John Piper – Accepting One Mountain with All the Others

John PiperYou don’t have to give up Buddha, Krisha, Allah, etc., to follow the Cosmic Christ if you listen to John Piper.

If you just believe in the Cosmic Christ then you will go to heaven.   If you just embrace the Cosmic Christ you will go to heaven.  It’s that simple.  No need to deny anyone.  Just place your little statue right next to the other ones.

I found this little gem of a video by John Piper.  I think I am going to transcribe this (for those in poorer countries who can’t afford bandwidth – where paper is still a necessity and the printing press has not evolved yet).   I don’t think John Piper would mind us spreading his message in an older format for all the millions of truth seeking Christians around the world.

John Piper says:

“In a pluralistic, multi-cultural, relativistic, shrinking world, like ours, this will be harder and harder, and harder to believe.

Because they’re not just in Africa, and Asia, they’re right next door. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Jewish people.

You know them at work; they’re your friends for goodness sakes.  And you want them to be!!!

And when they ask you, “Sooooo, you’re saying, if I don’t embrace your Jesus, you think, I’m going to go to hell?”

What are you going to say right there?

“Well it’s kinda complex, well there are disagreements, in the church, and there are a lot of scholars and a lot of opinions and…”  Weasel, weasel, weasel!!!   We got out of that last week, we are done with that! We are DONE WITH THAT!

We are REAL!  With tears rolling down our faces!  I don’t want to believe that about you. I want you with me.  I’m just a beggar, I have nothing, I am nothing.   Jesus came into the world to save everybody!

He wants Samaritans and Muslims and Jews, and Hindus and Buddhists and every race and ethnicity, socio-economic, he wants us reaching out. (Makes hand signs of bringing the world together).

I’m talking to you right now, I want you in heaven with me. Go there.

There is no argument. Go there.

Plead!!  So that they see this is not an argument,  Like, “OH which Mountain?”  It’s not about Mountains!!!

It’s about Christ, God’s Son, came on a rescue mission to every religion!!

Which is why Paul, Jesus and Peter all laid their lives down to reach the nations, the religions

All missions are going to places today where they don’t want you to come. Well they say, “well if they don’t want us to come then we shouldn’t go.  Bologna!!”   There wasn’t a city on the planet that wanted Paul too come to, that is why he spent half his life in Jail.  Beaten with stripes, 5 times with rods, 3 times shipwrecked over and over.  He went into synagogue after synagogue where they drove him out.

You don’t go where you are wanted.  You go where you are needed!!!!  And you die if you have tooIn order to show who he is.”  —


Religious pluralism, a term used to describe the acceptance of all religious paths as equally valid, promoting coexistence

Right, let’s analyse this sermon.

1)  It’s all great Piper speaking about our ‘Pluralistic’ world / Postmodernism –

But fails to mention what he means by that.  Because biblically there is only ONE LIVING GOD, and there are also MANY DEAD gods – like Buddha, Krishna, Allah, etc.  Now if you come to embrace the false Christ, you will automatically be embracing Buddha, Krishna and Allah and the Eucharistic Roman Catholic Christ because they are all one and the same false god just with different names.

2) What does he mean by “shrinking world”?

Is he speaking about the fact that the world is becoming very connected via technology and that countries are no longer secluded from one another.   People from all over the world can instantly connect and speak to someone in Brakpan if they wished using platforms like Skype.  This does make the world seem a lot smaller doesn’t it?  But is this what he really means?  No, he is also implying a world that is becoming one, a world were everyone will be equal and soon follow the same Christ

3)  He says, “You know them at work, they’re your friends for goodness sakes.  And you want them to be”.

Again John Piper fails to explain what he REALLY means by this.  Firstly, when you are a born again Christian you do not hate people, and will never hurt anyone because of the Holy Spirit that abides in you.  The 10 commandments were written in your heart as Jesus Christ the Son of God came to fulfil the law. One of them being ‘thou shalt not kill’ for eg.

There is a BIG difference between being friends with other ‘religions’ and being friends or neighbourly with ‘people’ of other faiths.   So what does Piper really mean?  1)  Does he mean we should celebrate Ramadan with Muslims (Like Brian Mclaren did) so they (the Muslims in this example) can come to embrace Christ?  2)  Or does he mean that we are to speak to them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and if they don’t want to hear we are to leave them alone?  Like the bible tells us in:     Matthew 10:14   “And whoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when you depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.”    Again we also need to make a distinction between having different people of different religions working with you at your work and being friendly with them, vs. trying to be like them in order to gain their favour so they embrace and accept your Christ.

3)  He says, if I don’t embrace your Jesus, you think, I’m going to go to hell?”

Again, why does Piper not clarify what he means by this?  It’s all very well embracing this Christ he speaks about but fails to tell you that you HAVE TO denounce the false god(s) in your life.  The reason why Piper can just leave this sentence as is, is because the false Christ can be embraced without one having to denounce the other gods in ones life.  The false Christ is a neighbourly Christ who embraces everyone including all his fallen angels.

4) He says, There is no argument.”

But of course there won’t be an argument.  Goodness gracious John Piper, what planet have you been living on?  Satan is not going to argue with himself.   You present to people from different religions backgrounds a false god and of course they will accept him because they have been worshipping a false god anyhow.  And as I said earlier;  Allah, Krishna, Buddha etc, are all Satanic gods.  Bring along the another false Christ and it will be a reunion.

5) He says;   “OH which Mountain?”  It’s not about Mountains!!!”

Oh YES it is!  Using your metaphore, YES it is!  As per New Age Occult teaching each of the Major religions are awaiting their false Christ to return.  There are 5 major religions and 5 Messiahs for each one.   Each false religion sees their god as being the the biggest mountain so to speak.

If we take 4 mountains and represent them as religious gods (Allah, Krishna, Buddha and the Messianic Messiah) and Piper comes along with his false Christ the (Roman Catholic Eucharist Christ) the mountains will all have to be exactly the same size because all the gods from all 5 religions are none other than Satan.  There is however a mountain that overshadows these 5 pooofy, dead, mounds of sand passed off as mountains, and that is Jesus Christ the Son of God.

6)  He says, “Christ, God’s Son, came on a rescue mission to every religion!” 

No where does the bible say that Jesus Christ is going to rescue every religion and save them all!  However the false Christ that Piper is speaking about is currently doing that right now;  because Buddha is actually the anti-Christ, Krishna is actually the anti-Christ, Allah’s Messiah is actually the anti-Christ and the Catholic Christ is actually the anti-Christ, and the Jews who still await their Messiah will accept the anti-Christ (unless they accept the REAL Messiah who is Jesus Christ the Son of God).   You see as per the New World Faith the false Christ is already in each of these religions, it’s the people who have not recognised him yet.   But people are starting to recognise him and as time goes by more and more people are recognising him and at a faster rate as each day goes by.  Right now, it’s spreading like fire.

7)  Paul, Jesus and Peter, all laid their lives down to reach the nations, the religions.”

Has Jesus been demoted?  Paul, Jesus and Peter all laid down their lives???   SHOCKER!

8)   He says;   “All missions are going to places today where they don’t want you to come. Well they say, “well if they don’t want us to come then we shouldn’t go.  Bologna!!”   There wasn’t a city on the planet that wanted Paul too come to, that is why he spent half his life in Jail.  Beaten with stripes, 5 times with rods, 3 times shipwrecked over and over.  He went into synagogue after synagogue where they drove him out.     You don’t go where you are wanted.  You go where you are needed!!!!  And you die if you have tooIn order to show who he is.”

Oh how men have elevated themselves to the height of Jesus Christ.  Does anyone honestly think that laying down your life is going to change anything?  No.  But under a false Christ’s commandment… Yes.  Because you are now dead, you were following the false Christ and he has got you permanently.

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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I’ve noticed that Piper often does not support his preaching with Scripture! I watched a couple of his videos on YouTube and I was convinced he’s tricky.


‘the latest thing is to use metaphors, poetry, and riddles when preaching’

i bet pharisees said the same thing when jesus taught in parables. emergent, i guess. thanks for pointing that out to us.

back to arguing…



The difference is Jesus Christ is the Son of God and when He spoke

1) It was for a reason
2) It was written in the Word of God
3) It would be eternally spiritually beneficial to all
4) The message was never confusing
5) The message never pointed away from Jesus Christ

When others try this copy this, it’s only purpose is to deceive.

Let’s take Pipers comment about the mountain…

Plead!! So that they see this is not an argument, Like, “OH which Mountain?” It’s not about Mountains!!

Here he is referring to different religions as Mountains. Piper has shockingly placed all religions on the same level. There is not one mountain (religion) bigger than another, including Christianity.

Piper’s new Christ has come to level out all religions – all religions are equal with a false Christ as it’s saviour.

The Biblical Jesus Christ came to save ALL out of the false religions towards Christianity with Jesus Christ as the Saviour.

Shane Smith


I’m afraid you have profoundly misunderstood the message of this video.

Dr. Piper very obviously teaches salvation through Jesus Christ, not relativism or pluralism, on a regular basis. In this video, he urges people to share the gospel with everyone and anyone, even if it means death.

Your criticism is actually so odd that it makes one wonder, why? Why stretch someone’s video so far just so you can criticize and condemn your own imagined message? Unfortunately I’ll have to answer this myself, I’m sure, and bid you good bye.

Bernard S. Jansen

I must agree with Shane Smith’s comment. I’ve heard many hours of John Piper’s sermons and other talks, and have never heard even a hint of pluralism; and that includes the sermon extract clip above. Pretty much all of his sermons and talks, including this one, can be downloaded at

Judge John Piper on what he says, not on who you think his friends are, or what conference he’s attending. If Satan has you chasing after a Godly man like Piper with the anti-Christ-stamp, then he’s doing well.

Burning Lamp

What these folks don’t understand is that the greatest deception is the mixture of truth and error. And one CAN be judged by the company they keep.


“What these folks don’t understand is that the greatest deception is the mixture of truth and error. And one CAN be judged by the company they keep.”

And what about the company Jesus kept?


Hmmm… strong words.

Are you saying Rick Warren is guilt of:

1) Immorality or greed?
2) Idolatry (soul is devoted to any object that usurps the place of God)?
3) Railing, abusing, reviling, slandering?
4) Being a drunkard or a swindler?


“I suggest you go and pick up your bible and start reading it. It’s good for you.”

Railing… abusing… reviling

Abusing definition: a rude expression intended to offend (WordNetWeb)

Burning Lamp

Sunny D, Jesus didn’t “keep company” and call these people His disciples or “family”. He was reaching out to the lost just as we are to do, the ones that the Pharisees and the legalists were too “good” to associate with. Jesus wasn’t one with these people – He was befriending them for purpose of sharing the Gospel with them. There is a HUGE difference between alliances in ministry with those who hold to false beliefs.

Many articles and books have been written about Rick Warren and his agenda, exposing it as contrary to the Word of God. Those who are loyal to him apparently won’t look at it honestlly and prefer to remain in their ignorance. He is morally upright while being spiritually corrupt in many of his positions, having a form of godliness. He has made it clear that he has no problem aligning himself with unbelievers to accomplish his goals/Peace Plan. He does not try to hide this – he is just able to spin it in such a way that appeals to the unwary. Only God can judge his heart and motives, but his words and actions speak for themselves.

jesse mcgrady

Everyone needs to stop this kind of stuff, you are reading waaaaaaaay too far into a sermon.

Like saying-
When John Piper said “It’s about Christ, God’s Son,… ” he did not explain that point. Does he believe in the trinity or does he actually believe Jesus was God’s son and not also God!!!!!!! Why John Piper did you not go into more detail on that point. Very slippery, sneaky, soft-core heresy!!

Bernard S. Jansen

I just stumbled across this clip on YouTube, where John Piper discusses why he invited Rick Warren to the conference, and it reminded me of this post. I hope it helps those who are interested. I think the issue of secondary separation, which he brings up is an important one.

[EDITED: Written and article on these Secondary Issues:

joe closet

Oh my, you keep getting all wrapped up in the “New Age” as the devil nonsense when it’s “Christianity” that will eventually morph into the beast system. Get a grip. Quit your little spats.

Karl Fischer

Very cute … little gem, quote 3 min of a 60 min sermon twists so it suits your view, brilliant.


Wow Deborah…I think you need to pray for the spirit of God to come into your life so you can have some discernment. Do you know what will happen to those who twist scriptures? You need to study your bible more. Not read it more. Study it. You lack complete discernment in your ambitions to ambush a man who is passionatley comunicating the gospel. This is not hype with a hidden agenda. I agree with the others that have warned you to delete this. Yes our God is merciful……or would you disagree with that to?

Burning Lamp

Worship7, methinks you are the one who should take another look at the Bible and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As for the Gospel, Piper is a Calvinist who preaches a false Gospel. That has been explained over and over on this blog, shown clearly from Scripture both in an article and by recent posts. There are those who back away from calling this heretical doctrine, but this blog takes a stand for the truth. That is the loving thing to do and is a sign of TRUE discernment.

Talk about twisting Scripture! My friend, if you are trusting in the Calvinist/Reformed TULIP Gospel to save your soul, you are sadly mistaken.

Eric Turner

I believe this is utter foolishness and you are loosing the point of the big picture. Piper is saying to take the Gospel to Every Person, INCLUDING all those religions, he is not giving approval of them. And we have no excuse not to take the Gospel too them. Christ came to seek the lost and those lost are the other religions. He is saying that due to their religion they wont be accepting of the Gospel. I am not sure how you could look at an apple and call it an orange?

Doug Rhomer

The sad thing is that you “create” meaning in what Piper has said here, only so that you can condemn him. All of your points are “He might be saying this, but I THINK he’s saying THIS.” Find me one scripture verse where we’re invited to design the least charitable reading possible, and charge someone with *that*.

If you’re actually interested in finding out what Piper actually believes about pluralism and eccumenicism (and not in neatly placing him inside your pre-designed boxes so you can feel superior and in control), feel free to look up what he’s *actually* said about these things.

There’s no need to speculate and force your own private meaning onto Piper’s words. If you actually look for clearer statements on these things in particular, you’ll find them in his massive body of written work and sermons. Of course, that would require time, critical thinking, careful interaction, and charity. Please make sure you’re up for that before you jump in.

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