Ivin Viljoen – The Fires of Hell Burn Bright

Ivin Viljoen

Ivin Viljoen

Ivin Viljoen – A False teacher teaching our youth in South Africa.

I have been meaning to write an article about 220Generation (www.220generation.com) and Ivin Viljoen for a while, but it’s been a difficult one only because reading his newsletters he sends out regularly are so full of false teaching it’s nauseating to read.  But the time has come that I expose this man for what he really is.  A False Prophet!

Firstly I want to mention this:  Ivin Viljoen takes preaching from pretty much every minister out there;  bad and good, mostly bad though.  He leads the youth in South Africa astray with mixed messages.  One minute he points towards men who preach the gospel and the next minute he points towards blatantly evil men who preach a false gospel.  He is a master of disguise.

ivan viljoen 220 generation

I first found out about Ivin Viljoen when I found an small book he had written called “Vision for a generation” on Faith of the Martyrs (FOTM) run by Doug Perry (a man who has taken multiple ‘spiritual’ wives over and above his real wife).  This book by Ivin explained a vision he had of an “Army of God”, the youth raising up and taking back the earth for Jesus. 

I emailed Ivin Viljoen to warm him that his vision was completely unbiblical.  The answer I received from him contained contradictions of mass proportions. Ivin Viljoen can’t keep to the same story to save his life.  He changes from one day to the next becoming more and more heretical as time goes by.  He is one of those who agrees and disagrees at the same time. He changes his tune to suit the question. Ivin Viljoen there is only ONE Truth.  Not multiple ones.

Lets have a look at what Ivin Viljoen has to say under ‘About the Founder’

“Hi, I’ve been in youth ministry since in 2004 and serve God by ministering to young people. I gave up my life to follow Christ and made my calling and election sure by attending RBC SA for it’s full three year curriculum. Since then, God has shared many visions, dreams and prophetic messages with me that made me pursue the will of God stronger. These divine revelations were about revival among young people. I am a fan of revivals and studied them for three years now./[sic] It’s probably the only thing I wants most in the world.”

[DTW note: But Ivin Viljoen why did you not mention you were a youth minister at  Spirit Word Ministries lead by Kobus van Rensburg?]

“I’m influenced by revival teachers like Andrew Storm, Doug Perry and many of the vintage generals God rose up in centuries before us. Leonard Ravenhill, Charles Finney, Charles Spurgeon and the like.”

On the prophecies website he quotes Kim ‘occultist’ Clement

 width=Kim Clement:   (Word of Faith / Latter Rain / New Apostolic Reformation / Occultist / Spiritualist / Emerging Church)

 “God says I declare unity within four portions of the body of Christ and this will cause a generation of young people to arise and declare war against the savages of this nation”.    Kim Clement. 21 April 2007. Humble Texas.

[DTW note:  Four portions of the Body of Christ? (verse please?).  Oh I know, I know:  The Book of Clement 5:6;  “I recommend the following 4 portions: Proteins, Vegetables, Starch and Fruit”. 

I wont even mention the comment about declaring war against the savages of this nation (verse please? ) – That sounds exceptionally loving Ivin.  I know who will persecute genuine Christians in the end times and if you don’t repent you will be one of them that persecutes the ‘savages’ i.e, truly born again.]

“For God said I will shake churches, I will shake businesses, I will shake ministries, I will shake – everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And out of it, out of it will emerge a new sound, a fresh sound that will draw in the wicked, that will draw in those that are crying for help. And God said there will be such unusual miracles like the earth has never seen: in medical science, in technology, athletes will break records as has never happened. The spirit of Samson will rise upon physical bodies and God said there will be so many wonderful, wonderful breakthroughs. For a unique generation shall bring a unique manifestation and unique miracles. God said prepare yourself for you will be saying these same words “this has never ever happened before!”    Kim Clement. 8 July 2007. Pasadena California.”  

[DTW note:  You can’t be serious Ivin;  you believe this rubbish?  ‘Out of it will emerge a new sound’ (verse please?).  This is New Age Spirituality talk and this new ‘sound’ is the Antichrist. 

Unusual miracles such as athletes breaking records as never before?  (verse please?).  This is possible, but only because they are taking performance enhancing drugs. 

The spirit of Samson will rise upon physical bodies?  Besides that there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘Spirit of Samson’ (verse please?) are you agreeing and believing with Kim ‘Vibrations’ Clement that you are going to get physical strength like Samson?  I can’t wait to see this.  But I do know if you join the gym and pump some iron you will build muscle.]

Ivin Viljoen quotes Kim Clement ± 11 times.

He quotes Andrew ‘preach the gospel and add in deception’ Strom: [2]

 width=Andrew Strom:  (Youth revival, Joels Army, Latter Rain, Apostolic and Prophetic, Incognito New Apostolic Reformationist who preaches Emerging Church)

“I tell you, when this “new music” arises, watch and see how fast this occurs. The media will be falling all over themselves to be par of it. Do will indeed “change the understanding and expression of Christianity IN THE EARTH in one generation”

“The street revival will become a media revival. When you think about it,this may be the best way that the youth of the West can be reached en masse today. But how humble the new leaders will need to be to cope with the pressures that will come with this” – Andrew Strom.”   

[DTW Note:  New music,  New sound, New Move, Vibrations, Sounds of Heaven, New Wine…I just can’t keep up with all this NEW Age terminology.  Ivin,  it’s GOT NOTHING TO DO with how humble the youth will be but whether they are GENUINELY SAVED!]

“I believe people who are really gifted with audio, digital and visual skills will be crucial members of God’s “commando army” in the coming media war.” Andrew Storm “The Ned Flanders Syndrome”

[DTW note:  God’s ‘commando army?  (verse please?)]

He quotes Smith ‘punching people in the stomach to heal them’ Wigglesworth:

 width=Smith Wigglesworth:  (Latter Rain / Word of Faith / Faith Healer)

“I see the greatest revival in history of mankind. I see the dead raised. I see every form of disease healed. I see whole hospitals emptied with no one there. Even the doctors are running down the streets shouting. Untold numbers of uncountable multitudes that will be saved. Nobody will be able to count those who come to Jesus. No disease will be able to stand before God’s people. It will be a worldwide situation, not local, a worldwide thrust of god’s power and god’s anointing on mankind”   Smith Wigglesworth

[DTW Note:  Smith Wigglesworth was just another William Branham, who ran a ‘healing ministry’ of false signs and wonders. 

‘”Untold numbers of uncountable multitudes that will be saved. Nobody will be able to count those who come to Jesus”?  (verse please?)  Hold on, I’ll help you, here is one to show you just how false this:

Luke 18:6-8     6 And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge said; 7 now, will not God bring about justice for His elect who cry to Him day and night, and will He delay long over them? 8 “I tell you that He will bring about justice for them quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?”

[DTW Note:  So Ivin Viljoen, there will be hardly any genuine Christians left for 99% would have followed the False Christ that Jesus also warned you about, that has come to deceive the entire world!   It is going to be so bad Ivin that Jesus says that if God does not cut the days of the end times shorter there will be no one who survives, but for the sake of the truly born again he shortens the time before Jesus comes back.]

Matthew 24:22    “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.”

[DTW Note:  All these so called prophecies you have mentioned above by so called generals of God speak about miraculous signs and wonders in the end times, and these so called prophets speak about these things that are going to happen as something great…but JESUS SAYS:]

Matthew 24:24     “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

And then Ivin Viljoen quotes Johan van Wyk of Solid Rock Church (Church of Miracles)

 width=Johan van Wyk:  (Latter Rain / Occult / New Age Spiritualist / False Prophet / Joels Army / Not sure what else, but whatever it is, it is bad)

“Our task is to raise the John the Baptist generation. The Elishas, like Elijah raised Elisha, to make ready a people for the Lord”    Johan van Wyk

[DTW Note:   Good grief…now it’s a John the Baptist generation…what next? (A verse would be nice?)

Quote of the year!!  

“After deciding only to preach the truth this year, we had some comments concerning our teachings…”   Johan van Wyk


Ivin Viljoen’s false prophecy

I have left this for last (not that I have run out of stuff to expose the living day lights out of Ivin, but only because I will be writing non stop for a year).  Here is a prophecy sent out via a newsletter by Ivin which I think deserves a big flashing strobe light. You wanted to be famous Ivin, now is your chance – embrace it like you have embraced the Occult]

Subject:  Word from thunder
Sender:  220 SA Revival Watch –  ivinv(at)uskonet.com
Date:  2009/01/20 11:09 AM
[DTW Notes in green]

“The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook” Psalm 77:18 KJV   [You could have quoted from any translation and you would have still twisted it.  So as we can see bible translations really make no difference when it comes to twisting scripture.  This example obviously does not apply to the Kenneth Copeland et al versions.]

God’s voice is likened to thunder in many other places including Job 40:9, Psalm 104:7 & Revelations 14:2   [Ivin, um…and these verses in no way apply to you!]

Last night was a great night, spiritually – but also very, very scary and sad. Because I believe God shared His heart with me.  [So dramatic, so false…]

Anyone who lives on the East Rand of Johannesburg, South Africa will know that we endured a hail and thunder storm like what we have never experienced before. It was some of the most powerful thunder and lightning few have seen or heard in their lifetime. The clouds, even though I didn’t dare look, were raucous and boisterous. The sound was mighty and great, and I experienced the power of God in that storm. It was one of the greatest displays of God’s might and power I have ever witnessed.   [Just wait till judgement day.]

It was 12h38 and a storm came up. As I explained, the magnitude of the thunder was to the level as if a Boeing 747 or perhaps a Cheetah fighter plane or perhaps a Mirage was revving its engine right next to my window. The lightning was swift, long and intense. It lit up the entire world around me.  [I know about the storm that took place Ivin. It was not any worse than some of the thunder storms that have taken in previous years.]

Now, God speaks to me in various ways but mainly in a few avenues: in visions, in wind, thunder and lighting.   [God speaks to genuine Christians via His Holy Spirit in a gentle whisper, and the Holy spirit abides in us, but only once we are truly born again – you seem to have a completely DIFFERENT means of having god speak to you.]   And last night it was as if God was trying to get my attention   [Trying to get your attention?] or someone’s for that matter.   [You would think your god would let you know if he was trying to get your attention instead of someone elses – that’s like eavesdropping is it not?  Continuing to listen to a conversation that was meant soley for another?] And I believe He got it. I believe there were fear of floods and destruction, but I asked God to let it pass, if there was any on its way.    [Ohhh so this is the Word of Faith coming through, ‘Speak and God will do it’.  But I am confused, you were not even sure if there was any disaster on the way… ahh huh.  You once said to me in an email  “I am admittedly from the word of faith camp, staunchly trained in the Classrooms of Rhema, teaching the Spirit Word material (Kobus van Rensburg’s bible school)…I am grateful for the foundations they laid.”  Grateful for the foundations laid?  Your foundation is built on SAND, it’s not one bit sturdy and will be washed away if you don’t repent and build your foundation on ROCK which is the real Jesus Christ of the Bible.]

At first, I asked God: “What’s wrong Lord?!” And I sensed the Lord was very, very unhappy. He was angry. Many, from Psalmists to prophets to any man of God sensitive to God’s voice and nudging will testify to God speaking through the elements   [Oh for crying out loud, God speaking through the elements?  Fire, water, earth, air?  Occult beliefs] – especially thunder as substantiated in the Scriptures above.   [No, only the Holy Spirit in a gentle voice]

Upon asking God what the matter was, I sensed Him starting to speak to me. He spoke but I couldn’t understand, it’s like I needed an interpretation. Something like the interpretation of the thunder tongue –   [You could not understand Him?  Odd the bible says that the Holy Spirit leads us into all understanding, but you could not understand – again, what god tries to deceive you? As for your ‘interpretation of the thunder tongue’ (VERSE PLEASE?)]  if you understand my example.   [No, because it’s a heretical example].  Around 5 minutes after I asked the Lord for an “interpretation”, the Lord started to reveal things to me.   [5 minutes?  That’s a long time, did confusion set in by any chance?]

I memorised what He said, sometimes in whispered thunder, other times in great barrow loads that made one frightened.  [Frightened?  God does not frighten us, He loves us, but I do know of one that does cause genuine fear, and that is Satan]   Imagine someone speaking to you the way I explained the thunder to you. Ask anyone who were in that thunder storm and have them try and explain it to you, it was incredible and frightening at the same time! As thunder was now understood in word, the Lord said a few things.

I started to memorise what He told me at first, but then heard the Holy Ghost tell me that I am human and WILL forget if I didn’t write this down.  [Now the Holy Ghost is speaking to you and not the thunder – you are one contradiction after another.]  I went and got a piece of paper and a pencil. I wrote down what God said thus far at the table in the lounge. Then I went back to the bedroom and put it on the bedside table. It was quiet and I thought God had finished – then He spoke some more and I wrote that down too. Five or so minutes once what God said to me was recorded, the rain stopped and so did the thunder; and the heavens rested from its proclamation.

Now, what I am about to share with you might be far fetched and seem ridiculous   [Oh yeah, reader, continue to read further for this is exciting stuff]  – but I want you to receive it from the source it comes from.   [Yes, Satan or your imagination, either way it’s a lie].  I believe sternly that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophets and I hope my track record speaks for itself[What track record? 100% false come true, 0% true come true! And by the way, a miniscule amout of false prophecies do some true.  But the great thing is, is that God tells the truly born again to not fear the false prophets that speak these words.]  I have no desire to gain favour from any of you and wish no applause or accolades  [No, you just want to lead children astray] – as many prophets do and expect   [What like Kim Clement for instance?]. I want to be God’s voice or his messenger if you will.  [The Word of God (Bible) is our record of all truth and the Holy Spirit guides us into understanding of the Word of God – I understand that you do NOT line up with the Word of God at all.]

I don’t HAVE TO share this   [Oh, but you want too, because as I said above you are sent by your god to lead youngsters astray.]    but would like for this word to be on record as I like when God’s word spoken to me come to pass.   [Thank goodness you did actually, because it’s just extra proof as to who you really worship.  God despises those who say,  ‘God told me’ when He did not.]   You may judge severely any and every word shared if you like   [I don’t judge you, but I do judge the false words that come out of your mouth. I judge with the plumbline being the Word of God and you have been found to be wanting] – for that is the judgement I am subject to if sharing a prophecy with people, especially on this blog or newsletter.

The content is controversial and very, very different. But I want to release it nonetheless and see if my ear is attentive and am I still or hearing God’s voice at all.   [Let me clear this up for you right now so that you get on your knees today and repent for following a false Christ.  Turn your life over to the REAL Jesus Christ of the Bible, submit to His Truth!]   I trust the way that God speaks to me and therefore have full confidence in sharing what I am sharing with you today.

When God started to speak to me, I sensed what He was saying to me was very personal.   [Then why do you display it to the world? – Contradiction!!]  Like what He said was almost said in complete confidence and trust.   [Oh, well…]   But I did understand that what He said was to be shared with anyone I could.    [‘Complete confidence’?  Yet it could be shared with everyone as well?  What the?  Please remind your followers to never tell you anything in confidence.]

At the beginning of Him starting to speak, I sensed He was angry, very angry. And I could hear it through the thunder in the natural mixing with the words “angry”, “angry”, “angry”. But it was a sad angry. An almost crying, weeping, anger-sweeping through His heart like sorrow that’s almost unrepairable.

Then He shared something specific with me. Now, if this happened last night specifically or has happened some time ago I’m not entirely sure. But what was very clear was that there are 5, specifically 5 atrocities that have been committed in South Africa.   [Why did your god not tell you what these atrocities were?  Why does he leave you to guess?  It could be one of 10,000 things when you look at the current state of this country, so try pull another leg why don’t you.]     I had a very deep and concise sense that it was last night but don’t want to commit to that.    [Don’t want to commit? Why?  Does your god have a reputation of telling lies therefore he is not reliable enough to repeat what he told you?]

[PS, Question:  after being told to write the message down because you were told you would will forget, why is the prophecy so short?  When I was reading your email I was expecting a dictation of at least 10 lines…not like 10 words.]

God said it has not been revealed in the news yet but will surface in the weeks and months to come. “It will be revealed soon.”    [Please lets us know soon, I am sure there are many waiting in extreme anticipation to hear what these 5 things were]   is exactly what He said. Such are these atrocities that many will look at it in disgust and disappointment with disbelief that man is capable of such a thing. This has been committed on different levels of society – not one in the same. Levels as in political, social, economic, religious, etc.    [This is the 7 Mountains of the New Apostolic Reformation / Dominionsism – to take over all spheres of the world]  I couldn’t understand more detail to that.    [Why not?  I know what this is all about.]

God said then there will be a few swift judgements following. My question to Him was: “a judgement for each atrocity?” And all the Lord showed me was the numbers 1 and 9.   [Oh, now it’s numbers: Kabbalah / Numerology = Occult]   Could this be 19 or ranges of judgements from 1 to 9?   [Maybe he was counting from 1 to 9, and wanted you to complete it with a 10,  just a thought]   However it may be, it was very clear that judgement will follow swiftly and suddenly upon those specific instances.

The Lord then very clearly stated that the fear of the Lord WILL return to South Africa.[Latter Rain / New Apostolic Reformation nonsense re: verse above Luke 18:6-8]

Then, I sensed in a vision God walking off.   [No comment]

By now you’re probably judging me as a lunatic and so be it, but I feel the need to speak these because “to him who is given, much is required” and “to him who is faithful with little will be made master over much“.   [Yeah, it’s tough being a false prophet].

Instead of stoning me today, why don’t my friends and readers please rather consider committing this to prayer and ask the Lord for more revelation. As I said: I am open to the severest and worst judgement, should I have erred but would like you’re interpretations of what God said last night.

[Ivin is just letting you know in advance that you are not to judge him or stone him (just love this one, so over-used because we who test and weigh don’t stone, we just point out the errors – big difference).  Anyhow he is just preparing you in advance for when these 5 horrendous, terrible, outrageous atrocities don’t happen. I like the way you say you are open to the severest judgement (excluding stoning) should you have erred and then ask others out there to interpret what your god told you. 

I mean from what you wrote, how difficult can it be to understand that;  5 atrocities have occurred or will occur within the next couple of months and be shown on the news, and will shock South Africa half to death and bring the fear of the Lord back to the people of this country. 

Ivin, not everyone is a complete fool and there are true Christians out there who can see right through you.]

I wont even mention where Ivin Viljoen said in a newsletter, that all Christians need to come together including Catholics

Update:  Solid Rock Church have been slapped with legal papers to not advertise false claims of healing:   Johan van Wyk – Solid Rock Church With Not So Solid Advertising

Update 24 Aug 2017:  It’s been several now years since Ivin Viljoen’s prophecy and nothing has happened.  Either Ivin has a vivid imagination and a liar or Satan spoke to him through a thunderstorm and Ivin believed what he was told to wrote down.  I pray Ivin learns from this and his eyes are opened to the truth of the matter and does not carry on being deceived.

Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Discerning The World

Email sent to Ivan Viljoen: ivinv(at)uskonet.com

Subject: Article re 220 Generation and False Teachings

Please read and comment (if you feel it necessary):



I have published your article as wide as I can. If you don’t get any comments it wasn’t really worth posting this article. I’m nobody Deborah. I wish revival for lost souls. Those that know me know that. God bless.

Shaun Krause


I would just like to know if there is anybody you’d recommend. Remember that by the measure you judge your judge as well. (Matt 7:2)

Do you have a favourite bible translations you use?


Discerning The World


>> I would just like to know if there is anybody you’d recommend.

If you look down the right hand side you will see links to people who preach the truth, there are more links soming soon.

>> Do you have a favourite bible translations you use?

Why do you need a favourite bible translation? When The Holy Spirit is the one that gives us the truth all the time. i.e., The bible means nothing without the Holy Spirit.

Do you have the Holy Spirit in your life?


Are you commenting to yourself? Or is that perhaps an attempt at FAQ’s?

Discerning The World

Ivan, I replied to Shaun before I approved his message so my comment came thought before his went live.

Discerning The World

Thanks for sending my review far and wide. Now people can really see what you are about. By trying to ‘expose’ me you expose yourself more…Your own words judge you.

Below is you email you sent to your subscription list. If you read the ‘About this Blog’ page, I said that all emails I receive I will post in the comments section. But I’ll put this more out in the open so there are no confusions. So here we go:

Our website has had a review on Friday. DTW has called me to repentance because of my “prophecy from thunder” post of a couple months ago and through the heading of the post condemened me and the220 to or from hell.

I didn’t condemn you to hell and certainly not from hell. The title refers to your wonderful godly logo with Fire burning like hell, sorry I mean, looking all bright and cheery like ‘heaven’…..errrrrr. Besides the Word of God condemns you, not me.

“Discerning the world” is like a “watchman” blog that speaks against revival, everyone doing something for God and who are bearing fruit. She spoke against Lakeland, CFC, David Hogan, me and even Angus Buchan.

Hahaha, and exactly what did Todd Bentley turn out to be? A Liar, a false teacher who has managed to do more damange to people than anyone else I know of lately. Do you admire him Ivan?

Angus Buchan?

Yes, you know this already. You were the first one to take information (Revival is here quotes from Angus) from the above article last year that I had posted last year. You then sent out a newsletter using my hard research without even crediting me. Pffff…I’ll always credit you.

This type of blogging extracts mudslinging from many people; saved and unsaved. Look at the following post, her comments and what was produced. I say enough.

You’ve got to be kidding, the guy insults Jesus Christ and you stand up for Him? Well…enough said too.

This premise is the reason why I left 24.com; because unsaved people cannot argue with saved people about faith 1Corinthians 2:12.

Deborah, I am careful to prophesy, ask anybody that. Ones that recently came to pass is the split of the ANC, the ANC losing it’s 2/3 majority, petrol price drops etc. Words from God that impact the world. I speak when I hear God trusting me with something He wants to speak through me.

Odd, most political analysts said the same things.

Other prophecies you missed when you “skimmed” my site was the prophecy for South Africa I posted last year. The prophecy you referred to and torn apart was posted because it was such a great display of God’s power. She wrote:

“[I know about the storm that took place Ivan. It was not any worse than some of the thunder storms that have taken in previous years.]”

Um, no Deborah. You don’t know what you’re speaking about. Knowing ‘of’ the storm and being there is two different things. Someone actually mentioned to me the sound sounded the same next to his window as it was mine. He lives 60km away from me! He DID not, however, confirm or shoot down my interpretation.

Of course I do, I live about 50km from you . When I got your email I thought…”gosh, what the heck is he talking about. That storm was bad but I’ve seen worse.” LOL, agreeing with you that the storm was bad and disagreeing with your ‘prophecy’ are two different things.

Also, Deborah. You really shouldn’t write your acrticle as if any of the people I quoted is at all associated with me or my ministry. I admire all of them but they don’t have or want anything to do with me.

Where did I say they were associated with you or your ministry? I quoted these comments from YOUR WEBSITE by other false teachers because you AGREE WITH THEM hence you quote them. But you have now exposed yourself again by telling everyone, “I admire all of them”. So, if you admire someone and they speak blasphemies then…well….no rocket science involved here to figire this one out.

Finally, Deborah, You should really spend more time preaching the Gospel, which my site is dedicated to; or at least ‘review’ sites or ministers that you ‘approve’ of.

Oh lol, your site is dedicated to preaching a ‘false’ gospel that is. Quoting from people who have nothing better to do than insult and mock Jesus Christ the Son of God

I have considered removing you from my list becuase I don’t like throwing my pearls before swine and dogs, however, reading something other than lambasting blog posts about ministers that do exactly what Jesus said we must do “preach the Gospel, … heal the sick, raise the dead etc…” might be a good thing to you and maybe all that hatred and gunk will fizzle out.

Oh but of course, you would in no way want me exposing you any further. Thanks for calling me a pig and a dog. Oh but then you’ve all ready called truly born again people SAVAGES by admiring Kim ‘The occultist’ Clements oh sooo wonderful prophecies…’from god’…lest we forget to mention that it was from god.

I didn’t give the post too much consideration as I am busy writing another book you can ‘critique’ called: “One, God’s Blueprint for the Church” and busy setting up a Revival College which will start in July. It was inspired by most of the people you mentioned in your post. I will send you an official invitation to the launch so you can come and give another critisizing post of what we do there. In fact, you must join the College, you might learn something.

Of course you gave it consideration otherwise you would not have emailed your entire mailing list to come and comment here. You know, 100 against 1 is always the better war strategy. Send in your Joel’s army why don’t you. I have no doubt your revival colledge was inspired by the above heretics. And don’t contradict yourself again, one miute you are wanting to send me invitations to your colledge but also want to remove me from your mailing list. Come, make up your mind, the same goes for which ‘Christ’ you follow.

Note: Look, I know this email is a bit boisterous, but if I let reviews and posts like yours thwart what I do I would have probably acted like an ostrich and put my head in the sand. I can’t tho’. Too many people are dying and going to hell. I focus on the lost – you should do the same.

Um, yes and you send them to hell with your horrendus teaching. And I do focus on the lost, the ones you lead astray.

Everyone, please go to Deborahs post and comment, it’s been up since Friday and nobody commented except me :) Also, our Revival College is a brick and mortar College (for now) that will be for teaching people about revival and the approriation of it.

They can comment till the cow come home. All they will do is cement their views for all to see and expose you more.

But YAY for the ones who’s eyes are opened because they heeded the Holy Spirit’s waring and ran away from you as fast as their legs can carry them.



Well, I hope you had fun. Have a nice day Deborah. God bless you.

Discerning The World

Why are you two faced and end with a ‘God Bless you’ when you know full well you do not mean this.


I do Deborah. I really do.


[EDITED by DTW: I have not approved your comments because all you have to say are insults – as the saying goes, “if you have nothing nice and constructive to say, don’t say it”]

Grant C

I am aware of the futility of attempting Christian dialogue with members of the Occult such as Ivin, but I scanned this posting and was simply compelled to make a few comments in passing. These snippets were simply too ludicrous to ignore.

There are many other incredible statements in Ivin’s postings which are similarly indicative of a terribly false gospel and teaching. In retrospect, this is probably one of the instances in which it would be reasonably accurate and within Christian boundaries to dismiss Ivin’s gospel in it’s entirety on grounds of it’s inherent evil. It is original deception with it’s most deviant modern Word Faith gospel face.

“Discerning the world” is like a “watchman” blog that speaks against revival, everyone doing something for God and who are bearing fruit. She spoke against Lakeland, CFC, David Hogan, me and even Angus Buchan.

I think Ivin missed a word in a few places, which, had he employed it, would have made this statement of his true. It should read:
“Discerning the world” is like a “watchman” blog that speaks against false revival, everyone doing something for a false God and who are bearing false fruit. She correctly spoke against Lakeland, CFC, David Hogan, me and even Angus Buchan.

Deborah, I am careful to prophesy,…

I would advise Ivin to exercise far more care than he does, as he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about regarding Biblical prophecy and the punishment for doing what he does and wishes to pass of as prophecy. I have no doubt that Ivin hears voices in the weather, but they are not from God. I doubt very strongly that Ivin would want to be known as a prophet, if he finds out what the fate of Biblical prophets was.

Finally, Deborah, You should really spend more time preaching the Gospel, which my site is dedicated to;

No Christian should spend any time with the false gospel preached by the Occult, which Ivin’s posting is dedicated to.

heal the sick, raise the dead etc…”

This instruction is not in the Holy Bible, so where is it and why should a Christian want to do these things? This sounds like it could be Voodoo, Ivin. Have you actually raised a zombie? In Jo’burg?

and busy setting up a Revival College

The Holy Bible clearly teaches, in so many places, that there is a great falling away taking place today, certainly not a revival. The Occult, however, has experienced phenomenal growth throughout modern times. Is this the revival of the Occult to be taught at Ivin’s College, as it cannot be a Christian revival. If it is to be an Occult College, I have no doubt that Ivin will meet with much financial success.

but if I let reviews and posts like yours thwart what I do

If Christians can thwart what Ivin does, it would be an Evangelical triumph. Unfortunately, Ivin would lose money and fame, but he might gain salvation, as would those he would have led astray.

Too many people are dying and going to hell.

Ivin, YOU said it yourself, so why don’t you stop helping them into hell? If you preached the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus to ONE person, doesn’t have to be thousands, only ONE, you would have done better than anything you are planning or preaching.

I notice that the dates of the postings above are from 2009. Is Ivin still preaching the false gospel, or has he come to know the Jesus Christ of the Bible? Anyone know?

Elmarie A

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Oh wow Bunnytrails …..So there is a connection between Johan van Wyk and Ivin Viljoen. Debs thank for the info!!


Shalom Brother,

(sorry für my english)

the (spiritual) world is smaller we think. The false doctrines are the same worldwide. South Africa seams spiritual confused as we in Germany – and the rest of the small planet. There are MANY false spirits – MANY (1. John 4,1).

Offtopic: It seams you have the holy spirit right. TULIP is a horrible doctrine. Especially the P!!! Its good, that you have here a clear biblical view ! The P of TULIP will lead many many souls to hell. This ist bad and very bad, that so called “biblical teacher” are 1-Point Calvinist. Second the pseudo-charismatic wolfes … and so on. The whole world seams to be crazy in every way.

I wish you every blessing God the Allmighty can give you on the last days on earth and be filled with the holy spirit to divide the false teachers and false doctrines.

“And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.” Mat 25,10



False prophets are relatively easy to discern if you have integrity in your faith…liars are definitely not messengers from a holy and righteous God…Benny Hinn tells blatant lies…so does Joyce Meyer…Angus Buchan too…statements in his book “Faith Like Potatoes” contain blatant untruths…Kim Clement is an absolute charlatan and heretic of note…you can go on and on.

Elmarie A


Benny Hinn tells blatant lies…so does Joyce Meyer…Angus Buchan too…statements in his book “Faith Like Potatoes” contain blatant untruths…Kim Clement is an absolute charlatan and heretic of note…you can go on and on.

Yes and the list is growing longer and longer and the Universities have Professors deceiving the Young people and that is sad.
This is what is taught at at the University of Pretoria the Department of Theology:
Two points ferociously made by Spangenberg: the Bible is not the inspired Word of God and the Gospels (Matthew through Luke) are fake writings and fake accounts of the actual events.

My point is these kind of teachings straight from hell must be happening world wide and the new generation are being blinded and deceived by what they are taught by false teachers and false prophets. Not to mention that children still at school are taught Interfaith as a subject that lays the perfect foundation for the One World Religion coming. This curriculum was implemented in SA by department of Education in 2005 already.

Micheal a question to you, is it really that easy to discern for all ? What about the coming generation? Will they be able to discern when blinded and lied to from a young age by False prophets and False Teachers ?


All these false groups state a revival is coming when the Bible warns us of the great falling away which there is endless evidence of now. The celebration of Catholic saints who followed a false gospel speaks for itself. What is interesting is this one called for an Inquisition:

I believe the Emergent and false Pentecostal and Charismatic movement definitely has been conducted via Rome behind the scenes.


Micheal a question to you, is it really that easy to discern for all ? What about the coming generation? Will they be able to discern when blinded and lied to from a young age by False prophets and False Teachers ?

Perhaps you are right…probably a bit glib when I remarked the above.
As a young man I was fooled by the charismatics but there again they were not as extreme as the word faith movement…they tended to preach the gospel of redemption but things started to change when the prosperity doctrine started to infiltrate the main stream …Kenneth O’Hagan, Oral Roberts, Gerry Saville to mention a few.
I started to realise there was something very wrong here when the lying became apparent…ie when statements that were made that just were not true.
What I really meant is that a man of God …a messenger of God does not tell lies.We live now in a world that is bedevilled with lies..business is riddled with it …presidents are men of very low integrity, leaders in the churches are also contaminated with deception…the greed factor blinds the flesh…need I say more.

Elmarie A


leaders in the churches are also contaminated with deception…the greed factor blinds the flesh…need I say more.

Nope you said it. Deception and greed has indeed taken hold of the leaders in the churches.


Francis Xavier supported an Inquisition, and called for one in Goa. {I was pointing out they were celebrating him on the site talked about in your blog entry. This Generation 20 group wrote an article celebrating the guy who did THIS:


St. Francis Xavier who requested the Inquisition in 1545. The Goa Inquisition was the office of the Inquisition acting in the Indian state of Goa

Oh Deceivers will call you Inquisitioners, etc. It’s happened to me just for pointing out false teachers. Right now I am being called a Ruckmanite for not supporting false Messianic teachings that claim Christians never had the true scriptures {I read the KJV}. That is being said even though I fully renounce and reject Ruckmans many false teachings including the denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

You are right about the boards that expose one thing but then bring in other errors, I have seen those blogs too. I used to visit Slice of Laodicea and got banned for pointing out that one favorite website, Walter Martin’s daughter [the guy who wrote Kingdom of Cults] basically advanced Catholicism. I saw odd, Catholic baggage on that website too…{didnt get a chance to comment on your thread regarding that subject}

It’s something to be very wary of out there. There are websites who will warn of Roman Catholicism but bring in Ruckmanism, False Jewish Traditions stuff–think Jacob Prasch–Hebrews Roots.

Deborah, I do want to ask you take a look at my Calvary Chapel threads on my blog too.



“how difficult is it for you to find genuine Christians there?”

Its almost impossible. The most “genuine Christians” in Germany are 1-Point Calvinists and/or Darbysts. Because they will lead also brothers to hell with this false doctrine – I can and will not go to them. And than there are very very less genuine Christians ! Only through the internet I know from less normal Christians.

In Reality its realy like Jesus said:

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Luke 12,32”

We are a little flock, but we are IN Christ and in HIS truth and of us is the kingdom. Most “Christians” are outside this kingdom.


Hello Deborah, I don’t know what to say to you. My ministry is aimed at souls, saving it and nothing else. If you look at 220, it comes from Galatians 220 which reads ” I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me”. That IS my focus and absolutely nothing else. If you have taken time to read any of my other stuff besides this specific prophecy, you would really have a different view of my ministry.You also really need to get your facts straight; I have worked for Johan for 1 and a half year as youth pastor, I left after that for numerous reasons that has nothing to do with you. I went back to my home Church where I have been humbly serving since end of 2007. The website is aimed at one thing, getting young people closer to God. I haven’t been to Solid Rock or spoken to Johan van Wyk since then.
I have also never worked for or been affiliated to Kobus van Rensburg, I went there a couple times until God specifically told me not to go there again. You would know that if you read the book properly and not just scrolled the content of the book with your mouse looking for something to criticize.
I haven’t spoken to Doug Perry since my book came out in 2008 and Andrew Strom has a chapter in my book because the article is applicable to the application of the book. Besides getting permission from him for the use and perhaps a recommendation for the site, which he refused b.t.w, we never spoke. I hardly think he knows my name. So, once again you had done some bad research. I have since been submitting myself to more reputable leaders but I cannot disclose them to you since you have this inclination to drag everyone’s name through the mud if they’re not Deborah or her two or three “agreement buddies”.
You bring down people like Angus Buchan and Smith Wigglesworth which clearly shows your character. You think you have the gift to discernment confusing it with the gift to criticize. The gift of discernment is described in the Bible as “between true and false spirits” – not people. You are causing the Body of Christ great harm.
I never took quotes of Angus from your blog, I took them from the source, which I believe was the Beeld, Rapport etc. I didn’t quote you, I quoted the original. I have enough newspapers in my office coming in daily so I don’t need to run to your blog for a quote.
I told you, the reason you don’t get my articles is because I deleted you from my list. You exist to criticize and like I said Matthew 7:6.
If anybody says anything in the way of commenting except what you think is going to strengthen your article, you don’t post it and brush it off as insults. http://itodyaso.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/first-official-honorary-odmu-certificate/ You like posting insults at other people but don’t like others posting it to you. Anyone reading this: Please note that Deborah does not allow objective commenting.  Therefore, how can her blog hold any water, authority or anything else. She is a lone ranger in a field, enemy of the cross (Phil 3:18). The only reason her blog ranks so high and get’s so many hits is because she writes sensational articles about whatever is hot in the international news at the moment, doesn’t have to really be anything to do with Church. She thrives on watching her Google Analytics report and watching her destroy other people’s ministries.  As seen on her sites left hand side she has numerous entries to blog promoting sites which helps her with her 650 “views” per day. Remember, it is “views” – not original visitors. Meaning people just click, click, click because they cannot believe the nonsense they are reading.  She has nothing better to do.
As for Grants comment, you don’t know anything about me brother.You have, like Deborah, taken one article and blown it completely out of proportion – adding to it people and instances where they are in no way related.
And also, Grant, the Scripture of healing the sick etc is in Matthew 10:8. You sir, and anyone else in this commenting on this blog are clearly not in the fellowship of the saints. And you sir, don’t know the Bible. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so confident to say that it isn’t.
As for your comment on the College, we haven’t actually opened the College. So I don’t know what financial success you’re talking about.
I don’t know where you guys get that I am famous, successful or financially prosperous. I don’t have a ministry, besides the site perhaps where I have put up videos, games, cartoons etc from a lot of different sources to give young people an alternative from all the other junk in the world/internet.   I also don’t make any money… I work in a advertising company for a small pay, I am a tent maker, working a job in the week and doing hardly any ministry at all. The only ministry I actually do is hand out food to people who are hungry and give the guys standing on the corner with pick n pay advertising boards around their necks some orangejuice to drink. That, my friends, is all ministry I do.
No Elmarie, like I said in my original response, I am not affiliated or associated with Johan van Wyk – he actually excommunicated me. We have hardly spoken since 2007, which you would know if your read the article properly. So, don’t grab at straws.
Biblebeliever: The article you mentioned is about Francis Xavier and the tremendous work he has done as a missionary. You guys have no respect for anybody, pulling apart even those that have died, now without the ability to defend themselves.   And… once again you have your facts wrong, just like everybody else. I didn’t write that article, it was sourced from another site.

Really tho, look at who comments on her blog, Deborah, newcommer, Deborah, Deborah, Deborah, Elmarie, newcommer, Deborah, newcommer, Deborah, Elmarie, Deborah, Elmarie. Quite a fan club. What would Deborah be without her # fan Elmarie and the help of her blog promo postings.
This blog has and should carry no credibility or authority… and it doesn’t. It’s a bunch of nonsense. I mean they criticize the One Goal movement for “whatever” when all they wanna do is create awareness and help people and make countries their goal education for all Africans: What is wrong with that?
Discerning the world is actually what it is, it should actually be called Criticizing everything.
Grant mentions and Criticizes my “posting(S)” when he hasn’t read any of it. C’mon people really?
See, Deborah, just like the lady that took Johan to the ASA you have a personal vendetta. It is clear because like her, you keep on posting/complaining about the same stuff. She has been doing this (complaining about Johan) five times in the last couple years. Was it really necessary to post this article  – again? If you call Johan and ask him he will tell you that we are so far from associated that we hardly speak, if at all. He will tell you that himself. You obviously have the cat at its tail.
Tell you what, why don’t you take of this article and ask the other lists on the internet where this is posted to also remove it because you are costing me everything I have ever worked for. I am NOT in full time ministry and I DO NOT have a Church so you’re targeting me is uncalled for. It is running not only my reputation for ministry (which doesn’t exist), but you are now attacking my character and that is becoming illegal.
Have those posts removed or I may just take legal action. It’s clear that none of you commenting here know me or know what you’re talking about as you’re facts are all unsubstantiated. It’s not a threat, I am just sick and tired of your personal vendetta.
I have spent too much time commenting on this article so don’t expect more comments from me. I’ve wasted enough of my time…


Very mature. Just delete the article Deborah…

Elmarie A

Deborah (Discerning the World)
Ivan has this to say on his blog.

Just like the devil to attack someone whilst on sabatical

This is regarding my original posting on 18 May 2008 here on Facebook where “Website review condemns me to hell & calls for my repentance”. It’s the same old nonsense. Here is my comment if you don’t want to read the original article by this blogger here http://www.discerningtheworld.com/2010/07/23/the-fires-of-hell-burn-bright-for-220genergation/#comment-16653

Taken from this link:

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