Andrew Strom gets it WRONG again…

Andrew Strom

Andrew Strom gets it WRONG again…

This is becoming a habit Andrew Strom and very irritating.  Come now, stop it.

This email just came into my mailbox from REVIVAL List by Andrew Strom.  Read and laugh or cry…



ANDREW:  A couple of years ago I was in South Africa and wrote when I got back how encouraged I was to see how God was moving in that nation – especially amongst the white Afrikaners – which was powerful and amazing. Below is another report of the great things happening in that country:

My name is Jeff Zak, and I am a minister in Nelson BC, Canada.

I just came back from South Africa, and attended the Mighty Men’s

Conference at Shalom farm, with Angus Buchan-  450,000 men
were there – [they only expect 300,000 for the World Cup there] it
was a powerful and incredible time – I know of one other Canadian
who was there at this time… repentance was preached at all
sessions – thousands of first time professions of Christ took place…
we were awakened art 4:30 am by the bugles for prayer at the
camp… I stayed with a group of Australian brothers, and a
pastor from the Congo…

My father died while I was there, and I could not make it back
for the funeral, and my family encouraged I complete the itinerary
[My wife and I, Marilyn, have six children] – however, I later had
the privilege of preaching in colored churches, and a Congo
church in Durban SA and an Indian church in Petermirizberg –
these people are hungry for God – the Zulus are up at 5 am praying
daily while I was there – one church of colored people in Cape
Town had been on a 21 day Daniel fast when I arrived, and were
breaking it today… so it was easy to speak there in that atmosphere…

So, there is a prosperity message problem in some
churches, but not in the township churches I visited-  God is also
doing great things, and revealing the cross, His sacrifice of His
Son for the sin of mankind, and his love for those who turn to him…
I believe I saw revival breaking out at the camp MAC 2010, and
pray God will move throughout Africa & the earth… a pastor brother
from Nigeria shared that they are experiencing revival in his area as well…

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Why are we laughing/crying Andrew Strom?  Because you can’t tell the truth from a lie if it jumped out and bit you on the nose.   You say you moved away from the New Apostolic Reformation and Peter Wagner et al YET Andrew… this is going to come as a shock to you, but Andrew…

*going to give the bad news too you very gently*

Angus Buchan and the whole Revival in South Africa is part of the New Apostolic Reformation.  Yes, your friends :)

Please see here for the truth, if you care Andrew.  And in case you didn’t know, Revival in ‘False Christian terminology” really means a Transformation to Socialism.

Now that you know this, will you stop promoting Socialism?  Or will you once again prove to us that you are a false teacher supporting the antiChrist?

We wait with bated breaths, but we won’t hold them too long.  I think 10 seconds should do it.

The Might Men Conference 2010 was supposed to be the LAST MMC by Angus Buchan (dubbed The Completion).  Their numerology calculations was based on the fact that there were 7 MMC’s and 7 is the number of completion.  Then after Eugène Terre’Blanche’s murder they realised they needed to go back to their numbers so they calculated 7+1 = 8 and that gives them reason to hold 2 MMC’s in Soweto (The number 8 being the number of new beginnings).

Also the Global Day of Prayer that will be held in South Africa soon and has Cindy Jacobs as a speaker (Cindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist) and George Otis Jr.   Yes, Andrew… and it’s no mistake on their part.  Angus Buchan is part and parcel of C. Peter Wagner’s NAR.

See the following articles on Angus Buchan and friends:

  1. Angus Buchan’s Holy Ghost Chaos or….was it Something Else.
  2. NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden @ Apostolic Prophetic Conference – July 2012
  3. Angus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation
  4. The ‘Manifest Sons of God’ belief of Angus Buchan
  5. The Dominionist Faith of Angus Buchan – Faith Like Potatoes
  6. Open Letter to Graham Power regarding the Unashamedly Ethical Campaign
  7. Angus Buchan and the Promise Keepers
  8. Stand Up and be Counted – Might Men Conference 2010
  9. Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn and God TV (with Wendy and Rory Alec)
  10. Graham Power & Angus Buchan – The Transformation of Africa
  11. Dion Forster and The Drive By Rebuking Video
  12. Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…
  13. What did YOU think Revival meant?
  14. National Initiative for the Reformation of South Africa – NIRSA
  15. Elza Meyer Attacked by Demons, Saved by Son
  16. Cindy Jacobs – Two Truly False Prophecies for Zimbabwe and Africa
  17. False Teachers and Prophets – Methods of Operation
  18. Why does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV

SEE LATEST:  Andrew Strom and J Lee Grady – False Teachers waiting for the Spiritual Revival of the Roman Catholic Church

UPDATE 28 May 2015 – ANDREW STROM contacted DTW and asked for this article among others to be removed, we asked him to please answer a few questions we have that are bothersome.  He refuses to answer.  See comments starting here:

Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

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Burning Lamp

Francois said:
I don’t believe one can slip into and out of salvation that easily. Either you believe Jesus is the Son of God or you don’t. It is a deep conviction which creates a new being which can never be killed.
So what am I?

Dear lady (I assume this is the correct gender),

The answer to your question is that you are confused. But you already know that. Thank you for being
honest and asking an honest question. You deserve an honest answer. I am glad you came to this site because we will do all we can to help you. Thankfully you are not confused with your statement above-this is true. That is an excellent place to start!!

First, to help us sort things out, let’s start at the beginning. Under what circumstances were you introduced to Christ?

At the age of 5 you may have made a sincere acceptance of Jesus, but you could not have known the full extent of that decision. If you were not properly discipled, you could not have grown to maturity as a believer. That is why the Bible says to make not only converts to Christ but disciples. When we first accept Jesus we are like babes who need milk and we need help to learn to walk.
You have obviously come under conviction about your sins, but you have tried to overcome them in your own strength and have become weary and discouraged. You are in a rut and that is a miserable place to be.

Forget all the books other than the Bible and the many websites. Start with the basics of the faith. You need clarity and only God and His Word can provide this along with someone to help you rightly divide the Word. You don’t need some degree and it is the Holy Spirit who is your teacher.

Please come back here and dialogue with us so we can help you. The Lord wants to give you victory over sinful habits, but you need to be grounded in the basics of the faith and sound doctrine. Forget about all the other stuff for now. Go back to the beginning and start over. Get out of that vicious cycle you now find yourself. There is hope and God has not given up on you!

Burning Lamp

Deborah, somehow I ahve lost my avatar, probably because I changed my e-mail address. Do you know how I can get it back?

[EDITED by DTW: I put back you old email address. What you need to do is go to and link your new email adddress to your old picture]


I am sorry to disagree with most of you but there is a deceiving and familiar spirit that is operating in the church today. I attended a prophetic conference with renowned prophets and let me tell you. The Holy Spirit set off a BIG ALARM!! He showed my husband and I the big deception that these men have brought into the church and they have to be exposed!!! They have so infiltrated the church that the children cannot discern what is of God and what is of the enemy. These manifestations ARE NOT OF GOD!!!

Truly we are in the last days- Matt 24:23-25 is happening among the church. The enemy is deceiving the body and even renowned men of God. Many well known so called prophets are teaching of a healing angel. Totally demonic and a familiar spirit operating within the church. The Holy Spirit does not cause you to act like an animal or cause you to shake uncontrollably. We have control over our bodies. The scripture says that the Spirit is subject to the body. Father have mercy on Your people!! We must be in continual prayer and fasting. The body of Christ is in such need of discernment. Father, open the eyes of Your children and give them keen discernment so that they may not be misled or deceived during these trying times.

The time is come, the time is at hand for the Church to STAND with boldness in the Spirit of Elijah and wherever our feet shall tread upon is HOLY GROUND! We bring the presence and Glory of God wherever we go!! Time to bring down fire from Heaven to destroy the works of the enemy, tearing down the kingdom of darkness and establishing the Kingdom of our God!

It is time for the church to be a church that turns over the tables of the moneychangers. We need to be as radical as Jesus was and stand for what is righteous, true and holy!!

It is time for the church to be the CHURCH and kill the entertainment spirit and tickling the ears. We should come together not with a “what’s in it for me” attitude and worrying about the carnal “Sunday Fashion Show”, but to gather together in spirit and truth to minister unto our God.

We must take a stand for what is righteous, holy and true and get back to a No Compromise, Zero Tolerance, No Apologies and destroy the Status Quo. The time is at hand – there is a lost and dying world that needs to know the Love of the Father and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. For the true spirit of God to prevail within the Body of Christ. We have the answer for all of life’s questions and his name is Jesus!!

wane anaru



I have been thinking about this guy for quite a while now, yes he is going off the rails but the sad part is that he is not the only one. It would be nice to be able to have a voice on his sites and point out some obvious facts but they keep blocking and banning anyone who pushes scripture over doctrine. Unfortunately as their numbers drop so they also try to compromise so as to include more but opposing viewpoints obviously have to be discussed and again this leads them to blocking posters. Calls for love people and forgiveness etc constantly go out but with the offended party cut off from communication there is obviously not going to be much reconciliation going on.

Its a pity but like a lot of misplaced ministries I see this one going by the wayside as things get harder.

Derek Hale

PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE continue in your God given work by exposing Andrew STROM.
I have recently been ejected from his JBTV forum site.

No hard feelings.I made a mess of things with my manner when commenting against ignorance and souls being led astray on the site.

Andrew rules HIS site with a rod of iron and will not accept any opposing views on anything.He seems to see the purpose of the site as a God given forum to teach others and bring them to His understandings.

It is as though Andrew believes he can walk on water and cannot be wrong.

I have described him on the site as a Pharisee and I maintain that this is what he is.He is appalled at such a suggestion,in true Pharisee style.

I was booted out.I am deeply concerned for the souls who contribute to this site. They hang on his every word.He rarely ventures onto the forum and when he does it is to exercise his authority.Most of the contributors revere him.

Just two days ago moves were made on site under his direction to have another member booted out.This other member is much more in touch with the Spirit Fruits than I and he brings amazing understanding and insight to the forum.

I am tempted to say it is sad but sad is not the correct word.It is wicked and clearly a spirit that is not of God.


[deleted because you don’t have one nice word to say]


I thought that all people who belong to Jesus should be correcting each other in love. This fighting and feuding causes some to stumble. Tell me-is Andrew’s first priority one of getting people saved? I see Andrew talk’s good about David Wilkerson. That is a plus in my eyes. The church has been focusing on the gifts instead of the giver. I heard Carter Conlon giving his thoughts on Wilkerson at his memorial. He said he only saw David one time dancing in the spirit and he didnt know he was being seen. None of us will ever have all the answers but we need to hear how to make it in these days we are in.


True, or false?
Does it matter?
Doesn`t God`s word tell us not to judge?
Everyone will be judged, by God.
Only he can see into our hearts, only he knows true from false.
And so, it does not matter.
Everyone should stay true to God`s word.
Do we realy need to follow any human?
I don`t think we should.
Follow God`s word.
Only through God`s words of truth can we find salvation.
I`ld like to point out that God`s witnesses will be ridiculed.
So who is to say, that not all of you are making these words come true by doing just that?
(and no, i don`t say that Andrew Strom is God`s witness, nor do i say he is not!).
Stay true to God, and follow no human, and it will be impossible for anyone to deceive you!
I don`t know Andrew Strom, which is fine.
I follow Jesus Christ alone,.
For only He can lead us to God!

Just a thaught…

Kind regards, Dirk


The topic is on here Dirk.
Enlighten yourself – this is the heading:



Sorry about this but i accidently wandered onto your site, i have just come out of organised religion, backround of pentecostal then evangelical. im reading all this stuff, and im thinking gosh where do i go, where is safe.
i have had enough of what goes on inside churches, just doesn’t fit what Jesus taught any more. i have had enough, but yet yearn to be with fellow christians, but have recently found out i have been shunned by my ex church goers, now im out in the cold. Sorry if this appears like a random message.


Dear Mandy,
I was touched by your comments and just like Deborah and a few others, I try and help people find the right place to worship for those who really serach for it. If you wish you should contact me via e-mail when I shall do my utmost to be of assistance in this regard. In the mean time, keep in touch with Deborah and this site as this will help you get to know more about discernment and the need for it in this fallen world where the job of truly Biblical Christians is to spread God’s word as much as it is to admonish and aid others. I’ll pray for you and I know others will also! Do not give up my friend; do not throw in the towel! Go the full distance; run the race and aim to finish it. Stay on the narrow road; press on and do not give up! He will give you the strength to carry on! He will help you through your search! He will help you endure to the very end! Only in Him can you do it! Hang in there and stay on your knees! God bless.


[deleted – I am sorry that you are a Calvinist, but that gives you no right to come and insult me because I expose false teaching, including the doctrine of Calvinism]


Andrew Strom has profaned the written word of God. People MUST WAKE UP QUICKLY
AND QUIT FOLLOWING THESE FALSE RELIGIOUS LEADERS! God bless you for standing against the false. The Lord has shown me that He has sent few in that would go in the Name of Jesus to these false apostate forums
to weaken their man made structures. Those with eyes to see will see and come out, most are shut down and Praise God for that!

Bryan K. Pfister

[deleted – stick to the topic – this is not ad space to spread Calvinistic doctrine]

Bryan K. Pfister

[deleted – stick to the topic – this is not ad space to spread Calvinistic doctrine]


Aaah Mr Andrew Strom, I wrote my best-ever Amazon book review on his literary classic “The Out-of-Church Christians” – a one-star rating, entitled “Twaddle”.

I also elaborated my review in the comments on another lady’s 3 star review of the same book entitled “Re ‘Twaddle'” – which proved to not be a review of the book at all.

In my response to the dear lady, I included
“…why I questioned the approach followed by the author in this book: to formulate a hypothesis and come to a conclusion, that is not scripturally grounded but a conglomeration of people’s feelings, impressions, visions, dreams… i.e. the wisdom of man based on personal experience – a way that seems right to them.”

“to substantiate his argument, he mentions the prophesies of people that he in other books discredit as being false prophets.”

I think the last phrase just about sums up Mr Strom.

That book was recycled somewhere in China… hopefully into something useful like toiletpaper.


I’m sorry, but I cannot see what there is to laugh about. Should we not – rather – weep over the state of the bride, over the deception, over what the enemy is stealing and destroying, as Nehemiah did over Jerusalem’s walls?

Patricia Abel

Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

Burning Lamp

Yeah I should have said, ‘cry’ instead of laugh. But I’ve run out of tears.

What amazes me is that there are MANY websites who exposed WoF and NAR and when Andrew Strom said he no longer supported them then they all jumped for joy and now support him. So I went and looked for a common denominator on these websites – they are Calvinists. What shocked me more is that I used to be able to comment on these websites back in the day. When I tried to tell them about Andrew Strom and tried to explain the Transformations movement to them my comments were deleted. Could not even get 1 comment on there. 1 comment would have been fair.

I then received a nice email from one of the blog owners who I used to respect telling me. ‘Sorry for deleting your comment, I just felt I had to do what I had to do’. Okaayy then… whatever that means. Obviously trying to cover up what they ‘really’ follow.

So what were these so called discernment blogs really against? Prosperity. They had no clue about Transformation and don’t want to know about it because they can’t see how ‘being nice to someone and sharing’ is bad. When it’s not about that – it’s about the underlying false doctrine that accompanies it.

That reminds me. There is a blog I used to comment on a lot that I need to speak against now. I have been convicted for a long time by the Holy Spirit about this, and the only reason I have not done it, is because I am embarrassed to say I was caught by the owner of this website because I WANTED TO BELIEVE they were legit. See, what I ‘thought’ and what God was telling me all the time were 2 different things. Oh boy… can you see why I have run out of tears? lol What a disaster.

Patricia Abel

You didn’t name the website. Shalom, Patricia


Good Ol Andy,

I think I was getting banned on an average of about 4 or 5 times a month when he was running revivalschool. He trips from one false doctrine into another on a seasonal basis. I do think the guy has am heart after God and wants to win souls but it is all works of the flesh. Deep deep deeeeeeeeeeep repentance is his key. You gotta be smashed up, beaten down, crushed to have God work through you. I have been out of churches for years, the ones that didn’t throw me out I left. I am a stiff necked, rebellious, unteachable , unfruited, objectionable sort of bloke who relies on what Jesus done at Calvary to get me through every moment of every day. I know what I was saved from and I know who I am saved too and for. I couldn’t give a peppercorn what folks think of me, but I love em all. I also couldn’t care less what a couple of old dead theologians views are. They didn’t die for me. What I care about is folks who don’t have a hope in hell but have every hope if they will forget about themselves and take up His death and Resurrection and follow Him. Can I lose my Salvation, not a chance, like I said I know what I was saved from and I know that the life of the Cross is the most wonderful, joyful, exuberant and abundant life I have ever known. I’m not insane enough to think I could walk away from the best in life, even for a second, even better I don’t deserve this life but I got it given to me by someone who loves me better than I love myself and I know He can be trusted. Better even still is He knows me, accepts me just as I am and He has done a lot of work in this ol fella to keep me on the straight and narrow and has actually made some big changes in my habits and thinking. What I’m saying is I got the proof of the pudding by what He has done. As to the others, all I can do is try and point to the one who done all the work in me, some folk don’t like the idea and get into religion and churches. I smile to myself and let em go. If they get their ears tickled for a while with what they want to hear, it isn’t my problem. Sooner or later they will learn just like me. I don’t blame the sheep in wolves clothing anymore, they will get their just desserts. ( hopefully not scones through a fax). Some folks just don’t want to listen to whats good for them until they get softened up a bit by church and religion. I’m tempted at times to tell em I told you so but I resist, give em a big hug and sit em down and start again. Most of the poor sods have had such a beating they got all the sense knocked out of them and then the Holy Ghost can get in there and teach em the right stuff. I havent seen him fail yet and I don’t expect I ever will. I know a fair bit about Bible, doctrines, false doctrines and religion but it never done me any good unless it worked for me and it does and it has. I fight for the life of the Cross like a pit bull because I know it is the only solution I can find in the Bible for every single problem a man, woman or child has. Your doing a great job here on this site, it brings back memories of my life a few years back, to be honest I love a good fight and its great to be on the winning side. I don’t envy you your task but your doing it well. Keep up the good work. Love to you all.


Andrew Strom is not as blind as everyone would assume. Also Angus Buchan is anything but preaching Socialism. There has been a great revival in South-Africa among Afrikaners and black South-Africans. I am sorry for Andrew being persecuted for reaching out, I do think that his motives are pure and he does not mix up political ideas with godly matters.

What I noted from him is that he showed discernment on matters that are truly important, like exposing Hindu Shakti-Pat and Kundalini practices in so called Christian revival movements and services. How blind can some people be to think that they have the light, yet they themselves dwell in darkness. Andrew, continue the good work – people like you may help South-Africa recover from the Powers and Principalities that are oppressing Christians and masquerade in ideologies and angered misdirected wrath against innocent people.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

South African wrote:

Andrew Strom is not as blind as everyone would assume. Also Angus Buchan is anything but preaching Socialism. There has been a great revival in South-Africa among Afrikaners and black South-Africans. I am sorry for Andrew being persecuted for reaching out, I do think that his motives are pure and he does not mix up political ideas with godly matters.

Really?? A revival in South Africa, South African?? You must be kidding.Pure motives do not determine the purity of your doctrines. It means nothing.


Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

South Africa

SA is having a Revival?? WHERE?? Among Black and White?? WHERE?? This I got to see… show us where??

Not going to call it a revival just yet, but we are seeing an amazing work of the Holy Spirit in schools and and in the hearts of school children, across race, age and all sorts of other divides since the beginning of this year. What is especially encouraging is the collective answer to the call to prayer.

I, however, believe (based on 2 Chron 7:14) that we won’t see real revival – big or small (or in our own hearts) – until we are ready for the Holy Spirit to call us to repentance (turning from their wicked ways), and allow Him to search and clean our [deceptive above all things] hearts …

paul leonard

mike doti wrote:

I suggest that you folks read your bible. Jesus himself warned us of this day to come. When you have people rolling on the floor and laughing. Body jerking out of their chairs while their faces contort. People being held to the floor and able to get up, people saying that they feel drunk when the bible clearly says to be of a sober mind. Satan is alive and well in the church. Repent and deny satan and he will flee wake church you ar undera cursed doctrine according to what the Holy Word Of God says

Hi Mike Regarding the rolling on the floor, unable to get up, laughing crying. Body jerking contortions etc , etc I have found these to be Kundalini manifestations/symptoms. The net has a lot to say on this matter, its worth a look

Be in God's Secret Place - His Presence

Hi Everyone

I would like to write down a few things I have observed over the years and also reading this blog various opiniosn of thoughts were raised about Andrew Storm (call himself JohnTheBapist type of preacher), Angus Bachun (socialism preacher or message) and Jessie Pennie Lewis the reason for quenching the Welsh Revival.

I am a South African myself I have been at one Angus Buchan meeting on a farm. Myself and my father in law and family of him , visited a weekend away, MEN’s meeting/camp. The whole focus of the whole weekend was Christ, the Cross and what He has done for us – that is all – the gospel. Nothing more or less and nothing socialism based. Family of mine was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit and serving God 100%. The fruit do show.

So the purpose of the meetings were never “socialism” or preaching a “socialism” gospel. One can very easily make your own conclusions if you were not there or never have attended a meeting. Also a lot of self assumptions are written here about “Transformation” and now he is a “socialism” based preacher.

Take a step back and realize we are all human and just as you and I want people to pray for our country, just he wants also. Now I agree that one should discern whom one team up with doing a prayer event. In this case I do not endorse “Cindy Jacobs or Wagner” or any so called generals. Also remember that people from the country side eg. farmers like Angus do not waste time browsing the internet, wondering and praying who is Cindy or Wagner ect ect.. Just as you and I could met someone in the local church to start a prayer group and without your knowledge that, the person you just introduced to could have had a history lining to false teaching or movements I am not endorsing at all. So the intention is pure but because of lack of knowledge that certain “well-known” people like Cindy Jacobs were involve in other “movements”, does not make him a “New Apostolic Reformation” preacher. He has nothing to do those movements at all. He just did had meetings on farms preaching the gospel. Now he is invited alongside some others which one now can be labeled for as be apart of. Also remember Angus is NOT the only one organized prayer meetings in cities. In fact it has come a long way done by others before him. He just go along when he was invited when these CITY-prayer events increases. By the time he was involve it was all-ready about 20 years after these CITY prayer meetings were initially held. I have attended my first city prayer event in 1992, so that is quite a few years before Angus were involve or any the likes of Cindy Jacobs. Since Cindy and other like her involvement I cease to continue visiting these events but still praying for our country and cities.

Andrew Storm:
I have read some of his teachings in the past and I understand that his heart is pure in trying to assist the Body of Christ discerning these things that are happening that are not Holy Spirit revival meetings but the Kundalini spirits, see his book. Also I do understand that not all of us is called to do that and it could be that as God has used John the Baptist to “make the crooked path straight, prepare the way of the Lord”, the Lord can use today christens that are called to have such a function (I mean not a John the Baptist as he put it) but to assist people discern. Similar to this blog is doing. So the name of a ministry can portray an image of something and such like I agree if I would be in his shoes I would have not call a ministry as such because it portray “I am a John the Baptist” where as he are just called and used by God to point out the sins of the people as a prophet and encourage Christians walk the life of faith in Jesus Christ. Sometimes christians want to point out the purpose God called the for. So I think that could be why he did it like this.

Jessie Pennie Lewis:
I agree with him that one key thing I have learned from Jessie Pennie Lewis Books is that once one focus on the cross, the blood of Jesus, his resurrection and Him alone all effects of the Kundalini spirits go away. I have been involve in these “Toronto” type meetings 1990s and by God’s grace was taken out by a warning dream and have gone through counselling. Interesting enough is the first thing the counselor has told me is the same manifestations that happen in the Hindu religion/Yoga happen there. Hindus that come to know Christ testify it is the same spirit working there as what they have experience practicing Hindu-religion when they did not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. So one can learn from Jessie Pennie Lewis’s WAR on the SAINTS book by looking closely how one can learn discern in certain situations. The book is still her opinion and not be taken as the bible but one can learn from it by understanding how certain things could happen in the spiritual realm.

What I do not agree with is how she has taken a controlling role over the Welsh revival by removing Evan Roberts from continuing preaching. Evan was also very young and prone to error due to nobody maybe not mentored him before the Welsh Revival broke out? So quenching of the Welsh Revival could have been prevented.?

Just my two cents

Let us pray for those and for each other to discern. Help us Lord as we are also only human.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Be in God’s Secret Place – His Presence

I have only one question for you.

Would you follow the teaching of someone who endorses the teaching of another false teacher?

What does God in whose presence you claim to be, say about this?

Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. (2Jn 1:9-11)

What does Angus Buchan do? He does not only embrace Rodney Howard-Brown like a brother, he also takes off his hat to him, blesses him and says “keep up the good work . . . and keep filling people of fire, and most of all with faith.” Is Rodney Howard-Brown God so that he is able to fill people with faith? Who needs God when Rodney Howard-Brown can do the job of filling people with faith?

Where in the entire Bible are we exhorted to fill people with fire and faith? Indeed, Rodney Howard-Brown is filling people with the fires of hell and you can’t see that? Do you want to be part of their evil deeds? Surely looks like it.Do you want to be part of their evil deeds? Surely looks like it.

Of course, we must pray for them. However, that’s not the only thing God says we must do. He also says we must contend for the faith that was delivered to us by the apostles (not today’s false shenanigans) and to expose the false prophets and apostles of our day.

By the way, did you notice how Rodney Howard-Brown pressed the palm of his hand on Angus Buchan’s chest (heart)? Did you? Well, what he did was to impart the very same spirit that is at work in him onto Angus Buchan and I can assure you is NOT, I repeat NOT the Holy Spirit. It is another spirit who preaches another Jesus and another Gospel. This is call contact and transmission. I am sorry, but you are deceived.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x