Benny Hinn – Miracle Service in Durban – 13 Mar 2010

Benny Hinn is Back is South Africa

To Con the living daylights out of People who don’t read their bibles.

So Benny ‘$1000, that’s $1000 for salvation, $1000, …going…going…gone.  Sold to the man in the back’  Hinn is back in SA.  Woe to us.

If words don’t get the message across, maybe a little cartoon will.  The below two cartoons are from Sundays English and Afrikaans newspapers – 2010-02-27.

The Afrikaans version of the cartoon below, is different from the English version.  Did they censor it so as to not offend their readers?  Do they think English people can handle the truth and Afrikaans people can’t?  Or what?  I’m confused…

Ponder, ponder…

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“.. to con the living daylights outta people who don’t read the Bible”

It saddens me when I visit a church and see so many people arriving without a Bible, but perhaps that is because most pastors these days don’t bother to read it from the pulpit either. Instead they prefer to paraphrase, or quote (if you are lucky) selected verses, often out of context. E.g. my favorite pet peeve : Joel Osteen who asks them to hold up their Bibles, recite a nice little statement and then never tells them to actually crack it open. Sad.

Sally Richardson

Hopefully, if that charlatan of charlatans is not in SA yet, he may be denied entry, as he was in the UK.

If in doubt, keep him out… and I hope that the SA authorities do just that.

[Edited 2 Mar 2010: See Related posts below. I already have the article about him being denied entry into the UK under my related posts article, thanks for brining it to our attention again :)]

Contending earnestly for the faith,
Sally from London, UK

Elmarie A

Two nice links to read that just again confirms what these people are doing.



Death by faith

and also a you tube clip:

Thank you DTW for your hard work.

Elmarie A


How can we get video footage of the Durban meeting???

Elmarie A

My reason for the question is that we are able to discern what the man said.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


Benny Hinn has headoffice in SA, might even be in Durban. Give em a call and find out if you can get a dvd of the show.

Elmarie A

Nose to the ground, lol lol I was not aware of that. Man oh man if that is the case it is even worse than I though.

Elmarie A

So waar, you are correct, you got to be kidding me. Well yes it just goes to show.

Elmarie A

In fact here is all the other dates in SA for March…

Cape Town, South Africa — Miracle Crusade
March 5 – March 7, 2010

East London, South Africa — Miracle Service
March 9, 2010

Durban, South Africa — Miracle Crusade
March 11 – March 13, 2010

Phoenix, AZ — Miracle Crusade
March 25 – March 26, 2010

Elmarie A

This note below on website under event details.:

Special Notice:

Benny Hinn Ministries strictly follows security and privacy guidelines, as well as auditorium/coliseum policies, to allow each service to be enjoyed by all who attend. Back packs, coolers, food brought from outside the venue, and/or video cameras are expressly prohibited during all services.

Well now are video / cameras always prohibited, I ask because I don’t know. What will the reason be?? What have they to hide??

Deborah (Discerning the World)


I think they don’t want people taking photo’s of Benny Hinn and selling them with fake autographs as no money will be going into his ministry. hahaha

Elmarie A

Ok the Durban thing will be held at Durban Christian Centre

Note it is called the,

The Jesus Dome
The octagonal, dome structured church building, is based upon the fact that the very first church buildings that were built, were built with eight sides. Eight being the number of resurrection, and reaching out in every direction with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is built with an aluminium roof, which is the largest of it’s kind in the Southern Hemisphere, and the third largest in the world. Great care has been taken to eliminate maintenance as much as possible. This landmark building now stands at the entrance of the city, next to the main freeway, as a testimony to the faithfulness of God, as well as Christian witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


The octagonal, dome structured church building, is based upon the fact that the very first church buildings that were built, were built with eight sides. Eight being the number of resurrection

oh for crying out loud. 8 the number of ressurection? I think not. Last year the Apostles and Prophets said that 8 was the number of New Beginnings. Someone’s got their numerology all messed up.

Elmarie A

>>>Great care has been taken to eliminate maintenance as much as possible.<<<

Yes what else was eliminated, I don't have to answer we all know.


Elmarie A

Phew Debs yes i agree with you.

The pastor at Lewende Woord Brumeria preached about the very same subject you are talking about.

I am also saying oh for crying out loud. lol

wha ha ha ha, It is obiously not even neccesary to discern BH.

Elmarie A

oops pressed the send button before i was

I wanted to add that it is obviously clear that my intention to discern BH sayings and sighns and wonders, will be like all the other, unless he pulls a new trick from his hat.


Elmarie A

Ok that says it all wow yes talking about can of worms.
Durban Christian Centre pastors Bio.

Pastor Fred Bio

Fred Roberts was raised in a Christian home his parents were converted under the Ministry of John G. Lake.

Miracles are the norm and not the exception in his church. His wife, Nellie, ministers alongside him and is a significant reason for his success. She is a powerful prophetess in her own right.

Pastor Nellie Bio

She has raised four children and has a great spiritual resource when it comes to family matters.

Pastor John Bio

Through his preaching of Gods Word, his ability to flow strongly in the gifts of the Spirit, and his unique ability to lead others into life-transforming worship, Pastor Torrens aims to bring a new dimension to Christian living which gives all believers clear insight into the glorious, powerful life available to them today.

oh my word need I find I dont think so

Bud Press


The Benny Hinn crusade videos/DVDs are edited for time and offered through Benny Hinn Ministries.

The videos/DVDs are also edited for things Hinn doesn’t want the public to see…

Bud Press

serv.of.Christ Gerard Willemse

I wonder how much he would charge me to give him a piece of my mind…

Elmarie A

Bud Press

Yes I was on the DCC website. I’m sure we will see something in the press about the usual claims to fame they make.

Oh for crying out loud this man has just always given me the creeps…..sorry but I just had to say it.

Say no more.

serv.of.Christ Gerard Willemse

>>I wonder how much he would charge me to give him a piece of my mind…<<

I read Isiah 29 last night and you know it helped me allot to have more understanding about what is happening in the world.

Isaiah 29 : 8-24(Amplified Bible)

8It shall be as when a hungry man dreams that he is eating, but he wakens with his craving not satisfied; or as when a thirsty man dreams that he is drinking, but he wakens and is faint, and his thirst is not quenched. So shall the multitude of all the nations be that fight against Mount Zion.

9Stop and wonder [at this prophecy, if you choose, whether you understand it or not; soon you will witness the actual event] and be confounded [reluctantly]! Blind yourselves [now, if you choose; take your pleasure] and then be blinded [at the actual occurrence]. They are drunk, but not from wine; they stagger, but not from strong drink [but from spiritual stupor].

10For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep. And He has closed your eyes, the prophets; and your heads, the seers, He has covered and muffled.

11And the vision of all this has become for you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, Read this, I pray you, he says, I cannot, for it is sealed.

12And when the book is given to him who is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray you, he says, I cannot read.

13And the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition [without any thought as to the meaning],

14Therefore, behold! I will again do marvelous things with this people, marvelous and astonishing things; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discerning men will vanish or be hidden.

15Woe to those who [seek to] hide deep from the Lord their counsel, whose deeds are in the dark, and who say, Who sees us? Who knows us?

16[Oh, your perversity!] You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be considered of no more account than the clay? Shall the thing that is made say of its maker, He did not make me; or the thing that is formed say of him who formed it, He has no understanding?

17Is it not yet a very little while until Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field and the fruitful field esteemed as a forest?

18And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and out of obscurity and gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see.

19The meek also shall increase their joy in the Lord, and the poor among men shall rejoice and exult in the Holy One of Israel.

20For the terrible one [the Assyrian enemy] shall come to nought, and the scoffer shall cease, and all those who watch for iniquity [as an occasion for accusation] shall be cut off–

21Those who make a man an offender and bring condemnation upon him with a word, and lay a trap for him who upholds justice at the city gate, and thrust aside the innocent and truly righteous with an empty plea.

22Therefore thus says the Lord, Who redeemed Abraham [out of Ur and idolatry], concerning the house of Jacob: Jacob shall not then be ashamed; not then shall his face become pale [with fear and disappointment because of his children's degeneracy].

23For when he sees his children [walking in the way of piety and virtue], the work of My hands in his midst, they will revere My name; they will revere the Holy One of Jacob and reverently fear the God of Israel.

24Those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur [discontentedly] will accept instruction.


A thought on Benny Hinn.
I genuinely fear for all those who are fooled by the deception of Benny Hinn.
What will you all do when true deception comes?
How will you be able to withstand the demonic deception coming soon to a city near you?
I believe that it stems from a lack of Bible knowledge.
Lazy Christians wanting others to study the Bible for them. Remember the manna in the Old Testament? It was to be collected daily by each person. One could not collect it for someone else.
Please people, wake up now before it is too late.



It would be a waste of time to go to the meetings; it would be a waste of time to seek video footage to watch! The leopard has not changed his dots…. he did not renounce ANY of his old habbits or ways of conducting meetings! –

exposing this man is toooooo long to be printed out here (my research+docs)!

so here are (at least) three very good links: [Edited by DTW: Great Christian website, very reliable info]
and [EDITED by DTW: Not a Christian website, but good info on Benny Hinn]
and (EDITED by DTW: The guy who runs this site is not kosher. His info on Benny Hinn might be ok, however I would not trust him on anything else he says. He used to be involved with Sherry Shriner and uses the Bible Code to predict stuff)

He uses hypnosis; he is involved with necromancy; he uses pressure points on the body when he touches people.

naaaah, don’t waste time on this one! he even dresses like Kathryn Kuhlman – white clothes, gold dressings.


Oh I forgot! there are hundreds of video’s on YOU Tube. But why does anyone wants to spend hours and hours watching false teaching INSTEAD of spend hours and hours in the WORD OF GOD, getting it in your whole system, so you can discern when anyone does anything “out of the ordinary” that is: outside the Borders of the Word of God.

Deborah (Discerning the World)


>> he even dresses like Kathryn Kuhlman – white clothes, gold dressings.

Even walks like her. *shivers*

Elmarie A


Got your point 100%. Thanks.

You are correct the leopard never changes dots or suit colours not even when he changes continents. ha ha

My reason for the question on how to get dvd to discern was purely for wanting to know which church in SA will want to
even invite this man to speak. Which I did a crash course on as above posts show. I Never had to copy and paste so quicly in my life. lol.

I was also able to find out the church he was/is at in Durban DCC. I have family that goes there!!. That shocked me!!. I was not aware of who DCC was until I checked it out very quickly. I have since heeded the warning bells to my family. They told me one day about 10/11 months ago they like BH. I could not heed the warning then because I did not know what discernment was. 10/11 months ago I was also still involved in one these charismatic churches for 6 months and the whole charade.

If I did not pose the quesion, would I have been able to warn my family?

They will also leave DCC soon and I pray for it. This family is also currently not in SA, but overseas for 4 weeks.My question is why did they choose to go overseas now. I just Thank the Lord for his mercy, that my family was not at those services. If they where in SA they would have attended BH charade without a doubt.


I understand, E! praying with you! Keep standing then!

Elmarie A

Sinister Ministers

Benny Hinn “The wicked are piling up the funds and I love the way John [Avazini] teaches on this. He’s the best there is on how to get the wealth of the wicked. Man, I like it!” (Praise-a-Thon, TBN, 6th November 1990.)

Years later Hinn states “Ask God to give you the wealth of the wicked and mean it” (February 28, 1997 Blaisedell center)

Benny Hinn has people chant for their wealth “Say after me, all of you, everybody say it, ‘The wealth of the wicked is mine.’ [The audience repeats.] One more time. [The audience repeats.] One more time. [The audience repeats.]” (Praise-a-Thon, TBN, April 1990)

Old news but the leopard will never change his spots.


Hey Guys,

Interesting article and comments on Benny Hinn… strange character he is.

May I ask a question or 2?

Elmarie, you talk about Lewende Woord Brumeria… are you in the community? Reason I ask is because I had the privilage of going there for a baptism and I found the lord. Quite a day I must tell you…

Anyway, may I have your thoughts on Dr Jack van Impe and Rod Parsley?

Thank you,


Deborah (Discerning the World)


Did you find Jesus because of Lewende Woord or because you were seeking Jesus Christ in your heart and you gave your life to Him at this (church) – in other words, it was just the place and time?

Jack van Impe and Rod Parsley are false through and through. And he is not a propper Dr. A whole bunch of falsies received their Dr. designates from Oral Roberts university…well…just because.

Do you read your bible?

Your asked in another comment here: about a tattoo you have. I think this comment of yours and the one of the tattoo belong together – helps people reading your comments understand you better :)

Elmarie A


Here are some Prophetic word from the LW website. Would you say it is Biblical??

9.12.2008, Nevil Norden
‘n Tyd van Volheid en Vrugbaarheid

2008 moes ‘n jaar gewees het van “nuwe beginne” en ook ‘n jaar van
“besnydenis” (die Joodse seuntjies is op die agtste dag besny). Ek het geworstel
oor die “nuwe beginne” (die betekenis van die getal agt), want daar was weinig
“nuwe beginne”, eerder baie “besnydenisse”; maar besnydenis (of ‘n snoeiproses)
is soms nodig voordat ons ‘n “nuwe begin” kan ervaar.
‘n Stewige snoeiproses is baie nodig vir vrugbaarheid. Volgens die Bybelse
kalender begin ‘n “nuwe dag” om 18:00 uur – ‘n “nuwe dag” begin dus in die
“nag”. Ons staan aan die vooraand van die jaar 2009 wat spreek van “volheid” of
“finaliteit”. Nege spreek ook van die volheid van “vrugbaarheid” – ‘n baba is vir
nege maande in die moeder se baarmoeder, dan vind ‘n nuwe geboorte plaas.
Ons lees in Matt. 27:45: En van die sesde uur af het daar duisternis gekom oor
die hele aarde tot die negende uur toe. Dink net, totale duisternis oor die hele
aarde van 12:00 tot 15:00… Maar klokslag om 15:00 – toe breek die daglig soos
‘n weerligstraal deur die duisternis! Wow! Wat ‘n belewenis! Saam met die
deurbraak van die daglig het die aarde geskud, die rotse geskeur en die grafte
oopgebreek. Kan jy jouself voorstel wat regtig gebeur as al die grafte
oopbreek? “Konsternasie op die stasie!”
Ek glo met my hele wese dat die kerk as ‘n geheel voor ‘n nuwe tydperk van
vrugbaarheid staan, en as ek van die kerk praat, praat ek van jou en my, want
ons is die kerk. Glo dit! Bely dit!
Sê vir die Here: “Here die tyd van my volheid lê voor die deur, die tyd van my
vrugbaarheid is hier! En Here, U het gesê dat as ek u koninkryk eerste stel, sal U
vir my sorg (Matt. 6:33). Dankie Here! Ek wil vir U en u koninkryk leef en U sal
vir al die ander dinge sorg. Amen en Amen!”

11.11.2008, Emma van der Walt
2009 Year of Fulfilment, Time of Testing, the Supernatural
2009 will be a year of fulfilment. Where people wrestled in prayer for long times,
the promises of God will come into fulfilment.
There will be a period of testing where the fire of God will test our faith. God
says: “Lay off the works of the flesh.” As the hardship comes, the Lord wants our
faith to endure.
2 Cor. 13:5: Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Test
yourselves. Or do you not realize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in
you? – unless indeed you fail to meet the test!
Ex. 23:26: None shall miscarry or be barren in your land; I will fulfil the number
of your days.
Where people have been spiritually barren, God will bring the fulfilment of His
word. Out of the mouths of His servants the word of God will come and bring to
fulfilment to promises of God. In the hearts of the unbelievers, the word of Christ
that is already fulfilled, will come into being through the truth and power of it.
The plans and purposes of man that are born out of the Spirit of God will come to
fulfilment, but that which is born out of the flesh will perish.
2 Pet. 3:9: The Lord is not slow to fulfil his promise as some count slowness, but
is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should
reach repentance.
God says “I will fulfil the purposes and plans that I have for you.” God says “I
will bring to fulfilment the vision that I have given the church. I will bring to
completion what I have purposed you to walk in.”
Jer. 33:14: Behold, the days are coming, declares the LORD, when I will fulfil the
promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah.
2009 will be a year in which God wants his children to stand up in the calling that
they have been called to.
Col. 4:17: And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfil the ministry that you have
received in the Lord.”
I sense the Lord saying 2009 will be year of the supernatural, where the Spirit of
God will move us into new depths in the spirit. The law of the supernatural will
be manifested above the natural law. God says; “I am a God of the supernatural
and I will reveal My power as I sweep my hand over the nations.”

12.10.2008, Nicolette Geldenhuys
Bemoediging, Toerusting, Vrystelling en die Bonatuurlike

In 2008 (nuwe dinge) was almal aan die brand, maar dit is asof die vyand
doelbewus die vure kom blus het. Ek ervaar hoe die Here sê dit is nodig om deur
intimiteit en aanbidding by Hom te ‘refuel’. Dit is nodig om só die vure weer aan
te blaas. Die kerk is in ‘n tyd waar bemoediging nodig is. Die liggaam van
Christus moet vir mekaar intree in gebed. Die eerste 3 maande van 2009 kan rof
wees met skommelinge wêreldwyd, maar die kerk gaan baie sterker en meer
toegerus anderkant uitkom. Bemoediging, toerustig en vrystelling vir 2009. Dit
is ‘n tyd vir die kerk “to be strengthened in the Lord”, soos Dawid. Die werk sal
vinnig wees. Daar is ‘n dringendheid in die gees vir die oprigting van Christene.
Dinge sal vinnig verander na die skommeling. Daar sal ‘n hele nuwe vlak wees,
wat betref nie bonatuurlike (wonderwerke, profetiese evangelisasie, genesing).
Groot verandering vir 2009. Stilte voor die storm.

13.11.2008 Dr Chuck Day
Unity between Religious and Secular

Nations in 2009 will be governed increasingly by coalitions. God is promoting a
spirit of pragmatic unity – a unity, not of spirit, ideology or world view, but of a
common understanding of the problems that must be faced. A unified
determination that these problems must be solved, will galvanize those (who
would have otherwise been fighting each other) to put aside differences for the
moment to address common concerns.
God is going to bring people together as never before and this is a positive thing.
The Church will also need to flow in this move of God and work together with
others within the Body of Christ towards common goals. Traditional differences
and barriers of suspicion will begin to crumble as mutual appreciation and honour
are demonstrated across the Christian world.
As never before, the secular world will be open to help from churches and
Christian-based organizations. It will be God’s will that we take hands with them
and help any way we can to address the evils of this world. God will use this to
create inroads into the lives of all sorts of secular leaders: political, business,
entertainers, etc.
There will, however, be pressure on the Church to work together with other
religions. The positive aspect is that it will open up channels of dialogue and
friendship that have long been needed. The negative aspect is that there will be
an increase in the blurring of Christian distinctives and tenets of faith in order not
to offend. This calls for Christian leaders to be led by the Holy Spirit in order to
flow with the move of God and, at the same time, not be led into compromise.

11.2008 Belinda Noades
God’s Prophetic Army

I asked the Lord to show me a vision specifically for our country for 2009. I was
standing looking at this huge mountain of dry bones. While looking at these
bones I started feeling hopeless and discouraged, it was a depressing sight. I
heard the Lord saying this is how the people of our country are going to feel
going into the year 2009.
As I turned around I saw these masses of people standing behind me. By looking
at them I had a sense of excitement and immediately felt the feeling of
depression lifting. I asked the Lord who these people were; I heard: “This is my
prophetic army that I have raised in this country to start speaking life into
hopeless situations and into people’s lives that are in total despair and
Behind them I saw another large group of people, waiting to join this army, but
they were not geared or trained for the battlefield. Again I heard the Lord
saying: “It’s time to train all my people in the prophetic because it’s only by
speaking life and words of encouragement into people’s lives that this country will
I sensed that this army that the Lord has raised up, are very sensitive to the Holy
Spirit and will know exactly when and what to speak into a situation; their words
will be very accurate and precise. Like the prophet Ezekiel spoke life into the dead
bones and it came to life, this is what’s going to happen when this army
starts proclaiming words of victory in the name of Jesus over every hopeless and
dead situation!

20.11.2008 Emma van der Walt
Movement of Men, Healing for Orphans

I hear the Lord saying, “Next year will be a year when I will send people from the
different corners, I will send them from the north and the south and everywhere,
I will send them here to South Africa. This will be a place where people will be
broken, a place where people will be on their knees.” The Lord is saying: “There
will be a season and a time when I will send the men, for the men will stand up;
but I will not allow them to stand up in the ways of the world, for they will come
to a place of brokenness; they will come to a place where they will bow their
knees and say, ‘Lord how can I serve?’” The Lord says: “There will come a
movement among the men of South Africa, I will pull them together and they will
speak with one voice; there will be one voice that will ring out, they will speak in
one voice against the principalities that are destroying the nations, for one voice
will break the power of darkness.”
God is saying: “The little children, the babies, the orphans will be cared for, the
little ones that are thrown away; I care about the little ones. I will raise up
mothers to heal them, I will raise up mothers to nurture them, there will come a
new stream of orphanages that will rise up to take care of these little ones. I
want my Spirit to flow into orphanages; I want My Spirit to start healing the
orphans. There are many children that are falling away because of the
circumstances.” God is saying: “I will anoint the social workers, I will place an
anointing on the social workers to care, to bring justice.”

20.11.2008 Nicolette Geldenhuys
God’s fire, Empowerment of the Gifts

I see the Lord is raising up a spiritual army in South Africa and this army will
move through the whole of Africa. I see the enemy has come and tried, in all
areas of our lives, to kill the fires that the Lord has started at the beginning of
2008. 2008 was the year of new beginnings and we were all excited at the
beginning of the year, but I see the enemy had a specific plan to kill those fires,
to make them die. But the fires will be even bigger than what they were. It will
be a fire that will spread from the southern part of Africa right through the rest of
Africa and to the rest of the world. I see the first part of 2009 will be a tough
time; it will be a time of shifting and a time of sifting. I hear the Lord saying that
we will get through this time a lot stronger; we will be empowered, because the
gifts of the Spirit will start operating in us as His children like never before. I feel
the Lord is saying that His children will be empowered to do the things that He
has given us to do, to do the things He has commanded us to do.


Prophecy – Jacob Zuma
André Louw – Saturday 8 June 2002

So it will be in the last hour, for I am raising up the Africa’s to carry
the cross for the last mile. Yes Lord…yes Lord! I’m going to change
your rand, I’m going to change your economy, for the devil has tried
to suppress your economy, oh southern one from Africa. But before I
change your rand, I’m going to take Botswana and raise up Botswana
into an economic explosion, that’s going to cause a ripple effect into
Namibia and even Zimbabwe will soon see a release, says the Spirit
of God. The oppressor will be removed and I will bring forth a new
one. He shall have my light in him and he shall have my utterance in
him and will cause that economy to be turned around by My Power
and I will heal the rand to heal the land. The southern part of Africa
will have one economic system; there will be a new type of economy
that will come forth in the southern hemisphere.
I will drive out the HIV virus, says the Spirit of God. I will drive out
famine from you…and will remove swiftly those that stood as God
and have stood in position to say that we are god. We will build our
temple and we shall our high ways and we shall our things and God
says I will bring them down, and I will raise up a new generation.
South Africa is about to receive a godly government.
God says that within two election processes a new light will come into
this country. But once again God says there needs to be a godly
intercession to call this country into repentance…arise church from
every part, and stand upon My Word and drive out these forces…
…There are things that have been hidden in the soil of this nation that
are about to come out, diamonds and gold and even peto – petroleum
oil. Some of the greatest wells of oils are going to come out of Africa,
says the Lord. God says, the devil took wars to destroy, but I used
the wars to keep the reserves hidden so that the nations would not
suppress this continent, because I’m raising this continent up, says
the Lord, to be a light.
I see that the Lord is saying that the economy will only change when
a Godly government is in place, and it will start off with groups of
men…the vice president of this nation…what is his name? Quickly,
give it to me…what’s his name? Jacob? I send the Spirit of God to
Jacob Zuma right now…right now…right now.
I hear God saying that I’m going to raise him up, sovereignly, oh God,
I might get into trouble for this…but I see upon the woman, this
woman being used by God to speak into his life the things and the
oracle of God. And God is going to visit him in a sovereign way. The
ANC are going to rise up and try and suppress him. They are going to
try and stop him from coming forth, but he’s going to be hidden in
camouflage, says the Lord. Yes! Yes! … He’s going to be hidden in
camouflage…because they will not know that he’s actually a sheep in
wolves clothing. And when he comes he will bring reformation into
this nation. When he rises up and we must pray that he will rise up.
But I see him coming and changing things.
And even now Father I pray for favour for him and I ask that you will
do this for him in Jesus name. Now lets give the Lord praise offering
right now…thank you Father, we release that right now. Let’s pray for
that a little bit, let’s trust God for that right now…
He (God) will heal our land by healing the rand. He will heal our land
by healing the rand…For it’s in God’s plan that we will travel to the
nations. That it will not become difficult to buy air tickets… Thank You
Holy Ghost…I’m just going to listen to God and speak what He’s
You need to pray for this man (Zuma), because they are going to try
and kill him soon, but you just keep praying for him, alright. When I
say kill, I mean that any person that rises up and doesn’t do the thing
that they want to be done, they remove; are you with me? They
remove you through political inspirations and all that stuff, but we are
going to trust God for something to happen for this man…
…Gold is going to go so high it’s going to be amazing…350…it’s
going to shoot…whew…in Jesus name…I’m going to tell you what is
going to happen…as soon as a godly government comes into this
region, we are going to hear reports of new minerals coming out of
this land, for the things have been hidden under the soil for one
reason; for us, the saints of God.

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