Dr. Chuck Missler, SWANsat and the Auric Currency

Chuck Missler

Dr. Chuck Missler, SWANsat and the Auric Currency

I am writing this article because I do not think that Chuck Missler is being at all honest with us as to what he really believes and who he ‘works’ for.  For some unknown reason Chuck Missler is ‘protected’ in that he seems to be able to get away with all sorts of false prophecy and publishing books on ‘extra biblical’ occult subjects with no one battering an eyelid.

His resume (freely available on the internet) is profound in that Chuck’s interests, companies and world plans all seem to tie in with what he himself tries to expose as evil in his books.

Chuck Missler is not an expert on prophecy, he is helping to orchestrate Biblical prophecy by aiding and abetting the One World Order.

I will let you review the below information and you can ask yourself the question;    “Why is a supposed born again Christian ‘serving the people‘ by connecting the world via 3 satellites and helping to establish the African Union which is part of the New World Order?” I know I am going to get some serious slack for this article, but someone has to say something.  And seeing as though I have nothing to lose, let me be that person.  In my research I have noted some highly recommended pastors support Chuck Missler, some even have their their books being published on Koinonia House Europe.

There are many things that I myself have fallen prey too and sometimes it’s been difficult for me to want to believe I was fooled.  I am no one special, but I do my utter best to listen to the Holy Spirit’s warnings and I ask Jesus for forgiveness of these things and rectify my errors so that I do not lead people astray. I sincerely pray that these pastors that I myself love very much,  take heed of what I have written here and re-evaluate their position regarding what the Bible says about false teachers and how it’s even possible for the elect to be deceived.

It sometimes takes a donkey to come along and show us something that was so glaringly obvious.


Dr. Charles ‘Chuck’ Missler:    (Information below in no particular order)

Chuck and Nancy Missler established Koinonia House in 1973

Chuck Missler also has close ties with Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel (where he preached) which was founded by The Jesus People

Close friend to Hal Lindsey (broadcasts shows on width= Trinity Broadcasting Network).   Hal Lindsey who had a show on TBN for years had his show removed by TBN in December 2005 because of his criticism against Islam.  As of Feb 2007 he was back on TBN hosting his show, “The Hal Lindsey Report”.  http://www.religionnewsblog.com/17439/hal-lindsey

Pat Matrisciana is a director of Chuck Missler’s Koinonia House.  Matrisciana also founded Campus Crusade for Christ with Bill Bright

 width=Dr.William Welty was appointed to the board of Directors of Koinonia House on 24 October 2009, which creates, develops, and distributes materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Koinonia House is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and was founded by Dr. Charles Missler.

Chuck Missler supporter of the Bible Code which is Gematria/Numerology – width= literal Qabalah.  Book:  Hidden Treasures – Chuck Missler highlights many of the trademark discoveries of hidden messages within the Biblical texts that will challenge and excite you! A ‘must read’ for every thinking seeker of truth and serious inquirer of reality.


On TBN’s 12/29/99 ‘Praise the Lord’ program which Hal Lindsey and Cliff Ford, hosted. One of their guests was Chuck Missler. Missler said he was there for the purpose of endorsing TBN’s movie, The Omega Code, and promoting his own new book on the Code.  The Omega Code movie did NOT promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather gave credence to the latest big lie — that there are hidden messages in the Bible when one uses the letters as an acrostic puzzle. This is the latest blasphemy sweeping through the professing church — using the Bible as a tool for divination.” Biblical Discernment Ministries
Occult fascination with UFO’s. Alien Encounters:  This book confronts the issues surrounding the sightings of UFOs and alien abductions and offers answers to many of the most pertinent questions. http://www.alienencounters.com


Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler’s Curriculum Vitae:

Member of a globalist group since 1998, the Council For National Policy (CNP).

Established the first international industrial computer network in 1966 while working at Ford Motor Company.

Founded a computer networking organisation later acquired by Automatic Data Processing (NYSE) to became its Network Services Division. Consultant to the Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions. Pioneer in computer technologies, participation in the development of some of the most top-secret military systems, including the Stealth bomber, anti-submarine warfare, worked with William E. Simon, former Secretary of Treasury on a strategically sensitive ultraviolet laser project, partnered with Boeing on P-3 upgrade, CEO for Advanced developments for Department of Defense and other deeply classified customers, Global Positioning Satellite systems, Director of Applied Devices Corporation for data processing support services for international oil industry, state lotteries, etc.

Owner of  The Phoenix Group, Inc., – 1989

Personally funded the first microchip implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Gave false prophecy of Y2K where 2 videos were released by Chuck Missler and John Ankerberg with advertisting title:  “The Coming Y2K Computer Crisis Will threaten Anyone Whose Faith is Not in God!”.   This ‘false prophecy’ is very peculiar considering his unbelievable resume regarding anything computer orientated.  Why would someone who is a genius in the computing field say such a stupid thing.

Partnership with company that will soon launch 3 Satellites that will connect the entire world in the year 2014. 

Helping establish the African Union currency called the Auricâ Currency.

Participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic adviser, or turnaround specialist. Ford Motor Company, TRW, Western Digital Corporation, as well as U.S. and foreign governments.

Missler was Senior participant in highly classified projects serving the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

Not so long ago Chuck Missler was at the:

God’s News Behind the News International Prophecy Conference 2000 – Orlando Florida, 5-8 April 2000

The prophets were:

  1. Jack and Rexella Van Impe,
  2. Morris Cerullo,
  3. Hal Lindsey,
  4. Grant Jeffrey,
  5. Perry Stone,
  6. John Bevere,
  7. Ray Brubaker,
  8. Joe Van Koevering,
  9. Zola Levitt,
  10. Chuck Missler,
  11. J.R.Church,
  12. Gary Kah, 
  13. Bill Cloud.

The Quantum Leap II Conference – July 19-21 2007

  • Hosted by:  The Gateway Christian Fellowship with speakers from The Elijah List, etc:
    • David van Koevering (The Elijah List,  New Age Occultist) – As a visionary, his gift is the insight to see, and by this observation to cause, and then define and communicate what he saw to others.
    • Chuck Missler (Chuck was encouraged by his close friend Hal Lindsey to pursue his long-time love of teaching the Bible on a full-time basis.  Hal Lindsey regular on TBN.)
    • JoAnne McFatter (The Elijah List- New Age Occultist),
    • Steve Swanson – Worship and Arts Director of Extreme Prophetic run by Patricia King (both The Elijah List- New Age Occultists).
  • Previous speakers at Quantum Leap I Conference included:  Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones along with Mike and Kari Browning.

‘Quantum Leap’ is a popular new age idea of man’s spiritual evolution from human to divine.  

“Barbara Marx Hubbard” wrote apologist Brooks Alexander, “has a similar event that she calls a planetary Pentecost. She explains to us that at this time, a ‘quantum leap’ in the evolution of mankind will occur as revealed to her by ‘the Christ’: ‘At the moment of cosmic contact, I will appear to you both through inner experience and through external communication on your mass media.’ Hubbard says, at this time when ‘the divisions of the religions would be over…We would each know that God is within us…If all who feel we are connected to each other, to nature and to God join in a planetary Pentecost, we shall be transformed in this lifetime.’ (Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Armageddon Alternative,” SCP Journal, Vol. 19:2/3, 1995, p. 49).”

Jackie Alnor from Apostasy Alert tried to contact Chuck Missler on why he attend this conference but did not receive a reply from him.  http://www.apostasyalert.org/REFLECTIONS/quantum.htm 

Chuck Missler of Koinonia House sponsored:  The Malta Expedition – 2004, ‘Exclusive Archaeological Cruise Event’ .

Tourists sailed to the islands of Patmos, Malta and Crete with excursions to Ephesus and Athens, where they visited the Acropolis, Parthenon and Mars Hill. Two days were spent on the island of Malta, where the tour visited the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta!

At Valetta the tour will also visit an ancient Tarxien temple. ‘Tarxien’ means ‘huge stone’ which describes those used for the numerous prehistoric temples on Malta. The World Monuments Fund is trying to help protect these temples. In Lady of the Beasts: The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals, Buffie Johnson informs that Malta was renown for its temples and monuments to the Mother Goddess

Rockwell International:

 A multifaceted company that worked in the manufacturing arena for defense and space industries. Rockwell International are Freemason/Illuminati.

 width=The building that was originally built for Rockwell International was designed in the shape of a Ziggurat; a stepped pyramid in the style of ancient Babylonia. However they did not occupy the building and it became the regional branch office of the federal government, housing some National Archives material and other miscellaneous government documents.

An ancient Mesopotamian temple tower consisting of a lofty pyramidal structure built in successive stages with outside staircases and a shrine at the top.  [1]  Form of temple common to the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians. [2]

 width=SWANsat:  The Super-Wide Area Network Satellite  

“People Serving People”

 SWANsat’s satellite services will begin in 2014.  
The SWANsat Project will place a constellation of three high-powered satellites into operation: One spacecraft will serve Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia. One spacecraft will serve North, Central, and South America. One spacecraft will serve central and east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the central Pacific. When operated together, all three spacecraft will provide coverage of the entire globe, except for polar areas.”  www.swansat.com

Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler is a special advisor to the SWANsatâ„¢ project.  www.swansat.com/about_us_cmissler.htm

Introducing the World’s First Inflation-Proof Gold and Silver Standard Offered as Part of SWANsat’s Modern Marshall Plan for the African Union 

Learn how SWANsat can help stabilize the world’s economy through the proposed gold-backed Auricâ currency. — http://www.swansat.com/index.htm

 width=African Union Gold Currency – Auricâ


Dr. Welty is a founding member of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF), a Geneva-based, independent, international non-profit organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade. The GSF System includes the GSF, duly appointed prime dealers, foundation members, lawful processes, and deliverable units. These trade in a cryptographically neutral marketplace. In the Global Standardâ„¢, one Globalâ„¢ is defined as 0.1 gram of gold by mass deliverable as 0.999 or better fine gold, and includes retail delivery of 0.9999 pure gold 1 Kg bars marked 10,000 Globals, high value coins designed for circulation and low value coins and notes. All circulating physical Globals contain at least 70% of the face value amount of gold with the balance stored in the GSF vaults.  Counterfeits are impossible without the gold content. GSF enables the physical and lawful processes that facilitate creation and movement of goods and services, including the necessary infrastructure to allow entrepreneurs and investors who use Globals to create and use a real-capital stock market that allows the pricing function in the marketplace to price risk. The genius of the west – lawful real-money stock markets – has now again returned to the service of mankind. –http://www.williamwelty.com/about_us.htm

In early June 2005 we began a feasibility study regarding formation of mySWANbank, a proposed banking service for SWANsatâ„¢ users. Our mySWANbank service will be operated in conjunction with SWANsat’s affiliated Banque de Commerce Internationale. —  http://swansatfoundation.com/milestones.htm

Chuck Missler is nothing but a Luciferian cleverly disguised as a Dominionist.

Other  Resources: 
[1]  www.merriam-webster.com 
[2] www.encyclopedia.com/html/z1/ziggurat.asp 

arrowNEW!! UPDATED: 5/12/2016 – Please read this SHOCKING news about William P Welty, Chuck Missler, Ron Matsen and a new book released in May 2016 about Mary the mother of God aka Queen of Heaven:  William Welty and Koinonia House – the Adoration of Mary book


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Right on Marion! Some of the so-called “apologetic” ministries need to apologize for misleading the flock. Satan is one clever dude – he knows that his best traps are baited with truth – kind of like a mouse trap with tempting cheese but if one partakes one gets into trouble. He will wrap his error in a facade of truth and those who don’t discern or dig deeper will not detect it. The truth itself is not invalid, but is tainted and compromised.

Praise the Lord you found one of the good churches and are there to keep watch and guard against leaven entering through the sneaky wiles of the enemy.

As you reach out and share the Gospel you have a safe place to send new believers to be discipled. That is a major problem in many places when someone receives the Lord and there is no place to direct them for discipleship and fellowship and to follow the Lord in water baptism as a testimony and observe the Lord’s Supper and be encouraged in their faith.

Truly perilous times in which we find ourselves, but we will press on and do our best to accomplish our Father’s business in the time left to us.


This is really great – watching each other’s backs and helping one another. This is one of those bright moments when one realizes that all the effort and time that goes into a blog like this is doing a valuable service to the flock. The leaders have largely abdicated their responsibility to alert and warn, so the sheep have to look after each other.


Burning lamp said, “It seems that your remarks are insulting and condemning to a sister in Christ. You have no right to judge her heart or motives.”

It’s ironic that the same consideration is not given to Mr. Missler.

I urge anyone and everyone to get Mr. Missler’s position from his materials and NOT from someone who is going to “inform” you of his positions.


Oh my Dianne, you totally miss the point. You need to bring yourself up to speed as to Mr. Missler’s activities, his connections to false teachers, etc. He cleverly mixes truth with error. No one has judged his heart or his motives, just his actions and his fruit which the Bible clearly instructs us to do.


[deleted – sorry for deleting your post; please don’t get involved in an argument that took place ages ago by a guy who threatens me and then gives a ‘fake‘ apology (you do not know the whole story) – he is long gone and it’s fruitless.

Zac, you came here for info on Missler. See here: https://www.discerningtheworld.com/category/pastors-teachers-speakers/c/chuck-missler-dr-nancy-missler/

thank you :)]


I found this site while researching Dr. Missler and read the entire post. For the most part I found myself being sad. I do know this – we who teach anything especially about the Bible will be held to a higher standard and will answer for what we have taught to Christ himself when we stand before him and answer for what we have done. Please be careful of pointing the finger in any way at another. It is definately OK to say I’m not sure I agree with this individual on this subject because as I see it this is the meaning… What would Jesus say and how would He say it. I believe it would be a better way of encouraging constructive dialog in order to further His Kindom. I believe that to be called a Christian one needs to strive to be Christ like. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides us all in our walk down that narrow path and through the door into the Kindom of Christ.



richard baldwin

I think Chuck and Nancy Missler are wonderful. Chuck, Quite possibly the best bible scholar on the planet!

I also love Dave Hunt. You know he passed away april 6th of this year. I am going to miss him. I know he wont miss this place! God bless!


Richard, I encourage you to do your homework and be a good Berean. You would find that there are many concerns about Missler, his teachings and his activities. The most deceptive false teachers mix truth and error.

There are other articles on this website exposing the Misslers – I suggest you search them out and read them carefully. Missler teaches the false teaching of Nephillim for one thing.

My aha moment with him came some years ago when he cozied up to some of the whacked out Apostolic false teachers, all decked out in his golden medallion representing the “elite” group he mentors.

It is amazing that he still enjoys such popularity. But it is the nature of people to follow personalities. Richard, I exhort you to seek the Lord and do your homework.


Also, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Missler’s intelligence is not in question. He is obviously an extremely intelligent man, but that does not qualify him to be a Bible scholar. The Holy Spirit provides more wisdom and knowledge than man can possibly know and oftentimes man’s intellect can be a stumbling block to the deep truths of the Word of God.


I wish Chuck and others would read Genesis 6:1-4 more carefully! Chuck says that those beings were angel/human hybrids. If that is the case then he is promoting a Bible contradiction! For in verse 4 it says that these beings were men, not hybrids! Now read Mark 12:25. It infers that angels do not copulate. One could gather from that passage in Mark that copulation is a non-issue for angels. Keep in mind that Chuck draws a lot from non-biblical sources like Greek mythology and the new age. What Chuck writes tends to be ‘juicy’, and exciting, rather than truthful or Biblical.

Kelleigh Nelson

Yes, I too saw the monthly newsletter a good while back where Dave Hunt said he believed Rick Warren was a brother in Christ. It was very disconcerting that a man with great discernment felt that the heretical and apostate doctrine Warren is selling is okay…he’s still a brother in Christ. Sadly, Warren has perverted the true gospel and is selling books to line his pockets. Dave made a big mistake on this one.


Debora, I too would like to know what newsletter. I have gotten the newsletter from the Berean Call for about three or four years now. I have all of my copies. I don’t recall seeing that article but I could have passed over it.


The Berean Call here declared that Rick Warren is a Christian that very much cares about the salvation of souls:

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Calvinists also desire the salvation of souls. The Emergent Church also desires the salvation of souls. Islam also desires the salvation of souls. The question is not what you desire but how you should go about doing it and Rick Warren is NOT, I repeat NOT in the “biblically correct how” business. He has his own agenda – PEACE ON EARTH AT ALL COST. This is where I and The Berean Call disagree.

Does that mean I am ready to throw TBC out the window? There was a time when I thought John MacArthur was the greatest until the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to his heresies. “What Love is This” helped me a great deal to see what Calvinism teaches.

This quote from TBC says it all.

I had hoped through personal contact with Rick to help him. That opportunity seems to have passed. His huge success makes any admission of error increasingly difficult.

This tells me that Dave Hunt really tried to convince Rick Warren of his errors but it did not help. Dave Hunt loved the Lord with all his heart and it was his sincere desire to help those who were deceived and to bring them back to the Lord.

He also said, and this is a bit dicy to say the least.

We credit Rick and his wife, Kay, with having tender hearts for the physical needs of the poor, uneducated, and dying, and for good works that put many of us to shame. But we fault them for hiding the gospel from those who need it and who without it will perish for eternity!

To care for the physical needs of the poor, the uneducated, the dying and the needy without presenting them with the unadulterated Word of God is hellishly dangerous. Mother Theresa did exactly the same. She cared for the poor but sent them to a Christless eternity. Antichrist is also going to care for the poor, the needy, the uneducated and the dying. In fact, all the internet sites promotting him are saying exactly just that. Here’s one of their most recent statements.

The Master’s latest article

“From now on … it will become increasingly evident that the old forms and methods no longer work, certainly not for the benefit of more than a few. Thus a great divide has opened up between the rich and poor of every nation, sharper and clearer than ever before. For little longer will the poor of this world accept this unsacred division. And so the threat of revolution stirs once more in many countries. In Our view, while understandable, such a consequence would not bode well for humanity and would but strengthen their despair. Our way is the way of peaceful evolution, and we recommend it to those who would endanger further the world. Our way is simple and attainable; the principle of sharing is the blessed answer to men’s ills. At a stroke Just Sharing will transform this world.”


“What is important is that he finally did come to grips with the truth”

I believe that is exactly what happened Debs. I also read of someone who wrote a forward in his book. Someone he regularly exposed these last years.

I believe Ruth also passed on the yesterday. week.


This blog picks apart every good teacher of the word. You all are very picky and mean spirited people. Who calls you judge and jury? Quit trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit.

Be glad that you are not some famous Bible teacher. If you were, your errors would discussed ad nauseam and you would be hung in the town square by most of these commenters.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Sheila wrote:

This blog picks apart every good teacher of the word. You all are very picky and mean spirited people. Who calls you judge and jury? Quit trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit.

Be glad that you are not some famous Bible teacher. If you were, your errors would discussed ad nauseam and you would be hung in the town square by most of these commenters.

When a bunch of unbelievers in Berea who were more noble than those in Thessalonica, searched the scriptures daily, to make sure whether the things Paul preached were so. (Act 17:11), Paul didn’t react in the way you do and say “You are picking apart a very good preacher and teacher of the Word. You are all very picky and mean spirited people. Who calls you judge and jury? Quit trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit. Be glad that you are not some famous Bible teacher. If you were, your errors would discussed ad nauseam and you would be hung in the town square by most of these commenters.

Do you know why Paul never reacted in the way you do? Because, in the first place, he was a humble person who welcomed people who like true Bereans tested all things in the light of God’s Word, even his own preaching. In the second place, he was not a murderer who wanted to hang the Bereans in the town square because they evaluated his preaching in the light of God’s Word. Had he done so, he would have been a false teacher.

You need to repent of your murderous hatred.

If a man (or a woman) say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he (or she) is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? (1 Jn 4:20)


I wonder if he hasn’t gotten foolishly caught up trying to profit from the Enemy. If we know from bible prophecy that certain worldly enterprises will be profitable until the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord it could be tempting for one to profit from these things. I try to use that sort of info to know where NOT to put my money or obtain income or profit. The Lord tells us in His word not to seek after gold and silver, but to invest in spiritual things. He seems to put his investments in globalist sort of things. The Swansat thing (which they have extended the launch date now to 2016), the Auric (a gold currency in the direction of a unified Africa and suspiciously like a portion of one world government )(Profiting from some of the poorest nations in the world? really?), CEO(? scraping the memory barrel here) with Ford Motor Co. (The Lord will destroy those who destroy the earth), etc. Often it seems like he starts out in the right place and then loses out to his own agenda….


Why don’t you all read the Bible for yourself and discern the truth of what Chuck says. When Chuck discusses issues not directly stated in scripture he always shares that it is conjecture and encourages one to look to scriptures themselves. Have any of you even read the Bible? If you have, then rely on the Lord to reveal himself and his truth through his word.

Mark Cox

So, pray tell who do YOU endorse? I see so-called Christians bashing everyone from Billy Graham to Charles Stanley and even Spurgeon, Darby, Larkin, and other deceased commentators. What amazes me about guys like you is that you have the time to “expose” all these false teachers as though YOU ALONE have divine insight and a superior intellect that we should immediately stop what we are doing and listen to you. What are your credentials? Do you realistically believe that anyone in Christendom follows your blueprint exactly for theology, eschatology, and every other -ology? No, of course not. To assign Chuck Missler to a status of false teacher is disgraceful, and a view to which makes me ask of you: What is your affiliation? Whose writings have contributed to your spiritual superiority? What level of education have you obtained? And finally what makes you believe that God almighty in the heavens will allow his bride, the church–fully indwelt with his very essence the Holy Spirit, in which discernment (one of the gifts of that self-same spirit) is given to you alone, and NOT to other believers like the ones who listen to sermons from leaders other than yourself? There’s a boogey-man behing every teacher with you guys. Do I think there is false teaching? Yes the Mormons are false teachers, as are the Seventh Day adventists, and even the orthodox Jew, and the Muslin cleric. The Writ that governs their bylaws is flawed and so their fundamentals are flawed. The thing about doctrine however is that the fundamentals are clearly described and discerned; for someone to be deemed a false teacher demands that they willingly and purposefully deceive. I think virtually all gospel preachers since the beginning of time have got the fundamentals right, but at least some of the finer points WRONG…but because they have the bedrock of the fundamentals right and are indwelt with the Spirit they are merely believers that I disagree with, but in no wise rise to the scandalous definition of false teacher. I would call you a divider because you seek to empower yourselves by planting doubt regarding other called men. I have read and listened to Chuck Missler and many many other preachers. His ministry is sure, solid; His foundation and doctrine fundamentally sound. If you disagree with him, take it up with him…he is your brother. To cowardly siphon off the conspiracy-theory Christians is well, not very Christian.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Mark Cox wrote,

So, pray tell who do YOU endorse? I see so-called Christians bashing everyone from Billy Graham to Charles Stanley and even Spurgeon, Darby, Larkin, and other deceased commentators. What amazes me about guys like you is that you have the time to “expose” all these false teachers as though YOU ALONE have divine insight and a superior intellect that we should immediately stop what we are doing and listen to you.

NO, we want you to listen and obey Jesus Christ who said, ” Take heed that no man deceive you” (Matthew 24:4) and that includes men like Billy Graham who believes that everyone will be saved even when they do not know Jesus Christ, Charles Stanley teaches the self-esteem heresy, and Charles Spurgeon was a Calvinist who believe that God loved and died only for the elect. I don’t know why you included JN Darby and Larkin in your list. Larkin is not even mentioned once in any any of our posts and no one has ever called Larkin a false teacher. You are being downright dishonest.

You wrote,

What amazes me about guys like you is that you have the time to “expose” all these false teachers as though YOU ALONE have divine insight and a superior intellect that we should immediately stop what we are doing and listen to you.

Once again, you should learn to obey Jesus Christ who said,

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead EXPOSE THEM. (Ephesians 5:11)

No one says or even suggested that we ALONE have divine insight. We encourage people to test what we have written in the light of Scripture and NOT to rant against us in a fit of emotional rage like you.

Why would you eulogize Chuck Missler when he works with a false prophet like Kim Clement?

TBC: Kim Clement has a growing list of failed prophecies and with awareness of his failure to meet the biblical criteria has made the following excuse: “You can be a wrong prophet and not be a false prophet” (Trinity Broadcasting Network, “The prophetic ministry of Kim Clement,” Aug, 13, 2002). Consequently, it was a further concern when we saw the announcement for Chuck Missler working with Kim Clement for an online conference (Jan. 9-11, 2015).

Jesus never said, “Take heed that no man deceive you. However, they may deceive you as long as they have the bedrock of Christianity right.”

In addition to Nephilim promoters L.A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, Chuck Missler, and Gary Stearman, the prophecy conference also features Hebrew Roots teacher Mark Biltz, who has stated quite bluntly on his website: “”My goal is not to convert Jews to Christianity but to bring non-Jews to a better understanding of YHVH through a better understanding of Torah. I think most Christians do not know YHVH as He really is but know Him as they have tried to create Him in their image rather than understanding they were created in His image. Many Christians believe they have a relationship with YHVH but they don’t.”


He says further, “I believe Christianity has hijacked Yeshua and has been presenting an Egyptian, which is why Yeshua is not recognized….The time is coming when the Jewish people will recognize the role Yeshua played and they will then fulfill their mission in taking Torah to the nations. They will straighten out the Christians theology in what Yeshua was really saying”

You wrote,

The thing about doctrine however is that the fundamentals are clearly described and discerned; for someone to be deemed a false teacher demands that they willingly and purposefully deceive.

The very meaning of the word “deceived” says that someone believes something without knowing or realizing it is wrong (2 Tim 3:13). There is no such thing as willing and purposeful deception. They are deceived, not because they are willingly and purposefully deceived but because Satan has blinded their eyes to the truth. Either God blinds the eyes as a means of judgment or He allows Satan to blind the eyes, also as a means of judgment. God’s truth is for everyone to study and to understand. However, when he/she refuses to believe God’s truth, either God blinds his eyes or He allows Satan to blind their eyes. Deception sets in when you refuse to believe the truth.

Therefore they could not believe, because that Esaias said again, He (God) hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them. (John 12:39-40).

In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. (2 Co 4:4)

Jesus did not qualify the deception. He simply said, “Take heed that no man deceive you.”

Scripture as a whole (all biblical doctrine) is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Tim 3:16-17). You cannot pick and choose which doctrines you want to believe and leave the rest out. All Scripture means all Scripture. Period. Believing all Scripture’s doctrines makes the man of God perfect and furnishes him unto all good works.

Chuck Missler believes that fallen angels had sex with women and produced the Nephilim while Jesus Himself said the very opposite in Matthew 22:29-30. If Missler is wrong and Jesus is correct, then MIssler is misleading God’s people and therefore a false teacher – at least in this particular aspect of his teaching.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x