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Elect are Lost but Reprobates are Not

Elect are Lost but Reprobates are Not

Death of the Reprobate - oil on panel painting by Hieronymus Bosch - Elect

Elect are Lost but Reprobates are Not…

Can you Solve this Riddle?   

I assume you already know that the Reformed fraternity is celebrating the 500th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth on 10 July 1509 this year. You don’t? Well, then it’s about time you dust off the cobwebs from your history books. First off, I must warn you that this is a Calvinistic riddle and they are usually tougher than a genuine South African Boere-toffee. Those of you who do not know the real meaning of the words ‘world, whomsoever, and all men’, should not even try to solve the riddle and rather bow out right now. OK!  Let’s set the scene with a few very potent quotes from the lips of some of the most famous and distinguished Calvinists.The Elect - by Luca Signorelli 1499-1502 - Elect

Many professing a desire to defend the Deity from an invidious charge admit the doctrine of election, but deny that any one is reprobated (Bernard. in Die Ascensionis, Serm. 2). This they do ignorantly and childishly since there could be no election without its opposite, reprobation. God is said to set apart those whom he adopts for salvation. It were most absurd to say, that he admits others fortuitously, or that they by their industry acquire what election alone confers on a few. Those, therefore, whom God passes by he reprobates, and that for no other cause but because he is pleased to exclude them from the inheritance which he predestines to his children (John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion Book 3, Chapter 23, Sec. 2226)

Who is Rhema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly)?

Who is Rhema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly)?

Rhema Marketing Global Watch WeeklyIt really upsets me when so called ‘Christian’ ministries lie.  It upsets me even more when so called ‘Christian’ ministries charge for information.  One such so called ‘Christian’ research group does both, they lie and they charge you.

Rhema Marketing (Global Watch Weekly) has been sending me emails about their research for a couple of years now.  In the beginning they never charged for their information, it was free.  Then things started to change.  When you clicked on a report all of a sudden you were transferred to a page that said the following in BIG RED Lettering:

“The Evidence Provided Below on [this article] is Under a threat of Being Taken Offline. You Must Act Now to Receive it…Fast”

“WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important that you read below to know how to access the rest of the information before the Report is taken offline.”

“WARNING: This Report is under threat of being taken offline due to its content. It is important that you order below Now, to access the report before we are forced to take it offline.”

This is called lying.  It’s a marketing ploy to make you think that you need to buy their information QUICKLY  because it’s going to be removed from the internet by the evil powers that be.  What a load of nonsense.  If ever there was a lie here is one.

The Un-holiness of Renovaré’s “Holiness without Steroids”

The Un-holiness of Renovaré's "Holiness without Steroids"

Eugene Peterson - renovaré

The Un-holiness of Renovaré’s “Holiness without Steroids” Stephan-Joubert -renovaré

Adherents to the Emergent Church have an uncanny ability to tell their congregates what to do without explaining to them what they really have in mind.

They have the knack to use biblical terminology very skilfully and expertly but often fail to elucidate the biblical meaning of the words they hit to and fro like a little ping-pong ball.

“Holiness” is one of these words. I encountered this strange phenomena in one of Stephan Joubert’s regular contributions on e-church under the title “No Steroids for Holiness.” (now deleted).

Although it may be a very clever post-modernish title it reeks of heresy from the very outset, especially when one takes into account who it was who coined the witty little maxim. But allow me to use Stephan’s own words:

You can’t cheat your way to holiness. Or can you?

Presently, I am at the Renovaré Conference in St Antonio, Texas where the theme is: “The Jesus Way.”

Yesterday evening I listened to one of my spiritual heroes, Eugene Peterson.

In his fine presentation he stressed that there are no spiritual steroids for holiness. You have to live a holy life, one day at a time. (Emphasis added)

Have you noticed the little ink spots in Stephan’s description of holiness?

Stephan Joubert would be doing a much more honourable thing by staying at home with his wife than prancing around in jet planes from one heretical conference to another. Where does he get the money from? His echurch and ekerk sites must be making a hellavuh lot of dough.

The Worldwide Initiation into the New World Order – Yoga

A Worldwide Initiation into the New World Order

International Day of YogaIt ‘s easy to see that Yoga is just another one of Satan’s devices to mimic Jesus Christ and his teaching.

The term yoga is derived from the literal meaning of “yoking together” a span of horses or oxen. Here’s what Jesus said:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:28-30).

The Hindu yoke (Yoga) is heavy to bear, false and demonic, and wil NEVER give you rest for your soul. And then there are those who dare to call themselves Christians and dare to practice so-called “Christian Yoga?”

In Plain Words – Redefining Christian Terminology

In Plain Words - Redefining Christian Terminology

In Plain Words - Redefining ChristianTerminology  In Plain Words – Redefining Christian Terminology

Next time a fellow Christian nods his head in agreement with you over a common Christian term it may surprise you to know that what that person understands of the term may be different to yours. We have been experiencing a gradual dilution of absolutes and the death of plain speech for decades now; don’t be surprised if it gathers pace in these perilous times, in the secular world and in the church.

We are all aware of scripture mangling and truth distortions from modern pulpits but it is the most fundamental Christian terms that are under threat of being redefined. Does this sound too dramatic? Ask an average Christian to give you a basic definition of what the Gospel means and you may just see how biblically illiterate Christianity has become. If that does not convince try and find out how many new words and terms have been introduced into evangelical Christianity in the modern era; there are many. Under closer scrutiny the majority of these are dishonest terms with dishonest meanings. The obvious question is; what do we need all these new terms for? If that still does not convince you try and find out where these new terms are derived from; many of them are influenced by other, non-Christian worldviews and “isms”.

Caught Up By Jesus Christ Or Caught By A False Christ

Caught Up By Jesus Christ Or Caught By A False Christ

Caught Up By Jesus Christ Or Caught By A False ChristThe Tribulation and the Rapture

In some of his last words of the 1st Epistle to the (1 Thess 5:23) the apostle Paul prays, “And may the God of peace sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit, and soul, and body be preserved blameless unto the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” His teaching of the coming of Christ was imminent as he taught the church to be blameless in their body as well as the spirit anticipating his appearance.

In 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 Paul gave a contrast of believers and non-believers natures (1 Thess 5:5). The unsaved have a nature of darkness (they are of the night and darkness) they walk in darkness. Church saints have the nature of light (we are sons of the light, of the day) Christ and the Word is our light, so when we obey we are walking in the light. So we should not sleep as they do. Paul exhorts the believers to put on the breastplate of faith and love to live through the hard times. Also (1 Thess 5:8) “as a helmet, the hope of salvation.” The reason for this hope he explains is God has not appointed us “the Church” to wrath (1 Thess 5:9). He has already explained the resurrection in chapter 4 the teaching is now about the Day of the Lord (judgment). God has not appointed the Church to the Lord’s wrath. Instead the Church is appointed to obtain salvation, deliverance from that wrath (the tribulation) that is coming on the world culminating in Christ’s coming.

Graham Power a Freemason meets Pope Francis

Graham Power a Freemason meets Pope Francis

pope francis and graham powerGraham Power the Freemason meets Pope Francis

Just recently Graham power went to meet Pope Francis to discuss how Christians can take a stand against corruption.  After Graham Power met with Pope Francis he then traveled to the G20 summit in Australia to take part in a campaign that urges governments to take corruption and tax evasion seriously.

Pope Francis apparently is a strong advocate against corruption as it affects the poor in such a massive way.  Graham Power was overjoyed when he was asked to meet with the Pope, not because he was in any way going to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to him that the Pope may be saved out of the Roman Catholic pagan church.  No, Graham Power was excited because he views the Pope as a Christian that will bring unity to all Christians in the world.

Who is Got Questions?

Who is Got Questions?

Got QuestionsIt has bothered me for sometime that Got Questions has taken over the internet with their so called answer to every question imaginable.  Yes, the bible has the answer to every question imaginable, my worry is that Got Questions seems to have the ‘right’ answer for every question.  If you type in the question: “Calvinism”,  you get the following list:

 92 results found.Search results for: calvinism

10 pages of results.

1. Who are the New Calvinists, and what are the beliefs of New Calvinism?
Who are the New Calvinists, and what are the beliefs of New Calvinism? How is New Calvinism different from traditional Calvinism?
2. Calvinism vs. Arminianism – which view is correct?
Calvinism vs. Arminianism – which view is correct? What are the five points of Calvinism vs. the five points of Arminianism?

Huguenots, John Calvin and Freemasonry

Huguenots, John Calvin and Freemasonry

Who were the Huguenots and what did they believe?

Huguenots John Calvin and FreemasonryFleeing religious persecution of Protestants in France after the 1685 revocation of the Edict of Nantes (which had guaranteed their rights), 200 000 French Huguenots emigrated to countries such as Switzerland. Germany, England, America, and South Africa.

Amongst the first Huguenots to come were Francois Villion (Viljoen) and the du Toit brothers, François and Guillaume. Actually, the very first was Maria de la Quellerie, Jan van Riebeeck’s wife. Between 1688 and 1689 a large-scale emigration programme of Huguenots who had fled to the Netherlands was organised to the Cape of Good Hope – then a colony of the Dutch East India Company, which needed more settlers to provide food for the passing fleets. It began on December 31, 1687, and in total some 180 Huguenots from France, and 18 Walloons from the present-day Belgium, eventually settled at the Cape of Good Hope, comprising about one sixth of the free burgher population. Individuals continued to arrive sporadically until the termination of the state subsidised emigration in 1707. By 1720 about 270 French refugees had settled in the Cape. [1]

God TV – Let’s Just Blame All Our Sins On The Devil

God TV - Let's Just Blame All Our Sins On The Devil


Adam’s accusation, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate” (I’m as innocent as a new-born baby, Lord) (Genesis 3:12), and Eve’s lament “The serpent deceived me, and I ate” (I am also as innocent as a new-born baby, Lord). (Genesis 3:13).

This is so prevalent in today’s society. When a man commits adultery with another woman, it is usually his spouse’s fault because she never gave him all the attention he needed.

Didn’t I tell you that we constantly need attention like new-born babies? When the wife becomes involved in an extra marital relationship, it is always the husband who must be held responsible.

Instead of counting our spouses better than ourselves with humility (Philippians 2:3), we demand that our rights and our needs be met before we respond in kind. Oh, don’t worry, we can always blame it on Satan because the Bible says our wrestle is not against flesh and blood but against the devil and his demons.