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1 Goal – Just Sign it!

1 Goal - Just Sign it!

The latest greatest fad is to sign your name to documents.

Pledge, vow, promise to not do this and not do that.  Pledge, vow, promise to do this and that.  But is it just a fad or something more?  Are people being conditioned to signing forms to pledge their allegiance to something or another?

In South Africa we have Unashamedly Ethical.  A multi-faith movement that wants you to sign a form that you will uphold their prescribed morals and values.  Once you have signed your details will be added to their database.

During the Soccer World Cup another pledge found it’s way out of the dark into the open. 1 GOAL. They don’t want your money, they just want your signature.  What for I ask?  The governments of Europe have already promised to pay for Africa’s education, why do they want your signature?  They tell you it’s to make those who promised to pay, keep their promises.  Yeah, right, and pigs fly. Millions of people are signing… adding themselves to the online database.

What will people be signing next?

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10 comments to 1 Goal – Just Sign it!

  • Op en Wakker

    1 GOAL, 1 New Socialist World Order…. Ref: “WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa” (inter alia) “NATO: AFRICOM’s partner in penetrating Africa”. All part of the same old plan (which few believed existed).

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Op en Wakker

    Agreed. And check this one out for size. Set up by so called Christian Chuck Missler: SWANSAT – 3 Satellites that will connect by world by 2014 and a currency for the coming African Union and it’s MARSHAL PLAN.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    And then we have that lovely new massive highway they are building around JHB with toll bridges every 1km and security stations every few km. It’s for crime they tell us. Yeah right. Thank goodness I don’t need to travel on the highway to work. Never mind the cost they want to implement that will bankrupt people. Government gets richer and the poor get poorer.

    How much does South Africa owe the UN really? I think they own us.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa

    US Trade Representative to Africa, Governor of Nigeria Central Bank weigh in at Wharton

    November 13, 2006

    Philadelphia – At a Wharton Business School conference on business in Africa, World Trade Organization representative Hanniford Schmidt announced the creation of a WTO initiative for “full private stewardry of labor” for the parts of Africa that have been hardest hit by the 500 years of Africa’s free trade with the West.
    The initiative will require Western companies doing business in some parts of Africa to own their workers outright. Schmidt recounted how private stewardship has been successfully applied to transport, power, water, traditional knowledge, and even the human genome. The WTO’s “full private stewardry” program will extend these successes to (re)privatize humans themselves.

    “Full, untrammelled stewardry is the best available solution to African poverty, and the inevitable result of free-market theory,” Schmidt told more than 150 attendees. Schmidt acknowledged that the stewardry program was similar in many ways to slavery, but explained that just as “compassionate conservatism” has polished the rough edges on labor relations in industrialized countries, full stewardry, or “compassionate slavery,” could be a similar boon to developing ones.

    The audience included Prof. Charles Soludo (Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria), Dr. Laurie Ann Agama (Director for African Affairs at the Office of the US Trade Representative), and other notables. Agama prefaced her remarks by thanking Scmidt for his macroscopic perspective, saying that the USTR view adds details to the WTO’s general approach. Nigerian Central Bank Governor Soludo also acknowledged the WTO proposal, though he did not seem to appreciate it as much as did Agama.

    A system in which corporations own workers is the only free-market solution to African poverty, Schmidt said. “Today, in African factories, the only concern a company has for the worker is for his or her productive hours, and within his or her productive years,” he said. “As soon as AIDS or pregnancy hits—out the door. Get sick, get fired. If you extend the employer’s obligation to a 24/7, lifelong concern, you have an entirely different situation: get sick, get care. With each life valuable from start to finish, the AIDS scourge will be quickly contained via accords with drug manufacturers as a profitable investment in human stewardees. And educating a child for later might make more sense than working it to the bone right now.”

    To prove that human stewardry can work, Schmidt cited a proposal by a free-market think tank to save whales by selling them. “Those who don’t like whaling can purchase rights to specific whales or groups of whales in order to stop those particular whales from getting whaled as much,” he explained. Similarly, the market in Third-World humans will “empower” caring First Worlders to help them, Schmidt said.

    One conference attendee asked what incentive employers had to remain as stewards once their employees are too old to work or reproduce. Schmidt responded that a large new biotech market would answer that worry. He then reminded the audience that this was the only possible solution under free-market theory.

    There were no other questions from the audience that took issue with Schmidt’s proposal.

    During his talk, Schmidt outlined the three phases of Africa’s 500-year history of free trade with the West: slavery, colonialism, and post-colonial markets. Each time, he noted, the trade has brought tremendous wealth to the West but catastrophe to Africa, with poverty steadily deepening and ever more millions of dead. “So far there’s a pattern: Good for business, bad for people. Good for business, bad for people. Good for business, bad for people. That’s why we’re so happy to announce this fourth phase for business between Africa and the West: good for business—GOOD for people.”

    The conference took place on Saturday, November 11. The panel on which Schmidt spoke was entitled “Trade in Africa: Enhancing Relationships to Improve Net Worth.” Some of the other panels in the conference were entitled “Re-Branding Africa” and “Growing Africa’s Appetite.” Throughout the comments by Schmidt and his three co-panelists, which lasted 75 minutes, Schmidt’s stewardee, Thomas Bongani-Nkemdilim, remained standing at respectful attention off to the side.

    “This is what free trade’s all about,” said Schmidt. “It’s about the freedom to buy and sell anything—even people.”

    Important Note:
    Many visitors from all over the political spectrum have read this release and believed it to mean that the WTO is officially in favor of slavery.
    In actual fact, we at the WTO would never, ever wish to suggest that the modern version of the West’s free trade with Africa is tantamount to its older form, slavery, or even worse than its other older form, colonialism. That would fly in the face of everything that we stand for.
    The catastrophic failure of free-trade policies in Africa may be one partial source of this confusion. The actual, literal slavery that flourishes under the auspices of free trade (in Brazil, Jordan, and elsewhere) may be another.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    To prove that human stewardry can work, Schmidt cited a proposal by a free-market think tank to save whales by selling them. “Those who don’t like whaling can purchase rights to specific whales or groups of whales in order to stop those particular whales from getting whaled as much,” he explained. Similarly, the market in Third-World humans will “empower” caring First Worlders to help them, Schmidt said.

    People care more for animals than they do humans. People would rather save animals than humans. What a terrible concoction this is. What a terrible thing is coming to Africa??? On my word. I think this Schmidt guy needs to be tarred and feathered.

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    NATO: AFRICOM’s Partner In Military Penetration Of Africa

    March 22, 2010

    By Rick Rozoff

    (The Intelligence Daily) — The world’s oldest extant military bloc (formed 61 years ago) and the largest in history (twenty eight full members and as many partners on five continents), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, counts among its major member states all of Africa’s former colonial powers: Britain, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

    After World War II and the groundswell of anti-colonial sentiment throughout Africa and Asia, the European powers were forced to withdraw from most of the African continent, though Portugal retained its possessions until the 1970s.

    Most new African nations adopted some model of socialist-oriented economic and political development and the continent as a whole more closely aligned itself with the Soviet Union, which moreover had for decades supported the anti-colonial struggles in Africa, than with the West, both Western Europe and the United States.

    With the end of the Cold War and the breakup of the Soviet Union nearly twenty years ago, the major Western powers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, united under the aegis of NATO, saw that as with the Balkans and the former republics of the Soviet Union itself, Africa was now wide open for penetration and domination.

    NATO’s largest, most powerful and dominant member is of course the United States. On October 1, 2007 the Pentagon established United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) under the temporary wing of United States European Command, which at the time included in its area of responsibility all of Africa except for four island nations in the Indian Ocean and the Horn of Africa states and Egypt. (The first were in Pacific Command and the others in Central Command where Egypt, alone among Africa’s 53 nations, remains.)

    A year to the day later AFRICOM was launched as the first new U.S. regional military command outside North America since Central Command was activated 25 years earlier in 1983. It takes in far more nations – 52 – than any other military command in history.

    AFRICOM was conceived, carried, nurtured and delivered by the Pentagon’s European Command (EUCOM), based in Stuttgart, Germany where AFRICOM headquarters are also based as no nation in Africa has yet volunteered to be the host.

    The top commander of EUCOM is “dual-hatted” as NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and has been from General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1951 to Admiral James Stavridis today.

    The three top EUCOM/NATO military commanders most instrumental in the creation of AFRICOM were General Joseph Ralston (2000-2003), General James Jones (2003-2006) and General Bantz John Craddock (2006-2009). Arguably Jones, former Marine Corps four-star general and current U.S. National Security Adviser, was the real father of Africa Command. [1]

    The distinction between the Pentagon and NATO in relation to Europe and Africa – and increasingly the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea Basin, Central Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean – is blurred and more and more of a strictly formal nature.

    NATO has now joined AFRICOM’s first war, in Somalia.

    The bloc’s Allied Command Operations website announced on March 18 that from March 5-16 the North Atlantic military alliance had airlifted 1,700 Ugandan troops from their homeland to the Somali capital of Mogadishu for the intensified fighting that began there earlier this month.

    The Pentagon supplied the transport planes “under the NATO banner” and the operation was “undertaken by USA contracted DynCorp International.” [2]

    The commander of AFRICOM, General William Ward, recently informed the Senate Armed Services Committee of plans to focus the military command’s attention on East Africa and indicated plans to assist the formal government of Somalia to reclaim the country’s capital.

    In May the European Union is to began training 2,000 Ugandan troops for deployment to war-wracked Somalia to assist the regime being propped up by the West.

    NATO recently confirmed that it has prolonged an agreement to provide strategic sealift and airlift support for African (Ugandan, Rwandan and Burundian) troops to assist Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government in the nation’s civil war.

    The bloc’s European command, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), “delegated the authority to Joint Command Lisbon to have the operational lead for NATO engagements with the African Union and they provide the majority of the personnel to support the mission.” [3]


  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    And then we have our super highway where you will be monitored like a hawk

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)

    Lovely, South Africa is under AFRICOM’s millitary command. You never hear about these things on the news.

  • Elmarie A

    Deborah (Discerning the World)
    I just had this thought. Everybody has debt right well most people have world wide. Our  records and details like Id number  will be somewhere on record with government. If the One World Order is established,  could the world population be offered to have all their debs canceled  and in return they must then take the mark of the beast.  I would like to know percentage wise how many people have debt. Considering it has just about become impossible for people  not to have some form of debt.  Are my thoughts that far fetched hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder :-)  Tel me if this sounds ludicrous please lol lol

  • Deborah (Discerning the World)


    Not far-fetched at all. I was thinking about this the other day. There are quite a few possibilities. But after Op en Wakker notified us of the slavery thing – everything that has been happening in Africa ever the last 2 years now makes sense -especially the promotion of Education during the soccer World Cup.

    1) push the prise of living up so high that people can’t afford not to work
    2) big companies from overseas are coming and buying out SA companies. A huge Jap company bought out Di-Data. Thing is they are not interested in the DD part – they are only interested in Internet Solutions.
    3) Another big SA company was also bought out a while ago by a Jap company.
    4) There is a huge race on to take over Africa from the west and the east.
    5) Electricity increases, water price hikes, food, petrol, and now the toll road around JHB. No one will be able to afford to live. (The bible says people will use an entire months salary for a loaf of bread)
    6) Amazingly UN (FIFA) comes here and speaks about education, but not the current needs of the poor people in SA. Why? Cos they don’t give a hoot. They did all this to implement their ’employment’ strategy for the Millennial Goal that by 2015 the world would have eradicated poverty. So this project is going to take off quickly – they only have 4 years left to do this.

    7) Another possibility is this, we are moving to a cashless society already. The R200 note is fraudulent and then there was speculation about the R100 note (but fears were settled). All these seemingly innocent things.

    8) I think that at the time the Mark of the Beast is issued it will be under terrible circumstances.

    Thank goodness that I wont be here because Jesus would have come to take me home already.

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