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Heresy-Hunters, Apologists and Humourless Satirists

FalseTeachers Pinnoccio Heresy Hunters, Apologists and Humourless SatiristsHeresy-Hunters, Apologists and Humourless Satirists:  In defence of Discernment Bloggers

By Michael Anthony – 31 December 2009

Those WWW-D’s

In my subjective viewpoint – the mark of a balanced discernment site is that it will always have an underlying objective; a warning of the times we are living in. Discernment is not only about exposing error and false teaching; it is also about discerning the times, a very scriptural term and very scriptural advice. The escalation of unsound doctrines is a vivid, biblical sign of the times.

It is the local Pastor’s job to warn and protect the flock from wolves that seek to derail Christians who are not grounded enough. Many Pastors have my sympathy; they are just too weighed down with other ministerial duties to know about everything going on out there. The sheer volume of new and emerging heresies alone makes it impossible for any one person or ministry to keep up. Besides, many heresies – when receiving wide enough condemnation to be refuted – just reinvent themselves and come back under the radar into the church, repackaged if you will. The dynamics of growing discernment ministries are purely a counterbalance against the increasing apostasy.

Many scholars saw Christian liberalism as a bigger threat than all the cults, evolution and secular humanism put together. Guess what? It’s come back, this time with elements of Christian mysticism, and alluring philosophies. Some heresies are so chameleon and so progressive that what you learn at seminary alone may not suffice. Discernment is not really a ministry; it’s more of an accessory to ministry, things that the ‘Christian Daily Mail’ does not report on.

Mark Driscoll DOES SUPPORT Contemplative Spirituality

7DTW AuthorIcon75 Mark Driscoll DOES SUPPORT Contemplative Spirituality

MarkDriscoll Mark Driscoll DOES SUPPORT Contemplative Spirituality

From the “Lighthouse Newsletter”:   Mark Driscoll IS a Contemplative Proponent – December 21, 2009

Mark Driscoll is a name that has grown in popularity among evangelicals especially over the past few years. Somewhat known for his vulgar and crass language in public, he has been invited to speak at conferences by a wide assortment of Christian leaders-John Piper and Robert Schuller to name two. Driscoll also shared a platform this year at the Gospel Coalition National Conference with a number of respected Christian evangelical figures such as D.A. Carson, Erwin Lutzer, and Joshua Harris. Coming up in 2010, Driscoll has been invited by Rick Warren to speak at the Radicalis conference.

Although Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Fellowship in Seattle Washington, is said to have denounced certain aspects of the emergent church, Driscoll is a proponent of the main element behind the emerging church – contemplative prayer.

Presently, on Driscoll’s website, The Resurgence (see whois info) is an article titled “How to Practice Meditative Prayer.” The article is written by an Acts 29 (Driscoll’s network of churches) pastor, Winfield Bevins. A nearly identical article on Driscoll’s site, also by Bevins, is titled Meditative Prayer: Filling the Mind. Both articles show a drawing of a human brain. In this latter article, Bevins recognizes contemplative mystic pioneer Richard Foster:

Why did Copenhagen fail?

7DFA AuthorIcon75 Why did Copenhagen fail?

Why did Copenhagen fail to deliver a climate deal? (see BBC report)

GlobalWarmingGlobeWithIce Why did Copenhagen fail?

Their reasons for failure.


Allah is a Translation for God?

7DFA AuthorIcon75 Allah is a Translation for God?

Cahtolic God Allah Allah is a Translation for God?Catholic church wants permission to call God ‘Allah’

December 15, 2009 –  from The Baltimore Sun:

Lawyers for the Roman Catholic Church have urged a court in Malaysia to let Christians use “Allah” as a translation for God and overturn a government ban that has become a symbol of religious grievances in the Muslim-majority nation, the Associated Press is reporting.

The High Court began hearing legal arguments Monday in the dispute, which began in late 2007 after the government blocked non-Muslims from translating God as “Allah” in their literature on the grounds that it would confuse Muslims.

Authorities have insisted that the name should be used exclusively by Muslims. The ban mainly affects the Malay-language edition of the Catholic Church’s main publication in Malaysia, The Herald, which is read mostly by indigenous tribes who converted to Christianity decades ago.

“Our position has been made clear to the court,” The Herald’s editor, the Rev. Lawrence Andrew, told the AP. “The main thing is we’ve been using this word … for a long time, for centuries.”

But in recent years, authorities have seized some Malay-language Bibles that used “Allah.”
We are reminded of reports a couple of years ago that a Catholic bishop in the Netherlands wanted Dutch Catholics to call God “Allah.”

Tiny Muskens, then the bishop of Breda, told a Dutch television station that using the name in church, as is common in many Muslim countries, would eventually promote rapprochement between Islam and Christianity.

“Someone like me has prayed to Allah yang maha kuasa [Almighty God] for eight years in Indonesia and other priests for 20 or 30 years,” he said. “In the heart of the Eucharist, God is called Allah over there, so why can’t we start doing that together?”

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda – 3yr old Boy Raised from the Dead

7DFA AuthorIcon75 Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda   3yr old Boy Raised from the Dead

ReinhardBonnke RaisedFromDead1 Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda   3yr old Boy Raised from the Dead3 YEAR OLD BOY RAISED FROM THE DEAD 

Reinhard Bonnke Twitter comment:   Our Sapele Crusade has just ended. On the last night a 3 year old boy was raised from the dead. We serve a mighty God.  —  12:21 AM Dec 16th 2009.

Ah don’t you just love it when these things happen in Africa.  I especially love it because it’s completely unverifiable.  This is not the first time Reinhard Bonnke had a ‘raised from the dead’ in Africa.   But let’s first look at this story:    [DFA comments in orange below]   

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda: 3-Year-Old Boy Raised From the Dead!

“I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: ” ~ Jesus Christ (Jn 11:25)

People have been asking for more details about the 3-year-old boy that was raised from the dead last week in Sapele, Nigeria. It is a truly extraordinary story and worth some elaboration.

Last Saturday night (December 12) a woman came to the meeting with a 3-year-old son that was very ill. During the service she said that he actually passed away. I was still on the platform ministering when she brought him behind the platform. She was holding his lifeless body and weeping when the ushers found her. They confirmed that he was indeed dead and told her that all the crying in the world wouldn’t bring him back to life.  [That’s a nice thing to say to a mother who has just lost her child]  They said, “Take him to the medical tent.”  “No,” she told them, “I want to bring him to the man of God.” Security allowed her to wait there until the service was over.  [Got to wait till the service is over, can’t disrupt the schedule for a 3 year old boy who died during your service.]

Mark Driscoll’s RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with Catholicism

7DTW AuthorIcon75 Mark Driscolls RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with Catholicism

 Mark Driscolls RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with CatholicismWell well Mark Driscoll, what do we have here…

HowToPracticeMeditativePrayer Mark Driscolls RESURGENCE and EMERGENCE with CatholicismHow to Practice Meditative Prayer

Winfield Bevins   Acts 29 Pastor – Church of the Outer Banks

In Hebrew thought, to meditate upon the Scriptures is to quietly repeat them, giving oneself entirely to God, and abandoning outside distractions. The two main things that we are told to meditate on are God’s word and God’s goodness. Paul tells us, “Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” (Philippians 4:8).    

[DTW:  Oh so the word ‘think’ in that verse now justifies practicing occult practices.  SATANIC PRACTICES are NOT honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, of excellence, and worthy of praise unless you are speaking about another god, which you are.  Think about that.  Now, now, don’t go sit on the floor in some quiet place, just right where you are, right now, use your brain (that GOD gave you to THINK with) and think about it.  Then pick up your Bible and go find some real scripture to back up this nonsence – you will find none.]

We see the difference between the active and contemplative Christian life illustrated in the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and heard his word, while Martha was distracted with much serving. Jesus said that Mary had chosen the best thing because she sat at his feet and was not distracted. Meditative prayer is exactly this, sitting at the feet of Jesus and hearing his word. This is a wonderful example of the art of meditative prayer. We must allow time to let the Lord speak to us through meditating on him and his word in prayer. 

False Foundation of Five-Fold Ministry

7DTW AuthorIcon75 False Foundation of Five Fold Ministry

FiveFoldMinistry DTW False Foundation of Five Fold MinistryFALSE FOUNDATION BUILT BY MEN

Christian Research Institute Journal

The Faulty Foundation of the Five-Fold Ministry

by Robert M. Bowman, Jr.

from the Viewpoint column of the Christian Research Journal, Fall 1987, page 31. The Editor-in-Chief of the Christian Research Journal is Elliot Miller.

It has recently become popular to speak of “the five-fold ministry,” a system of church government with apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. The neo-Pentecostal “Restoration” movement and its offshoot, “kingdom now” teaching, claims that one of the things which God is “restoring” to the church is this five-fold ministry. The sole prooftext used to support this concept is Ephesians 4:11-13, which states that Christ gave “some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers,…until we all attain to the unity of the faith and the full knowledge of the Son of God.” The word “until,” it is argued, proves that the church today needs apostles and prophets as much as evangelists, pastors, and teachers. However, it is the “building up” of the church (v.12) which must continue until the church is mature, not all five of the offices listed in verse 11. This is clear when the whole text is read as follows: “And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers; [these offices were given] to equip the saints for the work of service, [which work has as its goal] to build up the body of Christ until we all attain to the unity of the faith…” The offices of apostle and prophet would naturally cease in the church once their role in “equipping the saints” was completed; that is, once the New Testament canon was completed.

Rhema Church – Believe Belong Become God

7DTW AuthorIcon75 Rhema Church   Believe Belong Become God

rayandzeldamccauley Rhema Church   Believe Belong Become God

Finally I got pictures of the huge billboard outside of Rhema Church in Randburg pastored by Pastor Ray McCauley.  In fact for all those signs and wonders  seekers out there, this is a SIGN just for you.  Beware of what Rhema Church preaches…

Rhema YesYouCan1 Rhema Church   Believe Belong Become God

So what do we have here.

  1. Yes, YOU can do anything you want *
  2. * With a little help from GOD
  3. Believe, belong, become Rhema

Rhema YesYouCan2 Rhema Church   Believe Belong Become God

So God is not really needed anymore, because YOU can become Rhema.

Pastor in Court for R2m Fraud

DTWpeeps PyramidScheme100FoldF 201x300 Pastor in Court for R2m FraudPastor in court for R2m fraud

News24  2009-12-10 20:05  

Johannesburg – A Middelburg pastor, his wife and three other people have appeared in court in connection with an alleged pyramid scheme said to involve R2m, Mpumalanga police said on Thursday.

Captain Leonard Hlathi said Pastor Martin Visagie, 48, of the Revival Centre Ministries, and his wife Ellaine, 39, were released on bail of R2 000 each after an appearance on 75 counts of fraud in the Middelburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Welnice Mostert, 24, Gregory Irvin Short, 43, also appeared in court on Wednesday and were also released on bail of R2 000 each.

Short’s wife, Debra Lorraine Short, 42, appeared in court on Thursday, when she was granted bail of R2 000.

Hlathi said the arrests followed complaints of non-payment by investors in the alleged scheme.

He said the Visagie’s properties and their home – together worth an estimated R10m – were auctioned four months ago.

– SAPA  illegal

Source:  News24 – 2009-12-10 20:05

Rick Warren – A Recipe For Disaster

7DTW AuthorIcon75 Rick Warren   A Recipe For Disaster

rickwarren Rick Warren   A Recipe For Disaster

THERE REALLY IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER (see end of this article)

Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life author) twitted:   

“Those who yell their beliefs are trying to convince themselves. Sarcasm often reveals a weak position,guilt, or insecurity.” 9:06 PM Dec 11th 2009

Rick Warrens Bio on Twitter says: 

Bio:   Champion of planters/pastors/worship ldrs. Cheerleader/mentor for next gen leaders. Tell me-I’ll follow u. Trained 400,000 pastors in162 nations. Loves doubters

Prior to that Rick Warren said this:

“Love isnt letting people do whatever they want. That’s often cowardice or apathy. Love cares enough to tell the truth.”  3:22 AM Nov 11th 2009

What Rick means is this;  if a genuine Christian stands up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and tries to correct error with the Truth, so that people are not led astray, they portray themselves as insecure in their beliefs, are unloving and sarcastic.

However he also says that loving someone entails telling them the truth and correcting the errors so that they are not led astray.  If you don’t tell the truth you portray yourself as a coward and are apathetic to those around you.