Woman & Delightfully Deceptive New Age Ministries

Delighfull Divine Woman Ministries - New AgeThere is a massive increase in Woman New Age ministries popping up all over South Africa under the disguise of Christianity.

Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries run by Luzanne Nel and Melinda du Plessis is one of them.

The name of their ministry is absolutely terrible.  Delightfully Divine Women?  This is completely shocking and totally unbiblical.  When you become a born again Christian you grow to become more Christ-like, you DO NOT become like Christ or a Christ or anything Divine for that matter.  However in New Age teaching you do, you become a god, you realise you are a god trapped in a human body part of a huge cosmos.

Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries say on their website:

Our Vision: Is to be obedient to what the Lord put in our hearts: to build a ministry that will uplift women in a practical fashion, inspiring them to live a fulfilled life in the Lord in their personal divine purpose

Our Mission: Putting our faith into action and fulfill the purpose He gave us!

Clearly they New Age Woman they have read Rick Warrens Purpose Driven Drivel books. (Please read, URGENT WARNING: Rick Warren – A New Age Prescription For Your Health).  Now their vision and mission it seems is not to preach the Gospel at all, but too do and speak other unbiblical things that are not found in the bible – let’s have a look shall we…

Their next event will take place on the 15 January 2011, where all woman are requested to:

“Bring your Mother, your Daughter, your Grandmother, or even just a Friend. You will be leaving refreshed and revived ~ Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul”.   There is no cost, which is the catch and ultimately draws the crowds.  All you are requested to do is “bless their ministry” with an offering “should you feel the desire in your heart to do so”.

The content of the seminar contains:

“Praise, Thanks & Worship, Teaching / Testimony, Soaking, Healing Dance Ministry & One-on-One Prayer.” Dress casual as you need to “Be prepared to set your feet and spirit free to Worship and Dance before Our King”. [Emphasis added]

Soaking is another word for Meditation (the occult version, not biblical prayer). Meditation crept into the church under the disguise of being Christian many years ago and is increasing in popularity.  Just because you listen to so called Christian music while practicing an occult practice does not make it Christian.  Meditation trains one to clear one’s mind of wandering thoughts and focus on the absolute truth or all.  This type of meditative prayer seeks to experience God’s presence through mystical practices, which is dangerously esoteric as you enter a trance like meditative or contemplative state.

While everyone at Delightfully Divine Woman Ministriesare meditating and clearing their minds, the Bible tells you that you are to:

1 Peter 5:8    8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

The title of the seminar is Give Praise and Thanks. But to whom? I find it fascinating that no where on the newsletter, nor anywhere on their website do they mention the name of Jesus Christ. But then again they are a New Age ministry disguised as Christian so I should not be that surprised.

Luzanne and Melinda are staging “Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries Healing Dance” or “spirit-led dance therapy to break loose from bondage, to restore broken hearts, to become One with THE ONE and move in the rhythm and flow as [sic] God works in your heart“.   [Emphasis added]

There are 2 problems with this;  1)  It’s completely unbiblical, 2) It’s completely and utterly New Age.

  • No where in the bible does one find spirit led dance therapy or anything of the kind.
  • You can’t set the Holy Spirit free but you certainly can freely invite other unclean spirits to enter you.
  • The Holy Spirit of the Bible DOES NOT dance, nor does He lead anyone too dance.  The fake ‘holy spirit’ (6th Chakra – Third Eye) found in New Age teaching however does.
  • Spirit led dance therapy DOES NOT loose you from bondage. Jesus Christ and repentance of sin does.
  • Spirit led dance therapy DOES NOT restore broken hearts.  Jesus Christ and obedience to His commandments does.
  • Dance therapy is actually a type of psychotherapy
    • Spirit Led Dance Therapy is just another type of meditative practice and falls under the category of ‘Healing Arts’ within the New Age religion. width=
    • New Age dance therapy uses dance, movement and playing to inspire the body, mind and spirit for a greater sense of wholeness, harmony, and freedom.
    • This Dance Meditation engages that creative source (your inner god) supposedly inherent in all of us thereby making each session a magical experience as you connect with a higher energy bigger than yourself ; note Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries say that you, become “One with THE ONE“.
      • “This understanding brings us to the most controversial concept of the New Age philosophy: the belief that God lies within, and therefore we are each part of God.” Shirely Maclaine, Going Within, London: Bantam Books, 1994, p. 100
    • New Age Dance Therapy DOES NOT help you find joy, self-acceptance, etc. It is Jesus Christ who is the One who provides ALL these things.
    • God DOES NOT work in ones heart via music.  ONLY first believing in Jesus Christ and through repentance of sin can God work in ones heart.
    • Dancing to different rhythms especially with the purpose of Awakening ones self is actually activating the different Chakras in the body.  (Read:  7 Colours of the Rainbow and the 7 Chakras – How the Chakras/Tree of Life have infiltrated Christianity)
    • The New Age Tree of Life vs Biblical Tree of Life:  Tree of Life – Meditation vs Prayer

The Bible clearly tells us that mankind’s problems DO NOT stem from their ignorance that they are gods but rather that we all have a sinful nature (Romans 3:23). Human beings are not gods. God and humanity stand realms apart in nature and attributes.

But many people will say, but the bible says in John 10:34  “Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”‘?

Let me explain:

Jesus was in dialogue with the Jews of His day and quoting from the Old Testament Psalms, saying:  “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”‘?  The Jews wanted to stone Jesus for calling God His Father and making Himself equal with God.  So Jesus quotes Pslam 82 to them to show the distinction between himself and those in Pslam 82 who were called ‘gods’.  Pslam 82 was written AGAINST certain unjust rulers in Israel’s history.  Men of high distinction (Judges/Rulers) were almost seen as gods because of the power they wielded over the nation.  The problem is these men were UNJUST.  Verse 82:2  says:  “How long will you judge unjustly, And show partiality to the wicked? and verses 6-7 say,  6 “I said, “You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High.”  7 But you shall die like men,  And fall like one of the princes.”  So these rulers are not gods, they were given this name by mere men, but were they still children of God?  Yes.  But they will die like everyone else.  So the point Jesus was making was that if unjust rulers can be called gods (by men), how can the Jews who wanted to stone Him object to Him saying that he was the Son of God?

Can you see how easily scripture gets twisted and the next minute you have women running around teaching New Age teachings under the banner of Christianity.

Beware!  Delightfully Divine Woman Ministries promote the following books:

Philip Yancey on Unity Between All Religions says; “Perhaps our day calls for a new kind of ecumenical movement: not of doctrine, nor even of religious unity, but one that builds on what Jews, Christians, and Muslims hold in common….  Indeed, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have much in common.”  http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2004/011/18.120.html

On the following webpage it appears Luzunne is receiving extra biblical revelation from another source. A spirit called ‘Wisdom’ says:

“Yes daughter, I am wisdom.  Come to Me and seek Me frequently.  I will teach you.”

The Holy Spirit of the Bible DOES NOT speak to Christians like this.  This is completely demonic.

Again this is what ‘Wisdom’ had to say to Luzanne:

“Daughter, I remind you again today to remain in the flow of My Spirit.  Remain in My stream of Living Water.

Allow yourself to float in the gentle stream of life.

Moses was just a baby boy floating down My River of Grace, and the gentle flow of My stream took him to ultimate purpose and destiny.

Moses remained faithful and obedient to my instruction almost until the end.  He became weary and impatient.  He denied divine destiny & instruction.

He chose to follow self.  I had to withdrew my hand of blessing and reward.”  [Emphasis added]

‘Wisdom’ (another name for her is goddess Sophia) is not very wise and a downright demonic liar because no where in the Bible do I find that Moses denied God in any way and no where did God remove His hand from him.  Once again, just the slight twisting of scripture;  Moses never entered the promise land, but he most certainly entered Heaven.

This is what the Bible says:

The appearance of Moses and Elijah when Jesus Christ is Transfigured

Matthew 17:1-4

1 Now after six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother, led them up on a high mountain by themselves; 2 and He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light. 3 And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with Him. 4 Then Peter answered and said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here; if You wish, let us make here three tabernacles: one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.”


Now I do not know if Luxanne and Melinda are ignorant too what they are doing, or they know fully well what they are doing by pushing this New Age rubbish onto unsuspecting people.  We will find out soon enough.  They have 2 choices, carry on in error or learn the Gospel truth and stop leading others astray – and possibly change their little ministry into something truly special for God.

In the mean time it is my duty to warn women and children out there as to what this New Age ministry is all about.

Notes and Updates:

25 Jan 2011 – It would appear after all the warnings, DDWM is still continuing in error with even more conferences.

Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Burning Lamp

This is absolutely horrible!
This is the same day that Rick Warren is offering his Decade of Destiny health charade that can be viewed worldwide with his 4 New Age/occult promoting guru doctors.


listen, I just dont understand what is the point of calling everyone occult or new age or what ever. You are right when you point out Bible verses and try to teach people, fine, but not everything is occult or new age or devil worship. What is the type of Christianity that you believe in, yes I understand, Biblical, that fine, me too.. I dont have a problem with getting ladies together and doing fellowhip, they needed. we are living in a really rough world, theres so much negativity going on. I am sorry, but i think that articles should be presented responsibly and with love and understanding.

Monique Howley

Hi Deborah

You do show a lot of love in your comments (to Hector) & in your written literature……NOT!

You carry a lot of hatred in your heart & by being rude to a person is not the Godly way!
God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit = LOVE

Who are we to judge as God is the only one who will Judge us One Day.


Burning Lamp

Monique, you have a false concept of what true biblical love is.

True love exposes error so others will not get hurt or misled. True love presents the uncompromised Gospel that saves the lost from an eternity in hell. Yes, God so LOVED the world, but He is also a God of holiness. There is NO holiness in this conference and God views such teachings as tools of Satan and His Word. So should we!!

If you don’t like Deborah’s research, please do your own and find the truth for yourself. Are you motivated or willing to do the labor required?


Hi Deborah
I have read the info of this ministry , and was one of the first perhaps to “assist” them by asking to rectify their contents because people make mistakes and perhaps do not discern about many other bondages . I would also ask the question of how they came too these choices and forming this ministry . Are they indirectly under the covering of a certain church or small “unknown” ministry .We are going to be held accountable ….the bands , the leaders , the beauty queens ….. all and if we do not prepare well and surround ourselves with the truth in Spirit …the wrath of God will be upon us . I have scripture to read for all ….1 Tim 6:1-5 .. shower of blessings and as always the imense Grace of our Lord . Anton


I am saddened by this article. I would like to believe that you constantly seek guidance and pray for a spirit of discernment before publishing any articles that could have a negative impact on people or ministries who serve God sincerely and work in His kingdom according to His calling and purpose.
Luzanne, Melinda (and other), we can rest in the assurance that if we do live obediently according to the Word and will of God, the war (spiritual) belongs to Him. And if He is for us, who can be against us? No one can stop what God has set out to accomplish. He is the great I AM!
I certainly worship the only living God, Elohim, who loves us unconditionally and Who will comfort and restore the brokenhearted.
Rom 8:28
I pray for all – the publisher/writer of this article as well as the individuals involved. I pray that His love and grace will cover all!

Elaine Broekman

Dear Deborah,

Thank you for your concern, but we at DDWM really are not into any New Age things. We were somewhat surprised at this accusation, because your assumptions are all just that, assumptions, made with a critical spirit.

You do not know our hearts, but God does. You should first talk to people (as the Bible says, speak face-to-face first, before you go to others), clarify what we understand certain terms/words mean, before you hurt someone with words. You base your opinions on little bits and pieces and you do not look at it as a whole.

We truly believe in Christ Jesus and everything we do is to help women find new life in Christ. Yes, through repentance, faith and grace. Our prayer and thanksgiving morning is for free, not to catch anyone, but to bless the people who want to come. Is it so hard for you to believe that some ministries are truly based on a true and living love for God? If we meditate, we do it in the way David did in the Psalms, focusing on God, definitely not on ‘nothing’ or on ‘our inner selves’ and definitely not ‘clearing our minds’. That is dangerous territory, we agree with you on that. David also danced before God! And music does touch hearts and can definitely be used to bring people closer to God. Why would the Bible instruct us to praise God? Because it lifts the spirit of heaviness… and this my friend, sounds like bondage to me.

Moses did not enter the promised land (and nobody said he went to hell). Meditation/soaking, as we explain it and do it, is pondering on Scriptures, on what God has done for us or on the attributes of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit… any of the women who have been to one of our events can testify to this and tell you that it is our deepest desire to lift the Name of Jesus up, to praise HIM… If you read the entire invitation, you would see that we praise and give thanks TO GOD and nothing else… Please read our statement of faith.

The name Delightfully (full of delight, joy and peace) Divine (with God in our hearts, with God as our Heavenly FATHER, adoptive daughters of the King, NOT us being gods at all) Women (plain, humble, thankful women) Ministry (serving)

One with THE ONE – does not mean we are all gods, it means that because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are yet again one with Him:

John 17: 20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

Thank You! I hope this clarifies everything. If not, please let God be our Judge, not you. Let the testing fire burn away whatever is not of Him, because, contrary to what you believe, we only want to serve God with our lives, in Spirit and in truth… and the mandate He has given us, is women.

Peace to You!
The Delightfully Divine Women Ministry Team


Here is the fact … they are beating about the bush , They have promoted the book and they recommend the book ” The Shack ” apparently a beautiful story .. but below the surface its sinster and sutle evil …. i will send you a review … please use it > “om die girls se koppe skoon te kry ” The book is defiled !! finnish en klaar


God used many many people in the Bible to bring change, deliverance, etc to His people. I can’t think of anyone who did it perfect! Moses, David, Abraham and other… all failed in some area. But God finished through them what He set out to do.
We will stand before God and He will search our hearts and test our works. Whatever is not perfect, through His grace and our willingness to step out into the ‘wilderness’… He still works through us.
We will never be perfect. We can only be sincere and constantly be in the Word of God and be guided by His Holy Spirit to what He asks of us.
People have come to know the living Christ through many not-so-perfect-people. At leaste we are stepping out in faith in God and trusting in HIS works. We are doers of the Word and not only listeners.
It’s all about winning souls for the Kingdom of God. Let us focus on that and keep our eyes on Jesus Christ.
God bless you.


My dear friend… I am only accountable before God. I do not have to defend myself. Therefore I bless you and trust in God and Him alone. I know Him, love Him, obey Him and know the voice of my Shepherd. If I’m wrong, He will convice me in LOVE. Keep well and God bless.

Monique Howley

I would like to know from you, Deborah, on who appointed you to be the judge of other people
Anton, who made you the policeman for others beliefs?


Sorry… but you are assuming I am part of DDWM. I am not.
Please don’t worry about my soul – I’m saved and ready for my Saviour.

Monique Howley


Let’s agree to disagree.
You see, I see the glass half full & you see it half empty.

Enjoy your blog & have a nice life.

I’m outa here, as we will never ever agree.

Monique Howley

The half glass is a metaphor, but you are so hooked on bashing out what is in your mind that you are not open for even a simple example of a glass filled with water.
The emphasis was on you & me seeing the same glass, but from different angle’s.

Me = Half Full
You = Half Empty
Fact is that it is still half full.

So by never agreeing to disagree you are saying “My way or nothing”,
Your life partner must realy have a tough time then.

Let’s hope you wake up one day……

Seeing that you have editorial control I dare you to post my comment.


Hey Deb’s

I’ll get too posting on that other thread still. Please forgive me as I’m still struggling to get rid of holiday laziness.. ;-)


This is truly sad… people are so blind.. the god of this world is hitting home runs right of the bat here in the beginning of 2011.

You just KEEP – ON – SHINING the LIGHT of God on all these things my dear.

People see BUT DON’T perceive & hear BUT don’t listen..

Comments like these can make one quite speechless!!!

… ;-) (I’m praying with you for these people)


Monique Howley
Clearly something stepped on your attitude or nerve ..true christians don’t judge … we assist and help and show you what you have done wrong or what you have written .You cannot agree because the reason is the veil is before your eyes and you don’t see what is behind it ( Listen to the Paul Wilbur cd ) and as a police man …no no .. but as a watchman on the walls … Yes !!!! The problem with your ministry is any body saying anything against it is now judgemental … oh ! come on . Time to sluk that what you have experienced and perhaps danced and “renew” yourself.
just by saying “i am outa here blah blah shows me that the truth is hurting you and your dance therapy . and for the good of all… and perhaps everybody read the following crucial Bible scriptures > Hebrews 12: 12-17 / then very important > Ephesians 5: 8–13

Burning Lamp

After perusing the DD Women site, it appears that these are lovely ladies – sorry to hear that Luzanne has contracted fibro, a very distressing malady. But sorry to say this is Christianity Lite, fluffy and frothy. This is not to judge hearts, it is to simply state the truth.

These lovely ladies have not done their homework and don’t see anything wrong with promoting Eldridge, Meyer and The Shack which is an ABOMINATION to God.

Deborah has served up a warning/alert and the pertinent parties can either receive or reject. But if they continue to offer sweets laced with arsenic they will not answer to Deborah, they will answer to the Lord for those who are damaged by it. Deborah’s hands will be clean.

If they would clean up their ministry it could be a powerful one, but as it is, it is compromised and God cannot bless such.


Keep up the good work Debs…as I remarked once…you are never going to be popular in this corrupted world where satan has his agents who are so deceptive that are even leading the some of the elect astray.Poison is being introduced to Christianity in so many different ways.
People like Monique are so very blind and cannot see…it is futile to argue with her because the argument is not only academic but is spiritual warefare. She needs our prayers…she is obviously not saved and this is our prayer that God will remove the scales from her eyes.

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