Mark Driscoll’s RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with Catholicism

The ReasurgenceWell well Mark Driscoll, what do we have here…

How To Practice Meditative Prayer - to Practice Meditative Prayer

Winfield Bevins   Acts 29 Pastor – Church of the Outer Banks

In Hebrew thought, to meditate upon the Scriptures is to quietly repeat them, giving oneself entirely to God, and abandoning outside distractions. The two main things that we are told to meditate on are God’s word and God’s goodness. Paul tells us, “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” (Philippians 4:8).

[DTW:  Oh so the word ‘think’ in that verse now justifies practicing occult practices.  SATANIC PRACTICES are NOT honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, of excellence, and worthy of praise unless you are speaking about another god, which you are.  Think about that.  Now, now, don’t go sit on the floor in some quiet place, just right where you are, right now, use your brain (that GOD gave you to THINK with) and think about it.  Then pick up your Bible and go find some real scripture to back up this nonsence – you will find none.]

We see the difference between the active and contemplative Christian life illustrated in the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and heard his word, while Martha was distracted with much serving. Jesus said that Mary had chosen the best thing because she sat at his feet and was not distracted. Meditative prayer is exactly this, sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing his word. This is a wonderful example of the art of meditative prayer. We must allow time to let the Lord speak to us through meditating on him and his word in prayer.

[DTW:  you know, sometimes I sit quietly and read the utter rubbish that is written by people who profess to be Christian.   Please note the big difference between your wild imagination and the truth as written as clear as daylight in the Bible.  “Mary, who was seated at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word.   But Martha was distracted with all her preparations…”   Jesus Christ who is the Word made flesh was speaking (using his mouth to talk) and Mary was listening.  Nothing mystical about this.  Nothing at all.  Nowhere does Jesus say to Martha that Mary made the right choice because she chose to avoided being ‘distracted’ when listening to Him speak.  No, Jesus says to Martha  “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”   This means that Mary chose to listen to believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God and by believing in Him she received salvation, eternal life.  Jesus is saying to Martha, you should not be worried about things on earth, you should be worried about where you are going to spend eternity and that Mary made the good choice.”]

Steps for Meditative Prayer

  1. Designate a quiet place. In a world full of distractions, we need a quiet place where we can allow God to speak to us. The most effective place to pray is where you are least likely to be disturbed.
  2. Give yourself 20-30 minutes. Many people only spend a few minutes each day in prayer. Very few people actually spend time in meditative prayer. It takes time to drown out the cares of the world, sit, prayerfully meditate on God’s word, and then allow him to speak to us.
  3. Choose Scripture to prayerfully meditate on. Prayerfully select a passage of Scripture that means something to you. Let it either focus on the goodness of God, the promises of God, or the worship of God.
  4. Allow God to speak to you. This is the hardest part. Many people never hear the Lord speak to them simply because they don’t allow him to. We need to sit and listen for the voice of the Lord. Samuel was open to hearing from the Lord (1 Samuel 3). He said, “Speak, for your servant hears.”

[DTW:  *silent* ………….  oh sorry, I was not meditating I was just thinking that one has to be completely deceived (or in the process of falling into deception ) to fall for this practice as being ‘Christian’ and so called approved by Biblical teachers.   My dear readers, please note that if you do this, you are opening yourself up to demonic spirits who will come and speak to you disguised as an ‘angel of light’. In other words, you will get something else speaking to you – NOT GOD.   You would get all freaked out if something that pretended to be God came and made it’s way into your thoughts?  Well start freaking out, cos this is what you are going to get.  STOP!  Repent to Jesus Christ the Son of God if you have gotten yourself involved in this stuff – get out please.   This is NOT Biblical and NOW WHERE in the Bible did Jesus tell us to do any of this.  Biblical prayer vs. what these people are trying to shove down your throat are two different things. 

As I type this, I am praying asking Jesus Christ to guide me as I write this. Your relationship with Jesus Christ should be a normal conversation in prayer.  I am typing, I have books piled up that I am reading, I have the bible open, highlighting pens, I got the TV on in the background (quite loud I must admit) and amazingly (*Emergent’s gasp*) I am still able to speak to my Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ right now and I know He hears me and I praise Him right now as I write this.  I think it’s also called multitasking;  being able to speak and think and do other things at the same. Obviously when studying scripture I read and make notes all the while I have the guidance of the Holy Spirit showing me what scripture means, He helps me understand. 

When I drive my car I speak to Jesus about my day ahead.  When I get to work I speak to Jesus about why I have such a horrible job, but thank Him never the less because it could be worse.  When I get lost while driving I am the first one to panic, and yet I speak to Jesus;  I ask him to help me, keep me safe.  Can you imagine if I need to get out of the car in a dangerous area, sit on the pavement in a Lotus position, chanting my mantra:  ‘AUMMM I am lost and I am no where near step 4, what am I going to do, I am still  only an apprentice”  Repeat 100x for 30min.    

Step 4 is the hardest part, they tell you – Hearing the Lord speak to you.   Well oddly enough, the bible says that salvation is not difficult at all nor is it a burden to obtain.]    

Matthew 11:30   “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

1 John 5:3   For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments; and His commandments are not burdensome.”

Matthew 23:4    “ They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger.”

Well I can see why so many people will get caught up in this horrendous practice (disguised as Christian).  Because they are right, 90% of people who call themselves Christian have actually never heard the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Or, have you and you ignored Him?  And these are the ones who will be caught up into this evil trap.  And chances are you will hear something alright, but as I said above, it will not be the God of the Bible who sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins, for those who chose to believe.  


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Great post as always!
Since stumbling on your blog I never knew about all these “practices” out there. Meditative prayer, so what next…that we can only “listen” to Gods words and forget the Bible? Why would we want to “listen” to God through meditation when we have all His Words in the Bible? Come on guys! Open your eyes to this deception! Why would anyone believe this garbage????? If it is not instructed in Gods Word then do not do it! Period!!!! And don’t fall for the “But He speaks in Christ’s Name”. We are so gullible to fall for that and is actually moving back to Roman Catholic mid-evil times where the pope/new age pastor is our Biblical interpreter. So next would be to chuck out the word of God and get all our revelations from meditation.
When Jesus instructed us on prayer in Matthew 6:5-13, do we read anything about meditation? No we don’t. And don’t come with the modern times crap. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. How ignorant of us to think that He should change to our modern times.
I, personally almost fell for all these crap. Don’t get drawn into this because another man is saying so. Go to God, His Word, and His wonderful gift of salvation from a Loving Father. Repent, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Mark Penrith

I’ve read my namesake’s article a few times and… well, other than abusing Luke 10:38-42 I’m not sure he’s that far off. A quite place, designated time, Scripture focus and interaction with the Lord (I’m assuming that He doesn’t mean a direct revelatory interaction) is all good stuff.

It’s also not far from the way Luther envisaged prayer. I wrote my thinking of both meditation and Luther’s prayer here ( and here (

Mark Penrith

Hi Deborah,

Have you intentionally misrepresented what I wrote?

I most certainly wasn’t advocating contemplative meditation or any Eastern practise for that matter. I described a work function I attended where this procedure had been practised, I explained that I didn’t participate, I described asking someone else what they thought of the affair and then I recorded my response, “You didn’t think it all a bit… New Age?”

You taken everything I said out of context and have falsely presented my intended meaning. My point was summarized in the last paragraph,

”…grab a Bible. Find a praise Psalm (Psalm 145 would be a great place to start). Read it, mull over it, study it, think on it, understand it, chew on it and pray to God all the while. That’s it, that’s meditation.”

The image I chose for the post is employed for the same reason you’ve used an image title “HOW TO PRACTISE MEDITATIVE PRAYER”. It’s related to the content not my believe.

On Catholicism I’ve written plenty but perhaps the clearest content I’ve penned is found here (

Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication embodies an appropriate way to approach God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son. Most of the Psalms contain similar elements as well as many of the prayers in the New Testament. Can you truly deny that these elements are Biblical?

Michael Anthony

Quote from the article…

>>> ‘Allow God to speak to you’ >>>

God has already spoken , first through the prophets and now through his son, also by the Holy Spirit inspired word of the apostles. I beleive God the Holy Spirit can guide you, lead you into all truth, make his ways known to you, teach you through his word, warn you through others and show you things to come, correct, discipline and chastise you, give you an unction, give you peace about something, bring you comfort…etc. But ‘speak’ to you? Nah….wait, let me think about this again…..*thinks*……wait-for-it; here’s my answer; nah.

This is what the reformation was all about – the sufficiency of scripture. God has already spoken and addressed every issue. The result? We abide in his word daily and search the scriptures. Need Wisdom? Ask God for it, he wil give it to you. Etc..

I am sure not everybody will agree. But this is where the problem lies; the exact definition of ‘God speaking’ to you. It creates all sorts of problems and if not properly checked it is a recipe for the worst kind of seduction and deception.

Someone may quote ‘my sheep know my voice’ but remember that he (Jesus Christ, the good sheperd) also does not change; his word is forever established. If he does speak it is through his already-established word.

Touchy point, but I have had my fill of God told me this and God told me that. Normally by people that do not have any solid grounding in what God has already said.

Ever heard this one; ‘My child, you have been especially chosen (for such a time as this or something similar), I have put a special calling on you and I will do great signs and wonders through you.’

Is that God? Nope – notice on who the focus is on; self. Who does it elevate. God? No, man.

We obey the Gospel, he directs our paths. You are welcome to correct me.

Mark Penrith

Hi Deborah,

As a kid I always had to get the last word in. I apologise. It’s a failing.

My third last paragraph reads, “Nowhere in Scripture is there any indication that meditation involves visualising, repetition or the use of mantras or any other Eastern Religious influenced rituals or rights.” That’s directly at odds with the way you chose to represent what I wrote, no two ways about it.

I’m a bit sheltered from the happenings in the big bad world and have only heard Mark Driscoll’s preach once, so I hardly know the man, but, as I asked above, I’d like your opinion, “I’ve read my namesake’s article a few times and… well, other than abusing Luke 10:38-42 I’m not sure he’s that far off. A quite place, designated time, Scripture focus and interaction with the Lord (I’m assuming that He doesn’t mean a direct revelatory interaction) is all good stuff. ” … isn’t it?

You needn’t answer this evening as it’s getting late and even heresy busters like youself need their beauty sleep :).

Merry Helper

Alo Alo

Good fella’s
Words: Eastern, Body positions, catholic, Repetition and Meditation.
To me these words have been used to describe things that have added tremendous value to my life, may they bless your life too.

Deborah, “Are Catholics Christians?”. Methinks you seek to mock Catholics, why?

In a deep sense of Love

Michael Anthony

Merry H,

Yeah, and over here we treat Mary as just another sinner saved by Grace (shock, horror), just like everybody else. BTW, you know that she had more children after Jesus, right? She did not stay a virgin. Plus Jesus addressed her as ‘woman’ at one stage.

So, those things (Eastern, Body positions, catholic, Repetition and Meditation), what would that make Jesus Christ be amongst all that? An accessory?

It is not the cross + some other practice that brings salvation. It is the work of the cross alone.

Mock catholics? No. Why would anybody want to do that? I would however warn them that some of their practices are not biblical, in fact demonic. Worshipping the ‘queen of heaven’ is tempting God almighty’s anger. (Jeremiah 7:18-19)

>>> To me these words have been used to describe things that have added tremendous value to my life, may they bless your life too. >>>

Exactly how have they blessed your life?

Michael Anthony

Here is an exercise.

Go, for instance, to and use a well-known bible version (ie new King James). Type in the word ‘meditate’ and you get 10 instances (all OT) then type in ‘meditation’ and you get 9 instances (all OT).

In every single context this word is used about being mindful of, to consider deeply, to comtenplate, etc. Not one instance where prayer is even mentioned in the same sentence or paragraph. Pretty straightfoward. You would think….

Michael Anthony


Let me hmm, contemplate on that first.

OK, done con…(can’t say the word). The context of most of those scriptures is consider, meditate on the word of God or the law of God. In its simplest context it means to study and analyse these things. I am sure if one did not understand a scripture the fisrt time ’tis perfectly OK to read it a second time. Perfectly OK to memorize scripture. But to repeat it a third time? And a 4th? And a 5th? Till you become dizzy and go ainga! ainga! thinking you are now plugged into some cosmic power? No.

Bible study is bible sudy and prayer is prayer, two different things.

If one meditates on a scripture and focuses only that scripture, and makes it go over and over in the mind then that would be treating the word of God as mystical and this is nothing more than sanitized magic.

Making a scripture repetitive is making it into an object, making it into an object is centering. Centering means God is out of the picture and you have made that object god.

Fine line this thing.

Merry Helper

Alo Alo

Coming at ya like Cleopatra.

Deborah after your Catholic Survey, consider doing: How many people think Grass is Green?

Catholics get a lot wrong as do other groups, Traditions are their biggest down. Then again will you have Christmas this yaer? Is it in Scripture? HAHAHAHA, oh tradition.

Methinks the way the Steps for Meditative Prayer are layed out is accurate and can add value, use it /don’t use it, one often finds the truth on the path they chose to avoid it, see either way they are focused on it, the Truth that is, and this eed is sown.

Brother Michael Anthony.
Although your wording can be ambiguous at times, tis mostly accurate, very fierce though. To tease, I put his too you: Mary the Mother of God.

Should you seek to know my twisted self beta:

All the Blessings

Merry Helper

Alo Alo

Debs thanx for the constructive angles in your last script. I do not attend Catholic church but that said methinks you have digested alot of Prperganda wrt this Organisation. You’d do well to write down all your challenges about it, and Meet with a local parish priest to seek another objective angle, PS: Mary was the mother of Jesus, Jesus was God,that is an important point.

Lemme Guess: You have recieved True salvation.
Are you in heaven with Yahweh already. Oh you have just been assured of your salvation, kewl. Will you be Judged then or do you bypass that?




I’ve read my namesake’s article a few times and… well, other than abusing Luke 10:38-42 I’m not sure he’s that far off.

Charlie Broxton used the same text from Luke in a sermon called: “Give Peace a Chance: Lectio Divina” Chris Rosebrough from Pirate Christian Radio reviewed it here.
Dr. Johan Geyser also used the same text. You can read what Thomas over at Watch and Pray wrote about that dreadful event: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Congress held at the Mosaic Church in Fairlands, Johannesburg (4 – 5 Sept. 2009) (Part 2) here.

Of course, the effect of this sitting is a transformation. Its not just to make you better. Look at what happened to Mary after her sitting. We get it in John 12, after the resurrection of Lazarus they’ve got a meeting; Martha the activist, its Simon the leper, it is Judas the thief, it is Lazarus . . . the ex-corpse; your typical Sunday morning congregation, you know. And she comes in and breaks the flask with the very expensive perfume and she anoints Jesus, and of course there’s this one argument that ends all arguments — the poor, you could have given it to the poor. And Jesus says, No! You do not understand what she did. She was preparing me for my burial. Two things: she had an insight that none of the other disciples had about the death, the meaning of the death of Jesus. Nobody could see it. The only person . . . was a woman and it was Mary that did the sitting. The sitting prepared and helped her to listen to Jesus at a deep inner level and to hear things that other people couldn’t hear. And it inspired her to action, to love, to love. . . . Jesus said: because of what Mary did I am more prepared for my death. Because of what Mary did; the way that she loved and that she expressed her extravagant love for me I am more ready to die now. We can help to prepare each other for our death because if you love you are ready . . . Nobody would have been bothered if she did it after Jesus’ death, no problem, but to do it while He’s alive? She had this new capacity to love and she had this new insight. You see, she had a different presence. . . It is not necessary doing this extravagant, extraordinary things. Its the ordinary but extraordinary ordinary. Out of being flows a new way of doing. The old tradition says, it has to do with unity with God and some people will say, no no, unity sounds like one with God against everything else in the world. Perhaps its more of unitive seeing; to see God everywhere in everything — to see God in everything.

And Session 2: Transfiguration: Up and down the mountain – Trevor Hudson
Mark, you said:

My third last paragraph reads, “Nowhere in Scripture is there any indication that meditation involves visualising, repetition or the use of mantras or any other Eastern Religious influenced rituals or rights.”

Then discern Thomas’ take on Session 3: Being a radical pilgrim and prophet – Stephan Joubert.

Have you noticed Joubert’s subtle demotion of Jesus Christ from the Son of the living God to a sage who supposedly never linked onto the purity story in Leviticus but opted for the wisdom story in which no one is excluded because He supposedly never bothered about “who is saved [and] who is not?” What utter, utter nonsense! Proverbs, the epitome of God’s wisdom to which Stephan Joubert often referred, explicitly declares that “he who is wise, wins souls” (Proverbs 11:30). What Stephan Joubert purports to be wise is not wisdom at all but sheer foolishness. His entire eisegesis with regard to Jesus Christ’s attitude to the lost and the saved, is an outright denial of the prime purpose of his incarnation which is to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). It is the fool who cares not “who is saved and who is not.” It is the wise who dearly cares about the winning of souls so that those who are lost may be saved. There is only one conclusion to be made and that is that the emergent fraternity are not seekers after or followers after wisdom but fools who do not care who is lost and who is saved, and the most disturbing thing about this is that they are making a Christ after their own image — a false Christ who shuns purity and does not care who is saved and who is not. South Africa! What else do these false apostles and prophets need to teach you before you realize they are leading you along primrose paths into the darkest recesses of the abyss?

Voila! Jesus the Sage of God is no longer the Saviour of the World who cares about who is saved and who is not, but a wisdom teacher or The World Teacher who teaches you how to be a Christ-follower, irrespective of the religion you adhere to. And now you can better understand why Stephan Joubert could say such an unbiblical thing as the following.

It [the Emergent Church] involves people who have a passion to say [that] the world and its culture in our generation need to be won back to Christ. And therefore I am not going to criticise their culture but I’m going to engage it. Therefore, I’m not going to take on their spirituality and postulate my truths. I’m going to listen to what they have to say because I can prove [to them] the truth ad infinitum as I did in the 1960’s, and I can debate with a Buddhist or a Hindu and sit there with them and say ‘here is my truth, here are my stuff.’ But now as an Emerging Church guy I will say [to them], let us listen . . . I’m not going to try and change you but you also have the right to hear how I feel and I’m not going to make any excuses for who I am. I’m not going to force my religion down your throat.

I know it takes a strong stomach to go through this, but perhaps it will open your eyes a little to what is going on right under your nose inside the church in South Africa and not in “the big bad world” out there somewhere.

Merry Helper

Jesus is God [twas a context ting]
True every knee will bow and sheep and goats split. uust having a laff at you word Saved [The passed tense of it,haha [twisd humour]

Your last para:
Free choice, forced belief, hahaha
Jesus above all, amen.

Thankyou for reading my replies, till next time

Mark Penrith


I don’t think I understand your point. I wrote:

1) Mark Driscoll abused Luke 10:38-42
2) “Nowhere in Scripture is there any indication that meditation involves visualising, repetition or the use of mantras or any other Eastern Religious influenced rituals or rights.”

Are you agreeing with those two statements or finding fault with them?

Mark Penrith


I had to prepare a sermon for Sunday. It keeps me busy.

There’s a reason why God chose the Hebrew words translated meditate rather than using the very common word used for prayer. He desired to express this form of interaction between us and Him in a unique way. It is He that separates the two words not me.

As for what it looks like, please remember I am not advocating visualising, repetition or the use of mantras or any other Eastern Religious influenced rituals or rights. I am advocating pondering, thinking, considering, dwelling upon.

Neither prayer nor meditation is qualitatively more powerful. Both are equally appropriate in their place. Both are described and advocated in Scripture.

As for “feeling” and “upliftment” God desires us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Part of our response to God will always include emotion. There’s ample Biblical mandate for that I’m sure you’d agree.

I hope your day gets better.

@ Michael,

You said, “Go, for instance, to and use a well-known bible version (ie new King James). Type in the word ‘meditate’ and you get 10 instances (all OT) then type in ‘meditation’ and you get 9 instances (all OT).”

Are you trying to wilfully mislead people or do you not know how to use Go and look up 1 Timothy 4:15. The Greek word is μελετάω and it literally means to revolve in the mind.

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