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Glenn Grant Sue Grant

Glenn Grant – Occultist and The Second Son

I am writing this article as warning to all who have come into contact with a man by the name of Glenn Grant.  He has written a book called The Second Son.  I warned him not to go ahead and publish this book and emailed his mailing list with a warning as well.

When my husband and I first met Glenn he came across as charming and a ‘genuine’ Christian, then he invited us to a braai, the 3rd time was for a reading of his book, The Second Son.

I attended the reading, my husband could not make it.  Glenn handed out ‘character’ readings to individuals within the church which they would read out aloud.  I had not received a draft copy of the book before hand, where as others had.  I was very surprise at what I heard; things did not sound completely right but even after the Holy Spirit’s warnings I went ahead and disagreed with another couple who raised questions that night about the book.  Glenn said he welcomed comments and ‘criticism’ and would consider it when editing the book, but yet strongly disagreed when people raised their comments.  After I left there I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks.  I felt absolutely terrible.  Many months went by after that night.

Since then I have spoken to this couple and asked for forgiveness and told them that what they said was absolutely 100% correct and I was wrong, biblically wrong.  My phone call was perfect timing however – that day they had been ‘kicked’ out of Glenn’s church for questioning him on his interpretation of scripture he used in a sermon.

They were so happy when I phoned – they sighed with relief, they were beginning to think they were wrong in confronting Glenn.  Did they have a Religious Spirit as he so often told people?

After an hour conversation it boiled down that Glenn was running a fledgling cult where people seem to be caught under a spell of witchcraft and the ‘Touch not my Anointed’ syndrome – the anointed being Glenn of course.  He helps people out of other false faiths and healings take place in these people’s lives after they have been ‘freed’. Only to clasp his claws around them with the exact same false teaching (just disguised differently).  These people are locked into his grasp;  he helped them, how can they turn their backs on him.

Then I heard Glenn being interviewed on Highveld 94.7 one morning on my way to work.  I was so shocked I nearly drove into a tree.

Quick summary of the book:

“Besides the book being totally UN-BIBLICAL and EVIL, with a complete focus on Angels as messengers and ministers, the first chapter depicts a disturbing satanic ritual where a witch and wizard summoning a high level demonic force.  This book also contains the names of demons and angels which Glenn said he received via ‘revelation’ from God.  Did I mention this book was evil?

Glenn Grant Sue GrantOk so let’s move on to the back cover of the book.  Here we have a photo of Glenn Grant and his wife Sue.  If you look at Sue you will notice she has a pendant hanging around her neck.

I searched the internet until I almost ran out of bandwidth looking for a pendent that even looked remotely similar. I needed to find the exact pendant. But alas it was a dead end.  Until February of this year…

I met a lady who is a Christian and for some unknown reason asked her if she had ever seen a pendent that looked like this – as I tried to draw it in the air with my finger to describe it to her.  She said, “You mean the point at the bottom of the pendant extends way down…to a sharp point?  I said “Yes, it’s a 6 pointed star – resembles the Star of David, buts it’s not”.

She went to her room and pulled out a piece of paper from a gigantic pile of research papers.  She said, ‘Is that it?’  I could not believe it, it was the exact pendant.  She said the women who makes them considers herself to be Jewish when she is not. Teaches Jewish dancing (or just does it for her own entertainment),  and believes wholeheartedly that God gave her the design for this pendant in a dream.  Apparently when people see this pendant it will help lead them to Jesus as Marichen Conradie says on her website:  “May this design direct you to Jesus”.

Well I can tell you when I saw this pendant around some of Glenn’s followers I was reminded of a symbol I knew about when I myself was in the occult.  But I convinced myself that day that it could not be so.  Would they blatantly wear such a symbol out in the open like that?  Well yes!  I can’t even believe I went back there a second time for the book reading.  But then again I would not be writing this article if I didn’t…

Anyhow to make a long story much shorter…

Satanic pendant:

Below is the zoomed in image of the pendant hanging around Sue’s neck: 
Glenn Grant Pendant
Here is the image of the pendant made by Marichen Conradie here in South Africa.
Here is the explanation of what this pendant means as per Marichen Conradie website: (her website has since been removed from the internet 19/08/2013)
INRI pendant









INRI Pendant

The problems with this pendant is it is 100% Satanic:  The 6 pointed star in found in Egyptian hieroglyphics, it’s the Freemason 6 pointed star, and Solomon’s Key or Seal of Solomon used in Jewish Mysticism. This symbol is also found in the Tree of Life when you connect the dots.

It is also the Star of David. The Star of David represents the throne of David.  God gave Jesus Christ the throne of David on His resurrection. (See covenant made with King David in 2 Samuel 7:12-17, Luke 1:3-35 and Acts 2:30 – all prophecy fulfilled).  Jesus is RAISED to sit on David’s throne.  Non-saved Jews refuse to believe that Jesus Christ is their Messiah;  therefore they still hold onto the idea that their Messiah has not come yet, and are still waiting for him.  So as we can see Satan will take everything that belongs to God’s people (the Jewish nation) and everything that is Biblical and twist it to suit himself to lead people stray.)

Lets’s get back to the 6 pointed star:

Image taken from Christian Rosenkreutz’ tomb.

Christian Rosenkreutz Tomb
I have cut out and zoomed into the 6 pointed star from the above picture and added my comments:
6 Poined Star Explanation

This 6 pointed star is also the emblem of the Theosophical Society.  There is also a huge connecting between the 6 pointed star and the 5 pointed star (pentagram). But I wont go into that, the above should suffice.

Notice how Marichen Conradie’s design has the triangle pointing upwards of a lighter colour and the triangle pointing down a darker colour

Comments by Marichen taken from her website, with my comments below:


= Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Latin inscription, nailed onto the cross) = Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews

[DTW note: Marichen Conradie this inscription was an INSULT.  The Romans nailed this to His cross as an INSULT to Jesus.  This is not meant in a good way at all.]

“All hail King Jesus, all hail Emanuel…King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Bright Morning Star.”  (Rev. 19 : 16 and 22 :16)

[[DTW note: She quotes this verse but without knowing the above, you would not realise that the Bring Morning Star she is referring to is NOT Jesus Christ.  This verse is twisted.  Her ‘Morning Star’ is actually ‘The Start of the Dawn or ‘Blazing Star’ and represents the resurrection of Horus into Amsu (Horus was supposedly the first god/man).]

“The whole Bible was written by Jews (with possibly the exception of the author Luke)…”

[[DTW note: She denies the Word of God by saying this.  No!  It was completely inspired by God written with human hands.]

Magazines and Book Stores who promote Glenns book:Joy Magazine

  1. Glenn’s book is available through Gospel Direct amongst other ‘Christian’ book stores, click following link:
  2. Joy Magazine advertised this book in December 2008 with a rave review: [3]
  3. Also advertised in [3]
  4. List of more ‘Christian’ book stores who stock this book:

[[DTW note: I would really like to know if the above book stores and magazines actually READ the book before deciding to support it. If they did read the book, I would like to know who took the decision to advertise/sell the book.  I would also like to know how these Book Stores/Magazines choose the people who will ultimately classify these heretical writings as Christian.]


Info added:  19 June 2009

This is paid for advertising.  It seems these Christian publications will print anything if you cough up the bucks.  They do seem to have some limitations though – the content of the article needs to seem like it’s Christian. 

Also to print adverts like this costs a serious amount of money, let’s not even mention the money needed to print the few thousand books Glenn printed in advance.  Ponder, Ponder…

Also something I have not researched, maybe someone can help here.  How much does it cost to get a spot on Jeremy Mansfield – The Rude Awakening show on Highveld 94.7?  Is it really for free?

94.7 Highveld Stereo

Wednesday 04 December 2008

“The Rude Awakening”, hosted by Jeremy Mansfield on radio Highveld, is doing a show on Wednesday 04 December, on spiritual issues such as ghosts, haunting, demons, spirits and issues around spiritual activity. This was prompted by the show of this Tuesday (25th) where ‘cleansing’ of houses, ghosts, and demon spirits were discussed.

Due to public interest to radio Highveld, a subsequent show is dedicated to this topic next Wednesday 4th December from 6-9am.

Pastor Glenn Grant of Reality Bible Ministries in South Africa and Botswana has been asked to be a guest on the radio show. He is an ex medium, occultist, and Satanist. God has opened the doors for Pastor Glenn to present the truth of God’s Word around these issues

“God takes the foolish things of this earth to confound the wise!” [6]

Anyhow, Glenn goes around telling everyone he is an ex medium, occultist, and Satanist who has studied 30+ religions.

Well Glenn, if you ever were a medium, occultist and satanist you still are one. But for many reasons  I think you never were because of your lack of knowledge on these subjects.  For someone who has studied over 30 religions you surely are clueless.  All this of course makes you a liar and a very very dangerous person.

I really pray that all the people caught up in your ‘church’ heed the Holy Spirit’s warning to them and run away from you as fast as they can. 

Please share:

Deborah (Discerning the World)

Deborah Ellish is the author of the above article. Discerning the World is an internet Christian Ministry based in Johannesburg South Africa. Tom Lessing and Deborah Ellish both own Discerning the World. For more information see the About this Website page below the comments section.

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Beverley Pekema

Thanks for posting this. I received an invite to attend a course on Spiritual Warfare. A friend seems to be involved here, hence the connection.
Praise and thanks be to God for having given me spiritual discernment that lead directly to me googling Glenn Grant to find out who he is and where he suddenly popped up from.

Discerning The World

It’s comments like this Beverly that makes everything I do to warn of false teachers, worthwhile. I pray your friend listens to the Holy Spirit warning her by you showing her the truth of what is really going on.



I’ve read your blog and just want to ask you to search your heart, I’ve not seen any fruits of the spirit in your communications.

Have you read second son( the published version)?

I’ve read second son and know Glenn and Sue. The book has been a revelation for me in terms of the spiritual side. It has also taught me to pray more. This book has touched many people’s lives and many people have looked at praying more and lives saved (People giving there hearts to the Lord)

Attacking Sue’s cross and the one person that wears a similiar cross in the church without understanding is dangerous. It is even more dangerous to publish this on your blog, because you have made a statement, that is false. The one person that has a similiar cross had that before he joined Reality Bible Ministries. Therefore this is not cult related. This is simply to clear it up for you.

Please don’t attack me as I am not part of RBM.

I hope that you will consider these points and wish you all of the best in your walk with God.


Discerning The World


>> I’ve read your blog and just want to ask you to search your heart, I’ve not seen any fruits of the spirit in your communications.

Hehe funny comment considering your comments to me, or should I say threats! Dangerous, Danegroussssss ones lol. Never the less I don’t think you read much on this blog anyhow. For if you did you would have clearly noticed comment No.2 above. If you justttttt scroll upto you will see how much I care for people caught in traps of deception.

>> Have you read second son( the published version)?

No ways….never! Evil book. [added 3Jun09]… And who cares what version it was when I attened the reading.

>> The book has been a revelation for me in terms of the spiritual side.

[added 3Jun09]… This book has been a revelation to you…not the Bible

>> It has also taught me to pray more.

[added 3Jun09]… Why did it take Glenn’s book to get you to pray more instead of the Bible.

>> This book has touched many people’s lives

Yeah…..I’m sure it has.

>> and many people have looked at praying more and lives saved (People giving there hearts to the Lord)

[added 3Jun09]… Impossible, because the book is evil beyond evil with NO focus on Jesus Christ and Salvation at all. How can people come to know how to be born again through Jesus Christ when the gospel of Salvation is not mentioned ever! But Glenn does tell you all about how Angels and Demons apparently operate. No where is any of this mentioned in the Bible.

[added 3Jun09]… Which ‘words’ are you going to choose? Glenn’s words or the Word of God?

>> Attacking Sue’s cross and the one person that wears a similiar cross in the church without understanding is dangerous.

Really? Dangerous? Like how Dangerous EXACTLY? [added 3Jun09]… since when is pointing out a pendant considered ‘attacking’….good grief.

>> It is even more dangerous to publish this on your blog, because you have made a statement, that is false. The one person that has a similiar cross had that before he joined Reality Bible Ministries.

Firstly I have no idea what person you are speaking about here and whether this person had this pendant before they joined or after, I don’t care. And there were 2 people who wore those pendants not just one (when I attened the braai with my husband). So stop guessing what He and I saw or didn’t.

[added 3Jun09]… Besides, Sue got the pendant long afterwards so what’s you answer to that one? No answer. Another thing, Glenn should know (I say ‘should’ based on his supposed knowledge of the occult) what this pendant represents and prevented Sue from wearing it and telling those who ARE wearing it to stop and explain to them why.

But you threathen me again with even MORE danger….you know one would think that you threatening me with danger is more stupid than you guessing how many people I saw wearing a pendant!!!

Thanks for confirming that someone else there wears one besides Sue…well done.

>> Therefore this is not cult related.

No? LOL. Even if there were no pendants and just pretty pot plants Glenn would still be running a cult where people are too scared to say anything cos Glenn is such a ‘wonderful’ man.

Ag sies tog…it just never ends does it. Heidi, wake up and I mean this is the NICEST way.

>> Please don’t attack me as I am not part of RBM.

[added 3Jun09]… If you are not part of them then why do you come and attack me? And if you are not part of them, how would you know how many people wore those pendants last year or even right now for that matter? Whatever… And another thing, why say you are not PART of RBM? Why make a point that you are not really connected with them, besides knowing Sue and Glenn? What’s wrong?

[added 3Jun09]… But you must have gone there recently cos you know one person there had a pendant before joining RBM and you know that this person is still wearing it. Come now…get your story straight.

[added 3Jun09]… Anyhow arguing, who, where, and how is NOT the point of the article. It’s like pointing to the sky to distract others by shouing, “Look, it’s Superman”.

Discerning The World

Oh and Heidi, thanks for exposing what Reality Bible Ministries is all about…I welcome more comments from the ‘fans’ cos the more you say and threaten me the more people will see what Glenn is all about.


Hi Debra

Thanks for the feedback and being such a great witness to God.


Discerning The World


>> Thanks for the feedback and being such a great witness to God.

Your sarcasim will get Glenn no where considering that friends of his church threatend me.

But I REALLY DO with no sarcasim hope to be of more assistance to others soon, as people are warned and helped steer clear of the danger ahead (hey you said it, not me)

Oh and I just added extra comments, quetions and notes to the comment above with a date


I actually wasn’t sarcastic

Discerning The World


Please let us know if you can see anything wrong with this entire setup or not. A yes or no will suffice, you don’t need to go into more details than that.

And Heidi, thank you! And I really do mean that if you are really serious!

Discerning The World

Heya C

Its in more of a mess than you can imagine…

I’ve replied to your email see if you get it. Also I am using a different pc so it might worlk now,


D, b4 I did a study of the “Inri pendant” YRS ago!, I nearly got on. It seemed so “innocent”. It described at that stage, what I felt in my spirit. Then FatherGod let me crashed in2 hard reality – in depth study quickly connect me with occultic roots – which I’ve just been freed of, then. I know that many people being taught and doing these “Hebrew dancing” as well as many people in Israel, are wearing this pendant. auchh! u know D, it’s times like this that I sigh very deep and say: may God have mercy on us! The “Christian-movement” is in such a mess, no wonder less and less people receive God’s work of grace, that is: The LORD Jesus Christ. then, when some1 (by God’s grace) open the wormcan, they attack the can-opener and feed the worms! anyways – Keep standing D! lov, cecilia


short comment on Glenn Grant: 2nd son off. website – the article ends with twisted scripture: “When darkness comes in like a flood, the battle belongs to the Lord!” (my mistake if this was a saying of the ‘writer’ himself….) I agree with your discernment D. cecilia

Discerning The World

No prob and thanks :)

Happy you around.

J O Spies

“I’ve read second son and know Glenn and Sue. The book has been a revelation for me in terms of the spiritual side.”

people say that about “the shack” too…

Just strange that reading the Bible is just not enough these days to still the huge spiritual hunger out there…

I don’t know, maybe believing like a child has just become so difficult, because children these days are like adults at the age of 13… and you know how you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!?

Come on guys. Let’s cut through the mud (if there is such a saying)?

“when darkness comes in like a flood – the battle belongs to the Lord”… sounds like something from a terminator movie…


Discerning The World


>> “when darkness comes in like a flood – the battle belongs to the Lord”… sounds like something from a terminator


It sounds like that saying….”When days are dark, friends are few”. More like When days are dark, born again Christians are few.

These are God’s Words:

2 Thessalonians 2:3

3 Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction.

Ephesians 5:6

6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

1 Timothy 4:1

1 But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons

Daniel 7:25

25 He will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One, and he will intend to make alterations in times and in law; and they will be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.

Daniel 8:25

25 And through his shrewdness He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence; And he will magnify himself in his heart, And he will destroy many while they are at ease. He will even oppose the Prince of princes, But he will be broken without human agency.


Be careful of this man. Be really careful.


Tim, I don’t know if you will come back to this site. Deborah has my details. I really need to talk to you ? Please ?


Glenn Grant Self Published Author is a first class con artist who invites people to ” invest ” in his schemes ie books & movies but nothing materialises. He did not pay for the Second Son – Inception books he published. Of the 5000 books printed he only sold about 400 – hardly the Exclusive Books “best seller” that he claims. He is trying to raise funds for the Second Son Movie Project.

Stay away from this man …. he is a dangerous lying deceitful man who uses and abuses people for his own cause.

Shirley cooksley (nee Grant)

I speak on behalf of myself, Glenn’s sister, our siblings, my father’s siblings and our extended family.

We will no longer accept Glenn claiming to have been ‘born’ a satanist. He is a con artist and a fraud. Why has he got no physical human connections in the occult – ask him for contact numbers? If he has studied 43 religions get him to name them and show you his study notes.

He was not introduced to satanism by OUR father!

He has not paid for the printing of his boook – they are in storage. Why do people accept the stories – ask for proof.

He just moves from one gullible group to another. I am concerned about O J Spies and Heidi – RUN!


Hi there Deborah!

I’ve chatted to you before on the phone and know both Glenn and Sue well. I petrified the living kajeebers out of myself and read both of Glenn’s books-Second Son and Today’s Virgin, tomorrow’s spouse.I found the books both so upsetting that I tossed them-yes, we put them in a trash bag and added them to the garden refuse. I see that Glenn’s sister posted here, wish I could mail her? Shirley, I’m a close friend of Sue and I’m really worried about her.Glenn told us that he did not have a family and that his father deserted him when he was young. He said his father was an alcoholic.He also told us that he got involved in satanism through his family. He said he only had one sister and that he cut all ties with her as she would not accept Jesus as her Saviour. What can I do to help Sue? She has changed so much since being in Glenn’s clutches…:0( Glenn keeps Sue away from friends and will only allow her in my company when he is also present.If I mail her, then he answers my mail-I don’t think she gets my mail.She willingly goes along with this-if he is not a cult leader, then I don’t know who is.Deborah, thank you so much for all the work you put into your website. Please mail me, I want to share something with you?
Take care then!



Shirley Cooksley

I am Glenn’s sister and

Kajeebers and Heidi, Glenn has a sister from the same mother and father (myself) as well as two half brothers form my father’s second marriage. My father’s two sisters, step mother and widow are still alive. We are tired of Glenn and Sue perpetuating the lie about my father having brought Glenn up in the occult. My father was NOT a satanist or an alcoholic. My mother (Glenn’s too)also confirmed all that Glenn claims he is and my father was as lies. I have met with my mother’s older sister to confirm stories and that is what started us out saying we all going to come forward to expose them. I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour at the age of 9 and again in my late teens. my husband I have been together for 34 years and he was a friend of Glenn’s, but Glenn coming into our home when we weren’t there ++++ made us agree to not see him. I have not physically seen Glenn for 14 yrs, but I get contacted often. This is all I will say. Should you neeed to tell me anything that’s fine, but I only answer questions, I do not pour out information. My father, Derek Ian Grant had 4 children, was not a satanist and gave his heart to the Lord and served him fervently until he died at 47. We are tired of the lies Glenn and Sue use to further their ‘ministry’. Email questions and I will answer as truthfully as I know how.
Kind Regards,
Shirley Cooksley (nee Grant)

Shirley Cooksley

Half of my email seems to have dropped off – people can contact me on [email removed]. I will only direct questions, but will do it truthfully and with all sincerity to protect people from being conned by him and him using his ‘family’ to invent his dramatic childhood. Shirley

[Edited by DTW – Hi Sherley, I am removing your email address from all your comments due to spam reasons. If anyone wants to contact you they can ask me for your email and I will email it to them.]

Shirley Cooksley

Kajeebers – Greg and his wife lived with my father while they were expecting their first baby. you are just another that has been given one of his stories!!!Our parents were divorced but we spent every second weekend and every second holiday with our Dad and stepmom until my father died at 47 in 1982. Email any questions and I will answer you with what I know to be true. There may be a lot I don’t know. He must just stop perpetuating these lies to further his ministry!

Shirley cooksley (nee Grant)

Glenn lived with my father and stepmom in high school. He also lived with them when he was married and they were expecting their first baby. Glenn was never ‘ deserted’ by his father – how could he have been when he lived with him. My stepmom is still alive. My father has never been big on alcohol…his stepmom, siblings and my mom’s side of the family vouch for that. I have no need to defend my relationship with Jesus, except to say He is my Lord and Saviour and has been since high school. We have all found Glenn’s antics and lies a good source of dinner table stories, but he has overstepped a mark where he ha started making false and damaging claims about our father and his childhood. We will no longer keep quiet while he and his wife malign our family and lie to dramatize their situation and for publicity. He can do and claim whatever pleases him, but he must NOT make false statements regarding our family!you can contact me on [email removed]. I will reply as truthfully as possible to questions only. Shirley


Reading all the comments here ….. how has Glenn got away with this for so long

I hope you are going to do what is right and confront him ?

Reading Shirley’s comments – his whole testimony is therefore a lie ( as published on his website ) Well done to you for speaking out.

And his son has grown up thinking his grandfather was a Rosi-something. What type of person does that ??

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x