Dr. Chuck Missler, SWANsat and the Auric Currency

Chuck Missler

Dr. Chuck Missler, SWANsat and the Auric Currency

I am writing this article because I do not think that Chuck Missler is being at all honest with us as to what he really believes and who he ‘works’ for.  For some unknown reason Chuck Missler is ‘protected’ in that he seems to be able to get away with all sorts of false prophecy and publishing books on ‘extra biblical’ occult subjects with no one battering an eyelid.

His resume (freely available on the internet) is profound in that Chuck’s interests, companies and world plans all seem to tie in with what he himself tries to expose as evil in his books.

Chuck Missler is not an expert on prophecy, he is helping to orchestrate Biblical prophecy by aiding and abetting the One World Order.

I will let you review the below information and you can ask yourself the question;    “Why is a supposed born again Christian ‘serving the people‘ by connecting the world via 3 satellites and helping to establish the African Union which is part of the New World Order?” I know I am going to get some serious slack for this article, but someone has to say something.  And seeing as though I have nothing to lose, let me be that person.  In my research I have noted some highly recommended pastors support Chuck Missler, some even have their their books being published on Koinonia House Europe.

There are many things that I myself have fallen prey too and sometimes it’s been difficult for me to want to believe I was fooled.  I am no one special, but I do my utter best to listen to the Holy Spirit’s warnings and I ask Jesus for forgiveness of these things and rectify my errors so that I do not lead people astray. I sincerely pray that these pastors that I myself love very much,  take heed of what I have written here and re-evaluate their position regarding what the Bible says about false teachers and how it’s even possible for the elect to be deceived.

It sometimes takes a donkey to come along and show us something that was so glaringly obvious.


Dr. Charles ‘Chuck’ Missler:    (Information below in no particular order)

Chuck and Nancy Missler established Koinonia House in 1973

Chuck Missler also has close ties with Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel (where he preached) which was founded by The Jesus People

Close friend to Hal Lindsey (broadcasts shows on width= Trinity Broadcasting Network).   Hal Lindsey who had a show on TBN for years had his show removed by TBN in December 2005 because of his criticism against Islam.  As of Feb 2007 he was back on TBN hosting his show, “The Hal Lindsey Report”.  http://www.religionnewsblog.com/17439/hal-lindsey

Pat Matrisciana is a director of Chuck Missler’s Koinonia House.  Matrisciana also founded Campus Crusade for Christ with Bill Bright

 width=Dr.William Welty was appointed to the board of Directors of Koinonia House on 24 October 2009, which creates, develops, and distributes materials to stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Koinonia House is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and was founded by Dr. Charles Missler.

Chuck Missler supporter of the Bible Code which is Gematria/Numerology – width= literal Qabalah.  Book:  Hidden Treasures – Chuck Missler highlights many of the trademark discoveries of hidden messages within the Biblical texts that will challenge and excite you! A ‘must read’ for every thinking seeker of truth and serious inquirer of reality.


On TBN’s 12/29/99 ‘Praise the Lord’ program which Hal Lindsey and Cliff Ford, hosted. One of their guests was Chuck Missler. Missler said he was there for the purpose of endorsing TBN’s movie, The Omega Code, and promoting his own new book on the Code.  The Omega Code movie did NOT promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather gave credence to the latest big lie — that there are hidden messages in the Bible when one uses the letters as an acrostic puzzle. This is the latest blasphemy sweeping through the professing church — using the Bible as a tool for divination.” Biblical Discernment Ministries
Occult fascination with UFO’s. Alien Encounters:  This book confronts the issues surrounding the sightings of UFOs and alien abductions and offers answers to many of the most pertinent questions. http://www.alienencounters.com


Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler’s Curriculum Vitae:

Member of a globalist group since 1998, the Council For National Policy (CNP).

Established the first international industrial computer network in 1966 while working at Ford Motor Company.

Founded a computer networking organisation later acquired by Automatic Data Processing (NYSE) to became its Network Services Division. Consultant to the Board of Directors of Rockwell International for corporate acquisitions. Pioneer in computer technologies, participation in the development of some of the most top-secret military systems, including the Stealth bomber, anti-submarine warfare, worked with William E. Simon, former Secretary of Treasury on a strategically sensitive ultraviolet laser project, partnered with Boeing on P-3 upgrade, CEO for Advanced developments for Department of Defense and other deeply classified customers, Global Positioning Satellite systems, Director of Applied Devices Corporation for data processing support services for international oil industry, state lotteries, etc.

Owner of  The Phoenix Group, Inc., – 1989

Personally funded the first microchip implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES)

Gave false prophecy of Y2K where 2 videos were released by Chuck Missler and John Ankerberg with advertisting title:  “The Coming Y2K Computer Crisis Will threaten Anyone Whose Faith is Not in God!”.   This ‘false prophecy’ is very peculiar considering his unbelievable resume regarding anything computer orientated.  Why would someone who is a genius in the computing field say such a stupid thing.

Partnership with company that will soon launch 3 Satellites that will connect the entire world in the year 2014. 

Helping establish the African Union currency called the Auricâ Currency.

Participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic adviser, or turnaround specialist. Ford Motor Company, TRW, Western Digital Corporation, as well as U.S. and foreign governments.

Missler was Senior participant in highly classified projects serving the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.

Not so long ago Chuck Missler was at the:

God’s News Behind the News International Prophecy Conference 2000 – Orlando Florida, 5-8 April 2000

The prophets were:

  1. Jack and Rexella Van Impe,
  2. Morris Cerullo,
  3. Hal Lindsey,
  4. Grant Jeffrey,
  5. Perry Stone,
  6. John Bevere,
  7. Ray Brubaker,
  8. Joe Van Koevering,
  9. Zola Levitt,
  10. Chuck Missler,
  11. J.R.Church,
  12. Gary Kah, 
  13. Bill Cloud.

The Quantum Leap II Conference – July 19-21 2007

  • Hosted by:  The Gateway Christian Fellowship with speakers from The Elijah List, etc:
    • David van Koevering (The Elijah List,  New Age Occultist) – As a visionary, his gift is the insight to see, and by this observation to cause, and then define and communicate what he saw to others.
    • Chuck Missler (Chuck was encouraged by his close friend Hal Lindsey to pursue his long-time love of teaching the Bible on a full-time basis.  Hal Lindsey regular on TBN.)
    • JoAnne McFatter (The Elijah List- New Age Occultist),
    • Steve Swanson – Worship and Arts Director of Extreme Prophetic run by Patricia King (both The Elijah List- New Age Occultists).
  • Previous speakers at Quantum Leap I Conference included:  Kansas City Prophet Bob Jones along with Mike and Kari Browning.

‘Quantum Leap’ is a popular new age idea of man’s spiritual evolution from human to divine.  

“Barbara Marx Hubbard” wrote apologist Brooks Alexander, “has a similar event that she calls a planetary Pentecost. She explains to us that at this time, a ‘quantum leap’ in the evolution of mankind will occur as revealed to her by ‘the Christ’: ‘At the moment of cosmic contact, I will appear to you both through inner experience and through external communication on your mass media.’ Hubbard says, at this time when ‘the divisions of the religions would be over…We would each know that God is within us…If all who feel we are connected to each other, to nature and to God join in a planetary Pentecost, we shall be transformed in this lifetime.’ (Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Armageddon Alternative,” SCP Journal, Vol. 19:2/3, 1995, p. 49).”

Jackie Alnor from Apostasy Alert tried to contact Chuck Missler on why he attend this conference but did not receive a reply from him.  http://www.apostasyalert.org/REFLECTIONS/quantum.htm 

Chuck Missler of Koinonia House sponsored:  The Malta Expedition – 2004, ‘Exclusive Archaeological Cruise Event’ .

Tourists sailed to the islands of Patmos, Malta and Crete with excursions to Ephesus and Athens, where they visited the Acropolis, Parthenon and Mars Hill. Two days were spent on the island of Malta, where the tour visited the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta!

At Valetta the tour will also visit an ancient Tarxien temple. ‘Tarxien’ means ‘huge stone’ which describes those used for the numerous prehistoric temples on Malta. The World Monuments Fund is trying to help protect these temples. In Lady of the Beasts: The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals, Buffie Johnson informs that Malta was renown for its temples and monuments to the Mother Goddess

Rockwell International:

 A multifaceted company that worked in the manufacturing arena for defense and space industries. Rockwell International are Freemason/Illuminati.

 width=The building that was originally built for Rockwell International was designed in the shape of a Ziggurat; a stepped pyramid in the style of ancient Babylonia. However they did not occupy the building and it became the regional branch office of the federal government, housing some National Archives material and other miscellaneous government documents.

An ancient Mesopotamian temple tower consisting of a lofty pyramidal structure built in successive stages with outside staircases and a shrine at the top.  [1]  Form of temple common to the Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians. [2]

 width=SWANsat:  The Super-Wide Area Network Satellite  

“People Serving People”

 SWANsat’s satellite services will begin in 2014.  
The SWANsat Project will place a constellation of three high-powered satellites into operation: One spacecraft will serve Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia. One spacecraft will serve North, Central, and South America. One spacecraft will serve central and east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the central Pacific. When operated together, all three spacecraft will provide coverage of the entire globe, except for polar areas.”  www.swansat.com

Dr. Charles W. “Chuck” Missler is a special advisor to the SWANsatâ„¢ project.  www.swansat.com/about_us_cmissler.htm

Introducing the World’s First Inflation-Proof Gold and Silver Standard Offered as Part of SWANsat’s Modern Marshall Plan for the African Union 

Learn how SWANsat can help stabilize the world’s economy through the proposed gold-backed Auricâ currency. — http://www.swansat.com/index.htm

 width=African Union Gold Currency – Auricâ


Dr. Welty is a founding member of the Global Settlement Foundation (GSF), a Geneva-based, independent, international non-profit organization that provides finality of settlement for global trade. The GSF System includes the GSF, duly appointed prime dealers, foundation members, lawful processes, and deliverable units. These trade in a cryptographically neutral marketplace. In the Global Standardâ„¢, one Globalâ„¢ is defined as 0.1 gram of gold by mass deliverable as 0.999 or better fine gold, and includes retail delivery of 0.9999 pure gold 1 Kg bars marked 10,000 Globals, high value coins designed for circulation and low value coins and notes. All circulating physical Globals contain at least 70% of the face value amount of gold with the balance stored in the GSF vaults.  Counterfeits are impossible without the gold content. GSF enables the physical and lawful processes that facilitate creation and movement of goods and services, including the necessary infrastructure to allow entrepreneurs and investors who use Globals to create and use a real-capital stock market that allows the pricing function in the marketplace to price risk. The genius of the west – lawful real-money stock markets – has now again returned to the service of mankind. –http://www.williamwelty.com/about_us.htm

In early June 2005 we began a feasibility study regarding formation of mySWANbank, a proposed banking service for SWANsatâ„¢ users. Our mySWANbank service will be operated in conjunction with SWANsat’s affiliated Banque de Commerce Internationale. —  http://swansatfoundation.com/milestones.htm

Chuck Missler is nothing but a Luciferian cleverly disguised as a Dominionist.

Other  Resources: 
[1]  www.merriam-webster.com 
[2] www.encyclopedia.com/html/z1/ziggurat.asp 

arrowNEW!! UPDATED: 5/12/2016 – Please read this SHOCKING news about William P Welty, Chuck Missler, Ron Matsen and a new book released in May 2016 about Mary the mother of God aka Queen of Heaven:  William Welty and Koinonia House – the Adoration of Mary book


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Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Well Martin, that certainly was an interesting & quite an assumptive response. You did pretty much what Deborah did with my initial posting & is a typical of a mainstream media trick we’ve all grown weary of – pick out a small, insignificant portion of my reply & make a sophomoric, inane dig. No exploration, only assumptions & a chance to be highbrowed & haute as in Deborah’s case.

Then you come on your metaphorical white horse to defend the honor of some damsel seeming to be in distress, all the while using a sword sharpened by your personal experience of being duped by a Christian cult – isn’t ‘Christian cult’ an oxymoron? Sorry, couldn’t avoid the humor.

Incidentally, what attracted you to following her web or blog site? You certainly reveal similarities in your communication as to how you were led to the Worldwide Church of God. I don’t know how you’ve missed the plethora of articles here that point away from the Bible. It speaks volumes. Remember, those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Aside from the immediate above, you haven’t the foggiest idea what I was addressing. However in the interest of further clarity, let me spell it out.

1. I never said I was a “follower” of Chuck Missler. He always quotes Acts 17:11 which, leads you right back into the Bible for the authority & final word. What cults do is completely the opposite – lead you away from the Bible through consistent distraction & tearing at others. Chuck or any other human for that matter is not my god, only Jesus is. I find Chuck’s insights intellectually stimulating but do I believe in aliens or giants from the past? Does it really matter?

2. The common thread in entire post has a sour flavor in that it brought the negative & the self-righteous points of view and comments. I find it so pathetic & belittling to allow people to go in that direction. This is the fundamental problem with blogs – the only balance that can created is by the author themselves. Truth can become relative & that is a sad state of affairs.

3. Why do people like Deborah feel that it is important to walk upon the shoulders of others in order to get noticed? I can assume, based upon my #2 above, that she is strongly bent towards pointing out all of the wrongs with pretty much everything. What she is doing is creating an island & that stands diametrically opposed to a Christ led mission. While this may be unsettling for you to hear, examine the evidence yourself (you’ll find it listed on the right side of this page – all 1,000 of them). I’ll assert that a considerable number of her list above is not necessarily leading someone to Christ, it greatly instills fear & paranoia. The subsequent comments bears that out.

4. You say “People who believe in aliens are evolutionists” … really? What Chuck pointed out in a speculative way (which he, himself says many times, is just his opinion) was that due to the speed at which UFO’s travel, relative to our ability to travel, that they must come from outside our dimension, therefore demonic in nature. It seems plausible BUT, I do not give it any weight as to my spirituality, I simply find it interesting, kind of like a good mystery book – it is a fun exercise. Quite frankly, I think Chuck find it’s interesting as well & not the basis of his belief in Christ.

I could go on but why? You are a captive audience of this blog & anything (I) said will go through a fear based filter instead of getting my point – leading to Christ. Chuck has done what very few have done in the world today, led tens of thousands to Christ & he is not perfect but his fruit bears out in two ways – leading people to Christ & not spend an inordinate amount of time pointing at the fallacies of man. The object is to lead people to Christ & our model is laid out in the Bible.


My short comments just above this one, was directed at Deborah’s response to me on 4 June, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Burning Lamp

Jason, you have crossed a boundary that has not been crossed on this blog by anyone to my knowledge who is honestly interested in truth when discussing false teachings/teachers because it is unbibical to do so.

The Bible instructs us to discern and judge the fruit. The works of public teachers are open to public examination. Often righteous judging benefits the teacher in question if they are not so puffed up they will humble themselves and examine themselves.

You have judged Deborah’s heart. Bad thing to do dude. This blog is about examining and exposing false teachings that are hurtful to the Bride of Christ. God cares very much about His sheep. It is a difficult calling, one that invites criticism. But it is done out of obedience to God, not to judge others unrighteously.

Your philosophy of chewing up the meat and spitting out the bones is faulty.
Some of the bones are quite small and could slip through and choke you. Ever swallow a fish bone? I hope not as it is a very bad experience.

Your words do not reflect the love of Christ and a concern for His truth and all the sheep who are confused due to false teaching. That is what motivates people like Deborah to press on despite opposition.

Yes, it is most important to share the Gospel and reach the lost, but the Great Commission also states the necessity of discipling new converts in the truth.

False teachers flourish because people fail to expose them or won’t heed the warnings about them.

William Saunders

To Jason, you said of Chuck Missler –

How many people has Chuck led to Christ?

Nobody can claim credit for people being led to Christ.

It’s The Word Of God that saves, not us –

Romans 10:17 – “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

1 Peter 1:23 – “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.”

God doesn’t need us.

Proclaiming the Word of God does NOT validate the proclaimer.

Matthew 7:21-23


Deborah keep going

JASON you will eventually catch on -this because you are seeking the truth- This is a promise of God ‘seek and you shall find”

What you said was also my initial reaction to what Deborah does here – I did not and we all do not like the people we look up to to be less than what they have made themselves out to be – I have changed many a reading author because of what i have learnt through this website – If i do not agree with Debs or any other Statement left by any other –then i go research myself , inevitably i come a pone the evidence discussed here.

Jason you are right in your summation Of Chuck but when you put yourself out there ud better be squeaky clean.I was once also The problem i have with all the so called ” Teachers’none of them actually work, Like Paul set as an example.Follow the money.


William – very well said – I often hear this phrase but truthfully God is the only One Who brings the increase!


[deleted – don’t comment again, you are blacklisted]


I will clarify my point of view/position in a moment but want to address the above comments.

Burning Lamp –

There is a fine line that separates the heart & the mind. I was not judging Deborah’s heart because it seems as though she loves Christ. It is the tearing at or into others that is an irritant to me & yes, I view this is as a degree of arrogance & weakness. I know it all too well because that was me at one point. By the way – dude (such a poor choice of words) don’t you think it is a bit of a contradiction to say I was judging Deborah’s heart when she judges others hearts, like Missler?

Let me ask you, what would AND did Jesus do? The lone example of Him displaying anger in the Temple seems to be the example or excuse some use to attack false intentions yet, those whom were subject to Jesus’ anger were blatantly wrong & taking advantage of those who entered to worship.

You say – “… that is what motivates people like Deborah to press on despite opposition.” What opposition???? Have any of these people that Deborah ‘exposed’ attacked her? Why is it sooo important to spend an inordinate amount of time attacking the world? Moreover & far more importantly, why do yo feel so compelled to defend her? That is a serious question my friend & is directed to your heart.

You state: “yes, it is most important to share the Gospel and reach the lost, but the Great Commission also states the necessity of discipling new converts in the truth.” You better reread the Great Commission – Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:44-49, John 20:19-23, I failed to see where it says to run around and attack …. whomever.

William Saunders & Chris

You cannot be serious – nobody can lead someone to Christ? We were all lead to Christ, that’s how it works! Acts 2 (specifically verse 41) clearly shows people were lead to Christ. Has Billy Graham lead anyone to Christ? You quote Romans 10:17, let me ask you – how does one hear the Word of God?

Chris let me ask you from your own personal experience – were you just wondering around in the world, minding your own business & suddenly one day – bam! you became a Christian? Everybody was led from the dark to the light – read the Old Testament profits, the accountings of the original Disciples etc etc etc – it is so clear I am surprised you even commented. Please, guys – don’t be so pinheaded.

edddycs –

I appreciate your comments & surprisingly you illustrated my point. One needs to ask – which way is the reading of, or listening to Biblical commentary leading you, back to God’s Word or some other personal direction? My hope is you will eventually catch on.

You say I’d better be “squeaky clean’ is a strange statement. Is my judgement coming as a result of questioning motives of this blog or more accurately observing the result(s) of the writing of the author herein? Fortunately, I only fear God & that accounting. So if I poke at someone or something I think is off kilter, I answer to Him alone.


I appreciate the referenced link however, I am uninterested – you call Chuck an unbeliever?? Wow, that is far bolder than I’d ever go & obviously, I’m pretty bold.

Both of my parents were lead to Christ in the late 80’s as a result of attending Chuck Missler’s Bible study in person. Both parents became solid believers in Christ & totally Bible literate. In fact, my mother wrote a study guide for Jahovah Witnesses which questioned their New World Translation & Awake! magazine. The study guide was designed to lead the blinded witness back to the Bible which, clearly pointed out the fallacies of their cultic teachings and was the original way the JW’s studied scripture until Chas Taze Russell’s doctrine changed. That being said, what Chuck did was caused or exposed my parents to go to the Bible as the final/only authority & witness accordingly AND understand the entire context or the whole, not take a selected scripture(s) to defend personal beliefs.

My point of view –

First & foremost, I am a born again Christian in the fullest sense & classical meaning in the King James Bible, nothing less – saved by the blood of Christ. I am a sinner & not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Second as stated above, I fear only the Lord & can care less of ‘man’s’ opinion because I know I am judged one on one by God Himself. I express OPINIONS based upon what I know of God’s word – not selected scriptures that would allow me to judge or admonish others which, I find incredibly myopic and what I see as a result of a particular viewpoint.

I have an expertise in ‘trends’ (to keep it simple) & am highly educated, experienced in this field & is a major part of my vocation. In the secular world, I have identified emerging trends for some financial institutions & ancillary/associated fields. What I have learned in over 20 years is the fish always stinks from the head down, in other words – leadership makes & breaks an organization & sets the tone for the employees & consumers. The imbedded philosophies & opinions in a position of power or authority LEADS those in that organization. Additionally I have found great truth in the adage – “Power corrupts & absolute power absolutely corrupts”.

That ripple effect permeates EVERY area of life & why not – we are all sinners.

What I discovered later is it is highly possible to change the direction leadership IF the followers are exposed to the simple & base truth(s). It is highly complex in that most rests upon the seeming counter-intuitive, but inherently true information. Example – it is easy to lead people to believe that 2+2=22 by distorting or manipulating the base truth. Once that “truth” is agreed upon, Pandora’s box has just cracked open& problems begin. This is the fundamental way cults have started.

Before some of you get your underwear in a knot, I am saying or even hinting this blog or it’s author is cultic in nature nor do I believe they are not Christians.

What led me to address the Chuck Missler article was when someone made absolutes about his heart as if he is a cultic leader because of his very interesting beliefs about out of the box topics such as UFO’s & giants. While this is NOT who he is or does not encompass a measurable portion of his ministry, one can take something like this and blow it all out of proportion. My question was, why is this such an issue if more that 90% of what he does is black & white scripture based & related? The only possible answers is emotion based – fear, anger & arrogance. There is no other possibility & that leadership, leads the flock. Read the flavor & content of the comments, it is abundantly clear.

So you bring up ‘Chuck the Devil’, expose his ‘evil’ doings and open the flood gates to the many, many responses bent in agreement. Never mind that he has done far, far more good in the Christian world – it is these insignificant acts of his which, he clearly states & many times to go to the Bible & make the discoveries for yourself. I say shame on you for tearing him & his ministry down completely. As previously stated, I am bold but I am not that foolish to lead an entire group (this blog audience) to invalidate him.

Your motto “discerning the world’ is far more telling than you may think & to me, exposes your real motive(s). I believe that mindset is an endless, foolish game that can accomplish only one thing – point fingers at all the wrong doers this blogs deems as hypocrites or what have you. Honestly, I don’t get that ‘ministry’.

Are people falling in love with Jesus or getting angry about others? The PROOF is in the pudding i.e. – the tone & overall flavor here.


Do you not understand the meaning of the word “led or lead”? Do you not know the aforementioned scripture references that clearly show & prove people were led to Christ? Can you not understand what I wrote – in its entirety? You selectively pick & choose that which seems to fit your beliefs. Chuck Missler is as much a Roman Catholic as Jesus was/is a Buddhist.

Is it your way to “help” someone like Missler’s “followers” by invalidation? Maybe you should go to the source – Chuck & ask him or better yet, provide him your supposed proof to comment on instead of using your hit & run style which is so weak.

Discern the WORD young lady ….


I decided to read that link regarding Chuck Missler, written by William Saunders, whose bio is most incomplete other than he is self-appointed, and it proved nothing – just conjecture & an attempt to debunk a ministry. Further, I noticed it is a common thread throughout this entire blog to blast everything under the sun – drink a Monster & you are consuming the mark of the beast no less …

You have a pattern of taking things out of context & then build a castle in the sand. You’ve done it with my comments & see that much of what you have, taken painstaking efforts to do, is to attempt to weave a tapestry about false teaching about everyone with whom you are judge & jury.

That my dear friend, is an area that I would avoid like the plague because if you, through these suspect, out of context assertions, “lead” someone to believe that they are wrong & then they decide to move away from Christ because of infighting, confusion & lack of love, that’s on you – a millstone I’d avoid at all cost.

Nearly all of this blog is dedicated to creating fear in people through sensationalism. How does any of this elevate Christ?

As stated to Chris above – “let me ask you, from your own personal experience – were you just wondering around in the world, minding your own business & suddenly one day – bam! you became a Christian? Everybody was led from the dark to the light” by a human. Because we are born of sin & have free will, it is virtually impossible to come to Christ without some sort of human interaction. However, I fully agree that the Holy Spirit leads us to truth BUT we must choose & accept Christ first.

Incidentally, I do not hold Chuck Missler in high esteem whatsoever, he happened to be the subject that started this off & someone I have had some experience with. Rather, my real thrust is that I am vehemently against those who run around tearing down others in an acrimonious method, which is NOT Biblical, and that my friend – is a FACT.

BTW, I looked but was unable to find any background information about you – what are your qualifications?

Burning Lamp

Jason, SIR, I don’t know what Bible you are reading, but my Bible says to MAKE DISCIPLES and TEACH. New converts are babies that need to be fed and nurtured in the truth and mature in the faith. So what is taught IS important!

18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go therefore[c] and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.[d],

Who is the opposition? People like you who do not understand the necessity of keeping watch and warning God’s precious people of the dangers that come as angels of light but are works of darkness.God’s sheep are damaged by false teaching. Deborah is not attacking anyone, she is exposing the deeds of darkness as instructed in Ephesians. That is exactly what your mother did when she put together the material on the JW’s. That is wonderful! But God gets the glory!!

Without the conviction of the Holy Spirit NO ONE would come to Christ. Any teacher/preacher worth their salt would be repulsed at taking God’s glory for the work HE does in the heart and the saving power of His Word. It is not man’s words that save, but the words in the Bible, written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Any person who robs God of His glory is walking on shaky ground. In order to be used, we must humble ourselves just as our dear Lord did as He knelt to wash the feet of his disciples. He is a King Who came to serve, but He is going to return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Each of us will give account for our lives, whether we were obedient to him. Deborah has been called to be a watcher and warn about false teaching. She documents everything – these are not wild accusations. It is not a popular work and is criticized by many like yourself who are offended because your favorite teacher has been exposed and don’t want to face facts. We have all been in your shoes at one time or another. Teachers we once trusted have fallen away and it hurts – we grieve over this. But we must be true to the Lord first and foremost.

I am not defending Deborah. She does not need defending – the Lord is her Defender. I AM defending the cause she represents, the work that God has called her to do.

You seem to like to expound on your credentials and education – SIR that smacks of pride. You will not find anyone here preofessing to be any kind of authority or learned scholar. That means nothing in the eyes of the Lord. The Gospel is simple. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. We are all works in progress.

If you are not willing to look at the facts and prefer to bury your head in the sand, that is your choice. No one can force you to do anything.
If you don’t like what is on this blog, you can simply speak your piece and move on. That is perfectly fine. But for your own sake I hope that you will investigate for yourself. Grace and peace.


Jason – when i made reference to ” squeakily clean’ it was not to you but rather Mr Missler — When guys put them self on Public peda stills Bible tells us what Character they must be.
I grew up in the Pentecostal way – my parents swooned over the Likes of Billy Graham et al. Today the glass is clearer,only because we research so much more – I find these Men feel they can justify anything and that the Larger “christian” community will accept the lead – NO we peasants must expose them for who they are -these are the famous wolves– I would like to see some real local ones also exposed here. There is a lady in my town who claims to be prophetic has dreams and sees visions – she has her local believers completely fooled – her Husband once a minister himself has run off with another women and the children don’t want anything to do with her. Who are her christian mentors.
Todd Bently
and all the other peanuts exposed here- By the way this is not the only site that does this – there are plenty


[deleted – you’ve had your say, it is clear you choose the wolf over the sheep – I hope in future this changes and you choose TRUTH over lies because you instead listen to the Holy Spirit warning you.]

Martin Horan

I’ve just caught the end of that argument! Jason’s point about listening to the Holy Spirit worries me because I’ve been there, seen it, done it and got the t shirt. I found it was leadnig me from God. Thankfully, I woke up.
The problem with listening to the Holy Spirit is the same as praying to Him. We are told nowhere in the Bible to either pray to or listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s “job” is to guide us into all truth [John 16:13].
And what is truth? John 17:17 tells us: The Word of God is! And that’s where the Holy Spirit leads us–not to signs or wonders.T hose things are to “follow.” We are not to seek them. Jesus tells us that an even and adulterous generation looks for a sign. Why not just believe Him. He knows better than we do.
When people try to live by God’s Word they are often accused of being pharisiacal–though the Pharisees put their traditions above God’s Word–or they are called unloving and/or hateful and/or bigoted. It goes with the job.
It almost makes me fear to ask you, Deborah, if you know much about Jackie Pullinger, who wrote “Chasing the Dragon.”
I have who thinks she is a great Christian. I was actually a bit worried about what she writes, having read her book. I wondered what your take on her theology is. Do you know much about her? I couldn’t find anything on your insightful site.

Colin Ford

From memory I believe that Miguel Hayworth of ‘First Plumbline Apologetics’ has written an extensive expose about Jackie Pullinger.
I believe your question regards the ‘Dragon’ will/may be answered.
Yes the title IS weird! Keep away from such thrash!
‘Christian Book’?
Read titles by ‘J.C.Ryle,B.W.Newton,S.P.Tregelles, and other such scholars!
Please don’t bash me on the head for being a ‘Calvinist!’, I am a Christian!!!

Miguel Hayworth

Deborah (Discerning the World) wrote:

Thanks Colin
>> Miguel Hayworth of ‘First Plumbline Apologetics’ has written an extensive expose about Jackie Pullinger.
Here is the link:
I had a warning from my anti-virus that there is something funky going on his website… maybe he has a virus. I’m going to contact him and let him know.

Hi To mention this has been resolved you can check this by going to http://onlinelinkscan.com/

AVG anti virus says http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/sitereports/domain/www.firstplumbline.net/domain-search-widget/www.avg.com.au that the site is clear


So, I have been a Christian for more than 40 years… Grew up thinking christians were perfect or at least tried to be and didn’t let people find out otherwise. People like Jerry Falwell, I considered to be great men. You know, the moral morjority. I hve been seeing stuff one the internet that really concerns me. An I am finding it extremely hard to find and stay with a church the more my eyes get opened. If Chuck Missler,Jerry Falwell, Tim La Haye, Chuck Smith, Mark Hitchcock, Rick Warren, Hal Lindsey, Rick Joyner, John Walvoord, Charles Ryrie, J. Dwight Pentecost, Norman Geisler, John Hagee, Charles Stanley are all wrong then who is preaching the truth. Is there a denomination that has stayed closer to the truth.. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am very frustrated with the churches I have attended.Most are part of the Emergent (Society).


Hi Bettye…I had to weigh in here. It has been a very unsettling thing to discover what is going on in “christianity” (not all who confess Christ are His). However, in discovering the truth, it becomes easy to believe that there are NO good churches out there or honorable, God-fearing pastors. But there are! They may be VERY HARD to find, but there still are – for now. My husband and I belong to one…we also keep our eyes open, stay in the Word and in close contact with our pastor. Jesus is able to keep His own. After all, the Word says,

“Wherefore he saith, When he ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men.
And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the fullness of Christ:…” (Eph. 4:8, 11-13)

As far as those men above you have mentioned, what I have discovered, is that if they (preachers, teachers, authors, speakers)are “known” have a “large, influential” ministry, are on radio or TY or internet (trust me, I’ve researched almost them all) they are corrupt. That is not to say that the up and coming are legit…we must watch their associations…they reveal a lot!

Praying that God would lead you to a faithful minister…


Yes Bettye/Debs
Amazing how fast one grows spiritually the moment we leave a dead church.


Thank You for your reply.. I love listening to preaching and teaching while I work.. Some people listen to music, I like preaching. I do my own study at other times when I am not working. God has equipped some men with this gift but which ones are still teaching truth? And what churches still preach the truth? I am looking for fellowship in a good church.


Marion wrote:

However, in discovering the truth, it becomes easy to believe that there are NO good churches out there or honorable, God-fearing pastors. But there are! They may be VERY HARD to find, but there still are – for now.

Oh, Marion, your words just resonated with me. I have many friends, and know of many more, who live in a relationship with God, but have become so anti-church, because of repeated bad “church” experiences, that they will not touch anything with the word “church” on it. I have developed a deep “carefulness” of all (and especially big) congregations. Aren’t they just wonderful places for Satan to infiltrate and turn into just more religions with their own sets of rules and man-made traditions?

We have left our congregation a while ago, but have made a deliberate decision not do any church hopping in search of a better one. We pray that God will lead us where we need to be.


Dear Bettye and others…if you enjoy GOOD preaching, I can wholeheartedly (for now) recommend these; of course, doing due diligence and examining Scripture yourself. Unfortunately, they are not up to current date, and need to be loaded; but it’s a start. I’d love to hear if they’ve blessed you!

A good way to try and find a church, rather than church hopping, I’ve found, is to google the denomination you are interested in in your area, get the list of churches, visit their websites (looking at logos and other “hints” like in their resources, looking for heretics in the bookstore, checking who they “link” to), and when you think you’ve found one, call and interview the pastor. After visiting the church, we invite the pastor and wife over as soon as possible…(that’s when my husband lets them know that I’m trouble – lol – he tells them ALL about my research – so they also get the opportunity up front to discourage our participation in their church, if they are intimidated in any way by independent, objective, THINKING people). If we all get beyond this…it’s a good, initial sign. HOWEVER…NEVER let down your guard, watch and pray!

If Henelie or Bettye would like to correspond – you may request my email from Debs. It would be delightful to communicate with you!


Thank you Marion for those suggestions in finding a church and yes, there are still “good” ones out there but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth. And a good rule of thumb is not to listen to ANY TV or radio preacher on a so-called “Christian” station. Last Sunday morning a pastor was on a program and gave a good Gospel presentation but when I researched him and his church I found they are Lutheran and teach baptismal regeneration for infants!

In researching churches I have found that their “Statement of Belief” can either be window dressing or it can be a real clue. But it is imnportant to discern where they stand on sound doctrine.

This probably belongs on the most recent thread on the Rapture, but it also seems appropriate here. I went to the site that Marion suggested and noted their “Statement of Faith”. This statement with accompanying verses was one of the best I have seen.

We believe Jesus Christ will physically return to the earth in like manner as He was seen to go
into heaven: bodily, personally and visibly; that His Second Coming will be preceded by a
chronology of Last Days’ events – literal events, beginning with a pre-tribulational, premillennial
calling out of all the redeemed: the Rapture; that the Rapture will terminate the
dispensation of the New Testament Church, and will induce the time of Jacob’s Trouble: a seven
year Tribulation Period and reign of antichrist; that the Tribulation will culminate with
Armageddon: the final terrible event in world history when the Lord Jesus, with heaven’s host,
returns victoriously making the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdoms of our Lord and
of His Christ; that upon the Second Coming of Christ, the Lord shall reign in righteousness on
the earth for one thousand years, climaxing with the final condemnation of Satan and the last
judgment of Revelation Chapter Twenty; and that, eternally thereafter, the Lord Jesus Christ
shall reign for ever and ever.
Gen 18:25; Isa 11:4-10; Jer 23:5-6; Jer 30:6-10; Dan 7:23-27; Dan 9:24; Dan 12:1; Zech 14:9-
11; Mt 24:3-31,36-51; Mt 25:31-33; Mt 26:64; Jn 5:22; Jn 14:2-4; Acts 1:9-11; I Cor 15:22-
26,48-54; Phlp 3:20-21; I Ths 4:15-17; I Ths 5:1-9; II Tim 4:1; Tit 2:13; Heb 9:28; Heb 10:37; II
Pt 3:10-13; Jude 14-15; Rev 1:17; Rev 16:16; Rev 20:1-15; Rev 22:20.


Hey Redeemed!…good checking!…BTW that website belongs to the church my husband and I attend.

You are very right about “Statements of Faith”…they can be there to mislead people into believing that the church is sound “doctrinally”, whilst teaching all manner of “ungodly” things! How many times have we heard/read someone say, when supporting a wolf in sheep’s clothing, that (whoever) is “doctrinally sound”…their “statement of faith…,” while failing to take into consideration the “whole” of their teaching. I believe Satan is very able to post a “sound doctrine,” remembering that “leaven” is “hidden” in the very sound “lump.”

OH, and I did leave out the dangers of the online and other “apologetics ministries”…who are absolutely CLUELESS!!…or are they???

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