John MacArthur – Transformation of Grace Community Church

John MacArthurThis information has been painstakingly put together by Bob Johnson over a period of several years.  It’s shocking and I believe it’s the truth. Bob has been attacked by John MacArthur and Phil Johnson who have tried to discredit him, but the facts remain standing strong.

I am going to present this information only because I stand for the truth AT ALL COSTS.  [Edited by DTW: 31 Mar 2010 – I have made a public apology too everyone I told that MacArthur is legitimate.   I am very very sorry for this. I trusted MacArthur and I was deceived and I led others to believe he was ok. Every bit of credibility I gave John MacArthur I retract.  I did not understand the doctrine of Calvinism at the time, now I do.  Please see here for my sincerest apology:]

Now before anyone gets all carried away, I am not a Calvinist.  I am a born again Christian and my ‘denomination’ is what lies between the pages of the Word of God.  I believe in free will and I believe that repentance of sin is an ongoing essential part of your relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. We are not predestined, or elected by God before the foundation of the world (for biblical predestination understanding please see What it Really Means to be Elected, Chosen, and Predestinated – The Biblical Truth);   I won’t even get onto the topic of John Calvin as that’s another story all on it’s own and Calvinism has it’s roots in Rome.

Are there people who are genuinely saved under GCC – Absolutely, when they find out the truth as to what Calvinism is all about, they will leave there sooner or later.  God knows our hearts.  He knows what we think, He knows what we believe, He knows everything about us.  I believe we are all judged on what we know up to a certain point in time.  (I am NOT talking about sin here, or using this as an excuse to say, “oh I never accepted Jesus, because I didn’t know anything, or no one told me.)  Because the Bible commands you to study to find yourself approved anyhow, so no one has any excuse.  And if you have the Holy Spirit in your life you will never get something so wrong or believe and follow something so wrong as the doctrine of Calvinism and the fruit of John MacArthur speaks for itself.Now when the Holy Spirit reveals to us what’s really going on behind the scenes, this is when we are now faced with a massive decision of “should I stay or should I go” – will you accept the false teachings that are slithering its way in, or will I stand firm on the Word of God and warn others about what is happening and get out because you will not tolerate men insulting Jesus Christ! When the Holy Spirit has warned you, you can’t ever say to Jesus one day, “I didn’t know”, because you did know, but you CHOSE (free will) TO IGNORE IT.  And in doing so you continued to stay and support ungodly doctrines.

Even if John MacArthur carried on preaching what sounded like the greatest gospel from the pulpit (which we know is not because it’s Calvinistic) – he will slowly but surely lead his congregation astray more and more astray as he turns to Rome along with every other denomination in these end times.

Will his preaching start to change?  Will it become a more emergent gospel?  It appears has as he is embracing contemplative spirituality for some time:  John MacArthur and Dallas Willard – Two Contemplating Calvinists

Does John MacArthur have to make a choice like the rest of us to follow Jesus Christ 100% or follow Satan instead? Absolutely.

We ALL sit in the same position. Jesus Christ is LORD, He is our KING, He judges ALL, NO ONE gets an ‘immunity card’ from GOD.

Ok let’s get onto the info shall we…


The Transformation of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church

How Change Agents are Transitioning GCC into the New World Order

Introduction  –

by Bob Johnson On January 2, 2005,

John MacArthur gave a sermon to his congregation in which he described the state of his church. In that sermon John MacArthur stated, “I feel like part of the ministry I must discharge before the Lord and you is a ministry of warning about danger. Our church is not in particular danger from some dominating iniquity. It is not in particular danger from some infiltrating heresy. It is not in danger from some loss of resources financially or human. Everything you can see on the surface looks to be good. And we would have every reason to think we stand, and still be on the brink of a fall.”

John MacArthur said that his church was not in particular danger from infiltrating heresy. This paper will show that a dangerous heresy has infiltrated his church; a heresy known generally as the church growth movement. And this paper will show that this movement, being backed by globalists and being used to fulfill their one-world agenda, is now manipulating GCC into that same agenda.

John MacArthur said that his church is not in danger from some dominating iniquity.This paper will show that John MacArthur, being the dominant figure in his church, by disobeying the doctrine of separation, has allowed men to speak at his church and has allowed men to occupy leadership positions in his church, who, professing to be Christians, are actually dedicated to this one-world agenda.

John MacArthur  said that everything you can see on the surface of his church looks to be good. I have been to his church, and I have attended his ministries, and I didn’t have to look beyond the surface to see that everything there is not good. I didn’t have to look beyond the surface of his church in order to see the presence of the Purpose Driven Church (PDC) model or the dialectic sessions employed by that model.

Nor did I have to look beyond the surface to see that John MacArthur’s international ministry, a ministry dedicated to “training church leaders worldwide,” is a church growth organization now partnering with foreign governments.In his “state of the church” sermon, John Macarthur said that GCC could be on the brink of a fall. GCC has gone beyond that brink and has now fallen. GCC is not holy, peculiar, sanctified and set apart, but rather, is a church that has now found common ground with Satanic agents pushing the one-world agenda via the church growth movement.

Allow me, by way of introduction, to say how I became interested in the goings on at GCC. My interest in GCC began in March 2005 when a local pastor invited me to accompany him to the GCC Pastor’s Conference being held that same month. Wanting to get information about the conference, I went to the GCC website where I noticed that Dr. Albert Mohler was to be a keynote speaker. I’d never heard of Dr. Mohler.

When curiosity pressed and an internet search ended, I had discovered information about Dr. Mohler that was not in accord with his Christian profession. I had discovered that Dr. Mohler was a Founding Fellow of the “think tank” of a UN-NGO. I had discovered that a UN-NGO is a non-governmental organization that is listed with the UN and that serves the UN and its one-world agenda. And therefore, I concluded that it must necessarily follow, that Dr. Mohler, being a Founding Fellow of this UN-NGO’s “think tank” which serves the UN and its agenda, must also serve the UN agenda. (It has since been confirmed to me by a colleague of Dr. Mohler’s that all the Fellows of the “think tank” of this UN-NGO are dedicated to the principles of the charter of the UN).

Knowing that the UN agenda is satanic and knowing that this agenda includes the destruction of Biblical Christianity, I wondered why John Macarthur would invite a man dedicated to this agenda into his church and into his pulpit. Was John Macarthur aware of Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation? (I have since learned that Dr. Mohler holds leadership positions in at least two organizations that serve the UN globalist agenda as NGO’s.)

I proceeded to write a letter to each of the members of the GCC elder board. I warned them all of Dr. Mohler’s associations. I received a reply from elder, Phil Johnson, dated March 23, 2005. Regarding Dr. Mohler’s associations, Mr. Johnson wrote, “We may not agree with all his associations, but nothing in Scripture demands that we separate from a true brother in Christ just because we may disagree with him on where he draws the circle of his own fellowship.” Is this a true statement? Is there nothing in Scripture that demands separation from a professed Christian who is affiliated with satanic evil (the UN)? Many verses in Scripture demand that Christians separate from evil and 2 Thess. 3:14 demands separation from professed Christians who are disobedient: “And if any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him that he may be ashamed.” Scripture does demand separation from Dr. Mohler.

Why didn’t the GCC elders seem to be alarmed by Dr. Mohler’s affiliations? Why were they willing to ignore Biblical commands in order to continue a relationship with Dr. Mohler? Being dissatisfied with the reply I’d received from the GCC elder board, I then decided to make phone calls to several other GCC pastors in order to inform them of Dr. Mohler’s UN connection. Surely, they would all be concerned. I told them all that Dr. Mohler was a Fellow of a UN-NGO. What was their response? The pastors all angrily denied this easily verifiable fact. I then decided to write letters to about ten more GCC pastors. I expressed to them my concern that Dr. Mohler was a Fellow of a UN-NGO.

I received a reply from one pastor, Rick Mclean, responding for all, who, putting himself in the position of God, told me that the information I’d given them regarding Dr. Mohler’s associations “was of no eternal consequence.” This pastor also told me to never contact them again regarding this matter. In November 2005, a member of GCC agreed to meet me for a discussion. His name was George. I had asked George during a phone conversation if he’d be willing to have a discussion with me concerning some things at GCC that I had found troubling.

Two days after agreeing to meet with me, I received an email from George informing me that our meeting couldn’t take place. He told me that after checking with his church’s authorities, those authorities had decided not to allow our meeting to take place. George also informed me that only one man at GCC would meet with me. This was the same pastor who had already written to tell me to never contact them again. The email that George sent me was cc’d or copied to this same pastor and George informed me that any future correspondence I might have with him would also be cc’d to this pastor. The GCC authorities were exercising strict control over this situation. If Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation was “of no eternal consequence” according to pastors at GCC, then why were they taking such extraordinary measures in order to prevent the exposure of that affiliation? Why were they willing to go to such lengths in order to keep knowledge of that affiliation hidden from their church membership?

George was not allowed to meet me for a discussion in a local coffee shop. In not allowing one Christian to meet another, the GCC authorities had taken authority not given them in the Word of God. In not allowing one Christian to meet another, the GCC authorities were exercising a type of control that is cult-like. Believing the GCC authority’s behavior to be deceitful, and knowing they didn’t want Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation exposed, I decided to do just that at their March 2006 Pastor’s Conference. With Dr. Mohler again invited to be a keynote speaker, I stood outside their church and handed out flyers to the arriving pastors. The flyer was titled “Al Mohler and the United Nations.”

The flyer basically contained 2 facts: Al Mohler was a Founding Fellow of the Research Institute (think tank) of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and that the ERLC was a UN-NGO. How did the GCC officials respond to these flyers being handed out on the public sidewalk outside their church? A GCC pastor, Eric Bancroft, with the head of security in tow, approached me and angrily told me that my flyer contained “all lies”; he then warned me that if I was to set foot on GCC property, I’d be arrested.

When I left GCC that evening, some GCC officials followed me and with the head of security present, they photographed my car and wrote down my license plate number. What began as an effort to warn the saints at GCC about Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation didn’t end with my threatened arrest. The GCC authorities had tried to keep Dr. Mohler’s UN affiliation hidden from their membership. I couldn’t help but wonder what else they may be hiding. “Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

So, I decided to take a closer look into their ministries. GCC has eight subministries listed on their website. Two of these subministries are singles ministries. In looking through these two ministry’s web pages, I began to notice the presence of certain “buzzwords” common to the Purpose Driven Church (PDC) model. I noticed that much of the language used to describe the activities of these ministries was identical to the language used in the PDC model. Being very familiar with both the “buzzwords” and structure of the PDC, I strongly suspected that these two ministries were run on that model. My suspicions were confirmed after I attended both of these ministry’s Friday night “Bible studies.”

It was then that I realized that the church growth movement (CGM)/PDC model had infiltrated GCC in at least their two singles ministries. Knowing that the PDC movement had already spread like wildfire across America’s churches and knowing that once this movement gets a foothold in a church it will spread like cancer throughout the entire church body, I knew that it was my Christian duty to warn the saints at GCC about this real danger within. In the summer of 2006, I wrote a letter intended for the Christian remnant at GCC in which I warned them of this dangerous church growth infiltration.

It was titled “A Wake Up Call to the Saints at Grace Community Church.” While standing on the sidewalk across the street, I handed out copies to the congregants as they left the church. I handed out this letter of warning for three consecutive Sundays. On the second Sunday, as I handed out the “Wake-up Call,” the police were called. A black and white unit stopped and an officer approached me and told me that they had received a call claiming that I was harassing the congregation. I was handing out my letter to Christians as they left the church. I never harassed anyone and no one had complained to me.

Why were the police called? On that same day, in what could be construed as another act of intimidation, a GCC official approached me and told me that the GCC authorities were considering a lawsuit against me. Since handing out this letter of warning, I have continued to look into the activities of various ministries at GCC and I have continued to find activity indicating the presence of the church growth movement. For example, I have seen that a GCC ministry called The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), which states that its mission is to “train church leaders worldwide,” is actually a church growth organization that is now partnering with foreign governments. (A goal of the church growth movement is to merge the church into a partnership with business and government. This is called Communitarianism.)

Later, I will describe both the leadership and the activities of TMAI in detail. Grace Community Church (GCC) [], pastored by John MacArthur is being subverted and transformed by the church growth movement (CGM). This paper will give a description of the CGM, how it manifests itself at GCC, and how it has infiltrated GCC.

Part I
What is the Church Growth Movement?
How the Church Growth Movement Manifests Itself at GCC (The Guild and The Foundry)
Part II
The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) Leadership
TMAI Leader’s Transformational Language
Part III
TMAI Training Centers
TMAI Brazil
TMAI Honduras
TMAI South Africa
TMAI New Zealand
TMAI Mexico
TMAI Russia
The TMAI Leadership Community
Part IV
The Money Trail-Who Finances TMAI
How the Church Growth Movement Infiltrated GCC
John Macarthur’s Ecumenical Roots

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Thanks, Bob and Debra,

The websites you both recommended are among my favorites…I listen to teaching material from the Berean Call daily.I will check on the Matthew Henry commentaries.

Now, If only I could find a Church. I know there is one out there. The major criteria for the church I would like to attend is one where the Bible is still taught, with sound doctrine. The last one I attended several months ago was a Mega Church,where little children as young as 3-4 were taking the Lords supper, and all of their women’s Bible studies is by the a Bible teacher who thinks Brennan Manning is a gift. The Church is beginning to form small cell groups that will meet in members homes.

To be completely honest, I cannot remember a lot about the message. Only one thing the pastor said concerned me.The following week,I called a friend who had just left a denomination that she discovered was in deception to discuss my church visit..She suggested I not attend this church. Ironically, during my conversation with her she mentioned that she was now beginning to believe that; some are pre-destined. At that time several Bible passages raced through my mind and we discussed some of them. The CD on Reformed Theology, that I thought I had ordered by mistake was apparently for her. We saw each other several weeks ago and I gave it to her,hoping we will discuss it when we get togather again. However, I need to have it soon for my other two friends who I brunched with last week.

To be fair,I think I should give the Church another chance…


Hi Mark

Have you read An uncommon spiritual path – the quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity yet?


First read A Listener’s Guide to the Pulpit An Article from Issues Etc. Journal by Todd Wilken

How hard could it be? You go to church. The preacher preaches. You sit and listen. Easy, right?

But how do you tell the difference between a good sermon and a bad sermon? What makes good preaching good, and bad preaching bad?

Then feast on some sermons from Faith Lutheran Church and or Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Refuse to chew on stones in the future. You might also enjoy Chris Rosebrough’s stunning Fighting for the Faith podcasts.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible is a free add on to the free electronic Bible called e-Sword.



I realised I gotta start adding the words love to all my comments before anyone takes me seriously lol.

Oh, please, not that! I promise you I’ll … I’ll … sic Olak at you.


Thatsit. Olak, SIC! Slobber! Slobber!

Goooood BOY!

Thomas Lessing


Calvinists do not believe they were born sinless. On the contrary they do believe that everyone was born in sin and are dead in their trespasses and sins. Their interpretation, however, of “dead” in trespasses and sins is rather weird. They believe that this “dead” in trespasses is akin to a corpse that is wholly incapable of hearing, understanding and responding to the Gospel. They conveniently forget that neither can a corpse sin and if it cannot sin how can you hold it accountable for something it is wholly incapable of doing?

Calvinists have developed the knack to amplify words to the degree that they take on new meaning without meaning anything. Take for instance the word “depravity.” The dictionary defines it as moral corruption and degradation. Like the word “dead” the word “depraved” means just what it says. Dead is dead and depraved is depraved. You cannot be more dead than dead and neither can you be more depraved than depraved. How do I reach such a conclusion? Well, everyone will agree that a small sin is just as bad as a big sin because both lead to the same result – eternal separation from God. And yet Calvinists take it a step further and say, “No, depravity cannot describe what we have in mind when we say all men are dead in trespasses and sins. Living people can also be depraved and in fact they all are because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. What we need is a word that describes total death and that’s why we have come up with the brilliant phrase ‘Total Depravity.’ Although we do not have a free-will we have chosen to use the phrase ‘Total Depravity’ in stead of ‘depravity’ because it glorifies God’s sovereignty so much the better.”

What then about God’s grace? Well God’s grace is exemplified so much the better by “Total Depravity.” You see, if mankind was not totally depraved (as dead as a corpse that is completely impotent)and had some measure of “free-williness” to boast about, he would have been quite capable of saying: “I have attributed something to my salvation and that something is faith.” And this is exactly why Calvinists, like John MacArthur, cannot testify about the time of their conversion and only admit: ” Yeah. I’ve never been able to do that. And it doesn’t bother me. I think I’m one of those kids…I was one of those kids that never rebelled and always believed. (Isn’t it strange that the boasting of the rich young man, ‘I have observed all your commandments since my youth’ has echoed throughout the centuries to this very day?) And so when God did His saving work in my heart, it was not discernable to me.” What? Your salvation was not discernible? When God the Son who became flesh and dwelt among us makes His abode in your innermost being, the very first thing you experience is a joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. You know that you know that you know your sins have been forgiven for all eternity and you fall down before Him in complete abandonment and gratitude for his unfathomable and wonderful mercy. If it wasn’t discernible then how is it discernible now? Ah! but of course your perseverance since your pristine youth has given you the assurance that you are saved. But isn’t that equal to good works?

Elmarie A

what can Olak do?

Give lots of love and licks, barking, funny face hmmm lots he. Most of all he loves to make peace.

peace, love, blessings to you…from me and everyone in the whollleeee wide world hehe

I second that!!


Amanda, Thanks for the referal to the articles.

I will read every thing before beginning my Church hunt again. And no, I have not read An uncommon spiritual path. I hope it’s not contemplative.



Thanks , for reminding me of satans plans for born again believers. My concern in wanting to give the Church another chance was because, I cannot remember the message.(maybe ,that alone should be a reason not to return).

After looking at an article that Amanda recommended, the criteria for a good sermon seems insurmountable for any of the previous churches I have visited. I have hope that I will find this needle in the haystack out there.

Grant C


Grant wrote:

I find it inconsistent with our calling to spend even minutes, hours or days scrutinizing the MacArthurs of this world, when we should be seeking out the not so glaringly obvious. Or is it that we are a little scared to take on true evil when we know it will seriously bite us back.

and Grant wrote:

This is exactly what I was referring to: a long-winded attack on theological doctrine, which has little relevance to salvation, but certainly saps away at valuable energy and time. I repeat 2 Timothy 2:23. All the while Satan’s grin gets wider and wider because of the foolish futility thereof. While accepting the free will of man, we must make every effort to ensure that we do not underestimate the will of God and overestimate the range of that free will given to man.

and Grant also wrote:

Simple faith as I rarely see in our city churches. They would certainly not have any idea of doctrinal differences

and also:
>blockquote> …not that I have ever been an avid supporter of MacArthur, though.

Burning Lamp correctly noted:

This is not a Calvinism vs Armenian debate. Neither extreme is correct.

I have made my stance on the issue clear in the above. I will not be drawn on the debate concerning doctrines. Doing so would be in direct opposition to the point which I am trying so hard to make. Fruitless argument.

2 Timothy 2:23

23But refuse (shut your mind against, have nothing to do with) trifling (ill-informed, unedifying, stupid) controversies over ignorant questionings, for you know that they foster strife and breed quarrels.

Thomas wrote:

I can assure you that the doctrine of election/predestination has everything to do with salvation

In short, not really, I think it has all to do with Jesus and Biblical truth, not our varied and possibly faulty interpretations.

Ok Grant, what is the will of God which you seem to think I am undermining?

I have no idea where you got that from. I certainly did not allude to anything of the sort.



I would like to withdraw my recommendation to read M Henry’s commentaries because I have learned he is a Calvinist and an amillenialist.



God has raised up teachers among us for the perfecting of the saints. And the local church is more than just teachers. So what is 1 John saying? I quote this verse in a time where it seems most teachers are false and aren’t grounded in the word and so I believe it means that we don’t need a teacher because God can lead us to all truth. In other words, we don’t have to be shackled into a local church if the teaching is bad because God can teach us.



You told the truth about sin and that the Christian life is a life of ongoing repentance. “If however in the doctrine of election, God has chosen you before you were born, that means you were born ’sinless’” It would mean you were chosen sinless. And I’m just guessing, but I think the Calvinist puts himself in an assembly line and if they were chosen, then they will be elected, justified, sactified, glorified and end up in Heaven. And they had no choice during the whole process and so why bother repenting too much because they know where the assembly line ends. But I really don’t know about it.

Thomas Lessing


In short, not really, I think it has all to do with Jesus and Biblical truth, not our varied and possibly faulty interpretations.

That’s the whole point. We dare not have a faulty interpretation of the doctrine of salvation. If Jesus came to the world to seek and to save the lost and to suffer and die on a cursed cross, then it must be the most important doctrine there is and ever was. And yet you seem to think it is a trifling controversy and you even quote 2 Timothy 2:23 to validate your point. Please, for the sake of clarity and the meaning of that verse, read the next few verses as well.

In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

The “unlearned” questions that tend to lead to quarrels are points that cannot be settled. In some of my discussions with people on salvation and the absolute necessity to be saved, many sidetrack you by asking silly questions such as “Where did Cain get his wife.” Well, you can do one of two things. You can either allow yourself to be drawn into a long and silly discussion about where Cain found his wife or you could politely and gently tell the person: “Let’s first focus on salvation and maybe later we can talk about Cain. To know where he got his wife is not going to help us understand salvation any better.”

To be caught in the snares of the devil is also definitely not a trifling controversy. It is a deadly serious thing and when given the opportunity we should be able to help people escape his snares by presenting the truth to them.

We are admonished to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to us.



*waves white flag*

I should think so! Now go and teach Feathers to say ‘good doggie’ in stead of you-know-what.


After looking at an article that Amanda recommended, the criteria for a good sermon seems insurmountable for any of the previous churches I have visited.

Precisely. Bob said it:

The problem today is that Christians are afraid to tell the truth because they care about what others think and feel about them. The only sin in the churches today seems to be social sin. They fear man more than God. And they all ask, “What about me?” They haven’t counted the cost. The cost to speak truth boldly is too high and so they self-edit and they surveille any situation they are in to assess how much truth can be told without getting themselves in trouble.

[Mark, have you read Dion’s An uncommon spiritual path – the quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity yet?]

Bloomie, don’t go there unprepared. It is dark. Read again Thomas’ comment. Jesus Christ is the object of our faith. Preachers should be preaching Him.


Ah! but of course your perseverance since your pristine youth has given you the assurance that you are saved. But isn’t that equal to good works?

Thomas, could you expound more on good works vs. grace? You can interpret the question any way you want, as I am not sure what the right question is. I know that preachers dazzle people with good works preaching and obscure Jesus Christ.

Mark Penrith

1 John 2:26 says, “…As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you;…” It’s part of a broader thought started in verse 18, “Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming…”

The ‘anyone’ isn’t referring to Biblically qualified, properly mandated teachers in a local body of believers but to the false teachers, the antichrist[s], introduced in verse 18.



The preachers have taught for years: “Do not judge” and it stuck. It has left the church defenceless. The elders would rather be enslaved and be struck in the face than be thought of as loveless or risk being driven out.


Dion has impressive credentials, yet he says:

In my speaking and writing you will hear a strong emphasis on the need to have a significant, real, and lived daily relationship with Jesus. However, belief in Jesus, and personal salvation demands some concrete action! One cannot love Jesus, and be loved by Jesus, without wanting to change the world. [bold added]

Where did that law come from? Mark, take some time out, read the book and see if you and Dion share the same religion.

Thomas Lessing

I doubt very strongly whether John refers to false teachers and the Antichrist[s] as those who do not need to teach God’s children. He would never have used such an expression “no need for anyone to teach you” if he actually referred to false teachers. I should think that he would rather have warned his brethren against false teachers forthrightly. His statement “no need for anyone to teach you” implies that the “anyone” may indeed have sound doctrine to teach but those who are truly saved have no need of their tuition.

John is referring to the very essentials of Christian doctrine as we find it in verse 25 “And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.” Born-again Christian already know here and now that they already have (not “will have” or “may have” or “don’t have”) eternal life through Jesus and no one is able to convince them otherwise. The truly born-again children of God have been anointed to know and understand exactly what salvation means. No one needs to teach them what it means and no one will ever be able to lead them astray to believe otherwise. Does that mean they cannot be led astray into other kinds of error? No! no one is immune (1 Corinthians 10:12). It simply means that no man will ever be able to convince them there are other ways to be saved, except through Jesus Christ. Those who believe there are many ways to God are deceived and do not have eternal life. They are lost. They do not have the anointing of God.


Accordingly as I have read you articles over some time I find that no-one in the body of Christ is spared any censure. According to you all & everyone is at fault………………… why then hurt the same body you are part of?.
Since when are you the judge or the Sherif of the church?
It seems so clear that all you do is NOT “preach the gospel’, all you do is bash!!!!
When are we going to see you, teaching the word?
When are we going to see you perfect?
When are we going to see you give us some spiritual food?

I mean, all I see is bashing, EVEN a pig would not want to come & drink in a water trough if he gets beaten over the head everytime he comes to drink/

I suppose all preachers are wrong, you know everything, so why does God not give you a platform to denounce these “charlatans”. by platform I mean, where is the fuit of what you are doing?

I dare you to publish my post!!!


Sorry to be a pain in the butt, but do you actually believe that the whole church is wrong & you only have the truth? According to your blog articles i am confused because everyone is wrong.
I read that this is a blog for all christians, surely the looooooooooong list of defamed ministers are a part of the body of christ or are you the only member and it’s totality!



“Why would there even be teachers if absolutely everyone out there is false”?

Quote from blog reader below.

This is very confusing…..

See about two weeks ago I ordered a Macarthur Study Bible (which I am still waiting for). And I prayed hard and long before ordering it…done countless searches, was even directed by comments from this site that its a good tool for “baby” new-born Christians like myself.
Should I now chuck it into the nearest dustbin? Please note I am not criticizing, I am asking. See I know there is false prophets out there. But why would I be lead to John’s teaching in the first place? I truly thought from what I read, prayed about that one can listen to his teachings, not follow him for salvation of course but that one can at least have one solid teacher. Does this mean that there is no one left? That absolutely everyone out there is sinister?
See my question/problem statement is not in defense of John MacArthur, but out of concern that I am not the only “baby” Christian ou there. I know and believe with my whole heart that Jesus is my savior, and that the Holy Spirit is the gentle whisper in my ear and that the Spirit would lead me to all truths. BUT there is no way that I understand everything. Why after praying so hard for some truthful guide to help me , would the Spirit then lead me to a Macarthur study bible, just to be lead away again? I don’t understand and has been on my knees since I read this article. Why would there even be teachers if absolutely everyone out there is false?
I know I don’t understand the bigger picture, but by reading the article are we now to discard teachings of people purely because some-one is keeping company with some-one working in the UN? (Please note again this is not criticism but a rhetoric question).
Sorry for the babble, but as stated in my first sentence this is all so confusing. ….

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