Kobus van Rensburg – Self Anointed Prophet

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Kobus van Rensburg – Self Anointed Prophet

Kobus van Rensburg (Spirit Word Ministries) is a ‘prophet’ from South Africa. He follows the word of faith doctrine and dominion theology. I have watched him a few times on TV and all I can do is just shake my head in dismay – he is one of those preachers that can talk for hours but says nothing. When he gives a prophecy it rhymes like a poem! And he views himself in a very good light as being extremely sought after to bring the ‘good news’ to the nations.



kobusvanrensburg-aboutKobus van Rensburg has appointed himself as a prophet and Kobus van Rensburg has a pace setting church. I ask, how can one set the pace of Christianity? No human can determine the future of the Church. I think what Kobus means by this statement is that he (along with many other so called ministers) are setting the pace for deception and the ushering in of the anti-Christ. His Church’s main focus is signs and wonders – interestingly enough these signs, miracles and wonders appear without the preaching of salvation. Miracles only ever happened in the New Testament after the Word was preached, to confirm Gods Word of salvation, never before.



Kobus says that he and his wife are the ‘sole’ founders of Spirit Word Ministries. So is he saying that God had nothing to do with it? Hmmmm…But here is the clincher. Kobus went to see T. B. Joshua. Now, if you don’t know who T. B. Joshua is, then let me give you a brief outline. T. B. Joshua is also a self proclaimed prophet that has openly commented that he was born with his power.He produces ‘miracles’ like it’s going out of fashion and says they are from God.

He has a big poster hanging in is temple that says; ‘There is no deity (god) except Allah.’  And then a crucifix hangs near the poster.” There is no question that Joshua sends mixed signals. Although he prays in the name of Jesus, many of his methods are unorthodox. He converses with angels during sermons, speaks of traveling to other places in the spirit realm and has been known to ask people to walk through the audience naked to prove their healings. Some Nigerian leaders claim that animal sacrifices have been performed in Joshua’s church to generate a source for occult power. The pastors contend that this is the reason Joshua does not travel to other countries to conduct meetings.” 1


Now Kobus says that the ‘signs and wonders’ in his church increased after he visited T. B. Joshua and the ‘Holy Spirit’ fell on him in a ‘very special way’. Last time I checked when one becomes saved you instantly receive the Holy Spirit for he leads us into all truth and is our comforter. You don’t get saved and then on another occasion receive the Holy Spirit. There is not a second or third time either to receive the Holy Spirit. When you accept Jesus into your life the Holy Spirit comes to abide in you immediately. He is not just attached to specific people and He is not more powerful with certain people either and He certainly cannot be transferred through touch or whatever medium T. B. Joshua used to pass this spirit onto Kobus van Rensburg. So Kobus with all his godly anointing went and sought after a man with demonic power and it was passed onto him. Remembering that T. B. Joshua said he was born with his power…so it does not come from God to begin with.

PS:  there is only ONE anointing Kobus – not multiple ones and this ONE anointing is NOT transferable.

Kobus says he is bringing the ‘Light and Fresh Glory’ into the church of Jesus Christ. What a horrendous comment to make. Jesus Christ is the Light and Glory of the church. But Kobus says he now brings fresh light and fresh glory into the church as though the message that Jesus Christ taught, that’s stood the test of time is stale. So Jesus, salvation and repentance of sin, the complete gospel message of the cross is boring and what Jesus spoke has no relevance in this day and age.

You go on to say that you are a sought after pastor because you ‘reveal present day truths’. What on earth does that mean? There is nothing new over and above the bible; the Word of God remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yet you expand on the bible and bring forth new revelation constantly. The old message is no longer applicable to this 21st century, the old message no longer applies to our world and culture and this is why there is a NEW message with NEW truths. Well I am sorry Kobus, but there are no new truths and no new revelations, and anyone who claims to have such things preaches a gospel that is contrary to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you claim the Word of God as final and at the same time claim you have new truths for this day and age then you contradict yourself – which is it?  You can’t have your cake and eat it.


Watch his videos on his website where he slays people in the spirit. He uses words like BAM BAM (I wonder if he taught Todd Bentley?) as he knocks people over with his invisible power like he is some kind of super hero. But interestingly enough he also makes a swoosh sound which I have heard before in other preachers who slay people using the same ‘spirit’. Who are you channeling Kobus?  No where in the bible is anyone knocked over like this, and when people did fall it was in judgment or willingly in reverence to our Lord Jesus.  – The manifestations of your ‘holy spirit’ are likened to Kundalini.

Kobus says that in meetings where he is preaching Jesus Christ is really showing up.  Really?  Wonder if he is speaking about Himself.

Jesus specifically said in:

Matthew 24: 23

“Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24 For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

Kobus, tsk, tsk…have you considered that the Jesus that is showing up is a false Christ (let me explain further; a fake Jesus Christ) or are you making this up to deceive others into thinking you are really anointed, that Jesus Christ Himself would grace you with His presence?





Why are you seeking a Roman Catholic Crucifix? With all your ‘anointing’ (multiple ones at that), how did you come to ignore the Holy Spirit on this issue? Did you wake up one morning with biblical amnesia and forget that Roman Catholicism is anti-Christ? Or is it because you actually believe in Ecumenism and that one day soon you will have a sermon on the Holy Mother of God and another sermon on all religions lead to one God? Judging by the fact that you visited T. B. Joshua I would say the latter rings very true.

Jesus Said It Is Finished!  

By Keith Green:  The Catholic Chronicles 2

“Every true believer loves the sound of these words: It is finished! (John 19:30). For it is the wonderful exclamation that the Lords suffering was finally over – He had fulfilled His mission! Jesus had lived a Life of Sorrow, bearing the burden of a world gone mad. He had been rejected by everyone, even His closest friends. He had lived a perfect life before men and God, and His reward on earth was to be laughed at, spat upon, beaten beyond recognition, and finally nailed to a cross. But He had submitted willingly, because it was the will of His Father to offer Him as the satisfaction of the penalty for all the sin in the world – past, present and future!

But here, in the words of a Roman Catholic priest, is the true meaning of the words it is finished! These words do not declare that His sacrifice was finished, but that He had finished His former, normal, earthly life and was now fixed in the state of a victim. He then began His everlasting career as the perpetual sacrifice of the new law. Hence, according to Rome, Jesus must be forever perpetually dying for sin.

Have you ever wondered why in every Catholic Church they still have Jesus up on the cross? Every crucifix with Jesus portrayed as nailed to it, tells the whole Catholic story – Jesus is still dying for the sins of the world! But that’s a lie! We need only look to the Scriptures to see the truth.”



It says, “God has really anointed Prophet Kobus van Rensburg in this ministry of miracles. Carry this cloth with you or just put your hand on the hand of Prophet Kobus & agree for your miracle.”You’ve got to be kidding. Just put your hand on the hand of Prophet Kobus and agree for your miracle? – with advertising and everything printed on the same cloth.Are you God? Oh wait, you follow word of faith/dominion theology;  of which Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, T. D. Jakes and a whole host of others say ‘yes, I am a god’  This is Latter Rain Manifest Sons of God teaching. They believe that when you accept Jesus Christ into your life you actually start to become like Christ, you become a little god…really…I wish I was kidding, but its true people.

It’s not that God has anointed Kobus, it’s that Kobus has a little god anointing.

Folks, I don’t know what kind of spirit comes with this cloth (well actually I do), and it is NOT of God. The spirit that is passed on at these meetings is a counterfeit holy spirit that appears good but is not. I am told that people are really healed when Kobus prays for them. I don’t doubt that for one second. Satan can perform healing and he is not dividing his kingdom if he takes away an illness and gives you something more damaging, like making sure you follow Kobus’ false teachings right into his clutches.


On Kobus’ website in the following sermon:4

“Kobus says, only when the all things have been restored will Jesus come again. He is going to stay in heaven at the right hand of the Father. From God’s presence must first come times of refreshing. That refreshing will cause the restoration. If we seek God, we will get revival. If revival comes, restoration of all the things of which the prophets of old spoke about will come and then Jesus will return.”

Africanaquatics says:3

“This is Restoration/Dominion theology which advocates that Christians should take power of the earth, create dominion and then, only then, will Jesus come back. Not only does this belittle and demean our Saviour, but it makes men into little demi-gods. What is fundamental to understanding the last days before Jesus comes back, is the fact that Jesus Himself said there would be an APOSTASY, a falling away, before He comes back. NOT a Revival! Anyone who preaches or prophesies revival of the western church (the church of Laodicea) in the last days is biblically illiterate.

The Laodicean church is lukewarm, comfortable, rich, preaching what people want to hear, not what they should be hearing and if you read Revelation 3, Jesus is ready to spit this church out of His mouth! How true this is of the church of today!”

What does the Bible say?

2 Tim 4: 3-4

“3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

2 Peter 2: 1-3

“But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3 In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.”

Jer 5: 30-31

“30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; 31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so.”


Well know, this is telling.  Ruda Landman interviews Kobus van Rensburg with regards to his ministry and healings. Quotes below:

Ruda Landman (Carte Blanche presenter): ‘How does it feel when you’re standing there and this power, this spirit, is running through you?’

Kobus: ‘It’s not me. I think it is I have found a secret how to allow God to flow through me. Like a big pipe that is connected to the water tower; if you open it, the water will come out.’

[DTW note:  You have found the secret?  Why is it a secret Kobus?  Where in the Bible does God have secrets and why are you the only one with this secret and no one else?  The only knowledge that is secretive is the Occult;  hidden wisdom.]

Ruda: ‘Don’t you think it could be dangerous, sometimes physically dangerous, that there are things that might be happening that you don’t… you are not a doctor… you don’t understand what is going on?’

Kobus: ‘No I don’t think so. I think I am busywith God’s business and God will vindicate for us. I am not trying to exalt Kobus van Rensburg, I am not trying to exalt myself.

[DTW note:  You sure sound confident that it’s really God that is working through you.  You think you are busy with God’s business?  You think?]

Kobus: ‘Or as Romans 2:7 says, we must seek immortality. Now we are not made to die, that’s right. Everybody fights death. We are not made to die.’

[DTW note:  Errr, immortality on this earth you forgot to mention.  Genuine Christians have eternal life in Heaven.  What you are speaking about is Mysticism, Christ consciousness teaching.  That we should seek to be gods on this earth, and gods are immortal.]

Kobus: ‘Why can the world prosper, but the church are not supposed to prosper. I produce the Kingdom of God, I present Jesus Christ, I give people life, I give them the Word, I give them healing, see. So they give me money. That’s how the word of God always operated.’

[DTW note:  YOU produce, YOU present, YOU give people life, YOU give them the Word, YOU give them healing?  So you are a little god!  Please supply 1 verse to to show that when Jesus healed people they gave Him money?]


kobusvanrensburg-anointedImage taken from a website dedicated to Kobus Van Rensburg:  http://spiritword.222.co.za

Wonder what the number 222 represents and why Spiritword would have chosen it?   Let’s go see:

*  Oneness vs. Division

* “The numerical value of these three “offspring” letters, “Beis,” “Chaf” and “Reish, is 222, reflecting the divided components of creation.”

* “But this division is only superficial, for in truth, all existence is part of G-d. Judaism recognizes no duality in creation. The oneness of G-d, the cosmic “Aleph,” pervades all existence, filling each centimeter of space and each millisecond in time with its spiritual energy, that vibrates in every blade of grass, every human heart and every grazing animal. This oneness is concealed and veiled, allowing for the perception of a divided world of “222.” But in truth, the entire cosmos is really one giant Aleph” 6

  • Pantheism – God is All
  • Panentheism – God is in All
  • Therefore Kobus van Rensburg is a god; part of one giant Aleph.


Kobus van Rensburg is NOT anointed, he is NOT a prophet, he is NOT a god and he sure as nuts does NOT operate under the Holy Spirit. For if he did, he would NOT be doing what he is doing, preaching what he is preaching and visiting the men/women he is visiting.


arrowSee all articles on Kobus van Rensburg here:

1 http://www.charismamag.com/display.php?id=673
2 http://www.gracegems.org/7/catholic_chronicles.htm
3 www.africanaquatics.co.za/_christian/_articles/kvrensburg.htm
4 www.spiritword.org.za/Sermons/English/STEC/sermonTimesofRevival.htm
5 http://www.mnet.co.za/Mnet/Shows/carteblanche/Story.asp?Id=2870
6 http://www.jewish-holiday.com/kabnumbers.html
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Deborah (Discerning the World)

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Discerning The World


>> I do however believe that there is a fundamental difference in what you and I believe about the devil and his purpose

I am not here so discuss the fundamental differences between what the Word of God says and what you believe the Devil’s ‘purpose’ is. This is not what this article is about. You either agree that what is being taught by Kobus is false teaching or you don’t. You either play with fire or you don’t.


In terms of the comment “put it back again” I do not mean that you said it but implied it by saying “replacing it with something worse”…


I am also referring to the word of God and not to what I believe that is not in line with the word of God at all. In principle there are some things I do take about what he teaches after looking at some of his teachings but not with everything, just as I do not agree with your interpretation of many of the comments you made around sickness & health and faith.

So in all things we are different, but does indifference make us false? By no means at all. If he has appointed himself as a prophet, then yes, that is out of line. Shall I knock all his teachings because of this, by no means at all. We are all to decern the truth as we need not that any man teach us but the Holy Spirit as He is our teacher so in the teachings of all men we should hear what the Spirit says and not just make it all out to be lies.

Deception is closer than you might realize…the strongs translates the devil as the traducer of all men…look it up.

By the way, the only reason why I brought the devil into this conversation is due to your comments about him. You were talking about the deception, the souls, the healing etc.

You still have not answered me in terms of the scriptures…can you find them?


All I want to add about prophets is this:

And when He ascended, He gave gifts unto me, some to be Apostles, some to be *prohets*, some to be evangelists, some to be teachers and shepherds…

So earlier I said that I agreed with “descerning the world” about prohets being old testament and that now they are not around so now I repent of this seeing that God is true to his word.

Whether or not someone is a prohet depends on the gift Christ our Lord gives not on the appointing of one self…the fact is, prophets are as real today as they were 4000 years ago.

Can someone please provide the proof that Kobus has annointed himself and appointed himself as a prophet or is it something that others are saying about him? I cannot find it anywhere on his website or in his teachings…please assist if you can.

Discerning The World

‘anointed’ ones don’t teach false doctrine and live off their congregation


Carnality is to be found everywhere and at all levels.

Let’s not forget that Paul did say that “if I sow spiritual things to you am I not allowed to reap material things from you?” I do believe that Paul was annointed.

The interpretation of this truth is yet to be grasped by the church yet in the pentacostal realm this is very much a reality.

I do think that many ‘pastors’ or ‘prophets’ do misuse their – dare I say – God-given right to reap material things when giving the spiritual, but the measure of that abuse is to be decided by God. So many of them do “ride” the “tithe” horse bare back until the horse is no more due to the fact that they themselves do not understand tithing. Yet, there is annointing and the annointing does rest on them as I am now reminded about the scripture that says :”God’s GIFTS and CALLINGS are without repentance”.

So many are annointed – gifts – but are still carnal…

Discerning The World

>> Let’s not forget that Paul did say that “if I sow spiritual things to you am I not allowed to reap material things from you?” I do believe that Paul was annointed.

Yes Paul also was used by God to wrote most of the New Testament. Paul also never preached falsely. If he did that would make the NT null and void and the Bible full of errors which means it’s not the Word of God.

The above info on Kobus is more than enough proof that he is false. If you can’t see it, then I dunno. And to compare so called apostles/prophets of today to those who were used to write the INERRENT word of God is rather terrible to say the least.


Brother, I have read all above and what I can say is that the closest to heaven i have ever been was when i was in Spirt Word. I was on the verge of committing suicide because of people like you, people who give no hope and who promote the works of the devil more that the works of God. I do not doubt it even for a second that Kobus Van Rensburg is the man of God. Where on Earth would we get the kind of teachings we’ve had from Him? IMMORTALITY, NO RAPTURE and many. As Much as I know how lost you are, I would never call you names you are calling Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg. May Loving God Have Mercy on You.


this is total bullshit written…the guy who wrote this has no idea about the anointing of the Holy Spirit…looks like the guy who wrote this article must have had Acts 2 torn out of his bible by somebody…the disciples walked around with Jesus for 3.5 years then why were they asked to wait for the anointing if they had already recieved it…well about TB Joshua there must be something fishy or maybe even about Ren Von Kobus and the way he was anointed from TB Joshua..but let me tell you all one thing the bible only gives the man of God to judge but never to condemn..so if you think you have the rights to tell the world that this man is not a preacher nor he is a prophet..BEWARE OF DIVINE JUDGMENT…for more info u can always get back to me..im always available on the above mentioned email id…thank you..God bless you…

Discerning the World


the disciples walked around with Jesus for 3.5 years then why were they asked to wait for the anointing if they had already recieved it…


but let me tell you all one thing the bible only gives the man of God to judge but never to condemn..so if you think you have the rights to tell the world that this man is not a preacher nor he is a prophet..BEWARE OF DIVINE JUDGMENT…

We are not to judge a persons sin or their lives, but WE ARE COMMANDED to judge the false teachings and the words that they speak. How else do you sort the wolves from the sheep?
I must BEWARE OF DIVINE JUDGMENT because I say he is not a preacher or phrophet? haha and then you say to me “God bless you”? Rightttt… So you curse and bless at the same time? Impressive.


sandy, August 19th. can we please keep the bulls out of this?! if you said that on a muslim-site, even in 1 of their shops, they would have thrown you out, remember your face 4 all eternity & not allow u 2 b seen or heard at all if they can help it! (i talk from experience, was thrown outa 1 of their shops 4 using the same word, then got convicted by HolySpirit it’s not a good word 2 use anywhere + any circumstance, no foul language should come from a christian’s mouth, especially by “a woman”. so here goes, let go of that word Sandy, get your heart clean… cecilia


Hey Deborah

How are you doing? Congrats on the new site, looks great.

Was wondering if you knew anything about what happened to Kobus van Rensburg, saw on Facebook they have a group called” Kobus van Rensburg will live and not die”?





Yeah i found the same thing, not really any details available on the net either.. maybe its stress related?!

Or maybe something picked up in Nigeria

Take care



You must have had some inside information, how on earth did you figure it out?? Very interesting..



Lol strange things do happen in Africa.

Reminds me of the banners i see daily on the motorway here, the new bigger better Destiny church in Auckland, the super church for a super city is its logo.. i’ve read about members selling their property to buy into the church’s property and lots more interesting things going on there, i think it will reach cult-like dimensions soon.. heres a statement for u: ” Never before have the forces of religious, political and social activism converged more powerfully than in the life of Bishop Brian Tamaki”

Enough of that, standing up for the Truth isn’t one little bit easy as some of us know



As much as I think Kobus Van Rensburg is a complete heretic, your writing on this blog is more often than not terribly irresponsible and quite lazy.

For instance, a church that calls itself pace setting is in no way necessarilly claiming to set the pace for all of Christianity. You make this ackward logical jump as if the first automatically implies the second. Couldn’t that simply be a marketing buzz phrase attempting to portray Spirit Word as a contemporary church?

Language is imprecise. That’s why intelligent individuals form opinions based upon an examination of all available evidence in context. Writing a piece accusing Kobus of claiming to set the pace of Christianity based solely upon a single sentence fragment from the church bio belongs with writing in tabloids and high school newspapers.


One example out of many Deborah. You fail to support your ackward conclusions in nearly every post. I will admit I didn’t read the entire post–it was a bit too hacky for me.

Michael Anthony


Phew! The heat in JHB today. Is it just me or do you also hear a fan rattling in the background? It’s this oscillating, annoying cacophony.

Gerrit Grobler

Jou website se inligting is onakkuraat en verdraai. Jy kritiseer klomp mense wat wel iets doen. Wat help dit? Jy gee nie wat jy glo die waarheid is nie, jy kritiseer uit die hoogtes uit. Ek dink jou hartsgesindheid is belaglik en dit kan onmoontlik nie van God af wees nie. As daar ooit ‘n valse profeet was, is dit jy oubaas. Jy is ‘n waterlose wolk, en jy doen self niks vir Jesus nie. Wie help dit as jy mense kritiseer? Kry jou hart reg man, dis mos nie hoe mense optree wat in die liefde van God wandel nie. Ek het bietjie sit en lees wat jy te se het oor van die manne van God wat ek ken, en dis regtigwaar leuens. Jy is so leeg soos ‘n woestyn.



Jy onderstreep die feit dat daar ‘n reuse verdeling in die sigbare kerk is.

Kry jou hart reg man,

Hierdie frase is nie deel van my woordeskat nie. Dit is anti-Christelik.

dis mos nie hoe mense optree wat in die liefde van God wandel nie.

Jy en die NGK sal meer aanklank vind by hierdie groep.

If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better.

Toevallig bevorder hulle ook spiritualisme nes die NGK.

Gerrit, wat laat jou dink dat ons dieselfde God aanbid? Brian McLaren noem ons God ‘n afgod. Die verdeling kan nie duideliker as dit wees nie. Moenie van ons verwag om by jou voorskrifte te hou nie.

Elmarie A

Gerrit Grobler

Doen my n guns, gaan besoek asb ook n paar ander websites wat ook met die Vals leeringe deel. Google die woord in engels – DISCERNMENT. Hierdie is nie die enigste site wat ons waarsku oor waarmee die ou satan besig is nie. Satan sal alles in sy vermoe doen om ons weg te hou van God af. Die realiteit is hy doen dit al baie lankal. Nou word sy aanval net meer intens en vinniger, ja sy tyd raak min hier op aarde.

Weet jy wat dit is om te kan onderskei tussen goed en kwaad soos die Bybel ons leer.
Weet hy wat dit is om iemand te toets of die ware woord van God verkondig word soos die Bybel ons leer.
Weet jy dat die Bybel ons waarsku oor valse leeringe.
Weet jy dat ons nie net enige persoon kan glo nie.
Weet jy dat wagters op die muur ook deur God geroep word in hulle taak.
Weet jy dat die Bybel waarsku oor wolwe in skaap klere.
Weet jy dat Jesus gesterf het vir ons sondes aan die kruis.
Weet jy dat ons ons sondes moet bely voor God die Vader.

Oh ja jy glo blykbaar nie dat daar iets soos vals profete bestaan nie. Jy se “as daar ooit n vals profeet was”. Dit se vir my dat jy nie in vals profete glo nie. Waarin glo jy? Gaan lees die Bybel.

So terloops die site se eienaar is nie n oubaas soos jy uitkryt nie. lol. Dit se vir my dat jy ook nie regtig goed gelees het op die site nie. Jou navorsing is baie onakuraat. Haal eers die balk uit jou eie oog.

Kritiseer hierbo nee jy is verkeerd . Dit gaan hier oor onderskeiding . ( 1 Kor 12 :10) Om te veroordeel is alleen in God se hande. Dit is eenvoudig so dat, God het die mens die vermoe gegee om te kan onderskei en dan te oordeel of dit waar of vals is soos ons leer uit die word van God.

Jy is die een wat hier verkeerd optree. Jy is uiters beledigend in elke word wat jy spreek.

Jy se die inligting is onakuraat en verdraai. Nee dit is nie. Dit is feite gebaseer. Ek vind geen onakurate of verdraaide inligting hier bo nie. Die skrywer is baie akuraat.

Jy se “die oubaas” soos jy noem is die volgende:

1)Kritiseer uit die hoogtes – Onderskei ja nie kritiseer nie.
2)Nie van God nie – Beledigende woorde. Jy mag dit nie so se as kind van die Here nie. Jy veroordeel sonder feite. Jy ken ook nie die persoon nie.
3)Belaglik- Ek vind niks snaaks nie.
4)Valse profeet – Die persoon is nie n profeet nie. Wagter op die muur ja.
5)Leunaar – Hoe weet jy, jy ken nie die persoon nie.
6)Waterlose wolk – Hoe weet jy, jy ken nie persoon
7)Werk nie vir Jesus nie – Hoe weet jy, jy ken nie die persoon nie.
8)Leeg soos n woestyn – Jy ken nie die persoon nie, so hoe weet jy.
9) Jy Doen self niks vir Jesus nie. – Jy ken nie die persoon nie. Hoe weet jy.

Ons sal vir jou bid om tot besining te kom . Net soos ons alreeds vir Kobus van Rensburg bid.

DTW I do hope we can post this information below please.

Ek wil net graag vir jou verdere inligting ook gee om te lees van ander site af.


lying Spirits and the Apostate Church

by Pete on Feb.08, 2010, under Commentary

We find it hard to take when we see Christian leaders who are gifted communicators with many years ministry experience and an excellent knowledge of the Holy Scripture, miss the mark by such a wide degree as to misinform and mislead congregations towards heresy and aberrant doctrines. Even more difficult to cope with is the inability to approach such leaders with the truth. There is nothing more guaranteed to send your Pastor into a head spin than to confront him with the idea that he may be in error, especially if you are not part of the ministry team. Difficult when you are motivated not by a desire to sow discord, but a genuine, God given burden to see the Body of Christ grow in maturity.

The backsliding Church is symbolised by the prostitute wife of the Prophet Hosea. The excellent, Exposition of the prophecy of Hosea, by Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) deals with the issue very succinctly. (thanks to Herescope.com) We are to speak to the Church in love and if that is to no avail then plead earnestly. Only as a last resort are we to leave, but let our witness remain. There is a strong chance that the leadership will have already closed ranks against you by this time. Ultimately it is an issue of conscience and whether or not you can sit by while error is prevalent around you or if the fear of God’s judgement for not attempting to correct the brethren, compels you to speak out.

One way to understand this problem is to acknowledge that the established church’s slide into apostasy is actually a sign of the end times and that the deception which is so prevalent today has been sanctioned by God. The Apostle Paul describes how a “falling away” will occur and how God will send a powerful delusion to those who “love not the truth”. 2 Thesselonians 1-12, and in a rare description of the heavenly council at work in 2 Chronicles 18:21, we see that 400 Prophets were deceived by a lying spirit who was dispatched from the throne room of God himself.

Those who abandon the true Gospel in favour of a theology which has been tailored to be non-controversial, pandering to selfish lifestyles, have brought the judgement of deception upon themselves. God cannot bless such a distorted Gospel. Just as the Pharisees for whom Jesus kept his strongest condemnation for, these people are whitewashed tombs, they contain only death. Yet be forewarned, they may well accuse you of causing division and dissent.

Prosperity Gospel, which turns the call to self sacrifice into self indulgence is one of the major aberrations of the Gospel, as is the promotion of Jesus as a fluffy or soppy saviour who died to save you but asks nothing in return and will give you whatever you ask as long as you name and claim it. Those who live by such standards already have their reward. We are called to speak the truth in love (Eph 4:15) regardless of whether it is received or not. The Holy Spirit will always honour the Truth.



sjoe, party Afrikaanssprekendes kan die woorde gooi né! Gerrit, DTW se blog is nie om te kritiseer nie! dit is om mense te waarsku oor vals leraars en vals leerstellings! lees: http://www.discerningtheworld.com/about-this-blog-rules/
Mensig maar baie mense trek gou die toutjie van “kritiseer”!

en “OUBAAS”, die oubaas moet nou mooi gan leer hoesit om oumies en nie oubaas te weesi! (lol =>dtw!)

oh, and I see Gerrit knows you personal life very well DTW! Amazing! – I once was one of those who would have got into your hair about all you write…. DTW, (just 4 testimonial purposes…) pointed me to the Word of God alone, and I did some inner-searching, got to more Bible reading and less running after “men of God” and whatever their anointing was… and whala! I grew into the Word of God…. so Gerrit – yeah! DTW is doing a GREAT ‘job’! you can read more testimonials like mine all over her blog!

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