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CCM: Compromising God’s Standards to Accommodate the Youth

Icon Mongoose Icon75 CCM: Compromising Gods Standards to Accommodate the Youth



There is a growing tendency among the Evangelical churches throughout the world to compromise the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to draw the youth. The idea of attracting or drawing them into the church is perhaps very commendable. No one, who has a burning desire to obey our Master’s command to go into the entire world and make disciples of all peoples, will deny this.

Pleading the Blood of Jesus Is it Right or Wrong?

7DTW AuthorIcon75 Pleading the Blood of Jesus Is it Right or Wrong?

Pleading the blood of Jesus is it right or wrong 300x223 Pleading the Blood of Jesus Is it Right or Wrong?Pleading the Blood of Jesus – Is it Right or Wrong?

Many people in the Charismatic and Pentecostal camp love to “plead the Blood of Jesus” over themselves and others and everything for that matter, turning the blood of Jesus into a magic ritual of sorts, a magic wand that will protect you from evil, cleanse you, heal or deliver you.  Pleading the Blood of Jesus is not biblical. No where in the bible does Jesus tell you to plead His Blood over yourself.  No where in the bible does anyone plead the Blood of Jesus over themselves or others. This teaching is taught in churches and you read in many books that you need to cover yourself with the blood of Jesus for protection 24/7 as though it’s the biblical thing to do.  It’s not and here is why.

In the Old Testament the High Priest would sacrifice a Lamb and put the blood on the Altar in the Holy of Holies.

Mogale 4 Christ (2014)

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Mogale 4 Christ (2014)


Mogale for Christ thumb Mogale 4 Christ (2014)

One of the most magnanimous episodes in the the life of Jesus Christ – when He still roamed the earth just prior to his ascension – was when He gave his disciples the following marching orders:-

T. B. Joshua – Could not Prophesy Collapsed Building

7DTW AuthorIcon75 T. B. Joshua   Could not Prophesy Collapsed Building

TBJoshua SignBoards T. B. Joshua   Could not Prophesy Collapsed BuildingT. B. Joshua can predict anything from earthquakes to soccer game scores, but some how missing this one, the collapse of a building in his SCOAN compound killing over 84 South African’s.  Many South Africans visit T. B. Joshua seeking a miracle healing.  Instead what they get is bewitched as Satan does the healing instead – people who get ‘healed’ of cancer vomit profusely, and tumours burst and bleed puss.  This is not how Jesus Christ works.  This is the work of Satan.  See article:   Can Satan Heal?

His followers will tell you that T. B. Joshua never takes money from anyone, making it seem as though he is a poor man doing miracles in a multi-million dollar suit.  In fact T. B. Joshua is the 50th richest man in the world.  No wonder he tried to bribe a camera crew who were filming the collapsed building with an envelope of $100 dollar bills.  The film crew rejected his offer and continued to shoot. 

Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

capetownforjesus Cape Town 4 Jesus (2010)

Cape Town for Jesus (2010)

The Greenpoint Stadium in Cape was packed with 50 000 “Jesus followers” to pray for Cape Town and our nation on 22 March 2010. Dignitaries of all sorts were in attendance while the hat-donned preacher Angus Buchan was the main man. Dr. Dion Forster seems to have played a major part as an organisational facilitator in the event.

Being a keen follower of Jesus Christ myself and an avid researcher who loves to read and study others’ books, I, with great  expectation, clicked on the link which took me to Dr. Dion’s Forster’s website and his blog.

The first thing that caught my eye was the books he had written, amongst othersAn uncommon spiritual path – the quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity.” “Now that’s very interesting” I thought to myself. “Isn’t that wonderful?” . . . some of our most esteemed religious leaders in South such as Graham Power, Angus Buchan and Dion Forster want to win the entire Cape Town for Jesus by virtue of an uncommon spiritual path, a path that sets Capetonians on a quest to find Jesus beyond conventional Christianity.

Emergent Mysticism – Part 5

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Emergent Mysticism   Part 5

Emergent Mysticism: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Congress – Mosaic Church in Fairlands, Johannesburg (4-5 Sept. 2009) – Part 5

Session 3: Being a radical pilgrim and prophet – Stephan Joubert (Continued)

Stephan Joubert thumb Emergent Mysticism   Part 5To summarize what Stephan Joubert has said so far the following points which are probably the main elements of his presentation, may be highlighted:

1. The mystical or contemplative approach to the making or grooming of Christ-followers is to teach people from every religious persuasion how to follow the Sage from heaven by convincing them that this Sage never linked onto the purity or priestly story (no one is excluded by being labeled saved or unsaved, in or out, clean or unclean, us and them, holy and unholy) but onto the wisdom story (particularly in the book of Proverbs which deals with the practical day to day living realities).

The demarcation or dividing line between holy and unholy, clean and unclean, and saved and unsaved must be eradicated at all cost because it implies judgment, division, separateness and un-connectedness.

In Matthew Fox’s book called “A New Reformation!” he writes that we are in fact confronted with two churches: one expressed by the image of the Punitive Father, personified by a rigidly hierarchical church structure, repression of the feminine, . . . and the other expressed by the feminine figure of Wisdom, personified by a Mother/Father God of justice and compassion. It is time for Christians to choose whom it will follow: an angry exclusionary god or the loving open path of wisdom (Emphasis added).

Emergent Mysticism – Part 4

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Emergent Mysticism   Part 4

Emergent Mysticism: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Congress – Mosaic Church, Johannesburg (4-5 Sept. 2009) – Part 4

Session 3: Being a radical pilgrim and prophet – Stephan Joubert

A human-engineered Kingdom on earth

cooltext1668547432 thumb Emergent Mysticism   Part 4

Beware of this man. He is radically wrong and a false prophet who is misleading hundreds, if not thousands, of people

Stephan Joubert thumb1 Emergent Mysticism   Part 4Although the speakers did not always articulate the Kingdom of God in so many words, a human-centered and a human-engineered inauguration of the Kingdom of God was the main recurring feature of their presentations.

As such they merely maintained and upheld the central message, not of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, but of a false Christ whose aim it is to establish his own kingdom on earth, a kingdom that includes all religions, and the common denominator to accomplish it is a contemplative lifestyle dominated by MEDITATION.

Am I being arduous in making such a claim? I don’t think so because the Jesus of the Bible never commanded his disciples to usher in or to establish his Kingdom on earth.

First of all, He would never have taught them to pray “Let thy Kingdom come,” signifying that prayer is the only thing his disciples are commanded to do in imploring Him to establish his Kingdom on earth. He alone can“let his Kingdom come.”

Secondly, when they asked Him “Lord, is this the time when You will establish the kingdom and restore it to Israel?”  He inaugurated, not the Kingdom of God proper, but the age of grace which was to be proclaimed to all the nations.

He would never have said to them: “It is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings . . . which the Father has appointed . . . by His own choice and authority and personal power.” if He wanted them to usher in the Kingdom(Acts 1:6-7). God Himself has decreed that He will establish his Kingdom on earth at a time of his own choice, by his own authority and through his own personal power.

In point of fact, God being a God of great longsuffering deliberately postponed the inauguration of his Kingdom on earth when the Jewish people rejected their King so that the Gospel could be proclaimed to the entire Gentile world (Romans 11:11-12). This is precisely why Peter wrote “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

Emergent Mysticism – Part 3

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Emergent Mysticism   Part 3

Emergent Mysticism: A biblical appraisal of the Mosaic Congress – Mosaic Church, Johannesburg (4-5 Sept. 2009) – Part 3

Session 2: “Transfiguration: Up and down the mountain” by Trevor Hudson.

On the second page of their very smart and glossy programme booklet that was handed out to the congressional participants and public during the Mosaic Congress, there is a quote by Thomas Keating which reads as follows:

A new formulation of the spiritual journey for Christians is urgently needed today that will be faithful to the Scriptures and tradition but is expressed in contemporary language and understanding (Emphasis added).

Welcome conversation Emergent Mysticism   Part 3

Johan Geyser takes the relay stick from Keating’s hand and continues to run with the idea of a new formulation of the spiritual journey for Christians when he says:

Dear delegate

Our spirituality needs to be approached in a different way – a holistic manner – that encapsulates theology, psychology, neurology and the other disciplines that shape the world as we know it.

It needs to be based on the example of Jesus, be faithful to the Bible, and the traditions and heritage of the Church, that age-old entity embodying God’s plan. . . .

This Congress hopes to create a platform to engage in conversations to grow towards an integrated, holistic spirituality, where we as community can have an impact in a changing world (Emphasis added).

Emergent Mysticism – Part 2

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Emergent Mysticism   Part 2

Holy Longing Johan Geyser Emergent Mysticism   Part 2

Emergent Mysticism: A Biblical Appraisal of the Mosaic Congress held at the Mosaic Church in Fairland, Johannesburg (4 – 5 Sept. 2009)

Session 1: “A Holy Longing” by Dr. Johan Geyser

Dr. Johan Geyser has a doctorate in theology and educational psychology and is also a part time lecturer at the University of Johannesburg. How he obtained his doctorate without thinking or studying, only he will know. Nonetheless, this is his take on the highest form of spiritual life. Enjoy!

The two stops and two justs Emergent Mysticism   Part 2

In the business world and particularly in the estate agency business, referrals are one of the best ways to create a constant stream of new customers. It is one of the quickest ways to advertise your expertise as a competent and successful seller of property. Referrals are not only applicable to the business world. In the ordinary and everyday life it has the tendency to either enhance your status as a citizen or to denigrate it, depending on the people with whom you like to associate. I suppose this is why people would rather refer to distinguished persons in society.

The well-known saying He that touches pitch will be defiled explains this principle rather well. Referrals also have a lot to do with association. If you associate with all the right kind of people you may accomplish your goals much easier and quicker than usual because your association with the much esteemed and distinguished in society opens doors. Unlike the secular world where the latter principle applies, Paul exhorts God’s children to condescend to men of low estate (Romans 12:16) because God dwells in the high and holy place but also with those who are of a contrite and humble spirit (Isaiah 57:15). Who are the humble and the contrite in spirit? – those who tremble at the Word of God and abide by it in holy reverence of his righteous judgments (Isaiah 66:2). The question we need to ask then is: Did any of the speakers at the Mosaic Congress abide by His Word? Read the following critique and judge for yourself.

Emergent Mysticism – Part 1

Icon Mongoose Icon75 Emergent Mysticism   Part 1

The Vociferous Silent Ones Emergent Mysticism   Part 1

Emergent Mysticism: A Biblical Appraisal of the Mosaic Congress held at the Mosaic Church in Fairland, Johannesburg (4 – 5 Sept. 2009)

The usual suspects spoke at the Mosaic Congress namely;  Ron Martoia (USA), Stephan Joubert, Johan Geyser, Trevor Hudson, Gavin Sklar-Chik, Gys Du Plessis, Willem Nicol, Rex van Vuuren, Annemarie Paulin-Campell

The new-old magical way to get in touch with God –

“be still,” “be quiet,” “shut up,” “shhhhhhh”

shhhh2 thumb Emergent Mysticism   Part 1The well-known song “Silence is Golden may have been a hit on the singles UK charts in 1967, but the refrain “Silence is Truth” has hit the Christian Church like a tsunami, carrying with it in it’s destructive wake many unsuspecting Christians. One of the major contributors to this utterly devastating “silent” storm is the Mosaic Church in Fairland, Johannesburg.

As an introduction to my critique on the Mosaic Congress I would like to draw your attention to certain words and phrases that all the keynote speakers used throughout their presentations. A word that kept popping up like a well-watered toadstool in each of their corpulently worded lectures was the word “silence.”Bearing in mind that most of these speakers’ mentors and gurus have drunk from the wells of Buddhism (i.e. Thomas Merton, Thomas Keating etc.) it is no surprise that their entire spiritual journey revolves mainly around Buddhist spiritualities and not the cross of Jesus Christ. In fact, the only time they referred to the word “cross” was when they endearingly spoke of St John of the Cross, a Desert Father who coined the phrase “Silence is the first language of God.”