Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010

[DTW note: The most amazing things about all these men and women is this:  None of then are actually Chrisitan. They say they are Christian as they present you with their branded version of the Gospel. But that does not count.  You are either for Jesus Christ 100% or you are against him.  These people below preach another gospel, follow another Christ – therefore it is safe to say that they are 100% against Jesus Christ. – Please see notes next to each persons name.]

Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders of 2010

Taken from Christian Telegraph

Evangelist of the year – Reinhard Bonnke

The legendary evangelist has brought million of people in Africa to the Lord. Even as Reinhard is in his 70’s, his passion for Jesus is still going strong and he desires to awaken Europe, which has been spiritually asleep, to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In addition to massive crusades, he views the internet as a great tool for evangelism and updates his Facebook page everyday. Reinhard has also prepared a successor for himself. [DTW note:  Reinhard Bonnke: Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching – False Faith healer.  Caught lying about raising someone from the dead.]

Writer of the year – Lisa Bevere

Being an international speaker, author of many bestsellers and TV show hostess, Lisa Bevere is one of the few who encourages women all around the world to raise their voices and change this world for the better. In 2010 Lisa wrote the book “Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World,” in which she shared a prophetic message for women.   [DTW note:  Lisa Bevere:  Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching / Contemplative spirituality]

Missionary of the year – Jaerock Lee

This pastor knows that Christians lives are to be holy and should be empowered by the Holy Spirit. He founded a mega-mega-church in Manmin, South Korea and works to bring revival and the Gospel to the most remote corners of the world. Just a few of the other countries he has impacted are Israel, Peru, Estonia, the United States of America, India, and countries in Africa.  [DTW note:  Jaerock Lee:  Word of Faith / Latter Rain teaching:  False Faith Healer, Lee has stated that he is “sinless and exempted from dying” S. Korean evangelist’s Uganda visit prompts cult jitters, Kyōdō, 2000-07-10]

Diplomat of the year – Rick Warren

The pastor of the mega-church Saddleback was named one of the most popular and influential users of Twitter. Rick Warren is one of the few pastors who publicly speaks with influential governmental officials. In 2010 he interviewed former United States of America president George W. Bush in his church.  [DTW note:  Rick Warren:  Purpose Driven Church – He will preach anything you want to hear. Currently promoting New Age Teaching including Reiki]

Philanthropist of the year – Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel and to helping those who are in desperate situations, including economically and medically. He is the President of the world-wide relief organization Samaritan’s Purse and the President of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Samaritan’s Purse is working in more than 100 countries.   [DTW note:  Franklin Graham:  Following after fathers Ecumenical footsteps. Interfaith combined with Word of Faith preaching]

Pastor of the year – Paul Melnichuk

Being the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Paul Melnichuk built a multi-national mega-church called The Prayer Palace in Toronto, Canada. Despite the very liberal society around him, Paul preaches the uncompromised Gospel. The Prayer Palace unites Christians of more than 50 nationalities.   [DTW note:  Jaerock Lee:  Word of Faith / Prosperity Preacher.  Probed by the Star for becoming RICH overnight while the congregation remained dirt poor.]

Leader of the year – James Davis

James Davis is the co-founder of the growing coalition of ministries and denominations called Billion Soul Network. It includes more than 350,000 churches. James is a gifted leader and his goal is to strengthen relations between pastors in order to plant five million churches and bring one billion people to Christ.  [DTW note:  James Davis:  An Ecumenical businessman with a goal that is unbiblical and goes AGAINST the grain of end-times scripture.  James Davis will plant a church no matter WHAT FAITH is preached.  See website and pictures of James Davis with the likes of Reinard Bonnke and Leonard Sweet.]

Reformer of the year – Mark Driscoll

He is the Pastor Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington and is working to reform the approach of having church and being a community of believers. He is using the latest technologies to do that. Mars Hill Church has created its own internet network, which is a virtual community that helps church members build strong relationships.  [DTW note:  Mark Driscoll:  Ties with Rick Warren and John Piper.  Founder of NEW CALVINISM]

Broadcaster of the year – James Dobson

After more than 30 years of ministry and as the leader of one of the most influential pro-family organizations in the U.S.A., Focus on the Family, James Dobson left the ministry that he founded and started a new radio program called Family Talk. The focus of the new program is to strengthen the institution of family, which James says is the foundation of a strong society.   [DTW note: James Dobson:  Focus on everything but the Gospel of Jesus – uses ‘Christian’ psychology. Helped bringing psychology and self-esteem teachings into the church.]

Strategist of the year – Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet is a historian of the American culture, futurist who sees the trends in the society that are unnoticed by others and a writer. Leonard is also a consultant to many churches and develops strategies to fulfill the Great Commission in the digital age of the 21st century. [DTW note: Leonard Sweet:  One of the fore-running Emergent Leaders at the moment.  Promotes everything to do with contemplative spirituality and mysticism, i.e, anything ungodly.]



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Your website is talking absolute rubbish. How dare you put Reinard Bonnke in such category. What Jesus Christ Jesus are you talking about? Common people, stop your absolute nonsense!!!!@!

Deborah (Discerning the World)


Um, I think you need to RE-READ the whole article again….

Pastor Donnie


Thanks a lot for the information, it is very interesting..(especially the Latter Rain and Kingdom Now Topics/Theology….)

However, could you please supply more detail and information on your statement/s “these people below preach another gospel, follow another Christ – therefore it is safe to say that they are 100% against Jesus Christ”

Deborah (Discerning the World)


I am doing just that…hold on.


Reinard Bonke was never Reborn… Without any repentance, he just “received” the “spirit” when he was 11 years old and started talking “gibberish”… (they call it “speaking in tongues” ) – Biography Of Reinhard Bonnke, APV

Deborah (Discerning the World)


Oh well… and I guess that is what he preaches to everyone else.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


I have updated the article with all the info you needed.


Reinhard Bonnke’s God NEEDS human assistance !!!
“Omnipotence needs manpower… Omnipotence calls for human action… Jesus could multiply loaves and fish but only in the hands of his disciples.”
(Reinhard Bonnke, AGENTS OF OMNIPOTENCE (I), February 2001)

My God is ALMIGHTY and does NOT need me or any man…
Act 17:24 God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
Act 17:25 Neither is worshipped with men’s hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;

Deborah (Discerning the World)


That man is a blasphemer.

Burning Lamp

No wonder the world is in such a mess – look at what is being touted as the “best” of the Christian ministries. Counterfeit and/or compromised – that is the truth of it.

I am convinced that God is allowing all this to play out unchecked because the apostasy has to occur to usher in the Anti-Christ. It is painful to see it happen and even more painful to see people just such it in and swallow it.

I fear there are going to be many tears shed at the Bema and many who thought they were in the fold will be sent away and condemned. It is a most sobering thought.

God will not abide with His name being dragged through the mud and mocked forever – there is a day of reckoning coming. Each of us has to examine ourselves and keep our doorstep clean. The remnant is aware and trying to send warnings and a few will listen, but most will not. But we must keep on doing our best and leave the results to God.

Eddy Carter-Smith

I agree with most of DTW articles and comments
Why i say most is i hav’nt read all-We are clealy warned that Satan will perade as an angel of light.We are warned that ‘the very elect’ shall be deceived and we are warned not every one who says “But Lord i cast out demons in your name the sick i healed and The Lord says Depart from me.The truly ritious go about quietly bringing the gospeel and testomony of Christ returning without fanfare…Who then are these Miracle healers “Fire ministers” all paradinging themselves in full view of the so called “church” of this world.They preach prosperity and peace -But Jesus warned beklievers that they shall be persecuted even to death for there belief.No No No if you Believe on the name of Jesus the only fame you will receive is ridicule you are already a criminal in the eyes of the law -because you have sisded with the Saviour therefore you reject every other religion of the world and what they propogate e,g the Depraved mind of Homosexualism etc.The only Fortune you will receive is the crown of glory.If you think this fantasy run hide For true Christ believers there is only that what Jesus experienced,in death we shall live.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


>>I agree with most of DTW articles and comments
>>Why i say most is i hav’nt read all

ROTFL – thank you, that made me laugh. I needed a good laugh this morning! :)))


I do not agree with most of the articles and I have read them all. Seems to me that most are judgemental and selfrighteous. Do any of you know these people (the top 10) personally??? First get to know them, get to know their hearts (most are filled with the Spirit of God), and then judge. Everybody is broken – nobody is perfect. If you are looking for a 100% perfect preacher there would be none. What happened to: love your neighbour as YOURSELF – yes YOURSELF! Also the drunk hobo lying in the gutter – also the preacher making millions. As yourself. LOVE WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


ROTFL – that was funny as well. Many got to know Jeffrey Dahmer very well and look what happened to them, the SIGNS that somethings was wrong were already there, but no one bothered to WARN the public that a psycho was on the loose.

Clearly you are not a Christian, otherwise your would be LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOURS and warning people that these people above do not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are leading MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of people to HELL.


No need to be rude. You see, this is the attitude that bothers me about this site. I do not see this as Christian. And you say that I am not a Christian. Do you see how wrong a person can be by just reading what someone has to say? I am a reborn Christian through Christ Jesus, and I try not to judge. If the list of 10 are, lets say all reborn Christians, would your opinion then be that despite their reborn status, that they still would all go to hell because of what they preach and do??

Deborah (Discerning the World)


You are the rude one. You came and commented 1ST with a nasty comment. I replied with a sensible comment and now I am the rude one? lol Tell you what. When you learn to speak nicely to people FIRST TIME round I will let you comment again. (that means you wont be commenting again)


Ok. You do not have to post this, this is for you alone if you so wish. I appologize for being rude and hurting your feelings, but when one does not necessarily agree with something said, that does not make that which is said to be false.

I am trying to find out more, but if you do not want to share, thats Ok, for I have peace in the Lord.

You are doing a good job, but have lost the softness of a new born again Christian. Please think on this, and I do not mean to be critical, I mean it well.

Eddy Carter-Smith

Lexi- I can almost agree with you DTW is jugemental and selfrightious,But i have been folowing this blog for some time now and it is easy to detect quite clearly that the the author takes aim at anyone who is on public parade,these r the men and woman who should really be careful what they spout,Dtw motives are quite entirley pure –We are to be decerning and very judgmental of so caleed “leaders” very few are rightious.I do not believe that the Warrens and et al set out to be bad i believe they followed satans tag to fame and self agrandisment and by this they have become corrupt.This is the wonderfull gift of the www. anyone can now have there say including you.I like to think that everyone is intiltled to an opnion.But so are they entitled to be exposed to the truth-I do not think DTW(and i do not know the author personal)is at all malisious or condensending.but rightly Questions “leaders”version against the written word.We all watch to see if that is mantained.If not just say cheers areveditchie and move on.

Eddy Carter-Smith

Sorry i wont see your reply you have been excommunicated…maybe only temporaly.

Burning Lamp

Lexi – I hope you realize how ridiculous your statement is. These are PUBLIC figures with a PUBLIC ministry. Therefore their ministries are judged PUBLICLY. Their works are wrong according to the Word of God, not the opinion of this website. They have been judged already by the Bible.

You are in a fog my dear. There have been people who have tried to contact people in public ministry and they are always too busy to write back and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get to know them personally. They are not accountable to ANYONE and the only way is to expose them and warn people about them.

Lexi, I can’t and won’t say whether or not you are a Christian – only God knows that. But if you are a Christian you are a very naive one who has not studied the Bible and are not listening to the Holy Spirit. Your idea of loving your neighbor is not what Jesus meant. You sound like a universalist who believes all paths lead to heaven.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


Thank you for your apology. You can carry on commenting :)

I am critical and sound judgmental where I need to be critical and judgemental because the topic is life threatening. I don’t play around with people’s salvations, God holds the blood of others on our hands if we didn’t do anything to save someone, especially when the truth was laid out all nicely for you.

I RIP people out of hellish situations, I SHAKE PEOPLES CAGES. When people leave this blog I want them to leave THINKING. And if the Holy Spirit is anywhere in their lives the Holy Spirit will convict them!

I don’t mollycoddle. We are in a WAR – we fight evil spirits day in and day out, principalities of the air attacking all the time.

I don’t agree to disagree – the Gospel Truth is the Gospel Truth and if anything else is preached then it’s FALSE. I will never back down.

If people don’t like this, then… to bad so sad.


Deb’s you have answered this well and honestly…yes it’s war and precious souls are on the line.We are all sinners and sin and death are our enemies and it’s only the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that takes this away and all that the atonement represents…nothing else…good works,knowledge,wisdom,doctrine…and even love and sincerity are rendered hopeless in redemption. Again I would like to post this article here, simply because it explains it all very thoroughly and it is the true message of salvation…

To the untrained ear and eye these top ten might sound acceptable but they do not preach the same thing…sometimes they might say something very similar but it is counterfeit. When criminals counterfeit money nobody can tell the difference at least to the naked eye. Counterfeit Christians do exactly the same thing.
For those who are really genuine and seeking and are prepared to humble themselves and read this posted link and compare it to what these top 10 guys are saying…hopefully will be able to discern the difference.

Burning Lamp

Debs, what most people do not realize is that it takes a ton of courage to take an unpopular stand, knowing it will most likely result in people misunderstanding and hating the messenger. But if only one person is snatched from the fire it is worth it. And He Who rewards the faithful will exalt those who are debased in due time.

We forget that the Apostles and disciples all suffered a martyrs death as did most of those who took a stand against Roman Catholicism. (Read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs). Today’s Church has lost the zeal for truth and has caved to compromise. But there is a remnant who will still stand for truth and count the cost.


welcome the new look…
great aricle


Hello Deborah

I took one look at these so called “Most Influential “Christian Leaders” and I just wanted to weep. Boy of boy are the Christians who believe all this in TROUBLE!!!

I am talking from experience. Myself and a few of my friends came out of all this nonsense. It took us a few years to recover, about 10. But thank God we did and now we can see a con job coming a mile away. We always knew something was wrong, but we could not believe that ‘preachers’ could be wolf in sheep clothings. Ofcourse they never preach anything like that. It is always a ‘seaker friendly’ message and the power of ‘positive thinking’ and blessings of money etc.

After spending years sulking, not going to any church, a wonderful man gave me a teaching by Jacob Prasch. It was if the Lord had dropped a brick on my head to wake me up.

I am now flying, but still battle with all the churches around me. I went into a church down the road from me last year at Easter. Instead of preaching about what Jesus had done all the pastor could talk about was how wonderful Robert Schuller was on TBC the night before. All I said was “Lord I am out of here”.

So good for you Deborah. May the Lord BLESS YOU in ways we can’t imagine. I am sure you have come under attack from many quarters. I know I have but even though many of my Christian friends really hurt me when I pointed out the error of their ways, guess what? Many of them have now seen the light and that it the most wonderful blessing I could have imagined.

In His Grip


I am saddened to see Lisa Bevere on the list, I read her book out of control and loving it, ( the topic was giving control to God not in an unhealthy sense) and found it very inspiring.
As for Reinhard Bonke no Bonkers I am not surprised!

I am also Disappointed Billy Graham’s son is on the list too!

Deborah (Discerning the World)


Lisa Bevere is part of the Latter Rain group of preachers who are at the best of times unbiblical.


If this is the kind of pastoral care and help you have to offer to the fallen world, I don`t want it.Jesus was the most “charismatic” being the world has ever seen with every gift in action and we are His followers. If it is the truth (or better, if He is the Truth..) that will set us free, we have to learn from Him. All of us! And He did a lot of “strange” things. Because a Movement came into being with some wrong approaches, it does not mean that we have to eliminat all the scriptures about gifts etc.. or that nobody is saved who does not fit in your scheme. I also would say with Gerri: “How dare you put Reinard Bonnke in such category” at least…..

Deborah (Discerning the World)


>> Because a Movement came into being with some wrong approaches, it does not mean that we have to eliminat all the scriptures about gifts etc.. or that nobody is saved who does not fit in your scheme. I also would say with Gerri: “How dare you put Reinard Bonnke in such category” at least…..

Would you like to go to the BIBLE and quote scripture to support your argument because I can quote 100 scriptures to tell you otherwise. Let’s see how learned you are in the bible, maybe while looking up verses to prove me wrong, you will learn something.

Rheinard Bonnke is a lying con-artist.


I think all is said depending on the different views in this matter. Instead of challenging me to proof my view against a “spiritual superwoman” you could rejoice, that there are some people on earth, not abused by the Charismatic Movement. Even, dear Deborah, if I would present you 100 verses, you would call me a seduced person. Because you choosed to do so, deep within. And this is why I see no need to response this way. Eventually Im not the only one in need to learn something. I can tell you, that I more than once changed my viewpoint about biblical things, because I was convicted by the truth. And some things need time and wisdom and prayer. The Bonnke – thing is between you and God Allmighty. I wishfully hope, that your
kind of discerning the World will be a blessing and no hurt to other people. And forgive me the strange reaction. Perhaps I could understand you anyway better in your reactions, if I would know you personally. God bless you, Sister! ;o)))

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