it on copyright grounds”. That is so revealing. It WAS NOT copyright, surely! It was taken from someone’s own camcorder. What are the authorities trying to hide? Has anyone seen the link I gave before it got removed? What were your observations?

John Chingford

The rising sun that appeared later hung over the worshippers and (on the video that was removed) suddenly looked like an enormous flying saucer with streams of light falling onto the worshippers.

The sequence of “abide with me” came as the last section just before the olympic teams did their march around the stadium. The boy at the climax of the presentation arose in the middle of the crowd of worshippers (like an ascension) and pointed towards (looked like he actually touched) the stars above him or was he pointing towards the large UFO? The stars were all 6 pointed stars. The boy was dressed in white and the worshippers in red.

My personal opinion is that the boy represents a young ac soon to be revealed. I guess a bit like “Damion”. He embraced an adult also dressed in white. Could that mean that the boy has become a man?

Some are saying that some form of disaster will hit London on 3rd Aug or 8/3 = 11. Could the 47 (11) be an attempt to mask the 8/3. If the countdown started from 38 it may have been too obvious. The difference between 47 and 38 is 9. So we have 9/11 again.

It is interesting that the first sports activities at the Olympic stadium (the athletics)start on 3rd Aug.

We need to be careful not to get caught up on wild speculations nor fear mongering. Let us use this information to look upwards and pray. The enemy cannot do anything if God intervenes, so let us cry out to God urgently. It seems that the enemy of our soul’s (through the occultic authorities) is trying to pre-empt things, i.e trying to bring in the Great Tribulation before the rapture takes place. God will not allow the GT to commence until after the rapture.

I am reminded what Jesus often said words to the effect “my time is not yet”. The enemy was (even during Jesus life on Earth) trying to pre-empt things.

On another point, some spectators noticed and recorded UFO images high over the stadium. I am not sure about those UFO images. It could be a blimp. The image is not conclusive what it is. It could be deliberately part of the OC.

John Chingford

look at psalms 2:1-5

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.”

Their plans WILL fail if it is not the Lord’s time and if HE has other plans. This is why I ask you to intercede (crying out to God) at this time for His intervention and mercy.

Having said this, it is clear that Britain and the whole world is ripe for the Great Tribulation with occulticism EVERYWHERE and being CELEBRATED so openly and with such enthusiasm.

John Chingford

For Our Intercession

For the same reasons as I already mentioned. However, I would like us to intercede not just for 3rd August but for 12th Aug also.

We discussed the countdown starting from 47. 47 is 9 more than 38 which is the day that (as I understand it) security will be at a higher level. It is the day when for many the olympics really start to boil up when the Olympic stadium reopens for business with the athletics. However, 9 days later is the closing ceremony on the 12th of August. That could be why the countdown started at 47 i.e 9 days after 3/8 or 38.

As I stated above and as the bible tells us in many places “fear not”. Jesus said “fear not, I have overcome the world”. Nothing will happen outside of God’s control and He Will intervene. However, WE ARE called to pray earnestly.


John, thank you for all your “on the ground” input/report that the rest of us are not able to capture for one reason or another.

There are certainly more things going on here that a first glance don’t reveal. But we are to test and examine and you have wisely exhorted us not to get entrenched into the web of deceit but rather to look to the Lord and His Word and know that He is still on the throne and nothing or no man can derail His plan.

We are certainly to be aware and alert and you are doing a valuable service to the Body by doing this. I am sure that many Christians will be fooled into thinking that including the hymn “Abide With Me” was a Christian gesture when in fact it was a mockery of the Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ!


Paul, I hear you and join your cry. But our focus has to be to reach the lost before the final curtain falls on the current dispensation of grace. I understand your aversion to the celebration of Christmas, but please remember that many sincere believers celebrate it in such a way as not to compromise with the world and use it as a way to bring Jesus to the forefront.

May I call your attention to this link – please let me know what you think. The author was a fundamental preacher of the Gospel.I know this is not the topic of this thread, and don’t mean to open up a discussion on this, but since it was brought up I wanted to respond. I understand your sincerity and heart’s cry and do not want to be contentious on this issue. May the Lord bless and encourage you.

Myfanwy Brown


I totally agree with you, I have been looking at this stuff on and off, and also reading comments here, and things online. I already had the feeling that I should not allow myself to be distracted, or get too involved, but as you say, satan is clever, and I kept going down that road!

Anyway, last night I just prayed and asked the Lord to protect my family who live in London.. and my son, who is at uni in London. He is home for the holidays, but he has been going back to London frequently to see friends. We must just ask the Lord for His mercy and protection, and not concentrate on satan or his evildoing. The LORD really impressed that on my heart last night. GOD is in control.


Debs, I appreciate your honesty and humility to admit that this topic has delved too far into the dark world. It is a fine line and the boundaries between healthy awareness and giving glory to Satan are not clear. Yes, we are to be aware and this is a major world event. But we must keep in mind that all of this is nothing new and just a precursor to what is coming after the Church is taken out. There is an ongoing agenda to “program” and condition the world to accept the final domination of one world rule. It all comes from the same place and the same enemy.

Thank you for alerting us, and thank you for calling a halt to discussion on the topic. Our focus is to be on the Blessed Hope. We have nothing to fear for ourselves, but others who are beieng sucked into the vortex are in grave danger. The only thing that can open their eyes is the Lord and His Holy Spirit.

The Olympics is a major world event, but the only major world event that matters is the Rapture of the Church and the eternal destiny of souls.

Please keep warning us and keep listening to the Holy Spirit as to helping us to keep within the lines and the best way to use this knowledge to glorify the LORD.


Dear Debs and readers. I read through the Olympics article and comments. I enjoyed the swimming and marathons. It is true that non of us can make the world better, not by any humanitarian acts. Good works have their place but without the preaching of the gospel, they’re fruitless (faith without works is dead)This world is subject to decay and only Jesus Christ when He returns at His 2nd coming will usher in the 1000 year physical reign and rule by HIMSELF – real UTOPIA on earth for sure because it will be under his rule. This current world is going to get progressively SUPER evil as the Bible describes. We also can’t just brush aside the realities mentioned in the article – the movers and shakers of this globe are working hand in hand with satan himself because the devil knows his time is short. The Illuminati is a horrifying reality. The rapture of the believers in JC is the next [best&real] event on God’s calendar (thank U God!!)and thereafter “he will confirm a covenant with many for 7 years” (Dan 9:27). This will mark the beginning of 7 yrs of tribulation under a real, physical man of sin known in the Bible as the anti-christ. Matthew 24:21-22 will become a reality – it’s on the horizon. Let us focus on JC and tell people of His saving grace, that He came to save mankind from SIN and hell. We were all hellbound BUT Jesus rescued us on that cruel cross. As for this earth, it will be destroyed by fire. None of this is symbolic – the Bible must be interpreted literally. As for Israel, we need to pray too for their salvation. The message is clear and simple. Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah. Keep your eyes on the ME and Israel, God’s prophetic timeclock. The Jews are back in their land and God again will be turning and focussing on His people, Israel- He always comes full circle. Thanks Debs that you boldly support these biblical views and for your great articles that you post on this site. You keep us informed and none of us are excused for being biblically iliterate. We’re not living in the dark ages; we too can do extensive research today. I shudder when I listen to some of my friends (born again) who are (excuse the term) downright stupid, blindly following blind leaders today. Let us speak the truth boldly and pray for the ignorant. Blessings to u all (note: I do not expect u to hold to these views in my writing but I would encourage you to search the scriptures for yourself :-))


Hallelujah “Redeemed”. Ditto to all you’ve said. We are looking for that Blessed Hope indeed! Look up saints for when we see these things, we know that our redemption draws nigh.

Tom Lessing

The following article is taken from

HBO’s “Protocols of Zion” [Excerpts]

By Steven Stalinsky

This month marks the 100 year anniversary of the first printing of the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” The anniversary will be commemorated throughout the world including a two day conference at Boston University’s Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies. Tonight in New York, HBO Films will premier the documentary “Protocols of Zion” by Marc Levin’s Blowback Productions ( The documentary will be screened later in the month in selected theatres throughout America.

“The Protocols” are frequently referred to in the Arab and Iranian press connecting Jewish conspiracies to among other things: assassinations of Arab leaders; the war in Iraq; control of Hollywood, the press, economics, and world resources; and on an alleged war on Islam. As Levin’s film illustrates, the most popular conspiracies are related to Jewish involvement in the 9-11 attacks.

For example, the president of the Middle East Center for Studies and Public Relations, Hisham Jaber, appeared on Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV on July 11, 2005 stating: “I believe the events of 9-11 were not . . . perpetrated by Al Qaeda alone . . . it is global Zionism that stands to gain the most from this . . . we know that since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Zionism has forged the New Testament – and by now, 60 million in the U.S. alone have left Christianity to become believers in the Torah. Global Zionism has tried to forge the Holy Koran . . . ”

Leading Palestinian Authority religious figures often cite the “Protocols.” Saudi Al-Majd TV aired an interview on February 20 with Palestinian Mufti Ikrima Sabri on the assassination of Lebanese leader Rafiq Al-Hariri: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ and specifically the Talmud will discover that one of the goals of these protocols is to cause confusion in the world and to undermine security throughout the world.”

Another example includes a Palestinian Authority TV Friday sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris on April 16, 2004: “Our battle with our enemy is great . . . We face a battle against the Crusaders and against World Zionism, which was exposed by the French intellectual, Garoudy, some 20 years ago . . . He converted to Islam and wrote of World Zionism’s covetous aspirations, based on ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.'”

Mark Levin’s documentary will make an important contribution to all future historical studies of the Protocols (

Tom Lessing

Another article from The Berean Call on the forgery of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

The Grave Threat of Arab-Muslim Anti-Semitism
TBC Staff
The Grave Threat of Arab-Muslim Anti-Semitism [Excerpts]

Anti-Semitism and the accompanying hate industry are a strategic danger for Israel and the Jewish people: generations of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims are brought up hating the Jews;…indiscriminate Palestinian terrorism against Israel is made palatable, as is Hezbollah’s Shi’ite terrorism and that of Al-Qaeda, when directed against Israel and Jews around the world.

So say the just-released main findings of a major, 180-page study on “Contemporary Arab-Muslim Anti-Semitism” by Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center. The study will be widely distributed among Israeli policymakers and should also be read attentively by policymakers in other countries who deal with the “Arab-Israeli conflict”–which means particularly American policymakers.

Among the report’s other key findings are that:

* Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism “is generally directed against Israel as a Jewish-Zionist state as an enemy of the Arab-Muslim world….” In other words, the emphasis is not on Israel’s alleged injustices toward the Palestinians or “occupation,” but on Israel’s very existence. It is widely believed—axiomatically in some quarters—that the “Arab-Israeli conflict” has now been whittled down to the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” and resolving the latter will put the whole issue to rest. That, of course, cannot be right when the focus of the hatred is on Israel itself and not on its policies, or shape or size.

“Arab-Muslim anti-Semitism has a broad field, rather than being marginal. It is not only popular among the lower classes nor is it the exclusive province of intellectuals, opposition groups or radical Islamic movements. Arab-Muslim regimes in the Middle East all use it….” The study notes that this not only includes regimes like Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon but also the two, Egypt and Jordan, that have signed peace treaties with Israel.

“Anti-Semitism with Muslim roots is growing. Verses from the Qur’an and the Islamic oral tradition are politically interpreted in the spirit of radical Islam to delegitimize Zionism and the State of Israel and to dehumanize the Jewish people.” That is, while there is still much importation of European anti-Semitism—for instance, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now “being published in new editions in Egypt, Syria, Iran and other countries”–the hatred is now increasingly indigenous and locally rooted, making it even harder to change.“

Tom Lessing

charles allan wrote:

I know the book is apocrypha but it is interesting history. In the book of maccabees
Judas Maccabeus wins all the battles with the Jews who started to follow the greek customs
of olympic sports. Sports are just body worship which is meaningless for salvation – the
olympics are full of wordly abominations. ‘I make no provision for the body’ Paul.
There is also immodest dress and weird symbols. It is earthly and fleshly and Christians should avoid all of it.

If Christians are to avoid everything reeking of pagan worship (I’m not saying that we should partake in anything that dishonors God), then we should leave this world. Even our days are named after pagan gods.


Martin Horan, don’t think because you have read ‘Protocols of Zion’, that you know all about Zionism. Rather read the Babilonian Talmud to know what drives them… if you dare…

charles allan

Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will NOT LAST ; but we do it (training in the Word) to get a crown that will last forever. (1 Cor 9:25)

In other words the Olympic Crown is worthless idolatry.

Martin Horan

Hi Deborah. You say that I have clearly not been watching what has been going on over the years. I have, actually and in detail.
The term Zionist, as I know it, means people who back Israel whether political or not. You have your definition, which is obviously one of several.
God Himself refers to Israel as Zion several places in the Bible and that’s good enough for me to apply the term Zionist to myself. It’s what “Christian Zionists” mean when they use that term; or it does the ones I know. Like many terms it means different things to other people.
Many if not most Arabs/Moslems would call me a Zionist as they do anyone who backs Israel in any way shape or form. I’m happy with them calling me a Zionist because I stand against almost everything these people believe. Many of them–if not most–would kill me for the things I believe about God, Christ, Mohammad, the Koran, Haddiths and the Jews and Israel.
I have read very much on The British Royal family, actually, and have not found anywhere (personally, admittedly) where they themselves have openly declared to be descendants of the House of Israel. But I would greatly appreciate any conclusive evidence to back such a claim.
I know that the British Israelite believers make that claim. I have read much of their literature which I find neither historical, biblical nor even logical. All of their arguments, which I have read in detail, are a mixture of circular “Reasoning”, selected facts, ad hominem and straw men arguing. (Forgive me if I have mentioned this before.)
In fact, I have read the British Royal family’s genealogies in detail, having an MA, among other qualifications, in History. As any sound historian will testify, these genealogies do not relate in any way to either the Jews generally or Israel, per se.
In the staunch monarchist Sir Iain Moncrieff’s genealogy I can find nothing about Israel though he writes of England’s, Scotland’s and Wales’ earliest kings but in no connection to Britain. Interestingly, he does give the present queen’s genealogy back to Mohammad II of Seville, among all her other known ancestors–these include most, if not all the Royal houses of Europe and other non-European nations.
Admittedly, the British Royal Family have been steeped in spiritualism (see John Dale’s book “The Prince and the Paranormal” on Amazon; you can check my own review there) and Freemasonry. Freemasonry itself may be where this spurious idea of history comes from because I know some Masons, and Orangemen, hold to this unscriptural idea.
But while the British Royals may hold that believe personally, I doubt if you would find it admitted anywhere publicly.
Their advisers are not stupid and are, rather, very astute. They know such a believe is not verifiable so they would advise any member of the monarchy to keep such a belief quiet. Prince Charles has already got himself into much trouble in the past because of his New Age believe and no longer advocates them openly.
As a journalist who takes research seriously, I have never managed to find the Royal Family’s espousal of Anglo-Israelism or their claim to an Israelite bloodline–which is why I’d be deeply grateful to anyone who can point me to it. Though I doubt if they will.
I think it would be best, Derborah, if you would avoid appearing to be personal. It detracts from all excellent comments you otherwise make and can hint at subjectivity.


You guys are taking things way too seriously! Just hold on to Jesus and His Spirit and let Him guide you.


Uriel, the Bible tells us that we had better be taking things seriously. Those types who just “love Jesus” and go on their merry way are not watching and will fall into a trap.

God expects us to be discerning. And did you read Deborah’s final comments about broaching this subject? Maybe you should go back and do so.

Think of the multitudes of people who just took in all that occult stuff and didn’t even blink an eye. That leads to deception. Someone needs to call it out for what it is.

Doesn’t the Bible say we are to “expose the deeds of darkness”?

Paul (Continue in His Word)


In response to your comment #71.
I read Dr Rice article, and it brought tears to my eyes, how shallow his arguments are.
No wonder ALL his daughters (and I mean ALL) are now Roman Catholic-Emergent-Ecumenical. The seeds were sown by their father’ compromise.

Read this article about the christian and Christmas.
one of the key statements of the article is this:

“But again, such considerations bring into sharp focus how tradition-bound, instead of Bible-bound, many Christians have become. What a sad situation it is when God’s people cannot find the strength to break free from something so beneficial to the devil’s cause! CHRISTMAS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST THINGS WHICH EVER HAPPENED TO THE ROMAN CHURCH. It is the pope’s time to shine in his usurped office as supreme head of the universal “Christian” church. Christmas is a propaganda bonanza for the ecumenical movement, to say the least. Christian churches openly celebrating it unwittingly play the part of the Vatican II separated brethren and TESTIFY TO THE WORLD THAT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE TRUE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Just think for one moment what a testimony it would be, what a distinction it would draw, what a contrast it would provide if Christ’s true Church refused to celebrate the Roman whore’s holiday with her.”


Christmas and the

By Pastor Ralph Ovadal,
December 24, 2004

"But in vain they do
worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."
Matthew 15:9

again, ’tis the season. Centuries ago, without any mandate from the
Scriptures and consequently no example from the apostolic church, the
Roman Catholic Church instituted a "holy day" known as the Mass
of Christ. Or do you say Christmas? The advent of the day which ostensibly
celebrates the advent of Christ had everything to do with the Roman church
"Christianizing" paganism or paganizing Christianity. Whichever
way one wants to slice it, the end result is a net gain for the devil.
The high holy day called Christmas which is
celebrated throughout "Christendom" is not just pagan in its
origins but is also steeped through and through with pagan traditions
covered over with very thin Christian wrapping paper. Many Christians are
uneasy about the crass commercialism and greed associated with a day which
they hold to be holy. Unfortunately, few of them have any scruples about
designating and celebrating as biblical and holy something that is profane
in origin, substance, and practice. Tragically, most Christians are not
getting sound biblical guidance from the pastors and elders who should be
on the forefront of turning God’s people away from this pagan holiday
instead of being at the front of the line at the check-out counter, laden
down with Christmas gifts.
But how should Christians deal with this
day which is so tightly woven into the fabric of their lives? The fact
that so few even see that as a question suggests a love of the world (1
John 2:15) and a lack of spiritual maturity. I believe that the Bible
gives us clear guidance with regard to the subject of this discussion, the
celebration of Christmas as a day holy unto the Lord. It is one thing for
individual families to establish traditions such as family reunions,
birthday parties, vacations, and special days of fellowship. While
Christians should seek to honor the Lord and obey him every second of
every day, the events just mentioned are things which belong to the
day-to-day warp and woof of life. They are not special days consecrated
as holy unto the Lord by His Church. It is another thing altogether for
the Church of Jesus Christ to sanctify a day as having special spiritual
significance to be religiously observed as holy unto the Lord. To exercise
such authority without biblical justification and direction is to indulge
in "teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matthew
15:9, Mark 7:7). The Pharisees were good at doing that, as is the
Roman Catholic Church. Those two examples alone should drive home the
danger of falling into man-centered, religious traditions in the name of
promoting true religion. Certainly, both groups mentioned perfected the
finer points of annexing man-made traditions to God’s Word and then
promoting those traditions as holy, necessary, and beneficial. Doubtless,
we must be ever on-guard against doing the same thing ourselves, even in
small things.
Christmas is a man-made tradition, and no
small one, which is seen as holy by most of God’s people. Further,
Christmas was pagan from the start, thus Christians never should have
yoked with unbelievers to commemorate, promulgate, and promote it (2
Corinthians 6:14-18, Ephesians 5:11). It is a serious thing to designate a
specific day as holy unto the Lord. It is more serious yet to take a pagan
holiday and "Christianize" it by proclaiming it as a holy day to
be honored as such by God’s people. If we are going to set aside, before
the whole world, special days as holy unto the Lord, is it not obedient,
reasonable, and right to only do so based on instruction from the Word of
God rather than to docilely adopt a holy day designated as such by that
unholy, counterfeit, Roman church? I believe that it is clear from God’s
Word that Christians are to honor the Lord’s Day as a holy day of rest
when His people assemble together for teaching, preaching, worship,
prayer, and fellowship. In addition, there is certainly solid scriptural
foundation and example for the observance of special days of thanksgiving
as well as days of fasting and prayer. But there is absolutely no
justification, instruction, or example in God’s Word for setting up an
annual holy day as the day of Christ’s birth. It is a dangerous thing for
man to unilaterally erect such a day and then declare it holy and in
effect until the return of Christ! There is no hint in the Bible that the
apostolic church did such a thing. There is no license for the present-day
church to do so.
We do not know when Christ was born, but we
certainly know why the Romanists chose December 25 as His
"birthday" given that their friends celebrate the solstice at
the same time. The Christmas season itself is birthed and steeped in pagan
history, symbols, and rituals. The name of the holiday is Roman Catholic
and honors a blasphemous Catholic ritual. Is it not possible—and I
think more than possible—that flippantly using the name of the Son of
God in such a way is a violation of the third commandment? Certainly, we
are not talking here of open cursing or blasphemy. But the command against
the "vain" use of God’s name includes the light, disrespectful
use of His name. We would perhaps do well to reconsider whether it is
right to annex the name of our Lord to a word describing a pagan ritual
which blasphemes Him in the most awful way and to then use the word to
identify a day ostensibly set apart for His honor and glory! One would
think that even if true Christians felt obligated and justified to
commemorate the Son of Man’s birth on a special day, they would
at least do it on a different day bearing a different name!
But again, such considerations bring into
sharp focus how tradition-bound, instead of Bible-bound, many Christians
have become. What a sad situation it is when God’s people cannot find the
strength to break free from something so beneficial to the devil’s cause!
Christmas is one of the greatest things which ever happened to the Roman
Church. It is the pope’s time to shine in his usurped office as supreme
head of the universal "Christian" church. Christmas is a
propaganda bonanza for the ecumenical movement, to say the least.
Christian churches openly celebrating it unwittingly play the part of the
Vatican II separated brethren and testify to the world that the Roman
Catholic Church is the true Christian church. Just think for one moment
what a testimony it would be, what a distinction it would draw, what a
contrast it would provide if Christ’s true Church refused to celebrate
the Roman whore’s holiday with her.
But I hear shrill protests that Christmas
is a great time to share the gospel with unbelievers. Dear brothers and
sisters, now is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2). Every day
is the day to share the gospel with the world, and it is never the right
day to trust in craftiness rather than the Holy Ghost to save souls.
Christmas is rather the most heart-hardening time of the year when
multitudes of pagans become "Christians" for a day, and most go
home feeling justified that they have honored their Creator by sitting in
church for a brief time or suffering a Christian relative to say grace
before the Christmas feast. 
Let us remember, Christmas is not the
Fourth of July or Veterans Day. Christians hold Christmas to be a day set
apart and holy unto the Lord—which brings me to another point. I have
spoken very briefly on the reality that there is no biblical foundation
for a holy day called Christmas and that its foundation—root and branch—is
pagan. I have touched on the benefit which Christmas provides for the
devil’s false church and the dangerous presuppositions which Christians
celebrating it plant in the minds of unbelievers. Now, for just a moment,
I want to address Christian parents. You may have taken a
"stand" on Christmas in your home. Santa has been exposed, the
mistletoe is gone, and perhaps even the Christmas tree which would have
graced your home has been pardoned. You have given a lofty speech to your
children about how Christmas is the day Jesus was born; and as for you and
your house, you will glorify and honor the Savior because that is
what Christmas is really all about. Naturally, unless your pastor preaches
otherwise, children will buy the story that pagans have paganized a
Christian holiday even though the reality is the reverse. Indeed, if
neither pastor nor parents will tell children the truth about Christmas,
the little ones who are to be brought up "in the nurture and
admonition of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4) will be more than happy to
believe that it is imperative that Christians keep Christ in Christ-mass
and that pagans are trying to steal our high holy day which we reverently
observe as befits a holy people on such a holy day.
So as the big day approaches, your whole
family really zeros in on the birth of Jesus and its significance—that
is, when they are not thinking about frantic Christmas preparations,
shopping, and what gifts they are going to receive. But of course, the
gift giving and receiving is a way to show our love for Christ, as if that
makes any sense! Surely it has nothing to do with personal gratification
or pagan tradition, and surely it does nothing to take the children’s
minds and hearts off of Jesus on the high holy day which celebrates His
In reality, Christmas creates little
hypocrites who are taught hollow, superficial, man-centered religion. They
are trained to use holy things to achieve selfish ends. The children are
taught that it is permissible, even desirable to pretend Christmas is an
annual holy day, one of two holiest days of the year, to worship, praise,
and focus on the Lord. They are told that it is a day set aside to
reverently celebrate the birth of the Messiah. They are verbally
instructed to dwell on this blessed, holy event. But practically speaking,
children are taught to eagerly, greedily look forward to gifts being
showered on them that holy day. They are discipled in a shallow,
man-centered, syncretistic Christianity by grownups who boldly claim to
set aside a holy day—yea, even a season—to honor the Lord Jesus
Christ but, when all is said and done, spend the vast majority of that
special time pleasuring themselves. Children are taught that it is right
and good to join the world in setting aside a day as special and holy when
the Bible does neither. They are taught to compartmentalize their faith
and are discipled in the fine art of spiritual paper hanging. A
structurally unsound house on a foundation of sand cannot be made sound by
covering its walls with pretty wallpaper. An unbiblical, artificial holy
day instituted by pagans steeped in pagan traditions cannot be made holy
by singing some hymns and reciting some prayers amidst an orgy of
feasting; fussing; dreaming; shopping; gift giving; socializing; and in
all too many cases, football games. In reality, such worship of God
interjected into the worldly, pagan holiday known as Christmas is akin to
putting a golden calf alongside the altar of God. It is like dressing up a
hog’s snout with a gold ring. The nature of the beast remains the same,
even if one focuses on the beauty of the ring.
It is dangerous to train children to
indulge in the sort of spiritual sophistry in which Christian adults
engage to justify Christmas. It is wrong to teach them to strike pious
poses for a designated time on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and pretend
that they are focusing on Jesus when all the while their minds are given
to thoughts of presents and partying. In addition to the harm this
does to children, it cannot help but offend the Lord. "I am the LORD:
that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my
praise to graven images" (Isaiah 42:8). The Scriptures teach us that
"God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in
spirit and in truth" (John 4:24). Celebrating Christmas is hardly the
way to teach children to worship God in spirit and in truth. It certainly
is a good way to teach them to put man-made traditions and emotionally
driven desires ahead of the Word of God.
Christmas is a holiday for popes and
pagans. Why do Christian churches treat that day as holy unto the Lord?
Certainly in many cases, it is because the celebrants have not been taught
well on the issue. But in the case of the fully informed, is it not
possible that, when push comes to shove, Christians do not want to give up
something which so pleasured their flesh as children and continues to do
so now that they are adults? Never mind that we can give each other
presents other times without the hollow, hypocritical pretense of doing so
to honor the Lord Jesus Christ. Forget about the reality that we can plan
warm family gatherings and special church events for other times for other
reasons which do honor God and bless His people. Most Christians, even
after hearing the truth about Christmas, refuse to let go of that day.
Most cannot even conceive of making such a "sacrifice."
The issue seems to boil down to this: most
Christians love Christ-mass. They just cannot loose their grip on a
tradition which they acquired as children and have nurtured as adults. I
am talking about those Christians who have been told the truth but have
turned away from it and back to the Christmas tradition handed down to
them from their parents. I do not deny that this Christmas issue is not an
easy one in every sense; and it has its nuances, no doubt. I do not
question the sincerity in the hearts of all Christians who celebrate
Christmas. This is not a question of sincerity but of seeking to honor the
Lord in all things and live by every word which proceeds from Him (Matthew
4:4). I do not expect our elderly parents in their last days to
necessarily see the light on this issue; and I, for one, am not going to
make it my goal to pound on them until they do! But I do believe that it
is incumbent upon us, the next two generations of adults, to turn this
situation around, for the glory of God and the good of His people. To know
the good we ought to do in this situation and not do it is simply sin
(James 4:17).
So what is a Christian to do about
"Christmas"? Surely Christ’s churches should—and easily could—stop observing Christmas as a body. I believe that most important step
should not be difficult and should be immediate. Certainly those Christian
families who are convicted that Christmas does not honor Christ or advance
His cause should cease to celebrate that day in their own homes. Those two
steps are relatively easy and painless; but of course, there are difficult
family situations which exist outside the home during the Christmas
season. The aged parents of whom I previously spoke is one example. I am
not saying that we should abandon them, crush their spirits, confuse their
minds, or break their hearts at this time of year. Depending on the nature
of the gathering and what takes place, I personally would not speak
against grown children for going to see their parents on
"Christmas" when invited. Likewise, I would not counsel any
Christian who has had a change of mind concerning that day to suddenly turn
his back on an elderly parent, leaving him or her bewildered and
alone on a day which had always been such a special family time.
I also do not believe this question of
Christmas is one which should provoke bitterness and division among God’s
people any more than it should stir up contempt or pride. We surely should
not use it as the measure of a brother’s righteousness or commitment to
Christ. The celebration of Christmas by a Christian is not equivalent to
attending a Catholic mass or committing those sins that the law of God
written on the heart condemns and the Word of God specifically prohibits.
A sincere Christian striving to honor Christ on Christmas, not
understanding the things previously written of here, is not a criminal to
be shunned but rather a brother to be gently, patiently enlightened. The
Christmas season should not be seen as a time to mock those sincere
Christians who are clinging to that holiday anymore than it is the time to
try to convince unbelievers regarding matters not yet seen by many
But brethren, is it not time to break from
the pagan tradition of Christmas handed down from our ancestors, even
though it is a pleasant tradition? Is it not time that a generation be
raised up unpolluted by that tradition and more than "content to let
the world go by" in that regard? If Christian parents will do what is
right now, even those difficult family situations which I mentioned
earlier will someday be a thing of the past with the passing of that
oldest of the generations among us. Quite frankly, I believe that it
is important for parents to deal with this issue now because, for all the
reasons I previously listed, the greatest spiritual damage done
to individuals by Christmas is done to children.
I would encourage those brothers
and sisters who are still clinging to Christmas to consider
what Paul wrote to the Thessalonians: "Furthermore then we beseech
you, brethren, and exhort you by the Lord Jesus, that as ye have received
of us how ye ought to walk and to please God, so ye would abound more and
more" (1 Thessalonians 4:1). Please reconsider this important issue
of Christmas. Then ask yourself, Does it please the Lord that His Church
joins with the world and the false church in celebrating "the
mass of Christ" as holy unto Him?
"I hold it to be one of the greatest
absurdities under heaven to think that there is any religion in keeping
Christmas day . . . the observance of it is purely of Popish origin."
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
"The celebration of Christmas has
sometimes been opposed as pagan by religious leaders. New England Puritans
considered Christmas ‘popish’ idolatry, and the Massachusetts General
Court in 1659 passed an act against its celebration, though the law was
repealed in 1681." "Christmas," Dictionary of
Christianity in America
, 1990
". . . The suppression of the Mass
during the Reformation led to a sharp change in the observance of
Christmas in some countries. In England, the Puritans condemned the
celebration and, from 1642 to 1652, issued a series of ordinances
forbidding all church services and festivities. This feeling was carried
over to America by the Pilgrims and it was not until the
nineteenth-century wave of Irish and German immigration that enthusiasm
for the feast began to spread throughout the country." "Christmas,"
Collier’s Encyclopedia, Vol. 6, 1992
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Paul (Continue in His Word)

Sequel of above post

Jer 10:2 Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.
Jer 10:3a For the customs of the people are vain

Col 2:8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

Now consider this about the origins of Christmas which is clearly the way of the heathen:

Christmas originally referred to Christ’s mass, which obviously has a Roman Catholic origin. Catholics observe it on December 25, while many of the Eastern Orthodox observe it in January. The practice was popularized by the Catholic Church, and like many other Catholic traditions, it was adopted from paganism; in this case, from the pagan mid-winter solstice marking the turn of the year. The following is a brief overview of its origin:

“Saturnalia extended from December 17 to 24 and in A.D. 274 the emperor Aurelian made December 25 a feast of the invincible sun. January 6 was sacred to Dionysus. With the toleration of Christianity under Constantine, both December 25 and January 6 became Christianized feasts (Christmas and Epiphany, respectively). Symbols, originating largely from classical or Teutonic-Celtic paganism, such as lights, greenery, and special foods, gradually became associated with Christmas, as did St. Nicholas, whose feast on December 6 had been a time for giving gifts, especially to children” (New 20th-Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, pp. 181,182).

The Encyclopedia Britannica adds:

“In the Roman world the Saturnalia (December 17) was a time of merrymaking and exchange of gifts. December 25 was also regarded as the birth date of the Iranian mystery god Mithra, the Sun of Righteousness. On the Roman New Year (January 1), houses were decorated with greenery and lights, and gifts were given to children and the poor. To these observances were added the German and Celtic Yule rites when the Teutonic tribes penetrated into Gaul, Britain, and central Europe. Food and good fellowship, the Yule log and Yule cakes, greenery and fir trees, and gifts and greetings all commemorated different aspects of this festive season. Fires and lights, symbols of warmth and lasting life, have always been associated with the winter festival, both pagan and Christian. Since the European Middle Ages, evergreens, as symbols of survival, have been associated with Christmas. Christmas is traditionally regarded as the festival of the family and of children, under the name of whose patron, Saint Nicholas (q.v.), or Santa Claus, presents are exchanged in many countries.”

All of these things can still be observed in some pagan religions. For instance, in Hinduism, there is a festival of lights in early winter that features bright lights, special foods, the giving of gifts, and the alleged visitation of the goddess Laxmi who bestows blessings on those who are good, etc.

God’s people are plainly warned to beware of philosophy, the tradition of men, and the rudiments of the world which are not after Christ (Col. 2:8).

Quoted from
Unfortunately, David Cloud who writes this nevertheless celebrate Christmas, and the whole article is actually him defending his celebrating and condoning it. Very pathetic.

Born again Christian: Do not have anything whatsoever to do this evil.


Paul, I have addressed this question over and over again over my lifetime which is longer than I care to admit. LOL I am fully aware of all the information you have presented. This is not something to cause division. If one is convicted not to celebrate the holiday, don’t. If one can celebrate it in good conscience, then those who don’t should not judge.

I have Christian friends who don’t celebrate it and those who do. Those who do not celebrate it with the exception of one do not condemn me for doing so and I respect their choice and our fellowship is not in any way disturbed. Those who do celebrate it absolutely reject the commercial aspect and reject Roman Catholicism but use the season as an opportunity to shine the light on the true Christ, His birth and why He came.

Those who celebrate it choose to use the opportunity to reach the lost with the Gospel as it is a time when people will engage in conversation about Christ and they are open when at other times they are not receptive. I am not a pragmatic person or one that rationalizes or tries to “Christianize” paganism.

When I send greetings, I am careful to give glory to Christ in any way possible. I believe that God is honored and if not He would convict me. I try to stay very sensitive to the Holy Spirit although I certainly am a work in progress. I do want to please my Lord and Savior.

Not everyone who does not celebrate Christmas does so with the right motives. The exception I note above is a person who is involved in the Jewish Roots Movement and instead celebrates Hannakuh. This person is very judgmental and comes unglued if someone happens to send her a Christmas greeting by mistake or in innocence.

I am aware that Brother Rice’s family turned ecumenical. But to lay this at his doorstep is unfair. Maybe he spent too much time away from the family in his ministry – I don’t know the circumstances. Maybe his daughters made poor choices in mates. Do you have children? I do and as much as we trained them up they are not where we would like to see them spiritually. And will you charge that to celebrating Christmas? Hopefully not.

And for you to condemn Brother Cloud for celebrating Christmas is harsh judgment. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he is a man of God and takes a strong stand for sound doctrine. So did Rice if you have read any of his works.

The Bible tells us to be in the world but not of it. Each person has to determine what that means in their relationship with Christ. I feel I can reach more people by celebrating a national holiday as long as I don’t dishonor Christ. We are to be lights in a dark world and reach the lost. Many of them would never darken the door of a church except on Christmas Eve – so invite them to a church where the true Gospel will be presented and their hearts can be touched. I am not trying to justify my position and change your mind. I am just trying to help you be more tolerant of others who see it differently and love the Lord and seek to obey Him just as much as you do. Okay?

Paul (Continue in His Word)

Sequel of the above post.
This is what Ironside wrote about Christ-Mass in his commentary on Revelation:

In the present time of our Lord’s rejection and His session at God’s right hand, Christendom, in the very manner here depicted(Rev 11:9-10), PRETENDS to observe Christ’s coming to earth. Having crucified the Lord of glory, THE NATIONS JOIN IN CELEBRATING WHAT IS CALLED “HIS BIRTHDAY”, sending gifts one to another. In that coming day, in the same way, they will make merry and manifest their delight because the last voice on His behalf has been silenced, and they will rejoice over the dead bodies of His witnesses.

And also


I must say that I disagree with Ironside when he added

I quite admit that some of these festivals, if divested of any ecclesiastical character, may be observed in innocence in the home.

He did not need to say that. It is compromise, and it ultimately leads to capitulation to error.
The is no “innocence” in endorsing and promoting Rome. There is no “innocence” in “learning the way of the heathen”. When you do that, you send the message to the world that Rome and you are celebrating/worshiping the same “Christ”, which is not true. You send the message to the world that Roman Catholicism is Christianity.

These ECUMENICAL “holy days and church feasts” are setting the stage and preparing the world for the worldwide worship of the Beast in fulfillment of Rev 13:4-8
(4) AND THEY WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON WHICH GAVE POWER UNTO THE BEAST: AND THEY WORSHIPPED THE BEAST, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?
(5) And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.
(6) And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.
(7) And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.
(8) AND ALL THAT DWELL UPON THE EARTH SHALL WORSHIP HIM, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

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