Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…

Turn2God at the Union Buildings was…A Call to a Christian type of Shaira law

Line up:
Angus Buchan * Keke * Soweto Gospel Choir * Graham Power * Elza Meyer * Zane Maes * Retief Burger * Jackson Xhosa * Lionel Peterson * Bennie Mostert * Joe Niemand * Louis Brittz * Rhema South Worship Team *  Marlon Van * Nedine Blom * Soekie and the Radikids, etc.

It was your typical Dominionist fashioned, Apostolic and Prophetic, stake your patch of kingdom earth before it’s too late, unbiblical nonsense.

Elza Meyer had a vision from God one morning to host Turn2God.

They expected 40,000 people to show up and pay +/- R100 for seats.  (These things are no longer for free).   But instead her god only managed to get 15,000 paying people to show up, or less.

The rest of the day there was this echo from the stage where the speakers constantly reminded us how terrible it was that people actually took their invitation to sit on the grass for free.

There also seemed to be terrible feedback from the speakers; mumbles and grumbles that said “if no one came….they would have carried on worshipping God all by themselves.”   Their constant hinting at the lack of turnout and paying attendees was very sad.   Bennie Mostert told the crowd much later during the day, during a ‘Give us Money’ spree that they (the pastors) were very very poor, underpaid and needed money.

Elza says of the musicians;  Soweto Gospel Choir, a full orchestra along with Retief Burger, Joe Niemand and Louis Brittz who are singing praise and worship tunes, that their music will “usher us into the Holy of Holies“.

Flag bearers came walking toward the stage from the North, the South, the East and the West carrying flags from each country of the world where Dominionist missionaries operate.  These flags were placed in place holders at the front of the stage.  The entire process symbolised countries coming together in UNITY to ask God for mercy.

Before the Turn2God gathering took place there were little spiritual warriors that had strategically moved from each province, going through towns, praying over them, binding them using territorial spiritual warfare, by way of collecting SOIL from each town they stopped at.  This symbolised their ‘capturing’ of that land and ‘reclaiming’ it for God.

Elza Meyer tells us that back in 1999 there was a prophecy about a silver trumpet that would be blown in South Africa.  “The blowing of the silver trumpet will bring salvation to this nation” we were told.  Well to our amazement a guy steps out on stage and starts blowing a silver trumpet.  Wow,  a prophecy fulfilled right in front of our eyes.  How many people fell for that one?

Later a guy comes out (not sure if it was the same guy that blew the silver trumpet) and he blows a gold trumpet.  I have no idea why!   But I am guessing we will possibly find out at the next show that on the 6th March 2010 a gold trumpet was blown and that signified the fulfilment of a prophecy of the silver trumpet being blown.  Errr….

Elza speaks about ‘cutting covenant’ with God and that it was the most fearful day of her life.  I am not sure why.  Because being born again is the most joyful day of ones life.  But if we look at the god she serves (based on false teaching) it becomes horribly clear as to why she is so scared.  Another reason why she had to continuously let us know how fearful this ‘cutting of the covenant’ was (which, by the way is totally unbiblical), was to let us know that she can be trusted, she would never lie and this covenant has her dangling from a thread – any wrong move from her would seriously damage her covenant with God.

Linda Gobodo from Vuka Africa comes on stage and tell us how ‘they’ went around and BROKE UNGODLY ALTARS across the different provinces of South Africa and then stopped in Pretoria and created a NEW ALTAR TO GOD.  Linda gives a message to Elza and says, “God is going to restore Africa, Believe it!”

Up comes Bennie Mostert a pastor at the NGK Moreletapark and runs the prayer ministry Jericho Walls.  He speak about corruption in this country and how bad it is and that South Africa needs to turn back to God.  Just as the government has a bad rep for stealing money, the church has a bad reputation for stealing money too and this needs to stop, he says.

He then mentions Malachi 4 and says that if we don’t tithe we bring a curse on this country.   How’s that for a  solution to sin?   These people speak about repentance of sin, but it’s only said for ‘show’.   Tithing to the church, giving your money away has replace repentance.  So based on what Bennie said,  the model should look something like this:


  • Government is corrupt
    • Church is corrupt
      • Church does not tithe – they rob God
        • God curses land
  • Church tithes
    • God is no longer being robed of his Old Testament LAW of tithes
      • Church becomes uncorrupt
        • Government becomes uncorrupt
  • God blesses land

Bennie speaks about Love and Grace.  He said that if you point fingers at others you don’t have grace. How do you overcome this finger pointing problem?  Well, you pray many times a day not to point fingers he says.  Bennie then points fingers at the people of South Africa and at the Union Building and says “every sin we can point out in government we can point out in the church”.  Sin is not paying your tithes he tries to persuade us again.

The music kicks in and one of the main musician’ Louis Brittz says, “There is a special anointing when you sing African music to the Lord.”

Graham Power steps up to the plate and tells us how Peter Pollock (who publishes ‘Prepare the Way’ magazine) led him to pray the sinner’s prayer with him one morning at a breakfast meeting.  18 months later Graham had 3 visions between 4am and 6am in the morning.

Vision 1

God told him to hire Newlands for the Global Day of Prayer where all churches of all denominations will come together, hold hands and pray and the prayer movement will roll across the world.  This prayer meeting took place and approximately 320 million people around the world prayed in one massive ecumenical prayer day.

Vision 2

He awakes one morning with electricity running through his body, convulsing like nuts, and God shows him a vision of 3 waves:

  1. 1st wave:  The prayer wave
  2. 2nd wave:  The ethics, values and clean living wave
  3. 3rd wave:  The revival, transformation of South Africa and Africa wave

Graham Power never went on to mention his 3rd vision.  Or was it this one:

In his talk Graham again reviewed the vision that he had of transforming South Africa, Africa and eventually the whole world. He devoted much attention to an experience that he had in February 2002 when he attended a prayer breakfast for men in Stellenbosch. The speaker was a 28-year old Coloured man of Khoi descent. He was a former gangster whose whole body is tattooed. The topic that morning was “The Holy Spirit.” Afterwards, the speaker invited the men to come forward and receive the Holy Spirit.  One of them ran away but most remained behind to receive the “blessing” of being slain in the Spirit.

Graham said that when he was touched on his shoulder he fell down but rose again after a short while. He fell down two more times. The third time he lay on the ground for 1½ hours. He felt an electric-like current flowing through his body while having “an amazing experience.” He also heard a voice speaking to him, saying, “I am the spine,” (six times), “I am the head of the spine” (six times), “I am the king” (six times) and “I am the king of kings” (six times).

Immediately afterwards, Graham had an experience outside his body. He saw himself lying on the floor on his back with his arms stretched out in the form of a cross. He then saw Africa forming around his body with his feet in Cape Town and his head in Egypt. His hands pointed toward East and West Africa. He felt a strange sensation of pain rising from his feet and legs through his spine to his shoulders and arms. He interpreted this as a revival and transformation movement that will spread from South Africa to central Africa, and eventually to the whole of Africa. He also saw his arms becoming longer and reaching around the globe. This indicated that the movement that has started in South Africa would ultimately encompass the whole world.   PLEASE SEE HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE  —  Graham Power & Angus Buchan – The Transformation of Africa

The 3rd Wave is what the New Apostolic Reformation with C. Peter Wagner in the USA have been speaking about for a few years now.  And I always wondered what on earth they were talking about.  It was not The 3rd Wave, but 3 waves.

In between all this somewhere Turn2God uses our rugby players to help gain support for their One World Religious cause.  I can’t remember who they were, but they were helping some guy promote ‘Turn2God’ rugby and soccer balls that you can guy and give to family and friends that will somehow lead them to God.  (I think at this point I was trying to find food to eat – so I was not paying to much attention).

Graham Power introduces us to Steve Johnson who pops onto the stage and speaks about an initiative called Unashamedly Ethical who’s logo is the shape of a little rainbow. He challenges the people into signing a pledge that states they are unashamedly Christian by submitting themselves to a new set of 10 commandments. You will then be governed by a Christian Ombudsman (the Christian version of Muslim Shira law).  Graham Power says it only takes 3 to 4% of the countries population to make a huge impact.

Bennie Mostert comes back on and then in typical contradictory fashion says that Chrisitians never challenge each other.  But Steve Johnson challenged the people to sign the form.  He even asked the crowd to stand if they are willing to sign.  Of course 99% stood, what ever are they to do? Keep sitting?  They are all Christians after all.

Bennie Mostert held a ‘Give us Money’ campaign.  He shared that they needed R1.1 million to cover their costs.  But does not mention what costs they need to cover.  A bit of transparency would have been nice.

‘Who will give us R25,000?’ he said.  ‘Please put your hand up.  That’s R25,000.  Thank you sir, in the back.  Who can give us R25,000?  Thank you mam.  Thank you.  Please just stand up. Thank you over there….  Ok who can give us R10,000…. *hands go up*, who can gives us R5000…. *more hands go up*, who can give us R1000?  *even more hands go up*.  Who can spare just R500!” he says.   By now 70% of the 15,000 crowd are standing.

If you don’t have cash with you, don’t worry, there are ATM’s available as mentioned earlier on in the day.

Soekie (Sandra) Schoeman led a group of little kids onto the stage; they had been practising their ‘onward little Christians soldiers’ song for ages now and wanted to perform it to the crowd.

These children are none the wiser as to the false Christian movement they have been forced into.  They really do believe in Jesus.  Soekie and her Joel’s Army band of brothers on that other hand know EXACTLY what they are following and it’s not the Jesus Christ as mentioned in the Bible.  They are trying to create a ‘New Breed’ of Christian and are using your children to do it.  These children came from orphanages, they are well looked after I am sure, but are being led into something they know nothing about.

After this, a lot of talk went into how ‘Children are the future’ and that children are going to play a BIG part in the end time Latter Rain Manifest Sons of God harvest.

All politicians are called onto the stage.  You would expect the likes of Julius Dilemma to show up (after all he needs the most prayer).  But nope, surprise;  Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille shows up and Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder.  Elza makes a very quick apology to the crowd; there were supposed to be more politicians appearing on stage, but they did not show up.

Angus, Jackson Xhoza, Graham, Elza, Bennie and the some others start praying over Helen Zulle. It was a huge display of interfaith in action.

Zille told Rapport she shared the crowd’s belief in the importance of love. Mulder said the Christian faith had to be lived voluntarily and not enforced by law, as some speakers at the event called for.     —

Thank you Pieter Milder for having 2 open eyes.  I hope.

Then Angus Buchan finally comes onto the stage.  My potatoe chips are now really crispy after having to sit in the sun all day long. So what does Angus have to say to us?  Nothing.  It’s the same mumbo jumbo as before.   I must say that he definitely has a fixation with clouds.  As he knelt down to pray he pointed to a cloud gently flying by, being pushed by a normal breeze, that naturally moved in front of the sun for all of 10 seconds.  He declared that ‘sign’ as the presence of God!  Incredible.  Then a gentle cool breeze blew (like it did throughout the day), and he likened that to the Holy Spirit moving over the people.  Oh boy.

Anyhow, to cut a big potatoe really smaller – Angus, near the end of his performance shouts out at the top of his voice, ‘The time is NOW, for the MANIFESTATIONS OF THE SONS OF GOD!!!”

So when the event is finally nearing its end the Apostles and Prophets have gotta do it in style.  A Beautiful white horse is led between the crowd (down the isles) from the front of the stage toward the Union Buildings at the back.  The flag bearers pick up their flags again and follow the horse out of the crowd and move in their designated compass directions as before.

We were told by Elza that if you look really closely you will see Jesus riding the white horse.  No really. That’s what she said!  He is there, you just can’t see him.


I had to do some serious ducking and diving to get these ‘ACTION’ photos.

Elza Meyer, Helen Zulle and Bennie Mostert (Left to right)

Angus Buchan praying over Helen Zulle and for all politicians

Graham Power and Steve Johnson from Unashamedly Ethical (Right to Left)

Angus Buchan declaring “The time is NOW for the MANIFESTATION of the SONS OF GOD”

Little Christian Soldiers – Children recruited for Joel’s Army

Flag bearers walking North, South, East and West (Spiritual Warfare)

Union Building with Flag bearers at North point

Imaginary Jesus sitting on the white horse – If you look closely you won’t see Him

Close up of White Horse and you still can’t see Jesus

Emergent/Ecumenical Minister ‘Deon Forster’ enjoying the Turn2God Praise and Worship Music

Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Elmarie A


in conjunction with GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER
with special guests – Michael W. Smith & Michael Coleman
Cape Town Convention Centre 19th – 21st May 2010<<

There is one at Moreleta church, my daughter told me about it a week ago she got word of MWS on facebook.I will check and send info.

Deborah (Discerning the World), Amanda & cecilia

Oh you are all so funny and gave me a wonderfull giggle thanks. Bless you all.



Here is one of the responses I got from “distributing” the above Report . . .

> Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 10:24 PM
> Subject: Re: Fw: March 6 Union Buildings report-back
>Hi Colleen
>> Tell Jean I loved the comic relief from my project work.
>> Next time he is infiltrating white horses without riders in the cool
>> Pretoria breeze, I could perhaps offer a coffee or something here ;)



Do you have a link to Deeper?

I’ll see that and raise you three:

Cape Town for Jesus! iKapa lelika Yesu!

I attended the program committee meeting for the Cape Town for Jesus prayer gathering that will be taking place at the new Cape Town (Greenpoint) Soccer stadium on the 22nd of March.

The incredible variety of participants in the program is so exciting! It is going to be an awesome time of diverse worship, many opportunities to focus upon and pray for important issues (among them are the City of Cape Town, the Soccer World cup – there will be 32 soccer teams in attendance!, issues such as human trafficking, racial reconciliation, crime, poverty, HIV/AIDS, ethics and values and a whole host of other important issues).

I had the joy of speaking with uncle Angus Buchan at the Turn2God event in Pretoria on Saturday – he is so excited about speaking at the Cape Town for Jesus prayer event. I also had a chance to speak with Helen Zille and Kenneth Meshoe (who have both indicated that they will be in [cut!]

GDOP 2010

To celebrate His Story and to continue responding to His Call, we invite you to join with us on Sunday, 23 May 2010 to celebrate the 2010 Global Day of Prayer event to be held at Newlands Rugby Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa – the venue where it all started!

To further celebrate His Glory, leaders from various networks and ministries (Prayer, Transformation, Mission, Church and Youth) will be gathering together from around the world for the GDOP2010 Conference (20 & 21 May 2010), to share the ‘untold stories’ of the ‘unknown heroes of faith’!

Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization

To be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 16-25 October 2010
And at GlobaLink sites around the world

Cape Town 2010, held in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance, will bring together 4,000 leaders from more than 200 countries to confront the critical issues of our time – other world faiths, poverty, HIV/AIDS, persecution, among others – as they relate to the future of the Church and world evangelization.

Thousands more leaders will participate in the discussion on the issues through the Lausanne Global Conversation and at remote Congress sites through the Cape Town GlobaLink.



Gosh I need to find my usb cable…

What we need around here is a bloodhound.

He is salivating…

Maybe not. [I should have known that would happen.]



Peanuts for you.

Elmarie A

Ha ha ha I have a hunting dog Beagle he is an briliant nose too. But hmmmm ha ha

Elmarie A

Thanks for pics DTW


uuuhhhhuuuummm – niiiice horsie! not totally white, but yeah, it’s ok! my eyes were a bit blurrrrrry when I looked at the photos – couldn’t see “Jesus”. It looked as if someone has sit on his back though? argh! maybe my seeer-anointing didn’t work today…
ok right yes, I’m not serious! but whether you “see” or “imagine” or “paint” – it just doesn’t work that way! when will people remove the blindfolds from their souls?!!
I told another lady the other day her soul-computer has gone banannas! she was shocked – then I explained to her how your subconscious work and how it can interfere with unfinished events (etc) in your life. she now can “see” (the real see) – that she was fooled for a very long time in her life!

as for the flag bearers – I once was there too! ja, believe it! I also learned how to call the wind, or then people, from the 4 windcorners …. until I learned straight forward from Holy Spirit through the Scriptures in Rev 7:1 that ANGELS are actually holding the four corners of the earth in the last days…
there’s no such word(s) as “spiritual warfare” in the Bible

I would have loved to see photos of the crowd? anyone got a link?


Imaginary Jesus sitting on the white horse – If you look closely you won’t see Him

But I can clearly see the scary tree monster clutching the reins with his twiggy fingers just to the left of horsey’s ear. Also eyes, nose, beard, right shoulder and arm.



You could have made money with this, ya know.


Is that Olak’s black nose above red shirt? Also mouth, eye and floppy ear? Maybe not.


My word! Is that Bobs in the tree on the left? Two eyes near the top, nose and lower down very short leags and paws. Or is that a beagle?

Elmarie A

ha ha ha Jong julle is tog te skerp om al die dinge raak te sien.

News flash: Bobs the whippet (He was wearing his brown patch over the one eye) and Parrot Missy the parrot (her beak is sun burnt) is reported missing at a gathering at union buildings.

Inspector Olak and Inspector Skaapkoppie Liewe Skaapskop was consigned the docket to seek and investigate. The Supt. Sharp Eagle Eye will lead the investigation. Forward any info to Sup. Sharp Eagle Eye. They are now following leads about in a tree on the left ha ha ha.

Bobs the whippet and Parrot Missy the parrot, was now last seen walking and flying down churchstreet towards the statue of oompie Kruger (gonnas is it still there?) lol lol. ha ha

This is Haasdas se nuuskas new reports to follow soon. ha ha

bark, bwhaaa or is it mheeee ha ha and tweet for now.

Elmarie A

Oh Olak made the tweet sound ha haha must be the usb cable oooops now there you go.

Elmarie A

burphhhhh lol

Elmarie A

Deborah (Discerning the World)
>>Sad isn’t it :(<<

Yes indeed it is.


Baw-wa-wa-ha-ha! Amanda! I fell for it! I scroll up to see where you’re seeing things I did not! ROL!!



LOL. You win! Thank you. It is the only way to stay sane in a world and a South Africa that has gone mad. Somebody should remind Elza Meyer what a fearsome sight Jesus Christ on the white horse will be:

Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.
(Revelation 19:11-15)

Burning Lamp

Am enjoying all the banter with the lovely SA accents – You should read Buchan’s latest Shalom newsletter and the glowing report he gives. What a deluded man! He even quotes John Wesley! His “Faith Like Potatoes” video is a hook for all the undiscerning and this is the majority. It is amazing to see the escalation of insanity that is passing for genuine Christianity. I just wonder how far this can go before God calls a stop to it. What really bothers me is the children who are exploited and filled with all this nonsense. And the saddest part is that 99% of Christians are oblivious like pigs in slop. They are content to wallow in it! Let me alone to eat the excrement along with the corn they say!

Elmarie A


Naaaah there is no winner, we just had fun putting a story together and well done all ha ha niceeee work done all of us.

>>It is the only way to stay sane in a world and a South Africa that has gone mad.<<

I agree Yes absolutely.

Ok no I have to quickly try and find more info on that MWS AND DEEPER WORSHIP CONFERENCE @ morreleta church as I promised. Want to see how wel EM dug herself in to make some money money ha ha hmmmm wonder which is her anointing probably all.

Phew the week was buzzzing buzy for me.

Elmarie A

Wow who can yelp, what on earth is a 3 D Healing service. lol

Morreleta Kerk
Hierdie week: Sondag 14 Maart 2010 –
* 17:30 Pieter Badenhorst (Genesingsdiens) | 3D Diens [mini-oudit]

Elmarie A

Ok the Deeppack chopra ooops agh sorry man ha ha. I do have a problem with spelling sometimes. I mean the DEEPER WORSHIP CONFERENCE falls into the same time exactly as C posted and I’m sure MWS will also be at The Jesus Dome at DCC in Durban same as 2007 visit.
20 MAY 2010
# Time: 07:00 PM
# Venue:
# NG Moreletapark, Woodlands Campus
# Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
# Promoter:
# JIRE Ministry

in conjunction with GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER
with special guests – Michael W. Smith & Michael Coleman
Cape Town Convention Centre 19th – 21st May 2010<<

Hey I just had a light go on, when we where still at LW church last year the main pastor NN there spoke a prophetic word over SA about the WCS stadiums all over SA. Nevile Norden had a VISION that he had seen these stadium filling with Christians that God showed him, all the stadiums!!!. Hmmmm I can still recall his words " Ek sien duisende mense wat die stadiums op vul voor die die wereld beker" ha ha ha it is not a vision man it was a planned venue/s.

How many waves did you say lol.


Thanks for the report Deborah. VERY interesting to see more of the pieces of the puzzle coming together…,seeing who’s hanging out with who.

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