T.B. Joshua – False Miracle Man

T.B. Joshua - false prophet

T.B. Joshua a False Miracle Man

Letter by Bill Randles to the You Magazine regarding their article on T.B. Joshua (02/25/2001)

Dear Sirs,

I am writing in regard to your article (02/25/01) on the prophet T.B. Joshua entitled MIRACLE MAN. As a Christian Pastor and teacher I am concerned about some of the aspects of this prophet’s ministry which are either unreported or perhaps unappreciated for their significance.

[DTW: underlining emphasis added below]

In the light of the fact that we believe we are living in the last days before Jesus’ return, and that one of the warnings Jesus gave us was that immediately before that time there would arise “False prophets”, who would be able to perform “signs and wonders so that if possible they would be able to deceive even the very elect”, it is extremely important that we be all the more discerning.

I don’t know Pastor Joshua’s heart. Indeed, it seems to be that he is a very sincere man living a simple lifestyle. Rather than taking money constantly [DTW note:  this is not true, T.B. Joshua is extremely rich] (as a good many of the celebrated televangelists do) there are stories of T.B. Joshua’s generosity to the poor who struggle to come to him for healing. [DTW note: it is false generosity, he is using the illness’s of people and preying on their emotions to make money] Nonetheless, we are told to be discerning in our evaluation of anything which claims to be “of God”.

“Try the Spirits to see whether they be of God” (I John 4). There are several caveats I offer to those who are seeking discernment regarding these phenomena,

o    On a French television interview, Prophet Joshua said that he had received this ‘gift’ at birth. In God’s word, the true Gifts of the Spirit of God are not bestowed at birth to anyone – see 1 Cor:12-14. One must first be converted to Christ to have God’s Spirit indwelling one – and even then the gifts are distributed “as the Spirit wills“.

o   Transubstantiation – On videotape distributed by the Synagogue of all Nations, a “Blood of Jesus ” service was shown. It consisted of the Prophet Joshua blessing a huge tank of water, touching each of twelve running spigots, proclaiming them to now be “the blood of Jesus“. The congregation were then shown rushing forward, pushing and pulling among themselves, seeking to get to those spigots first, that they might drink, splash, and in some cases even shower in “the blood of Jesus”. This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it all as it turns the Biblical doctrine of the blood of Jesus (His vicarious death) into a sensuous, superstitious experience. No Priest or Prophet can turn any substance into the blood of Jesus – that is more akin to paganism and magic than Christianity. The blood of Jesus was shed as a sacrifice to God the Father, not as a potion to be splashed and bathed in!

o   False separation between the Sheep and the goats-  In addition to the other antics at the blasphemous “Blood of Jesus” service, as the people pushed, pulled and shoved forward to participate in the so-called blood, those who had “agents of Satan”, were put into a demonic frenzy, rolling on the ground, through the muck and mire (more on that next) screaming and moaning in agony. There is demon possession indeed, but one would look in vain anywhere in the scriptures to find any deliverance service remotely resembling this so called “Blood of Jesus” service. Joshua proclaimed this as the” separation of the sheep and the goats”, which actually takes place at Judgment Day.

o   There is also a degrading and even humiliating aspect to these healings.When Christ healed it was in a dignified manner. True man is below, God is above, but man is not “Nothing”, he is made “In the Image of God”. In the Joshua videotape, released by the Synagogue, men with rectal cancer are asked to take down their pants, before others, both before and after the healing. A woman is made to bare her breasts, one showing cancer, and stands in front of a mixed assembly in the agony of her pain. As the healing progresses, her breast is seen oozing puss onto her dress and flowing down to make a puddle on the floor.

o   People are seen “Vomiting their troubles away” on the floor. Some vomit blood, others vomit rocks, shells, large worms and live insects. There is no scripture for this. Where did Jesus or His apostles ever do any such things? Yes these stains can be seen on the floor, the very spots where people vomited blood, and where women are seen on camera passing bloody “fibroids” from between their legs! And then on this same floor, people are put into trances, laid out on that same floor, (you can see the spots) and those in trances are seen rolling about in those spots.

o    Remote control- T.B. Joshua uses a technique called “remote control“. Standing about ten feet away from “patients”, with hand motions he manipulates their motions: By scooting his hands to the left, the patient seems irresistibly drawn to the left; and to the right, the patient goes to the right; by circling his hands, Joshua sends the patient into a circle, often until they spiral out of control, falling into a dazed heap! Once again, this method is more akin to occult healing practices than it is to Biblical healing and in the compassionate manner of Jesus Christ.

o    Another similar technique is called “point of contact“. For example, the bare-breasted woman suffering in agony from cancer, before the congregation, Joshua stands about 15 feet away, and rubs his chin vigorously, This then evidently affects her cancerous breast, in some way. In contrast, the healing of the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8:44, simply touched Jesus and was healed!

o    Calling Fire from heaven – Joshua has the power to call fire from heaven upon the body parts of sinning members of his congregation! A woman in the video is seen clutching her private parts in agony as Joshua’s fire cleanses her of the sin. This causes mild amusement of others in the audience. It does not bring fear of God! We are told in the book of Revelation that the false prophet calls fire from heaven to the amazement of those under delusion!

o    Joshua has strange beliefs. For example, he is a vegetarian : he told an interviewer that many of the people he ministers to in the area of deliverance are “Half fish and half man“. In another interview, he said that “the divine person” within him can appear to thousands simultaneously, even coming to them in their dreams! This is not Biblical or Christian!

In closing, I don’t pretend to know Joshua’s motivation; by all accounts he seems to be a very sincere man. However sincerity is no safeguard against deception. I am sure Edgar Cayce, Jean Dixon and countless other prophets, who by Christian, Biblical standards would have to be regarded as False, were equally sincere and unassuming. There are countless warnings in scripture  about the emergence of False Prophets and teachers who like Pharaoh’s magicians, withstood and hindered the true gospel by means of signs, wonders and miracles. Just because Joshua seems to be able to produce “results”, doesn’t make him a man of God, nor should we go there. The end does not justify the means. The very idea of having to go to Nigeria to receive a healing, or a miracle, or a Word from God, is unscriptural.

“Jesus Christ is the same, Yesterday, Today, and forever”. He is as closer to us today as our breath, for “Whosoever will call upon the name of the Lord will be saved”.

Sincerely, Pastor Bill Randles
(Reply to YOU magazine following an article. Note: Even Radio Pulpit is promoting him)
Source:  http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/tbjoshua-rebuke.html

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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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TB JOSHUA TB JOSHUA!!! lord whts wrong with humanity? Please shed light on this topic thats going to tear us apart. Do not judge and u will not be judged. Stop accusing and start to do better things with your time. god bless and safe us all.


Just reading Bill Randles (and other Apologists) Biblical critique on TB Joshua, is enough to show the reader (with plain common sense) that TB Joshua is a false teacher/prophet. We sometimes tune into his channel and it’s unnerving to watch how a church service is turned into a spectacle. Sadly the Holy Spirit is now credited for all these disorderly services/behaviours. A wicked generation seeks after a sign. The latter has now replaced the Bible and sound Gospel teaching. The cross is indeed FOOLISHNESS to those who perish. I weep for all these new converts today; begging the question: under what “gospel” did they get “saved”. Readers, it’s simple. The Bible is the final authority and if these preachers preach something contrary to the Word, they’re false and we need to turn from such. Their sincerity means zero at the end of the day; it’s all about TRUTH. Stay blessed.


“Pastoor” George. Dit blyk as of die storie tog waar kan wees…die ou op die dorp of in die stad wat nie werk kan kry as ‘n klerk of ‘n “spietkop” nie, word of deur homself of deur ander blindes aangestel as ‘n “Pastoor”. Slegs sulke “Pastore” stem saam met die res van die wereld se profete en sienrs en sulke derglikke dinge wat teenstrydig is met God se Woord. Hoe kan jy voorstel of selfs glo dat iemand soos TB Joshua ‘n profeet van God is? Hoe kry jy7 dit reg? Is jy werklik so mislei dat jy nerens in jou Bybel die waarheid raaksien nie? Ek bid vir jou ook… en vir jou “gemeente”.


[deleted – if you are going to write a comment make it BIBLICAL!]


[deleted – bla bla “touch not my anointed” – boring]

phatedi moraka

[deleted – no threats please]

Jesse ansu

[deleted – no threats allowed]


I don’t have time to answer to all the posts but i must say i take strong pity on the supporters of tb joshua. Why do you take scrutiny of tb joshua so personal. He is in public domain. He has to be scrutinised. More so that he targets a constituency of Jesus Christ. Those who doubt tb joshua have provided proof of his questionableness. what do you who support him have to show? I have people who used up their savings to meet tb joshua from my country.

i have not received a favourable report from any. some have even started looking elsewhere for solution. others are dead. a minister died coming back from seeing tb joshua. i watched tb joshua every sunday. I listen to startling pronouncements from tb joshua. he speaks in a way that people who have not read the bible like you are disarmed. and you stand in fanatical awe of him.

He has ‘predicted’ football matches and deaths. none of these can edify God’s church. Jesus is not a God of football and death! During a service to “john evans atta mills” tb joshua declared that his death is to honour and glory.meaning JEAM had passed to glory. to those of you who are fanatics of tb joshua and have no respect for the word of God this is ok. but i tell you that this is blasphemous. it makes tb joshua a judge. it makes him equal with jesus christ.

I have seen fire being sent to the private parts of a woman at SCOAN services. Fire in the private parts. Do you people know that the fire being talked about is the Holy Spirit? That the Holy Spirit is God? Now, is this reverence for God?

I have witnessed old men and women being told to bare their private parts just so that people can see their problem and after they have been healed. Again to you this is a light thing!the commandment of the Lord says honor your father and mother and tb joshua is not exempt.if he is then he is not of God of israel!

i am on [email address removed]. if you need to share with me your knowledge of God, i am available.


TB JOSHUA is anointed beyond morden understanding. Word says greater miracles than those of jesus shall be witnessed in the later days!!!if u cant do it, please be humble and learn it.God will open your eyes…and probably use u much more in a different way too!!!Repent man of God!!!

George Alex Muchinako

TB Joshua is a man of God.Some people hate to see a black person coming first in the world.God chose TB Joshua and God does things at his own time and in his own way.Some western pastors fear black religious people because they can’t comprehend a world with a flexible God.


Profit TB Joshua is currently under scrutiny for possibly aiding in death of Atta Mills by giving him some “holy” water.His current net worth is about US$20 million.That says a lot!He is now giving away to thousands of this unholy water that supposedly substitute the blood of Christ.


[deleted – you don’t make any sense and I can’t debate with someone who makes no sense. You have been deceived. Please READ all articles on this website on TB Joshua. Thank you. https://www.discerningtheworld.com/category/pastors-teachers-speakers/t/t-b-joshua-the-synagogue-church-of-all-nations-scoan/ ]

david vinod meripo

People were commented like devils, believers should have some spiritual knowledge, then only we can justify the miracles . So far some denominations not accepted anointment of holy spirit,and gifts of the Holy spirit, so these people when watch these miracles, automatically they will become Mad so they comment 1000 comments against the Miracles .Lord God using prophet TB Joshua mightily .So you please go to S C O A N and watch miracles directly with your own eyes .
1cori 2:14- But the natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of GOD:
John 14:12- Jesus said – Verily verily I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do;(kjv)…

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

david vinod meripo

It is very dangerous to follow false prophets.

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works. (Rev 2:20-23)

kufre Akpan

When Jesus left the earth,HE make a statement says,greater things we will do in His Name so what does that means?even Jesus was condenm,abused,insulted because of unusual miracle HE does when HE was on earth,so talking about prophet T B Joshua miracles he does in the name of God is a proof of been a true man of God that people must talk of him because of unsual miracles they see him does,so if they could talked about the Son of God that is using another power(evil power)then how much more prophet T B Joshua,so people must say something wrongly about the true man of God,so keep saying is one of the greatest benefit to people of God because the are not of this world even they are in the world, so the world will not like them.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

kufre Akpan,

What is greater than curing the sick, restoring the sight of the blind and the hearing of the deaf? What is greater than raising the dead to life? What is greater? You don’t seem to know the answer, so let me help you. Presenting the Gospel to the lost and winning souls for Christ is far greater than raising the dead. TB Joshua is not preaching the Gospel. He is preaching a false gospel, following a false Jesus and doing his so-called miracles through a false spirit. So, the best thing you can do is to stop following TB Joshua and repent of your evil. Unless, of course, you also love it when you preach a false gospel, follow a false Jesus and a false spirit.

Vanessa Abossey

Honestly if you read mark chapter 13:7 ….u will notice it….see its about time we stop for using on prophecies…because all the prophecies…are just like the promises God gave in the Bible….we need to be very very care ….dont be received by signs and miracles…its just a matter of time…built a very good relationship with the holy spirit then ask for the gift to desend…God will definitely speak to you…before…for z not all who perform miracles and mention Jesus’ name is from GOD..

Vanessa Abossey

Honestly if you read mark 13:7 downwards it tells you everything that will be happening concerning false prophets. We need to focus on the word of God and ask The Holy Spirit to interpret it. The question is what ever we do as Christians is it winning a soul for Christ?, is it pleasing to God?, or because you think it’s right so you draw a conclusion that it is from God. We are in the end time. It is even written in mark 13 that Gods own elect will be deceived because of signs and wonders being performed… Lets PRAY and WATCH. And STOP saying what you haven’t been directed by God to say
.. Lets all be careful.. Be observant and link every action of a man of God to the Bible. If it contrast, believe in HIS WORD ALONE

Science Watch

It is a well-known debate that Faith healing has being a controversial issue since the coming of modern scientific discovery and research on diseases and sickness. Many philosophers of science has always made the claims that religious belief and miracles belongs to history, science will replace religion, the modern man will no longer be interested in religious believes or spirituality. The time will come where they will never support the ideal or believed in anything like faith healing. The religious bodies on their own parts especially the Christians have always stood their ground on the existence of God and faith healing for them even though very few people have experienced any miracle in their churches. If the Priest’s heart is right with Jesus, then miracles happen. One real block to miracles is the scientific sterile approach to bible study. As a result, it becomes a mind game. One modern day church, Scoan, Nigeria has changed world views on God and His work through the Son God, Jesus Christ,
GOD is far greater than science after science is God; where science ends God starts.

Evidence shows that in the modern ministry of the church, the ministry of Tb Joshua, at Scoan, Nigeria who heals and delivers evil spirits by the power of Jesus Christ, have come to prove to the world that those scientists are wrong with their claims, the fact remains that there are a few great ministers of God around the world that are healing by the Power Of Jesus Christ.
But in the case of Tb Joshua’s ministry, the incredible healing and life restoration taking place there is so massive and mind-blowing. Terminal illness and disabilities are medically verified as healed. Medical science must be dumbfounded by the new reality especially now, that TB Joshua, Scoan, Nigeria have anointed five wise men and more are coming he said, which include female (wise women), to established an unmistakable fact that the future of the world lays in the hands of the church of God, and those speculations made by the founders and philosophers of science and medical science will not see the light of the day for God is the creation of heaven and earth including science.

Tb Joshua does say that “Doctors treat; God heals, God is the one that motivate doctors to treat, medicine is Nature”. Prophet TB Joshua does not just say it but has proven it all the time through the mind-blowing healing power of God in his life. The question is not, will medical scientist accept the easily verifiable facts of thousands of healed persons. Jesus don’t need scientific approval ! Let the healed speak for themselves.

Tom Lessing (Discerning the World)

Science Watch

TB Joshua is not a Christian. He is a witch doctor in Christian disguise. There is not a single example in Scripture where Jesus or his disciples used the same tactics TB Joshua uses to allegedly heal people.

Jesus never said that He came to the world to heal the sick every time someone prays for them. He said: “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luk 19:10). Your focus is wrong, completely wrong.


It is a shame that many of the miracles Jesus did were not recorded. i am sure if he were in the synagogue today and spat on the ground and rubbed it on a blind man’s eyes to make him see, people will still persecute him. Lord have mercy on your church -John 20:30, John 21:25


Madam Deborah, The bible commands us not to judge one another.TB Joshua does not need to be Jesus to work miracles, He just needs to believe in Jesus.
Joh 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father.
I am not a SCOAN member, But I will not use the words you are using against TB.

1Co 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall. I am fighting the fight of faith and will not assume the position of condemning other until I have received my crown. On the lighter side how many people have you healed this year? How many dead have you raised this year? How many people have you brought smiles onto their faces this year? Is that not Christ’s command to believers? There is more you can do to help populate heaven than condemn others. If you think there is something wrong PRAY….


Xcyborg-prophet says…
“I am not a SCOAN member, But I will not use the words you are using against TB” – Why not? i am sure you could teach him a thing or two with your extended abilities?

a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

Judge not is the most oft misquoted verse in the Bible. People use it to hide their sinful lifestyles.
The Bible is clear and admonishes us to judge. NOT just judge but also to reprove, correct, rebuke and yes EXPOSE and eventually have NOTHING to do with them. It happens when we pay pastors and profits to read scripture to us instead of getting stuck in ourselves. We get stuck at Matt 7:1 and no further.


There’s no one who loved TBJ like did, I can’t explain….
For many years I introduced people to watch Emmanuel TV. I even helped lot of people install Emmanuel TV channel on DStv. I even tried to compare Tbj with other great Men of God.
The mistake I did, I never wanted to listen to critics about him. I thought people were lying against him because they got paid. But finally I started hearing critics from people who worked with him for 11 years and others 14 years and one of them was the second in command to tbj… But let’s say if they left the Scan and started exposing TBJ because of money, I don’t think there is anyone that could’ve offered them more money than TBJ
I used to refuse to refuse to listen until I myself started to conduct my own investigations.
I even prayed about it. God started to show me lot of things before the Scoan building collapsed and started to get many evidences. Many evidences is the secret similarities between the ministries of TBJ and other MINISTRIES that have already been exposed.

But during my time with God he showed me things and methods that not biblical. But God told me that he is going to expose the false prophets one after the other and some of them have been exposed already, some have been caught with live snakes in church service boss day light and some have been accused of raping lot of their church members severally for many years.
There are a lot of evidences although they wouldn’t accept To be defeated… What amazes me many believers don’t remember the words if Jesus in Matthew 7:21-24 and Matthew 24:24. False prophets can also do GREAT SIGNS and WONDERS to DECEIVE even the chosen.
People are impressed by fake humility and works of charity and reconciliation. All that cannot make anyone a genuine servant of God.
I believe in genuine miracles, signs and wonders. Since I was 14 to 24 years of age, God uses me and my friends to chase demons and heals the sick. It wasn’t a thing to boast about, there was phones, no camera, no media to impress people or to attract the crowd. Everything was done in humility for God’s glory, without disgracing anybody and embarrassing people for the sake of broadcasting testimonies. We never collected any money from anyone because God’s blessings are not for sale and we didn’t want to be called names if titles because we knew the glory belongs to God alone.
We were taught by the Spirit of God that God’s anointing cannot expire Or renewed though receiving of items. The style of Jesus in the Holy Ghost is to praying for people by either raising hands towards them or laying hand on them and speak the Word to command healing. It’s not about impressing people by doing physical gestures.
So people who don’t read the bible, they think everyone is from God.
I suggest you pray that God will visit you and save you from false pastors and fake prophets.

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