Andrew Strom gets it WRONG again…

Andrew Strom

Andrew Strom gets it WRONG again…

This is becoming a habit Andrew Strom and very irritating.  Come now, stop it.

This email just came into my mailbox from REVIVAL List by Andrew Strom.  Read and laugh or cry…



ANDREW:  A couple of years ago I was in South Africa and wrote when I got back how encouraged I was to see how God was moving in that nation – especially amongst the white Afrikaners – which was powerful and amazing. Below is another report of the great things happening in that country:

My name is Jeff Zak, and I am a minister in Nelson BC, Canada.

I just came back from South Africa, and attended the Mighty Men’s

Conference at Shalom farm, with Angus Buchan-  450,000 men
were there – [they only expect 300,000 for the World Cup there] it
was a powerful and incredible time – I know of one other Canadian
who was there at this time… repentance was preached at all
sessions – thousands of first time professions of Christ took place…
we were awakened art 4:30 am by the bugles for prayer at the
camp… I stayed with a group of Australian brothers, and a
pastor from the Congo…

My father died while I was there, and I could not make it back
for the funeral, and my family encouraged I complete the itinerary
[My wife and I, Marilyn, have six children] – however, I later had
the privilege of preaching in colored churches, and a Congo
church in Durban SA and an Indian church in Petermirizberg –
these people are hungry for God – the Zulus are up at 5 am praying
daily while I was there – one church of colored people in Cape
Town had been on a 21 day Daniel fast when I arrived, and were
breaking it today… so it was easy to speak there in that atmosphere…

So, there is a prosperity message problem in some
churches, but not in the township churches I visited-  God is also
doing great things, and revealing the cross, His sacrifice of His
Son for the sin of mankind, and his love for those who turn to him…
I believe I saw revival breaking out at the camp MAC 2010, and
pray God will move throughout Africa & the earth… a pastor brother
from Nigeria shared that they are experiencing revival in his area as well…

YES! – You have permission to post these emails to friends or other groups, boards, etc – unless there is something different written in the Copyright notice above.


Why are we laughing/crying Andrew Strom?  Because you can’t tell the truth from a lie if it jumped out and bit you on the nose.   You say you moved away from the New Apostolic Reformation and Peter Wagner et al YET Andrew… this is going to come as a shock to you, but Andrew…

*going to give the bad news too you very gently*

Angus Buchan and the whole Revival in South Africa is part of the New Apostolic Reformation.  Yes, your friends :)

Please see here for the truth, if you care Andrew.  And in case you didn’t know, Revival in ‘False Christian terminology” really means a Transformation to Socialism.

Now that you know this, will you stop promoting Socialism?  Or will you once again prove to us that you are a false teacher supporting the antiChrist?

We wait with bated breaths, but we won’t hold them too long.  I think 10 seconds should do it.

The Might Men Conference 2010 was supposed to be the LAST MMC by Angus Buchan (dubbed The Completion).  Their numerology calculations was based on the fact that there were 7 MMC’s and 7 is the number of completion.  Then after Eugène Terre’Blanche’s murder they realised they needed to go back to their numbers so they calculated 7+1 = 8 and that gives them reason to hold 2 MMC’s in Soweto (The number 8 being the number of new beginnings).

Also the Global Day of Prayer that will be held in South Africa soon and has Cindy Jacobs as a speaker (Cindy Jacobs – Right Wing Xtian Nazi Communist) and George Otis Jr.   Yes, Andrew… and it’s no mistake on their part.  Angus Buchan is part and parcel of C. Peter Wagner’s NAR.

See the following articles on Angus Buchan and friends:

  1. Angus Buchan’s Holy Ghost Chaos or….was it Something Else.
  2. NAR Invasion of SA – Rick Joyner, Angus Buchan, Danie Slabbert, Nevil Norden @ Apostolic Prophetic Conference – July 2012
  3. Angus Buchan and the Roman Catholic Reconciliation
  4. The ‘Manifest Sons of God’ belief of Angus Buchan
  5. The Dominionist Faith of Angus Buchan – Faith Like Potatoes
  6. Open Letter to Graham Power regarding the Unashamedly Ethical Campaign
  7. Angus Buchan and the Promise Keepers
  8. Stand Up and be Counted – Might Men Conference 2010
  9. Angus Buchan, Benny Hinn and God TV (with Wendy and Rory Alec)
  10. Graham Power & Angus Buchan – The Transformation of Africa
  11. Dion Forster and The Drive By Rebuking Video
  12. Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…
  13. What did YOU think Revival meant?
  14. National Initiative for the Reformation of South Africa – NIRSA
  15. Elza Meyer Attacked by Demons, Saved by Son
  16. Cindy Jacobs – Two Truly False Prophecies for Zimbabwe and Africa
  17. False Teachers and Prophets – Methods of Operation
  18. Why does Angus Buchan get promoted by God TV

SEE LATEST:  Andrew Strom and J Lee Grady – False Teachers waiting for the Spiritual Revival of the Roman Catholic Church

UPDATE 28 May 2015 – ANDREW STROM contacted DTW and asked for this article among others to be removed, we asked him to please answer a few questions we have that are bothersome.  He refuses to answer.  See comments starting here:

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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pheeeeeeww! blown away!

Burning Lamp

I would say read it and cry. Cry out of grief for Strom’s blindness and ignorance. He could be compared to someone with a deadly disease who underwent treatment and thought it was cured but in fact it is still viable. In a twist of irony he is now a carrier of this deadly disease of which he claims to be “cured”. That makes him more of a threat than when he went for it whole-hog and when it was coming in through the front door rather than sneaking through the back as it is now.

Note my post under the Angus thread – he is now welcomed at the 150 anniversary of the Andrew Murray revival. What a travesty!

Elmarie A

Yikes !!!

Geoff Pick

Good for you in exposing Andrew Strom.
He is damaging the unity of the body of Christ
and hurting the leadership that is being raised up by God
teaching the whole Gospell that displaces the denominations who have given only half measures and are full of teachers that deny the power of the cross.

Strom’s so called discernment is well off, pure prejudice.

See below

Stroms own writings show he lacks real discernment.

by Andrew Strom.

Strom misses real deception and fails to reveal the key facts.
He quotes in the article Jessie Penn-Lewis as an authority on exposing deception.
If Andrew is really discerning he would realise that she was a very questionable influence on the Welsh revival and a major source of damage?

Please read the below – it is the most chilling example of deceptions ever to touch revival,
I quote from:
War on the Saints by Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts

J. Penn – Lewis is thought by some to be the primary reason the Welsh Revival was quenched. In it’s height, Roberts quit leading, and moved to her estate. Evidently there were some issues with unruliness and “order.”, and the manifestation of devils in the meetings. Penn-Lewis influenced Evans to see it her way. This book, WAR ON THE SAINTS was written there. 6 months after the revival, which had a strong social impact…in that the Pubs shut down, and the jails empty and arrests were Nil…not counting a general repentance from the coal mines to the fabric mills…everything reverted back to it’s former realm of unbelief. Evans tried to make a comeback, but it could not happen. He never returned to ministry of any kind. He never married, and became a poet…mired in general obscurity.

Mrs. Penn-Lewis continued as a speaker, and was well known in her circles and at various conventions.
She Prophesied, and recorded them, and believed that her prophecies held the same authority as the Word of God, and God himself spoke as she did.
One of the phenomena of the Welsh revival was worship; the singing of hymns and songs, for hours and hours during their meetings. There was not , in general , anointed Apostolic preaching and instruction as it’s base….and in my opinion was the core reason why it crumbled. Eventually, as I see it, it was turned over to a controlling woman , who saw fit to discredit it; and Evans Roberts was culpable. It is a very sad testimony in the annuls of revival, but one that we should glean from.

Revivals must be stewarded by mature and holy men who cling to the Word alone, and have the authority to prune it when necessary, and to nurture it…by allowing the Lord the Spirit to rule alone.

Considering Penn-Lewis? Maybe it was her who was warring against the Saints.

Second account
Many people became associated with the revival as it grew. Among these was a well-to-do woman named Jessie Penn- Lewis. For years Penn-Lewis had considered herself a Bible teacher, but she had never found a broad acceptance for her teachings. She had largely been rejected or ignored by most church leaders in Wales. At first, Jessie Penn-Lewis appeared as a friend and financial supporter to Evans Roberts. She gained his confidence, and began speaking into his life.
Long time friends of Evans Roberts expressed concerns that she appeared to isolate Roberts too much, but Roberts trusted Penn-Lewis completely. She began to minister certain messages to Roberts, which appeared to him to be profound corrections from the Lord. These filled him with condemnation. He was convinced her deep “truths”were things he needed to hear.
Mrs. Penn-Lewis began to express her“concern”to Evans that with the revival’s great success, perhaps too much glory was going to Evans Roberts instead of to God. The thought of stealing God’s glory horrified the sincere young man. He began to think that perhaps others should lead for a while.
Penn-Lewis convinced Evans Roberts to withdraw from public ministry, and to move into the Penn-Lewis home. Evans Roberts never returned to the ministry. The Welsh revival ended quickly and quietly.
After a short time in the Penn-Lewis home, Evans Roberts began experiencing severe bouts of depression. Often he was unable to leave the bed for days at a time. He appeared nervous and anxious. By today’s standards he was in severe clinical depression. It took a toll on his health.
Meanwhile, Penn-Lewis began writing articles and letters in Evans Roberts’name, and on his behalf. These were published in both Roberts and Penn-Lewis’name, and eventually, in her name alone. According to many former close associates of Evans Roberts, some of the works attributed to him could not possibly have had his approval.

By aligning himself with Penn-Lewis, Strom enters the very place of association with deception.
This is one of the most chilling example of deceptions ever to touch revival, yet self appointed arch heretic hunter Strom totally misses it
(giving Penn-Lewis his implied approval).

Can Stroms discernment really be trusted ? I think not.


Burning Lamp

Deborah, I share your sentiments – I am weary of all of it. Did you intend to name the blog? If you did, I missed it. My computer is dong weird things and the print has turned tiny and I haven’t figured out yet how to fix it. I have been told that Berit Kjos is Calvinist but I haven’t verified that. I know Tim Challies, Apprising Minidtries, Pirate Radio, Mike Gendrum, Ingrid Schlueter are all Calvinist. Oh, forgot Bob Dewaay. Not sure about Bud Press.

It seems that the truth and sound doctrine are not important to the discernment community anymore either!

I have run out of tear also, but am just angry at the hypocrisy. You seem to be the last “man” standing – this blog has become a snactuary for those still clinging to Truth. Of course you will be hated, but you are strengthened by the Lord to
hang tough.

What is frustrating is that no one wants to hear and they look at anyone with their head on straight as if they had 3 heads. Please Lord Jesus, come quickly!!!


This is what I see.

1. Andrew Storm has left the Kansas City Prophets. NAR. He seem to have sympathisers in the calvinist ( another false teaching) that now has Paul Washer as their flag bearer.

Either way he has yet to go into the wilderness like Paul, Abraham or Jesus and learn the truth for himself. If he had done that he would quit the speaking circuit and just share real truth he learns each day.

I see 2 false revival
1. False lying signs and wonders.(JOhn Chowder, Todd , NAR etc)
2. False holiness – by scare tactics. Big difference between conviction and condemnation. Holy Spirit convicts not condemns, the devil condemns. The gospel convicts and provides the Good News. Not usescare tactics to produce a bunch of instant calvinist like Paul washer.

Justin John

My question?

Do you have evidence this is so? That he has aligned himself with Calvinists and running his own show. Thank for this post. I put on my Facebook Page.


I am asking if Andrew Storm has aligned himself to calvinist. Not you. Do you have evidence if he has. Now that you mentioned. You (deborah) are you a clavinits? lol. Justin


My son ran off with Andrews group and said he could have nothing to do with us because we were materialistic…Andrew Strom is a pied piper youth pastor who wants no Adults in his ministry because they are a threat! My son has since left the group and we are waiting for him to come full circle…we still see lingering false beliefs…


Hi. I’ve wondered about Andrew myself. Sometimes he says things that seem right and other times he sounds just like those he claimed to have separated from. I also get the impression he writes about things that others have already exposed, in a way that makes them sound like they are his own “revelations”. I know we all learn from each other but there is a pattern I have been seeing with him. I also cannot stand it when anyone who refers to themselves or their ministry as John the Baptist. It was either Dutch Sheets or Lou Engle who just recently did the same thing, and when I saw Andrew’s new endeavor with the same name it really bothered me. They are not preparing the way of the Lord; He has already come. ugh.

Having come out of charismania – healing rooms – false prophetic – the supernatural – myself I am still working through what I believe. I have a blog in which I warn others – mostly in what I personally experienced, but sometimes use the experience and teachings of others. Some of them you have named here. I guess we all need to pay very close attention to who we trust and take teaching from.

I appreciate your time and focus. Thanks for the work you do.


Thank you for exposing Andrew Strom. I was on the e-mailing list and I didn’t know about his false teachings until I run into your page. I did have a facebook link of him and his group, but something was telling of my back of my head when I see the word ‘Revival Teacher’. I only see the word ‘revial’ and I begain to qustion it, but I bush it off. After I read this article, I go ahead and remove him from my facebook page and I send a e-mail to remove me from the mailing list. I did not know the word ‘revial’ is not found in the Bible. I need to check these people out before I know if they are really preach a Biblical truth.



Just because the word “revival” isn’t in the bible doesn’t mean that it’s unbiblical. God has revived the church many times throughout it’s history.


Just because someone is what you call a “Calvinist” doesn’t mean they’re a heretic. Some of the men that God has used the most in the history of the church have held some of these beliefs.

Ian Armstrong

Calvinism is the teaching of the reformation and is a true interpretation of sound Biblical doctrine. No other body of teaching adequately explains salvation by grace alone and revelation through the Bible alone. If I had known these things earlier in my walk with Christ, I would have avoided the errors of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement.


Andrew Strom was not allowed to enter the US – he has now gone back to Australia/New Zealand. Maybe this will be his wilderness experience and by GOD’S grace, will find Truth.
We all were in error some time or other. none of us were born with truth.
Grace AND Truth to you all in Christ Jesus

Burning Lamp

Ian, you think you have found the truth, but you have bought into yet another lie.

Read the info exposing the errors of TULIP and Calvinism on this site and then do your own research. It is a heresy of the worst sort because it guts the true biblical Gospel.

Burning Lamp

I don’t believe I have ever made a statement regarding the salvation of Calvinist/Reformed folks. However, the doctrine runs counter to the true message of salvation.

The P which stands for Perseverance of the Saints does NOT agree with the biblical eternal security of the believer. It stems from a wrong premise, that being that the natural result of Calvinist doctrine is that God picks some to be saved and some to be lost. According to Reformed thought, if God chooses someone to be saved, there is no way the person can lose their salvation because it was not their choice in the first place.

Every petal in the TULIP is doctrinally wrong, so it really doesn’t make any difference if one subscribes to one tenet or all. The reference to 2 pointers or 5 pointers, etc. really does not make sense.

That is my two cents worth. It is amazing how we can put on blinders and look the other way simply because we are on the same page in discernment issues. That reminds me of the Christian conservatives who work side by side with false religions for the purpose of promoting morality.

You can be a Calvinist/Reformed and be saved, but you cannot have the correct view of evangelism.

Burning Lamp

Color me simplistic, but I don’t get this Hyper Calvinism stuff. I think of Hyper describing someone who is bouncing off the walls.

Anyone who buys into any of TULIP to me is just plain wrong. Not one of them, even the P, which is based on the false premise of the others, is wrong.

How can one believe that Christ died “for” all and yet believe He only accepts certain ones? That question is rhetorical because it speaks for itself.


Christians?! We dont need a prophet to see the harvest arising from the stinking seed, sown on this site.



My son ran off with Andrews group and said he could have nothing to do with us because we were materialistic…Andrew Strom is a pied piper youth pastor who wants no Adults in his ministry because they are a threat! My son has since left the group and we are waiting for him to come full circle…we still see lingering false beliefs…

sorry but I seriously do see this as a load of rubbish! He is not a ‘pied piper’ youth pastor etc….We are so materialistic!! It says in the Bible: “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me.” Mark 8:34 – JESUS CHRIST says this! He wants us to give up everything and follow Him! He wants us to FULLY RELY ON GOD! It says in Romans 8:5 “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.” I reckon yes we can have material possessions, but I do believe that we shouldn’t have such a strong grasp on worldly possessions because in God’s terms, really what value do they have? I haven’t listened to too many of Andrew’s teachings but I have never heard him say that you can have nothing to do with other people because they are too materialistic!!!


My prayer to GOD is,

Thank you Oh lord that I follow no man, no earthly pastor, no rich organisation but that I lean and wait upon only you. You are my GOD and you know all my needs and supply them. I thank you and love you. I hide myself in you Oh Lord and I take no cares of this world but care only for your word.
Thank you that you called me out of Rhema and the church and thank you that you deal with me on a minute by minute basics. To you I cry out and say call them all out of her (the false religions) and those who wont listen deal with them in a harsh way in order for them to listen to you.
They have become church bench warmers and they flirt with Satan as they busy themselves indulging in their lustful ways, groping for earthly wealth. How feedle they are as they fight and bicker about their pastors when all that energy could be used in reading your word and worshipping you every day not just on a Sunday as they all do.
I thank you GOD for sending JESUS to die for me for them though they do not understand the cross cos if they did they would stop protecting their pastors as they do.

mike doti

I suggest that you folks read your bible. Jesus himself warned us of this day to come. When you have people rolling on the floor and laughing. Body jerking out of their chairs while their faces contort. People being held to the floor and able to get up, people saying that they feel drunk when the bible clearly says to be of a sober mind. Satan is alive and well in the church. Repent and deny satan and he will flee wake church you ar undera cursed doctrine according to what the Holy Word Of God says


Ok I tried reading and understanding this discussion but i don’t get this Calvinist stuff or non Calvinist stuff. Personally I am staying out of any church or organisation, avoiding the burning coal theory. Seems you can trust no one. Not even you guys who remind me of the scribes Jesus met. But I get your points as well. Sometimes. Think I will just fall to my knees and say God help me! Seems I need a degree to enter heaven, to be your son. No God I have what I need and that is faith in your Son Jesus Christ. Nothing more I can ad. I am the whore, the tax collector, the child. Please help me. I want the label of child of God trough faith in Christ but just for interest sake. How do you label me. Calvinist or not?
K I am often one of the worst sinners as well. Obvious sins…I smoke, I used to drink too much but given up on that, I judge, I become sad, I lie etc., in my heart I am / was at times a murderer. (just wishing someone dead lol!) don’t send the police. I try and be good and repent and change. I would label myself a repentant sinner but If I need a degree or perfect lifestyle to enter heaven I am not interested in God.Because woe the day I think I can be more or less good enough for God. I have what I need already and that is faith in Christ.

I have been to many churches and many websites and read many books including the Bible.

I am too lazy to study scripture in order to quote exact verses. Does that exclude someone from salvation?

Church and organised religion and these debates just totally suck. I am tired. I am 39 and when I was 5 I asked dear Jesus to come live in my heart and to forgive my sins. It was a personal prayer so I believe it was geniune. I never told Christ to go but at times I have been the worst sinner.

I don’t believe one can slip into and out of salvation that easily. Either you believe Jesus is the Son of God or you don’t. It is a deep conviction which creates a new being which can never be killed.

So what am I?

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