Ray McCauley & Joel ‘Stop talking to God’ Osteen – Coca Cola Dome (23-24 Oct 2009)

joelolsteen-cocacolaoct2009 Ray McCauley

The time for only 2 DAYS OF HOPE draws nigh…

Updated  20th October 2009 (See notes at end of article)

Oh the invasion continues.  Joel ‘stop taking to God’ Osteen and a pack of friends are gracing us with their presence in October 2009 at the Coca-Cola Dome for a mere R325 if you pay for a ticket before the 5th April and R375 after the 5th April [2]. What a bargain!  Two days of nothing but Latter Rain and Emergent false teaching to transform your soul.

Besides the hefty price, notice the psychology – get it before the 5th April at R325 otherwise their teaching becomes more expensive after that date.  Do these people also work on inflation as well?  Hang on *whips out calculator* that’s an increase of 15.4% – way above inflation.  Oops sorry my fellow South Africans, it’s now the 29th May; you are gonna have to cough up more.

It’s so sad that it’s ONLY two days of hope.  So once they have left all hope is gone?  And what about before they arrived?  Hmm…

rayandzeldamccauleyAnyhow this entire event has been orgistrated sorry I mean organised by Rhema Church – Ray and Zelda McCauley.  You would think that Ray would have checked to see if Joel Osteen preached the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Oh wait, he invited Jacob Zuma to his church to give a ‘why you need to vote for me speech’, so scrap that thought.

Quite frankly I would not expect anything less from Ray McCauley when it comes to making money and inviting heretics onto his stage to lead his already lost congregation even deeper into that deep, dark, thorny forest, of one world consciousness.

Now apparently there are going to be over 25 international guests at this celebration.  Let’s see who they all are:  Oh gosh, they don’t give all the names.  That’s a bit sneaky is it not? Buy your ticket then find out afterwards that they invited someone even more heretical than Joel Osteen.

Since I don’t have all the names let’s just go find about the ones that are mentioned. Actually I am just going to concentrate on Joel Osteen considering he is the top performer at this celebration.

I have found quotes made my Joel Osteen from TV interviews, Larry King Live and his book Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential.  I have then taken the quotes and grouped them under different headings showing just exactly how ungodly this man is.   [Underlining emphasis added to quotes]

New Age, Emerging Church, Contemplative Spirituality, You are a little god in your Secret Place:

  • A lot of churches have not moved with the times.
  • I don’t want to just preach to the church. I feel like I have a broader message.
  • I try to speak in everyday language. I feel like God has gifted me to take Bible principles and make them practical.
  • People respond when you tell them there is a great future in front of you, you can leave your past behind.
  • To me, we’re marketing hope.
  • You can be happy where you are.
  • It’s vital that you accept yourself and learn to be happy with who God made you to be. If you want to truly enjoy your life, you must be at peace with yourself. [1]
  • When you are tempted to get discouraged, remind yourself that according to God’s word, your future is getting brighter; you are on your way to a new level of glory. You may think you’ve got a long way to go, but you need to look back at how far you’ve already come. You may not be everything you want to be but at least you can thank God that you’re not what you used to be. [1]
  • God will not pour fresh, creative ideas and blessing into old attitudes. [1]
  • You need to follow your own heart in light of God’s word and do what you feel is right and good for you. [1]
  • Keep in mind, just because you don’t know the answer doesn’t mean that one does not exist. You simply haven’t discovered it yet. [1]
  • You may be sitting around waiting for God to change your circumstances. Then you’re going to be happy, then you’re going to have a good attitude, then you’re going to give God praise. But God is waiting on you to get up on the inside. When you do your part, He’ll begin to change things and work supernaturally in your life. [1]

Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel: Health and Wealth:

  • God wants us to prosper financially, to have plenty of money, to fulfill the destiny He has laid out for us.
  • If you give, you will be blessed.
  • If you want to rear financial blessings, you have to sow financially.
  • It’s God’s will for you to live in prosperity instead of poverty. It’s God’s will for you to pay your bills and not be in debt.
  • Don’t simply settle for what your parents had. You can go further than that. You can do more, have more, be more. [1]
  • God wants you to have a good life, a life filled with love, joy, peace, and fulfillment.  That doesn’t mean it will always be easy, but it does mean that it will always be good. [1]

Positive Confessions, Law of Attraction, Karma:

  • Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.
  • If we say it long enough eventually we’re going to reap a harvest. We’re going to get exactly what we’re saying.
  • When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.
  • Start calling yourself healed, happy, whole, blessed, and prosperous. Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are, and start talking to your mountains about how big your God is. [1]

Faith is a Force,  By Activating your faith you activate the god in you, You are a little god:

  • Faith activates God – Fear activates the Enemy.
  • You can change your world by changing your words… Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue.
  • God didn’t make a mistake when He made you. You need to see yourself as God sees you.
  • You may make some mistakes-but that doesn’t make you a sinner. You’ve got the very nature of God on the inside of you.
  • We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside.
  • You must reprogram your mind with God’s word; change that negative, defeated self-image, and start seeing yourself as winning, coming out on top. Start seeing that marriage as restored. See your business as flourishing. See your children as enjoying the good things of God. You must see it through your eyes of faith, and then it will begin to happen. [1]

Taking sides:

  • I don’t think that a same-sex marriage is the way God intended it to be.
  • I’m going to let God be the judge of who goes to heaven and hell.
  • I’m very careful about saying who would and wouldn’t go to heaven. I don’t know.

He thinks?:

  • I think Bible principles are principles for life.
  • I think God’s justice is making wrongs right.


  • I’ve never preached one sermon on money, on just finances. I want to stay away from it.
  • Prospering just doesn’t have to do with money.
  • You can be committed to Church but not committed to Christ, but you cannot be committed to Christ and not committed to church.

Contradictions galore:

  • If you’re not seeing God move in your life right now, one of two possibilities must be considered. Either your requests are not God’s best and will probably not be answered the way you’d like or it must not be the right time. If God were to answer that prayer the way you are hoping, it could interfere with his ideal plan for you. [1]
  • The sad truth is, if you push hard enough, and if you’re so stubborn that you must have things your way, God will sometimes allow you to undertake a project without His blessing or at the wrong time. The problem with that, of course, is when you start something in your own strength and in your own timing, you’re going to haveto finish it and maintain it in your own strength [1]
  • Don’t just accept whatever comes your way in life. You were born to win; you were born for greatness; you were created to be a champion in life [1]

Blasphemy, not that some of his other quotes aren’t:

  • If Jesus were here today, he wouldn’t be riding around on a donkey. He’d be taking a plane, he’d be using the media.

Can’t sin anymore:

  • We were old sinners – but when we came to Christ we are not sinners anymore.
  • God knows your value; He sees your potential. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. But hold your head up high, knowing that God is in control and he has a great plan and purpose for your life. Your dreams may not have turned out exactly as you’d hoped, but the bible says that God’s ways are better and higher than our ways, even when everybody else rejects you, remember, God stands before you with His arms open wide. He always accepts you. He always confirms your value. God sees your two good moves! You are His prized possession. No matter what you go through in life, no matter how many disappointments you suffer, your value in God’s eyes always remains the same. You will always be the apple of His eye. He will never give up on you, so don’t give up on yourself. [1]

Message of Sin, Repentance and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross has been completely discarded:

  • If you know you have to wait anyway, why not make a decision to enjoy your life while you’re waiting? Why not be happy while God is in the process of changing things? After all, there’s nothing we can really do to make it happen any faster. We might as well relax and enjoy our lives, knowing that at the appointed time God is going to bring his plan to pass. [1]


  • When we don’t forgive, we’re not hurting the other person. We’re not hurting the company that did us wrong. We’re not hurting God. We’re only hurting ourselves. [1]

Well Ray McCauley, I do consider you to be a very intelligent man, with lots of degrees behind your name (I think).  When you hire someone to work for you, when you hire someone to come and baby sit your children, or when you support someone who is going to represent what you believe; surely you do a background check and you go find out what they are really all about?

Do they really adhere to the full gospel of Jesus Christ or do they preach another gospel that mocks and insults Jesus Christ and degrades the Word of God into a mere joke!

But then you did your checks, didn’t you.  You’ve read his books, you’ve heard what he has to say and this is why you’ve invited him to your platform and others who think like he does.  Because this is what you think too!

raymccauleythesecretplaceYour entire church from the beginning was based on Kenneth ‘Papa’ Hagin’s metaphysical Word of Faith teaching. Who  did a fine job of copying the writings of EW Kenyon. I wont even mention William Branham.  And now you and your church are finally coming into a new age, finally emerging, finally you are able to break free from the shackles of the Bible that have held you back.  Finally you can come out and make known your new one world view and throw off those old robes that have been weighing you down for so long.

It must have been really tough for you to keep hiding in at biblical corner for all these years.  But you have found a new secret place haven’t you?    Image of The Secret Place book: 



Updated  20th October 2009. 

We have just received news that the following people will be speaking at the the conference.   Ok we knew this for a while, but didn’t bother to post it because it’s being advertised.  But seeing as though everyone in South Africa is getting excited about this conference were thought we would help to just boost their advertisting a bit.  And maybe help people make a last minute decision that the money the spent to go is not worth the spiritual deception they are being sucked into.

  • Israel Huston and the NEW BREED  (Joel’s Army for those who don’t know what the New Breed really means.  This is Latter Rain Manifest Sons of God teaching.  For those who did not follow Todd Bentley’s Revival/Outpouring at Lakeland in Florida USA in 2008 now is the time to see what he taught and what happened to this so called godlyrevival.  Also see Rick Joyner, C Peter Wagner (Head Apostle for the New Apostolic Reformation) along with a whole host of other false teachers.  See categories on the left hand side of this blog for Chuck Pierce, Patricia King, JoAnne Fatter, Lou Engle (The Call) and tons of others.)
  • Joseph Prince (He has been at Rhema before see below)
  • Don Phillips, Moso Sono and Cindy-Cruise Ratcliff  (I have have no idea who they are, but quite obviously from the same flock)
  • At Boshoff (Making his debut I guess, bringing Word of Faith and the Emerging Church closer together in South Africa)

So where are the other international speakers, should be 25?  Hmm…oh well.

Here is a conference that Rhema held back in 2008 called ‘Radical Christianity’ and the speakers that attended:

Rhema Conference 2008 LogoRhema Conference Speakers







[1] Joel Osteen (Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential)
Other quotes from : http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/j/joel_osteen_2.html
Image of Two days of Hope conference:
[2] http://itickets.co.za/events/224967/Johannesburg_Ga/Two_Days_of_Hope.html
Image of Ray and Zelda McCauley:  http://www.news24.com/Beeld/Suid-Afrika/0,,3-975_2251143,00.html
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In His Grip

Hi Deborah,

I don’t quite where to post this. Do you know who Bertie Brits is? His website is dynamicministries.com
He seems to have quite a big South African following. I have a friend who is being hassled by one of his church members. He keeps telling her she isn’t saved because she thinks she’s under the law. According to him there is “no law; only grace. Only love.”

Any pointers?

Any pointers?



He also seem to endorse teachings of Reinhard Bonnke, John Grace and even Rodney H Browne> (they appear on his wall)

PU “dropout” who went to bible school, became a Pastor. (Dynamic ministries indeed)

One of his notes…
“In the first years on ministry the greatest joy was to see miracles and the expansion of ministry”.

And.. “Jesus is the truth – TRUTH IS HAVING NO CONSCIENCE OF SIN”

I suppose Angus (AND Kobus) will retire soon?.. successor?

In His Grip


Ya, thanks. I have had a bit more time to look into this guy and he seems to be a law unto himself. That’s ironic considering he’s totally anti any kind of law. It’s funny, people like Britts will tell you that believers are totally free from the law but that concept in and of itself is law to them. And that reminds me of occultist Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. The first commandment in that book is:

Do what thou wilt; that shall be the whole of the law.

It seems like these greasy gracers have come fool cirle.


I was watching TBN yesterday doing a bit of discerning of my own ,and jentezen franklin was advertising his dvd about bad habits had a Serpent on stage ,fully fed python crawling on stage as an “illustration” it used to be that if you saw a snake in church you run for the hills, now its become acceptable people are so gullible. He just had to use a large snake to illustrate.


Sounds to me of jealosy and envy. You are lost man. You wasted a lot of time and effort and most of all there is hate and no love in this. A man of God does not hate even in time of correction. Read the Bible (God’s Word) before you continue to remove the log from your own eye.


Hi Debs…good to have you back…did write to you but I suppose you were so ill that it was impossible for you to keep up…you were constantly in my thoughts and prayers nevertheless and I trust you are now well.

I came upon this article which I found very helpful especially for those in bondage to the word faith and charismatic teachings. I do not mean any offense or disrespect to those genuine saved Christians that are entrapped in these faulty doctrines (I was one of them ) but I found this article very direct and helpful and maybe you can post it here or under an appropriate topic…by Peter Masters:

[Edited – I Michael I am going to use your article as a full article]


Thanks Debs…Did not know Peter Masters is a Calvinist…I reject Calvin’s theology but the article here is not tainted with predestination and what he writes here is sound and has integrity.


oh you lookin good with the sword drawn again!!
Hi Debs. Guess you didn’t get through all the mail yet.

Welcome back.


Just found this website and thought I’d share my experiences with Word of Faith/Prosperity preaching.

I spent 4 years at Hillsong in Sydney and left because God opened my eyes to the false gospel they were preaching. I confronted my leader there and was told that God does not expect us to be theologians.

I almost died when she said that. Nuts.

These days it would appear Hillsong have amended their website’s doctrinal statement so it appears to be sound, but word on the street is that they still don’t preach repentance from sin!

Please DTW… keep on Hillsong’s back.

People need to hear and be warned.



“you will know them by their fruit” that is what the bible teaches us. I personally know one of these ministers that you have mentioned on this blog Don Phillips. This is a God fearing righteous man of God who has been instrumental in the revival that is taking place in the eastern cape. You mention this man as a heretic by mere association yet admittedly you say in the same sentence that you do not know him. What you are doing is not helpful to the body of Christ, please repent. Your blog is in no way producing good fruit.


Trouble in the Wolf camp…”dog bites dog”

Benny Hinn is very manipulative…what he says about Joel Osteen might be true but it is hypocrisy but it’s a case of the pot calling the pot (not kettle) black.



Hi you guys,

We have joined CRC – Christian Revival Church here in Africa. They are all under Pastor At Boshoff but our pastor is placed here under CRC London.

We enjoyed the fellowship in church a lot but there is some serious issues with our Pastor that makes me uncomfortable.
1. He only started the church a month and already started hammering on tithing. No messages for the baby-Christians to help them learn what to do after getting saved ect.
2. He absolutely has no respect for his wife. They are both still young. He will buy anything he needs and she is never asked what she needs. If there is 1 chair he will ask her to get up (even while she is pregnant) and then sit himself down.This is just one of many examples!
3. He keeps on hammering on HONORING your Pastor,that I understand and agree on, but he goes on to the point of being God.
4. He keeps on hinting at local businesses that it would be nice to have this or that, but do not have the money to do so. (nothing to do with church, example: new tires or service for his car, GPS )This lead to the whole local people trying to avoid him and also dragging CRC’s name through the mud.
5. If we try to talk to him about some of the issues, he behaves like a spoiled child and claims a lot of people has also been unhappy but came back to church and apologized that THEY were wrong.
6. He also uses the “Pastor” ticket to enter places free or get things.

I do not know what to do or where to turn. He said people can say what they want but, he has RSA and London to back him in everything.


Anyone heard of this guy? I love how these guys make claims that things like raising the dead are happening all over the world…this one is supposed to have happened in Africa (Uganda) and according to him, people are being raised every where but in the west. The problem is…no dead people coming forward…don’t you think it would be big news especially for the secular media???


The really shocking thing for me is the hook-up of Douglas Hamp with Randy Demain and Jo-anne McFadder on a cruise to the Carribean. I thought Doug Hamp was situated more in the orthodox end times camp, but this proves otherwise.

If I was partial to people and personalities, (since I like Doug Hamp) I would overlook this blurring of the lines between kosher Biblical end time/rapture teaching and the Bridal Paradigm false teaching

…but since I’m partial to the Word…I will be removing Doug Hamp from my favourites. Tsk. Keeping my eyes open…


Yes, the signs and wonders crowd is alive and well. And the supposedly solid Bible teacher of today may turn on a dime tomorrow. It usually happens in stages, though and the signs are there if one will make it a point to be alert and not put trust in man.

The truth is used as bait to reel ’em in ’cause most folks won’t fall for full-fledged lies. They have to be wrapped in respectability like a spoon-ful of poison laced with syrup.

And oh the wrath that is unleashed upon those who dare to expose them and what they are serving.

Truthful Conversation

I have had no respect for Ray McCauley since he divorced his first wife, years ago. It did not take him long to remarry Zelda, who was featured in a SA magazine, all dressed up to the hilt in designer clothes, in the luxurious surroundings of her home. There were rumours that Ray McCauley had been seen with Zelda before his divorce. Whether that be true or not, I still do not think he behaved very well concerning his ex, Linda.

I should have seen the red flag when our pastor invited McCauley to preach at my church in Cape Town. This founding pastor went on to have two affairs, while at the same time he was having children with his wife. He was eventually ‘disciplined’, but he refused to publically apologise, and the last I heard of him, he was whisked off to live in a rather large house in America. His wife had forgiven him and she went with him, and with their children. It was only a few years after I left that church that I started to think about this pastor’s lifestyle. His cars, his big house, his children were schooled at the Christian private (expensive) school that the church had set up. When the church grew very large (as these evangelical word of faith churches do), I saw that he had a bodyguard.

I actually loved my pastor and his wife, and at that time I was still very blind to many false teachings, including Word of Faith. After I left the whole mess came out, and I was quite shocked. But then again, when I thought about everything, things certainly fell into place.

Without going into detail, I remembered things people had told me, things I had dismissed as nasty gossip. And please, don’t get me wrong, gossip is wrong, but then again, there is no smoke without fire. But, as I was not working at the time, I threw myself into church life, and when I looked back, certain things that I had seen for myself (and dismissed) all fell into place.

Another example was a time when I was suffering from extreme postnatal depression. I had looked everywhere for help, and things were getting worse. I was in a truly terrible state. I was friends with the founding Pastor’s secretary, and she suggested I come into the office for him to pray over me. The day I went in, it was like a precision military operation! I was put in a room and told to wait.. the door was shut. After a while, this pastor, surrounded by several other pastors, (seemed more like a president with bodyguards) was quickly ushered into the room. He sat down and I think he asked me a few questions, with all these other men looking on, he prayed, and then, as quickly as he had come in, he was ushered out.

I left and I can only tell you that I felt betrayed, hurt and bewildered. I know and agree with the fact that pastors and leaders should not be counselling women on their own. I would have been more than happy if that pastor had brought his secretary, my friend, into the room with him. Or even his wife. What shocked me was the overwhelming sense that he had done me some sort of favour by even deigning to see me, and then after this short prayer, I was left with no kindness, compassion or further counselling. It felt like I should now be ‘healed’ and that was that! Another false teaching there too! After this, I was expected to be healed, and I was treated very badly by my home group, when I was still ill and struggling.

These Word of Faith, Prosperity teachers are all the same. I was so angry with MYSELF when I realised how I had been duped into giving more than I could afford.. and all the guilt I had suffered with this false teaching. I was hurt and angry about the treatment I had received, and I left the church and went my own way for a few years.

With his expensive cars, designer suits,(big well fed tummy), glamourous wife and luxurious house, Ray McCauley is just another one of these wolves.

The point of me writing this post, is not to slander or to ‘vent’ my hurt feelings. I would be honest and tell you that looking back, things do still hurt me. Inwardly I cringe at things that happened, betrayal of my confidence, humiliation at the backstabbing that went on.. lies that were told. One of my ‘friends’ even called my husband and told him to leave me. The point of this post is to (hopefully) wake Christians up to see the TRUE facts of Word of Faith, Prosperity and Healing teachings! They are lies from the pit of hell! And you can spot satan’s servants a mile off, if you have your truth goggles on.


From Debs: “Amazing how all these ‘reaised from the dead’ miracles happen in FAR OFF PLACES – like in the land of SHREK where no one can verify because it’s all FANTASY.”

LOL! That’s what I thought!

Ya…but I’m still in shock…it will take awhile to comprehend the loss. Of course, I was already a bit aware of some strange things happening in the midnight sun…seeing as he has links with some others who are spouting fiction, with quantum leaps and deception mixed into orthodox end times teaching…

I’m not so sure that all these prophetic end times conferences have been the best idea. Never been to one myself, but they seem like a strange brew, causing links to strange bedfellows and a blending of truth with toxic NA teachings.

This article was an eye opener last year: http://herescope.blogspot.ca/2012/05/quantum-teleporting-through-time.html


Michael….perfect example of a hollow theology. This is how he snags true believers…they can hear some truth being preached. BUT….his fruit is rotten, he is unrepentant and all the free grace in the world isn’t going to get him into heaven.

Matthew 7:22
Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

There isn’t a clearer example of a life that fits this description on the planet, although there are many others. But this one I believed and now that I have thoroughly investigated his heretical teachings and his obvious and well documented covetous ways and his lying prophecies, his talking to the dead(necromancy) and his preoccupation with angel encounters I can hardly listen to his theatrical performances and dramatic tall tales for more than two minutes.


Addendum to my last comment: Just to be clear…I don’t believe that Benny Hinn was ever a true believer because he did not strive to enter at the narrow gate…He never had genuine faith which becomes clear from the fruit.
Luke 13:23-25 NIV

Benny Hinn embraced life on the broad road, same as all the other false prophets around and though he talks the talk, he does not walk the walk. If he continues on the broad road with evil fruit, he will hear Jesus say:
Matt, 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.


Debs, re #55 – may be Catholic in character and association, but he does not represent himself as a Catholic except in an ecumenical way. He is a bona fide wolf teaching WOF doctrine and he is charismatic in signs and wonders, a charlatan in his practice of fleecing the sheep and mystical in his belief system. He is a man for all seasons, a man who for too many reasons can be seen as one who masquerades as an angel of light and transforms himself into whatever benefits the Benny Hinn Empire.

2 Corinthians 11:13-15
New International Version (NIV)
13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

It has been said by our Lord that a man will either serve God or money….but not both at the same time. Can’t be done.


Carolyn…I appreciate your observations and comments. Clearly you are a woman interested in truth and committed to discernment and revelation of error. That said, I notice in comment #54 above, in the use of the NIV…verse 25 reads…”Sir open the door to us.” the KVJ reads…”saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us;…”

I believe we would all agree here, that Jesus, the master of the house, is not merely “sir” but of the truth…is “Lord.”

Please check this link. I’m sure you will find the info helpful. (Use of this link is not an endorsement of the site, any person, group, “ministry” or philosophy…information only…(not coming from the KJV only camp either)

http://www.biblebelievers.com/williams_d1.html [DTW note: I do not agree with this website at all, and would caution everyone who goes there to be uses discernment at all times. They are Calvinist.]


Marion…thanks for the comment. Good catch…


Hey Debs…thanx for that warning. Didn’t know anything about the site…didn’t poke around…just read this one thing only, and found the contents of IT reliable…hence my disclaimer. Your additional checking is much appreciated!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x