Passion Conference – Louie Giglio and his Emerging Agenda

Louie Giglio

Passion Conference – Louie Giglio and his Emerging Agenda

Apparently to Louie Giglio digging wells is more important than preaching the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now I know, y’all are gonna come here and give me grief;  about how you have to “dig the well and build that bridge and create the relationship before you can preach the gospel.”   I can’t find one instance of Jesus or any of the disciples and apostles building wells, planting crops, or educating people before preaching the gospel.  They just went right in and preached.

You see you can build a well, but you can’t make the people drink.

Louie Giglio came onto the scene a while back as a Baptist (Calvinist).  He alluded to the fact that being a Baptist you could trust him as someone who would never deceive anyone let alone the youth!

Well everyone thought that about John Piper too and look who he hangs around with now – Mark ‘Let’s Meditate’ Driscoll and Rick ‘Purposely Driven’ Warren.   And guess who mentors Louie Giglio, well John Piper of course.

Regarding the Passion Conference:   “The conference challenged students to worship the Lord with their lives and to impact the lives of others who are hurting all over the world.”

“Worship the Lord with their lives”?  Ah they mean go out and do good works.  And “impact the lives of others hurting all over the world“, by doing good works.

See CBN news report below:

Passion Conference Raises over $1 Million

Friday, January 08, 2010
By Tracy Winborn – CBN News Producer

Thousands of college students from around the world converged in Atlanta this week at the Passion Conference 2010.

More than 20,000 students from 37 countries packed the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta for the four-day gathering.

The conference challenged students to worship the Lord with their lives and to impact the lives of others who are hurting all over the world.

Students answered that call by raising $1.3 million in global aid.

“Crazy. Thank you so much,” Passion Conference founder/director Louie Giglio told the students. “What a beautiful day, what a beautiful time. “We love you guys, we believe in you, and we believe even more in God. Let’s go live it out on our campuses.”

The money will be directed to sponsor children, an education center for Dalit people in India, to rescue women from the sex trade in Nepal, and to build wells, among other things.

Some of the ministries affected by the Passion outreach include World Vision, Hope International, and Compassion International.



Please see all articles on Louie Giglio proving he is a false teacher:

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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Deborah u just sound like a very angry woman. U need to
start showing some fruit in this regard as u cannot go about slagging everyone who is not just right down your street.


Deborah, I appreciate your sincere efforts to engage in a warning ministry to the flock. Scott and Dave have continued in a similar effort over at, great website.

I have had a lot of difficulty with in-law’s and even children from our Independent Baptist congregation outside Atlanta going to attend 268 Generation’s events (another ecumenical evangelizing arm of the Passion Movement spearheaded by Louie Giglio). Louie is a slippery slope, because it isn’t often that he outright says something heretical.

However, bad company corrupts good character (1Cor 15:33) and Louie has been mentored by individuals deeply rooted in eastern mysticism and apostasy, which is more than enough for me to err to the side of caution and avoid that New Evangelical movement all together.

David Cloud with Way Of Life Ministries pastors Bethel Baptist Church and has some great literature on some of these movements and their affiliation with (surprise) the Papacy and greater RCC, or Roman Catholic Church.

I commend you! Be well.

In Christ,


Have you listened to Louie’s last message that he preached at passion 2011? Pretty much finished by making the point that works can never be enough and called the listeners to fully surrender their hearts to God and go from there. Seemed ok to me?

Im all about good solid orthidox biblical preaching though and I find that many emerging “popular” preachers like Louie seem to spend half of their message trying to illustrate a point from personal experiance rather than taking examples straight from the word which shouldnt be that hard. A breif personal experiance can be helpful in connecting with listeners but shouldnt be the pillar the message is built on.

Thanks for the read anyways guys was good to hear a few different perspectives, was going to use some of louie’s stuff in a essay im doing for college on Kingdom Ministry atm but I think ill stay away from it for now as i dont know enough about the above conversation and its implecations.



Martin Horan

When my wife and I attended the Worldwide Church of God we too were taught that Jesus was the first person to be born-again. Maybe Joyce Meyer got it from WCG’s late Herbert Armstrong (“God’s only living true apostle”) who taught that. He got it, I think, from Col 1:18–which is telling of Christ being the first to be resurrected from death forever.
As to the all-seeing eye: anyone with a superficial knowledge of Freemasonry knows that it is Masonic.
“In every well-furnished lodge you will find one”, according to where you’ll find an explanation regarding this symbol. It also holds a prominent position in their own books on the subject. There is one on the Alexander Column in St Petersburg, Russia, and there’s one on the US dollar bill, above the pyramid. They are often but not always in triangles.
You sometimes see them on the outsides of their temples/lodges in various nations.
(There’s one on a Baptist church window in Mount Liberty Baptist Church of Murphy South Carolina [see the book “Thirty-Three Degrees of Deception” by Tom C. McKenney].)
If Joyce Meyer is unaware of the fact that this is one of the most famous of Masonic symbols, she must be very ignorant. It is also fairly common knowledge that it goes back to the Egyptian Eye of Horus. Perhaps Joyce Meyer, who is obviously not heeding 1 Thess 5:21 and 1John 4:1, is choosing to be ignorant of the matter.


This guy is making money selling DVDs in the name of God. How Christian is that? A Christian is a foot-step follower of Jesus Christ. A follower of Jesus Christ this guy is not. Jesus did not sell God’s word. It was free for anyone wanting to listen. And, no, you don’t have to dig a well (make money) to share God’s word. Look at Jehovah’s Witnesses. They offer free home Bible studies. They provide Bibles and literature without charging you for it. They also will come to your home. You don’t have to put out money to travel to get this information.
Regarding trusting him because he is a Baptist – I use to be a Baptist. Let’s see here – the preacher of the church got my well-endowed, 15-year-old friend into his office alone and exposed himself to her.
When I learned that the word “hell” means “death” instead of a fiery place where God sends sinners to burn forever, I asked a Baptist preacher about that. He agreed with me, but said if he didn’t preach the “hell-fire” doctrine, no one would attend his church. He knows it’s a lie and he lies to control the people, and what does God’s word say about lying? Trust a Baptist. I don’t think so.
This guy is only in this for money. Besides the huge amounts he raises, look him up on It’s all about money.
I applaud you for exposing this guy. I had never heard of him until recently when a friend loaned me one of his DVDs. After a few minutes of listening, I shut it off. I couldn’t stand it. He sounds like a fast talking salesman trying to swindle you in any way he can to get your money.


milo, the lake of fire is eternal torment. Nobody has to be there, and Jesus wants everybody in heaven. But the lake of fire is eternal torment. It is plain and clear from all of Scripture.

charles allan

Colossians 1:24
Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this scripture




I would be curious if anyone on here has attended the passion conference or services with Louie Giglio? There is a lot of close-minded ideas going on here, on both sides of this debate. I am a firm believe in the word of God. God does not cause confusion, however this whole debate is quite confusing. I have seen direct results and spiritual growth through Louie Giglio. I have seen youth accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior at worship services with Louie Giglio. The reason i know they are true statements of faith is because i have seen a transformation from their old “dead” life to their new Christ Following, God loving, forgiven life. These individuals have become witnesses in local communities and help share the Biblical word of Christ and the gospel. I’m not one to say one way or another but i can tell you the fruits i have seen from Louie Giglio’s ministries have been all good. While some comments or presentations may rub people the wrong way, i don’t know how you can deny physical evidence of God’s transformations. If your getting caught up on how he sells books, raises money, or is raising money against slavery, i am sorry, but your missing the point. No one can judge his heart, and it could all be a show for him to make money, i seriously doubt. If it is the case though, i can confidently say people have came to know Christ through his ministry regardless of motives. I will not pretend to know it all, as Christians we never know it all and continue to grow, so there is no need to lash out with comments containing a hidden agenda. Just my thoughts, take it or leave it. Just wanted to comment on seeing direct result from the preaching of Louie Giglio. If you question those changed lives then you question the power of Jesus Christ and His ability to use any situation for his Glory. God is so powerful, so amazing, and yet He allows us to choose to accept Him, Jesus Christ is love and salvation (Without Him there is not point).


Definitely biblical. All reflections are showing the love of Jesus Christ and complete rejection of Satan. Its amazing the growth, through scripture, these young people have accomplished with Christ. True reflection of how a Christian should be striving to live. I know this transformation is probably hard for you to understand. The best part is…They know everything is done for the Glory of Jesus Christ and that their transformation is only possible by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior because they are sinners. Complete Gospel, Complete scripture based, cannot be denied. Don’t let closed mindedness limit our God and His power to truly change lives. If you are still in question: i would have to ask how you know you are not serving Satan in leading this confusion? I would follow by saying how am i to judge that and you are the only one that really knows your heart and your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So quick to analyze every word and take things so literally make me question where your faith lies and what god you serve. Its a scary thought that a person so scripturally sound, as yourself, could be a person leading a false and confusing ministry. I am not saying any of that is true, and all have personal relationship that speaks to them, not literally, through scripture! Unless you can read Louie Giglio’s heart, the transformed youth/college age’s heart, and those involved with the ministry’s heart, you could falsely be leading people astray through your misinterpretations and confusing analysis of every little word. If you are still at question of if this is biblical then there are major issues, far beyond i had thought. If you question, transformation through Jesus Christ and the full acceptance that you are a sinner and had an unavoidable appointment with Hell until Jesus Christ came and gave his perfect blood so that you may be saved, then i would ask how you are biblical. I would also ask your definition of salvation.








“Louie Giglio is currently under a great deal of fire in some quadrants of the evangelical world for his controversial association with New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leader Bill Johnson and a music group/ministry called Jesus Culture.
The question must be asked: Does Lou Giglio share Bill Johnson’s beliefs about the endtimes, which dovetail with the heretical teachings of the NAR and IHOP?”

Is it that difficult to distinguish white from black Jack?


Jack, if we’re judging by transformations, good works, results and relationships to tell us if some ministry outreach is developing genuine faith, the ads and the efforts are endless and they just get bigger and better. For example, here are some such ads I am seeing on the news every day… “Catholics Come Home”, ads being blitzed in the Fraser Valley, Canada. I see them as a shameless promotion of good works in order to proselytize. What are the real motives behind charity and benevolence? Adding numbers to their failing attendance.

Transformation, passion, ecumenism, building bridges to good works, joining together for interfaith and one world unity and peace? These are all things that can be marketed by any religious enterprise, and are being used by Satan to unify the world into a one world false religion.

Genuine faith cannot be marketed. So whatever is being driven by occult manifestations and seducing spirits will not lead to genuine faith. Birds of a feather flock together…is still true. That means that since Lou Giglio is flocking with the NAR prophets, would he not then be considered a NAR species, or at least on his way to becoming one? You know the old saying that goes with this…if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…then it’s probably a duck. Here’s some more insight.


NO, Andy, the lake of fire is not eternal torment – the term in Revelation represents eternal death for those who reject the creator. Most of Revelation is symbolic. No it’s not plain and clear and it’s not from the Bible – NONE of the scriptures support this doctrine. The hell-fire doctrine came into being by the pagan religions. You are right that nobody has to be there, and nobody will be there.

…..and Jesus wants everybody in heaven – according to the Bible, the larger number of people will live on earth with Jesus being their King under God’s heavenly kingdom. There will be 144,000 from mankind who will go to heaven and be co-rulers with Jesus over mankind on earth.

Following some scriptures and thoughts for you to consider regarding the hell-fire doctrine:

The word “hell” is found in many Bible translations. In the same verses different translations read “the grave,” “the World of the dead,” and so forth. Other Bibles simply transliterate the original language words that are sometimes rendered “hell”; that is, they express them with the letters of our alphabet, but leave the words untranslated. What are those words? The Hebrew she’ohl’ and its Greek equivalent hai’des, which refer, not to an individual burial place, but to the common grave of dead mankind; also the Greek ge’enna, which is used as a symbol of eternal destruction. However, both in Christendom and in many non-Christian religions it is taught that hell is a place inhabited by demons and where the wicked, after death, are punished (and some believe that this is with torment).

Eccl. 9:5, 10: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all. All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol, the place to which you are going. (If they are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel no pain.)

Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out; he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts do perish.”

Eccl. 18:4 The soul that is sinning – it itself will die.

The concept of ‘soul,’ meaning a purely spiritual, immaterial reality, separate from the ‘body,’ … does not exist in the Bible.

According to the King James Version, Jesus was in hell after he died. Do you think Jehovah, his father, would put his only begotten son in a place of torment? My Bible renders that term “Ha’des,” which is correct. It simply means “death.” He was dead for three days before he was resurrected.

God told Adam in Gen: 3:19 that he was taken from the ground and that dust he was and to dust he will return. Eternal and lasting death was his punishment for being disobedient to his creator his creator – not eternal torment in some fire pit.

Rev: 20:13,14 talks about the sea and death and hell (hades) delivering up the dead in them. Notice that death and hell or hades is thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is symbolic for the second death or everlasting death, a death from which there is no chance of being resurrected.

1 Thess 1:9 and Matt 25:46 those who do not accept God and obey him will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction.

Romans 6:23 says the wages sin pays is death – not eternal punishment.

Romans 6:7 says he who has died has been acquitted from his sin. Death, not eternal punishment, is the penalty for sin.

What would you think of a parent who held his child’s hand over a fire to punish the child for wrong-doing? “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) Would he do what no right-minded human parent would do? Certainly not!

The hell fire doctrine is not found in the Bible, and the churches who teach this doctrine claim the demons will also be in this fiery abyss and will be the tormentors of humans thrown in there. How much sense does that make? Especially since Revelation talks about Satan and his demons being destroyed with everlasting death. Satan is the one responsible for all badness and wickedness. Why would a loving and just God allow him to continue living and tormenting?

Psalms 37:9-11 is just one of the many scriptures in the Bible that shows the evildoers will be cut off and the ones hoping in God will possess the earth. When Jesus was on earth, his message was about God’s Kingdom and how it would bring blessings to mankind. God created mankind to live forever on this earth without dying, but Adam and Eve sinned and we inherited that sin, which is why we grow old, get sick, and die. True Christens are foot-step followers of Christ and share the same message with people that he did. That is what God wants us to be doing. The hell-fire doctrine is a lie and Satan is responsible for spreading that lie. Lies about Jesus and God alienate people from them and that’s what Satan wants. He challenged Jehovah’s right to rule people from the beginning when he lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Jehovah will destroy him and all his demons, and his faithful ones will see his purpose fulfilled and see their loved ones resurrected back to earth and given a chance for everlasting life. So we all have a choice to make. We can choose Jehovah, the almighty creator, and have everlasting life, or we can side with Satan and his wicked lies, and be cut off from life eternally.


Deborah, You don’t have to defend yourself against Jack. Yes, he is scary and his ramblings make no sense. It’s obvious he has not read the Gospel accounts, or if he has, he didn’t get it. I finally listened to the Louie Giglio DVD that a friend loaned to me. The guy is total slime. What few scriptures he quoted were misrepresented. He didn’t give the verses and it was hard to figure out which scriptures he was citing, because he totally changed the wording. I find it incredible that people will just sit there and accept what he says without opening their Bibles. He is using pure emotion to get to people and to get them to empty their pockets. I Googled him and he is making millions, if not billions, from his books, movies, DVDs, and tours. There is absolutely nothing said on his DVD about God’s Kingdom and what that Kingdom will do for mankind, nor about Jesus being the king of that Kingdom. A true Christen follows Jesus example and Giglio does even come close.


Does NOT even come close.


Milo, Jesus did not go into hell, Satan’s domain after His death. This is a false teaching given by people such as Joyce Meyer. He went into the bosom of Abraham.

And there IS a literal lake of fire. You must take up the argument with our Lord Jesus Himself because He spoke of it often. And take the story of the rich man and Lazarus – the man begged to let his family know that he would be grateful for just a drop of water!

Are you an anniliationist? Hell is a real, literal place and the Bible says so.

Mark 9:43, 48 Luke 16:19-31 Revelation 21:8; 14:11

I am sure that others can do an even better job of presenting this.


@Milo. Re Comment #52: This is the kind of teaching I was listening to in the 7th Day Adventist seminars. They taught soul sleep and that the dead would be ashes under our feet, etc. No hell…. At the time, I wanted to believe THAT new doctrine, because it takes the sting out of death and judgement. But the lake of fire is a real place…read carefully…

Revelation 20:13-15
King James Version (KJV)
13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.
14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

1 Corinthians 15:55-57
King James Version (KJV)
55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
56 The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.
57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The good news, Milo, is that there is no more sting for us who believe/obey Jesus Christ as Saviour.

The bad news is that if you don’t accept Christ as your victory over death, then the sting remains.


Hi Deborah:

Can you teach us how to follow the Bible/God/Word of God/Jesus?


Hmmm, I found this thread while doing some research on Giglio before showing any of his material to the youth group. Does anyone have any links to any doctrinal statement written by Giglio. PS lets always let our speach be “seasoned with grace”, no matter what the circumstances


Response to Justin #59.

Justin, you should pray long and hard before presenting Giglio’s material to young minds for which you are responsible.

There are times when truth is spoken and it seems harsh, but we are to defend the faith for which our Lord suffered and died. It is like alerting someone of danger as a favor.

As for Giglio’s doctrinal statement, it is not a reliable guideline. In many cases it is just window dressing to cloak the error lurking behind.

If you do research on “Passion 2013” and the musical group Jesus Culture, you will find enough good reasons to avoid Giglio.

I do not endorse this website because it is Calvinist, but that does not negate the collection of information on Giglio found here that I could not locate elsewhere done is such a comprehensive fashion.

Our holy God hates error and anything that distorts His Word – why should we not feel the same way while separating the sin from the sinner?

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